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Volume 1, Number 4
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What is the Wisdom?
A Vision for the Future
Let the Soul Control
Defense Against the Dark Side
Some Thoughts of Energy and Force
Estes Park, Lucille's Vision
Creating a New Blueprint for Humanity
X-Ray of the Psyche
Headquarters Retreat
Interview with Billie Roberts
Book Review
Seed Thoughts
This Shall Pass Technique
Feng Shui
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Dear Co-Workers,
The Wisdom Newsletter will be published in conjunction with the turning seasons and as an expression of Synthesis.
As we view our Global Village today we see tremendous transformations and developments in all departments of Human living. That this is an evolving projection from an epi-center of spirituality should be noted. The consciousness of Humanity is growing exponentially.  
While it is our hope that it include the indepth writings of those in the Wisdom community the world over, it is not meant to be an intellectual treatise. It is meant to be a hands-on expression and interpretation of what moves in the world today as a living spiritual force to bring and birth the new ideas of Synthesis and Brotherhood.
The Wisdom Newsletter is eclectic in its purview and is sourced in the vision and inspiration of its contributors. It is our hope that it inspire and guide us into wise and serviceful action, and assisting in some way the spiritual vitality of our culture, empower the recognition of Humanity's Soul.

Divine Love
ASU Red Star "Divine Love is not the Law. It is the manipulator of the Law. It is Pure Reason, that which Is.

Regardless of ray makeup, predominant characteristics or environing circumstances, every man's essential nature is Love. This alone, when all else fails, will reach him and this is the concept that every occultist is endeavoring to embody, regardless of the path or method he may be taking at the moment.

This simple, yet so difficult concept, is the golden key to initiation. The key which opens every door in the awareness to every field of knowledge until finally the world of meaning itself is entered, and known in its totality. If you would learn, would become wise, then give your attention to Love, for Love created all knowledge. It lies within and behind everything that is."

The Nature of The Soul, pg. 79, by Lucille Cedercrans
 Editor's Note
Co-editor's thoughts

"The illiterate of the 21st century are not those who cannot read or write, but those who cannot learn, unlearn and relearn." Alvin Toffler, author 'Future Shock', 'The Third Wave' & 'Revolutionary Wealth.'

The first year of our newly initiated Wisdom Newsletter is coming to a close. This issue, and what a bumper issue it truly is, will see the year out. It has been so wonderful to be part of the growing visibility and increasing vibrational strength of our Wisdom community and many thanks to the editorial team, the contributors, and all our subscribers for making it such a beautiful entity.

Peace is an issue much discussed these days and yet it seems many are confused as to how to actually create this. I think an answer to assist bringing peace is clearly stated in simple terms in Path of Initiation II, p66 "Divine Love-Wisdom is the quality to be perfected by each and every one in this Solar system." When the will is applied to invoking and embodying love-wisdom it becomes the cause of peace. The interaction and interplay of these two energies create an outer appearance of harmony and right relationship.

In Sarah Ban Breathnach's book, 'Simple Abundance: A Daybook of Comfort and Joy', she reminds people of the victory gardens that Roosevelt encouraged as part of the war effort because food shortages were created due to supplies shipped to troops. From 1942-1945 US women grew, in backyard plots, more than a million tons of vegetables/year, which was half of what the home front normally consumed. This simple act of growing some of our own food allows us to serve one another through kindness and interaction, and creates closer neighborhoods. This is obviously a thoughtform which is being reintroduced as I came across it again in, Essay of the Week:
Victory Gardens Symbolize a New Age

As David J. Wolfe, puts it, "The religious (I would say spiritual) searcher should be a diver through the deeps of ancient wisdom, seeking to bring up to the surface those concepts that can illuminate life today. Not all truth will be discovered in what is to come; some must be recalled from what has been forgotten."

I think what I am trying to say is that the more our consciousness comes from the place of "How can I best assist all of us?" It moves us towards creative solutions that engender right relations and peace. It moves us out into relationships to offer rather than to take. Let us embrace the simple - simple courtesy, simple showing care for one another, simple kindness, simple generosity and the many other ways even a child can understand. "Almost everybody knows that the material and spiritual welfare of whole countries depend on the foundations built into the consciousness of children." Letters of Helena Roerich, volume 1, p150/51. They learn this through what we, as adults, can demonstrate.

Lucinda & Adam DeFranco

Co-Editors 2008 - Lucinda, Adam & Debbie

LucindaAdam                Debbie

What is the Wisdom?
Three Gongs of Initiation - mental astral etheric Submitted by: Adam DeFranco

 " is the Life of the Spiritual Soul on Its own plane."
"The teaching has been referred to as The Wisdom, has actually been referred to by, or in many terms, but what substantially and in truth, is this teaching, this new thought-form presentation...these concepts...this Wisdom --- it is the Life of the Spiritual Soul on Its own plane." (Teacher Training, Lesson 1, Monday August 27,1956, Lucille/R)
"So many probationers in the world today are confused as to what The Wisdom is, and in their efforts to make of it something which it is not, they are thwarting Hierarchical effort rather than aiding it."
"The Wisdom is not religion...; it is not education, nor science, nor psychology...nor parapsychology...nor healing, nor government...or even occultism...etc..."
"It is...applicable in all departments of human living, and probationers would do well to meditate upon the concept."
"Its purpose will be to synthesis through its magnetic quality of Light, the consciousness of the many into a One, i.e., to attract, relate, and integrate the separative consciousness of human beings into a living totality of One Humanity." (The Nature of the Soul, Lesson 26)
To simplify things:     Every human Soul is Wisdom.

''There is only one Wisdom. However, there are many forms of interpretations; many forms of translations through many personalities, minds and levels of human consciousness.''                                        Richard Randall
(There are 4 lectures that Lucille Cedercrans wrote for Ward Fuller in Portland on 'The Wisdom'. Shown below is 1 of 4 Lectures.)


A Vision for the Future

by: Nancy ConnallyThree Gongs of Initiation - mental astral etheric
Seed thought: "To open our minds and hearts to the reality of existence and to ask to be shown what is needed for the good of the whole each day will keep us on course."
Our world and everything on it is part of a much larger whole.  Science has given us the blessing of a larger perspective where we can literally see the whole of earth and how it fits into the Solar System and our Galaxy and beyond.  There are no defined dividing lines in space.  Everything that exists is part of One Whole.   Thanks to Hubble and other satellites in space, we can now see the forest in spite of the trees.

Let the Soul control the outer form and life and all events.
Michael Miles by: Michael Miles
Keynote address at Wisdom Gathering 2008

Let's do a momentary alignment before I go into my dissertation

Take a deep breath, as you exhale gradually relax the persona & feel your consciousness drawn inwards & upwards into the cave
There identify as the soul, receptive to that overshadowing Wisdom which overshadows us
And for a moment recognize that every individual in this room also has a cave & is also making that same alignment
And recognize this as a sum total - this becomes then the group cave
And from this group cave look outward to the group persona
And shine the light of the soul into that group persona
And know that the persona is open & receptive to the reception of this Wisdom via embodiment
And maintaining the focus within the cave...
Take a deep breath...
Open your eyes & return to the room

Approximately, 2000 years ago, I suppose that's a good way to start with the Wisdom, with the incarnation of the Christ and the resultant crucifixion that occurred, there was major event that also happened that is in a subjective sense of vital necessity for humanity, & that subjective event that landed is described in the crucifixion when the veil before the temple was rent. Well, to most of us we say "Well, I wonder what that means?"

Defense Against the Dark Side
by: Pamela Jaye SmithDark Side Cover
(excerpted from THE POWER OF THE DARK SIDE)

For those of us who are both students and teachers of the Ageless Wisdom, one of the main things we confront and must deal with in our work and our lives is the Dark Side. We learn in our training as teachers to differentiate among the three levels of the Dark Side:

·    the personal Dweller on the Threshold - our own foibles, phobias, weaknesses. What Jung called The Shadow.

·    the Dark Forces - impersonal Nature: gravity, time, inertia, climate, animals, plagues, etc.

·    the Dark Brotherhood - supra-personal intelligences and/or entities. Also included in this category are large organizations, governments, bureaucracies, etc.

Some Thoughts on Energy and Force
Glen Knape by: Gerry Stancil

Science tells us that "All Is Energy". The Wisdom tells us that "Energy Follows Thought".    We see these two statements so often that they are taken for granted and have almost become trite and "unmeaning".  Yet, when focused upon as seed thoughts in deep concentration, they act as pathways to much light.

Energy can be defined variously as moving impulse -as in a wave-or moving momentum-as with a particle, E= (mv) times (v) or E = mv2, and as the ability to do work, E=W=(F)(d)-Energy equals Work equals Force times distance.  Power, or energy per unit time, can be thought of as the rate at which we can do work.


Estes Park, Lucille's Vision and the Purchase of Mary's Lake Lodge
Three Gongs of Initiation - mental astral etheric by: Greg Tzinberg

In the summer of 1976 I arrived in Boulder to study with Lucille Schaible (Cedercrans) after meeting her at the retreat center being built by Tarthang Tulku Rinpoche, a very dynamic Lama who was instrumental in confirming for Lucille the role she played in bringing the Wisdom teaching of Tibet to the West.
The name of the organization Lucille headed up was the Nyingma Institute of Colorado and there were about 16 to18 full-time students at that time. We lived in a large converted fraternity building and there was also a house next door which the married members of the Sangha rented. Lucille taught classes to the public and overtime the Sangha slowly grew. Dedicated students of a Buddhist teacher are called Sanghas and every Sunday we met with Lucille for special teachings related to the overall development of the Sangha as a group.
Part of this training included what the group would do in the event of a disaster. Lucille believed that it was highly likely that an economic collapse in the U.S. would occur sometime in the mid-80's (these days I wonder if she was just off by 20 to 30 years). This would trigger a global economic crisis during which law and order would break down and survival would become dangerous and difficult. We took these predictions quite seriously and had many discussions that included ethics and values as well as logistical plans and contingencies. I don't think we were in a panic about any of this but rather fatalistic. We adopted the attitude of, "If it happens, we will know what to do."
During these planning meetings, Estes Park was the place Lucille indicated as the group's best destination for survival as well as for providing continuity of the teachings and other services our group could render. Another way in which Estes Park played a big role for the Sangha was during Wesak. Over the years we held several Wesak retreats there and I think we were all inspired by the rugged mountains and natural beauty of the place. Some members lived up in Estes and others went up frequently for day trips and hikes.
Around 1977, Lucille and Tarthang had a falling out. It is not important really what the issues were, but during that time Lucille reached out to HH Dudjom Rinpoche who was a teacher and the head of the Nyingma Lineage and a person who Lucille had the greatest respect for. She wanted assurance that her breaking with Tarthang would not jeopardize the group's standing with the Nyingma Lineage.
After the break was finalized, the group moved out of the Nyingma Institute. We were also faced with how to reorganize and what form our Sangha would adopt as a governance model. As a group, we read an article written by someone in the field of organizational development on the Seven Modes of Democracy. In this article, Mode Seven stood out as the most democratic. The decision making model was consensus driven and the leader was seen as more inspirational than authoritarian. As a result, the group re-organized as a Non-profit under the name Mode Seven.
As Mode Seven we bought a small residential building in North Boulder just off the Highway that takes you out to Estes Park. We continued there for some time and eventually Dudjom offered our group a new name, Udiyan Matreya Kosha. In the Tibetan tradition, Udiyan is the birth place of Padmasambhava (known as Master "R" to Lucille's students of Nature of the Soul and other projected teachings). Matreya is the name given to the future Buddha and Kosha means treasure house. So altogether the name signified, "The Place Where Padmasambhava's and Matreya's Teachings are Kept". This was a very unusual step but Dudjom was fully briefed on the mission of our group. Lucille explained to him that our purpose was to offer transitional and eventually new forms to Westerners as the influence of the Vajrayana Teachings in general and the wisdom-energy of Matreya in particular became more evident in the culture.
It was also around this time (1979) that Lucille revealed to us a vision the she had in meditation. In her vision she saw a great mountain and from the top of it a violet light was radiating. As the radiance of it grew it expanded and flowed down from the mountain and into the valleys below. It continued on through the nearby villages and towns. Every where the violet light penetrated and everything that was out of harmony was transformed. All strife was corrected and peace took hold. The light eventually filled the entire state, then the region and all of the United States. As it continued, Lucille saw that all the weapons located in these places were also transformed and became inoperable as destructive tools but somehow they changed into instruments of peace. The vision continued until the whole world was bathed in this violet light that changed everything it encountered as an expression of truth and beauty.
After she relayed this, Lucille announced that the group should seek out a retreat property up in Estes Park. The purpose of it was to give advanced training to students who were ready to receive it. We would also conduct programs for the public and also be a spiritual focus for world peace. In preparation for this search, Lucille instructed us in how to locate a property conducive to the Plan.
As we toured the location, we were told to visualize Padmasambhava over the area and to listen for the sound of the OM. After a time we found Mary's Lake Lodge. A group of investors was formed from members of the group as well as people who were still dearly connected to Lucille such as Pam Nissan, Peter and Lois Harris. They made the down payment and secured a loan. The group took up running one and eventually two Bingo games to make the mortgage. The property itself was in poor condition as a result of a fire some years earlier.
Over the next few years we held some retreats there and many Lamas came to teach us including HH Dudjom and his son HE Shenpen Dawa. The Lamas also performed cleansing ceremonies and blessings for the land and the many beings and devas associated with the property. Through volunteer work, Mary's Lake Lodge slowly got rehabilitated although many key parts of it never were brought on-line such as the restaurant's commercial kitchen.
Several years after Lucille's passing in 1984, the group could no longer sustain the Bingo games and the property was opened as Seasonal housing to people taking summer jobs in Estes in support of the tourist trade. After a time this also became too difficult and the property was eventually sold. Today Mary's Lake Lodge has reopened completely updated, remodeled and rebuilt. I am glad it ended up with people dedicated to its historic roots and that the public can once again enjoy it.
Estes Park continues to be the focus of great spiritual-evolutionary forces; the Synthetic Ashram, the Deva of Synthesis, Matreya and Senat Kumara are working together to bring in the new Seventh Ray civilization. It is also the Headquarters for the wisdom-energies and teachings transitioning from the Himalayas to a new home in the spiritually hungry West. Many people are drawn to these efforts and respond readily to the energies of synthesis as it transforms old concepts and forms on every level and combines them anew into diamonds of truth. This I think was anticipated in Lucille's vision of the Violet Light which I hope in the re-telling will help people to align with the vision, enlarge it and make it their own.

Greg studied Nature of the Soul and completed Teacher's Training with Richard Schaible in 1974. In 1976 he began his studies of the Nyingma Lineage of Tibetan Buddhism under Lucille Cedercrans-Schaible. Today, Greg works with groups and individuals who are interested in the Synthetic expression of Lucille's teaching.

Creating a New Blueprint for Humanity
Gong of Initiation - Triangle by: Margaret Stephens

During the past 20 years, people in many fields of endeavor around the world have noted a significant change to the innate abilities - psychological and physical - of an increasingly large number of children as well as a significant increase, mostly within the adult population, of disturbances to the auto-immune and nervous systems, which has resulted in the seeming dysfunction of what once worked quite well - or at least functioned with familiar expected results. A smaller percentage of the population has begun to understand that humanity, individually and collectively, stands at a doorway of opportunity that is as significant as when the first spark of mind was successfully implanted in animal-man over 18 million years ago.

X-Ray of the Psyche
by: Uta GabayThree Gongs of Initiation - mental astral etheric
This article describes a personal exploration of the use of the higher psychic senses as a tool for spiritual-therapeutic diagnosis.

At an early age I realized that I see more than most people around me. As a teenager I was attracted to any material that came my way on extra-sensory awareness. My village priest warned me of playing with the devil and I understood what he meant as I was instinctively aware of the potential danger. I never engaged in any séance or the like. My growing inner resistance to the subject was further enhanced through years of being cautioned against lower psychism in the Arcane School.

In 1992 I met a teacher of A Course in Miracles, to whom I felt drawn. After studying with her all she offered, the last thing on her menu was a short course of Psychic Reading. Because of her background of ACIM and knowing that she had studied in the Berkeley Psychic Institute, I decided to work on overcoming my resistance and give it a try.


Headquarters Retreat
by: Greg TzinbergThree Gongs of Initiation - mental astral etheric

August 18th, 2008

Yesterday we concluded our three-day retreat which was a true vehicle of synthesis. We began each morning at 5:00 AM for a two-hour meditation which included; silent unstructured practice, guided and seed thought mantras of Matreya and Padmasambhava (Master "R").

In setting up the altar, we had a picture of Padmasambhava, Matreya, and a Buddhist Mandala. On the lower tier were a picture of Lucille, incense, candle and seven offering bowls. On the walls of the room we had the pictures of the Headquarters participants. We sat in chairs around the altar and each of us felt at various times the presence of Pam and the group very strongly.


Interview with Billie Roberts
Three Gongs of Initiation - mental astral etheric by: Suzanne Vallez

Billie was trained by Lucille Cedercrans and Lois Harris, and acted as a station for Master HI to bring the 4th ray energies into the synthesis of 1st, 2nd, and 7th ray energies.

S:  Suzanne Vallez       B:  Billie Roberts           Ed:  Ed Roberts
S:  How did you come in contact with Lucille, Billie?
B:  Meet Lucille?  I don't remember.
Ed:  What I remember mom telling me before was that we met Lucille when we were going to Biometrics.
S:  Biometrics?
Ed:  The people who did Biometrics, the Burleys and Viola Petit Neil started the Balancing Program, and Lucille came into contact with them. I took the balancing program in 1952.
B:      Yes, those were the good old days.
S:      Were you a student of Lucille's in 1952 when she was teaching at Long Beach?
B:      Somewhere along there.
Ed: In 1961 Lucille lived in Torrance when we all moved to Estes Park, Colorado, including Richard Schaible.
B: We were all get together people.
S: What did you think or feel? Did you want to become involved straight away or did you have any conflicts or doubts? You just up and left? The alignment told you to go?
B: Yes
S:      So you went.  How long did you stay there?
Ed:    It was a few years..until the mid sixties.
S:      Did you just stay there and work and make a living and do the classes?
B:      Yes.  We made out. Well, you know when you got the guys upstairs with you then you can do a lot of things.
S:      If you listen.  You've got a strong overshadowing guiding you.
B:      Yes.
S:      Weren't there a lot of struggles over there?  About money.
Ed:    It was tough for everybody. It was enough of a struggle making a living that they decided to come back to southern Ca in the mid 60s when everything started to fall apart. Lucille had taken off somewhere.
S:      You began to teach through Wisdom Fellowship after you returned to Southern California. You spoke about Master HI.
B: Yes
Ed: Wisdom Fellowship was founded by mom along with Lois and Peter Harris in the late 70s. Mom started teaching the classes in the mid '80's here in the house.  Teaching class to get under HI.  Some of that early stuff with Lucille, Pam could fill in some of that what was going on at that time.  Because mother had made at least one trip or more to Seattle, Washington.  Things were going on in Seattle.
B: Yes that was great.
Ed:    Yes.  Lois kind of became an equal, a peer of Lucille's and doing her thing.  At least Lois settled down and started The Wisdom Fellowship.  Whereas, for all those years you never could count on Lucille for being in one place for any long period of time.
S:      Why do you think she moved so much?  Was it because she felt an intuitive response to move somewhere or to try to make things happen?
Ed:    Yes.  She'd get frustrated a lot of the time.
Ed:After Lucille died. The group in Colorado... at least had something larger to fall back on.  They had teachers. Some of them absorbed themselves into the Tibetan Buddhist teachers, you know.  UKL has a teacher that is one of the Tibetan Buddhist.
Ed: Without a teacher what do you have?
B: Yes.
S: I guess you have to go to the next generation.  People get older and make their transition then they pass it along to the next generation to keep it strong.  I don't know if there are many teachers teaching in person right now.  I know Penny Whetton and Georgia Lambert are teaching.  There are a lot of classes online...but to me I think a class in person is the best.
B:      Yes.  Because you are there.  You read a lot of things and pretty soon you forget them.  But if you're there you've been impressed.
Rev. Suzanne Vallez has been studying The Wisdom with many teachers for 28 years and is a certified Teacher of the Wisdom. She is a Holistic Health Practitioner and the owner of The Healing Touch with over 600 clients. She has assisted many making their transition and has been a Hospice volunteer for 25 years. She has created a website called for those who are ill, having surgery, or making their transition.  
Editor's note:
This interview is slightly disjointed due to the progressive nature of the dementia trial with which Billie is contending. Billie is 83 years old.

Book Review
Reviewed by: Glen KnapeThree Gongs of Initiation - mental astral etheric

The Lost Star of Myth and Time
by Walter Cruttenden

This is the most fascinating book on astronomy I've read in many years. Using careful science and ancient traditions, it provides very well-reasoned explanations for the cyclic rise and fall of civilizations and the precession of the equinox (the gradual movement of the signs of the zodiac, creating the astrological ages).

The author theorizes that our sun is part of a binary star system. The elliptical orbits of Sol and its companion star, around a common center of gravity, last 24,000 years, creating what the ancient Greeks called the "Great Year" and the Vedic Indians called the "Yugas".

Hard science is used to demonstrate that while the existence of a companion star is supported by scientific research, preconceptions have led scientists to overlook or reject the idea.  

Ancient myths and more recent spiritual traditions are used to demonstrate that this Great Year was known and understood worldwide, and that it has a profound affect on humanity. The low-point of the Great Year occurred during the "dark ages" of Europe, and we are now emerging into a new period of self realization and at-one-ment.

The implications for humanity are profound and Lost Star will fascinate anyone interested in astrology or in humanity's growth and development.

A related DVD, The Great Year, focuses on the astronomy while almost ignoring the more subtle implications of the Great Year. The animated illustrations of the planetary and stellar movements are helpful, but incomplete.

The Sirius Mystery, by Robert Temple, will also be of interest to readers of Lost Star.

Cruttenden, Walter, Lost Star of Myth and Time, 2006, St. Lynn's Press, Pittsburgh, PA, 340 pp.

Seed Thoughts
 Bruce Manaka4th Quarter

October: "The Wisdom of Force is the Love of God."
November:  "The Right Use of Force is the Love of Humanity, Individually and Collectively."
December: "Love Transcends Conflict."
January:  "The Divine Plan for Humanity Manifests Through the Divinity of Every Individual Unit."

This Shall Pass - Technique
Three Gongs of Initiation - mental astral etheric By Glen Knape

The following technique also grew out of my experience with A New Earth by Eckhart Tolle, and may be described as both an identification (as Soul) and as a placement (in the present, detached from the crystallized past and imagined future).
The techniques in The Nature of The Soul have one place oneself in the present, and the material recognizes that the forms of the three lower worlds are temporary. Thus, the basic process in the following will be familiar to any student of N.S. It may be performed from any of the higher centers, and I particularly enjoy practicing it from the heart and cave.
Tolle's technique appears to draw on the New Thought-form Presentation of the Wisdom, and uses simple awareness methods to release the consciousness from the patterns of the ego or false identity of the persona.
The following combines identification and presence into a simple technique that places the incarnate soul in the present, identified with its divine characteristics.

This Shall Pass Technique

I am Soul,
    all thoughts shall pass
I am Soul,
    all emotions shall pass
I am Soul,
    all physical-etheric forms shall pass
I am Soul,
    all appearance will pass
I am Soul,
    I am Divine Purpose, Power, and Will
I am Soul,
    I am Divine Love-Wisdom
I am Soul,
    I am Divine Intelligence
I am Soul,
    I am Divine Harmony
I am Soul,
    I am Divine Knowledge
I am Soul,
    I am Divine Aspiration
I am Soul,
    I am Divine Law and Order
I am Soul
This is a very simple but quite satisfying alignment process, and the identification may be applied anywhere at any time to any condition.

Mr.Glen Knape is a teacher, writer, editor, publisher, and a co-mason.  He has been a student of the Ageless Wisdom since 1977, and a Teacher of The Wisdom since 1985.
Copyright © 2008 by Glen Knape

The Simple Magic of Astrology
by: Jan Detrich
Three Gongs of Initiation - mental astral etheric
The study of astrology can seem rather daunting, like learning a foreign language, but the good news is you don't have to be an astrologer to profit from astrology! And there are some very basic guidelines and tools that anyone can use to get started.

Astrology involves the planets (what energies are operating), the signs (how the energies are operating) and the houses (where the energies are operating)-but the true ABC's of astrology are the Ascendant, Sun Sign and Moon placement. These three positions convey the essence or "story" of any given chart, and all other chart positions and placements simply augment these key three.

The book, Esoteric Astrology by Alice Bailey, illuminates these placements (which I have paraphrased) in the following passages:

Feng Shui
Chinese Dragon by: Carol Assa

We are about to leave the seventh month (Aug.7- Sept..7) of the Chinese year know as the month of "Hungary Ghosts." It is seen as
the lowest point of the year. During this time, the gates of the lower realms are opened and hungry ghosts and spirits wander the Earth looking for food to eat. This seems to be
an accurate portrayal of the current state of national and world affairs!

With all of the uncertainty, fear, and anger swirling around us daily at this point in time, we need to be sure to keep ourselves as grounded and healthy as possible. Nothing is as important as a good night's sleep for our physical, emotional, mental and spiritual well being. So this month, I am giving the necessary charts to determine your best Feng Shui sleeping directions. (Read more...)
Poetry Section
Light Angel
Finding What You Didn't Lose

When someone deeply listens to you
it is like holding out a dented cup
you've had since childhood
and watching it fill up with
cold, fresh water.
When it balances on top of the brim,
you are understood.
When it overflows and touches your skin,
you are loved.
When someone deeply listens to you,
the room where you stay
starts a new life
and the place where you wrote
your first poem
begins to glow in your mind's eye.
It is as if gold has been discovered!
When someone deeply listens to you,
your bare feet are on the earth
and a beloved land that seemed distant
is now at home within you.


Precious written words
Releasing thoughts I hold dear
Sharing my essence
Words release power
Sharing inner intent
Driving energy

Words are dancing thoughts
Playing in my poet mind
Stirring my being
Reading your writing
Sharing the art of your thoughts
Blessed communion

Future Bound
Knowledge of the past
Blessings of where I have been
Traveler move on
New Worlds await me
Anticipating with joy
Daring the Journey
The songs of my Heart
Light my way as I travel
New vistas await
Husks of memory past
Anchor me when I want to fly
Toward future memory
Until I use those husks
As fuel
Propelling me onward
My direction - Infinity!

by: Marilyn Mueller, One = Infinity

The Stronghold

there is no conflict in the stronghold
it moves as one body in total acquiescence to the Divine Plan
dualism finds no place or entrance thereof
It's hallmark is Unity......brotherhood
we are subsumed under the highest priorities
those on the periphery or who have begun the piercing
are moving towards the center under their own volition and intent
to the point of brilliance
to the most extraordinary supermundane fires
of Master's Monadic sheath
to meet Hierarchial needs and Planetary schedules
our ashram, as all others, have certain protocols
we in our own little way in the world
also have our responsibilities
to the ordered and empowered sequence of proposed evolution
ours is a life no longer to be lived for ourselves
we must assume that every act performed here by us in the mundane
has repercussions in the supermundane
we must assume that the fiery intent of this forum
holds a unique place in the scheme of things
We may also assume that for all practical purposes
the stronghold awaits our more complete acquiescence to cognizance and
in higher aspect beyond the mundane sheaths
we stand as one
subsumed under the omni-lateral intent of Master's predilection
he who would be first will be last
this is the law
let no one put himself above the other
we are merely conforming to what is the most natural, expedient
organic synthesis of Ashramic economy
the entrance into cognizance of who we are in reality
to be subject to the permeation of higher fire
is sublimely balanced in that non-dual awareness
that our work here is meant to build and extend
into our world
into our community
the manifestation of our brotherhood
if we are to become instruments of Master's Wisdom
in our world
in our immediate environment
we must acknowledge that on occasion an elder brother
will purview the quality of ethics we express to each other
here as friends
granted we all have our own levels of perceptual expertise
there is still much room for intelligent and dynamic discussion
but let us learn to more completely support and empower each other
let us acknowledge that the stronghold's invincibility
is built on the deepest most respected brotherhood
we serve higher goals
and there is less in any cup of philosophy
than the infinite pervasion of Hierarch

We are a Field of Light Moving in the World.

The world is moving, revolving around a core reality
of which we are becoming more aware
and of which we are sounding forth by the very nature of our embodiment.

We are a moving sea of light and wherever one of us goes
 the rest follow undercover.

By the new resonance of our Embodiment we transmit the seed of
Christ consciousness.

The mind is reconstituted into a field of light subservient
to Soul Impress.

There is transmutation in our cellular structure.

New substance is created.

Together, en masse,
together as One, we are recreating the entire sheath of creation
with a new etheric vibrational matrix.

Our alignment is -  the Soul of Humanity.
The substance of Light.

Adam DeFranco is student of the Wisdom teachings of Lucille Cedercrans having studied and taken Teacher Training with Pam Nissen. Living in N. California he seeks to bridge and integrate these teachings with various other co-workers of the Ashram of Synthesis to assist in the unfolding Divine Plan for Planetary evolution. (

Artwork by William Moore
             Three Gongs of Initiation - mental astral etheric

                 Three Gongs of Initiation - mental astral etheric

 William Moore is a student of spiritual philosophy, meditation and the Ageless Wisdom. A fine artist and illustrator with extensive professional experience in art direction he has the ability to capture and create those new forms of Spiritual and Devic art. In his life this is one form of service activity in response to his interpretation of and to the New Thought Form Presentation of the Wisdom.

Upcoming Classes
 Three Gongs of Initiation - mental astral etheric
Headquarters Group - 60 lessons
ONLINE - In progress. This course is based on the classes/transmissions Lucille gave in 1961-62 to her group which had moved to Colorado with her to set up the Head Center.
Pam Nissen -
The Wisdom Group - 41 lessons
ONLINE - In progress. Audio projections, text, and discussion. A series on the nature, purpose, and function of the Wisdom Group. Compiled from the works of Lucille Cedercrans.
Prerequisite: Nature of the Soul or Creative Thinking
Begins August 17, 2008 Contact: Glen Knape -

The Nature of the Soul - 40 lessons
Study group at the Ojai Wisdom Center, class resumes Nov. 10th at lesson 6. The class is facilitated by Lyn Hebenstreit and Tara Blasco. The cost is free.
Monday meetings from 7:30 to 9:30 PM.
Address: 945 Oso Rd. Ojai, Ca 93023
For more information, please contact us at:   or
The Soul and Its Instrument - 18 lessons
ONLINE - In progress
through December 8, 2008 with Lucinda**
**Contact Lucinda for the following courses beginning in January 2009:
Path of Initiation, Soul and Its Instrument, The Nature of the Soul, Corrective Thinking

The Path of Initiation, 1 & 2 - 18 lessons
Gay Vickers -    
Ocean Grove, Geelong area - Australia  
Begins October/November 2008

The Nature of the Soul
- 40 Lessons
With Joyce Muroaka at the Masonic Lodge, Garden Grove , California
Starting September 2008, Sundays at 1:00 - 4:00 pm
New students are welcome even after start date. Cost is $18.00 per session.
(714) 630-2349

Teacher Training 1 & 2 -  31 and 27 Lessons
Beginning October 2008 with Theresa de Riggs*
*Note: Theresa is the contact for the Australian Wisdom newsletter.

Wisdom Courses
ONLINE - Live projections, questions & answers using Stickam
classes with Georgia Lambert - Monday & Tuesday evening: 7:00 to 8:30pm.
Teacher Training
with Georgia Lambert, Thursday evening at Arcana Workshops
Contact Georgia for more information:

Meditation, Synthesis and Transmutation - 6 weeks
Commences September 29, 2008, Mondays 6:30 - 8:00 pm
Suggested cost: $60.00
Contact: Greg Tzinberg at 510-865-1987, or

Conscious Dying* - 10-12 weeks
Beginning October 2008. A focus on Master DK's teachings, via AAB, on reincarnation, death and conscious dying, especially er view that the inner planes into which we are released at the moment of death can become known and understood during life.
Contact: Suzanne Vallez,
*Also offering classes on Healing - 10 lessons

Other Teachers Offering Classes:

John Wayne Kline

Ray Newland
Victoria, Australia         
For more information on the courses of Lucille Cedercrans and the publication of the lesson material, please visit Wisdom Impressions online.


Morya Federation School of Meditation

The Morya Federation School of Meditation, an international, Internet-based esoteric school is opening its virtual doors - December 21, 2008.

The main course of study of the Wisdom within the comprehensive curriculum, follows the guidelines offered by DK in 'Letters on Occult Meditation'. Michael Robbins and a group of deep and long time students and teachers of the Wisdom will be facilitating this online school.
For further information and/or an Application to:
Vicktorya Stone,
Michael Robbins,
More info...
Wisdom Dictionary
Three Gongs of Initiation - mental astral etheric by William Moore
Status of The Wisdom Dictionary:

Christine Karlsen and myself have completed the design and written content for a new website dedicated to this group service project.  A domain name has also been purchased for the same, called The Wisdom Dictionary(the official new name), which current participants and future contributors can access for updates, guidelines, specific Wisdom materials being worked on, submission dates, and group alignment for the right manifestation of this  work.  We're asking all involved in this to maintain this alignment throughout.  I've also contacted Michael Miles at Wisdom Impressions about publishing the completed project, and he said they have board meeting coming up in about a week and will discuss this effort we're engaged in.
In the interim, we're asking those currently working on compiling their lists from selected titles in the Wisdom library of books as well as Greg Tzinberg's Buddhist perspective, to send their lists to:  Currently we have, Pam Nissen-Applied Wisdom, Barbara Mare-Ashramic Projections, Creative Thinking-Marilyn Mueller, Healing-Suzanne Vallez, Teacher Training #2-Hazel Long, The Disciple and Economy-Fred McEwan, Nature Of The Soul-William Moore and Christine Karlsen, Path Of Initiation-Janne Randall.  I think The Wisdom Dictionary will prove to be a valuable reference guide to both teachers and students.  We still have a couple of titles as yet still available for those interested in helping to bring this to fruition.  They are: The Soul and Its Instrument, Leadership Training, and Teacher Training #1.  Special thanks to all who are who currently participating and those who will participate in this group service effort.

In the Light of The Wisdom,
Wisdom Gathering 2008  September 2009

Rancho Capistrano in San Juan Capistrano, CA has been reserved from Friday, Sept. 4 thru Monday, Sept. 7 for the 2009 Wisdom Gathering.  Greg Tzinberg will lead a retreat from Wednesday, Sept. 2 thru Friday morning, Sept. 4.(see below)*

The mission statement for the 2009 gathering is:

"We invoke Synthesis in Action in preparation for the coming World Teacher.  Aligned with the Hierarchy, we sound the note of Synthesis within and through all areas of human endeavor. In particular, we seek to aid and vitalize all service efforts affiliated with the new Thought-Form Presentation of the Wisdom."

This Gathering will be open to all participants interested in the Wisdom.

More information to come! Please save the dates.

Planning comittee Contacts:

Lyn -
Tara -

*Notes on the Wisdom Synthesis Retreat (prior to the Wisdom Gathering)
Retreats are used in many traditions as an opportunity to deepen and intensify spiritual practice. During the Wisdom Synthesis Retreat we will be focusing on:
Ø    The Foundation, Path and Fruit
Ø    Ego and self-image, transmutation and transformation
Ø    Meditation
Ø    The Matreya mantra and visualization
The retreat schedule would  will be as follows:
Start around 1 or 2 PM on Wednesday for two "sessions" of teaching and meditation
Thursday - Three "sessions"
Friday - Two sessions
There will also be an opportunity for people who wish to engage in some additional, intensive meditation and mantra practice to work through the early morning hours as well. Anyone who wants to can participate, there are no prerequisites. One-on-one interviews will be available to discuss practice but are not mandatory.
People should plan on eating vegetarian meals (starting Wednesday AM). After the retreat begins, people will eat together Wednesday and Thursday and end the retreat with a final lunch on Friday that will include red-meat as an important way to "ground" the energies. Also - meals should be away from other guests or at least at reserved tables. We will also keep talking to a minimum except during teaching sessions.
Retreat Tuition $108.00
$68 single
$48 double (with 2 queen beds)
$38 triple (Rollaways are available)
$33 quadruple
Check-in time Wednesday, September 2 at 3pm - Dinner will be included
Thursday, Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner
 Friday, Breakfast and Lunch (Dinner will be with the larger group)
Wisdom Directory in the Making
Kurmano by Hazel
We have been working on a directory format.  While we have several names, only a few people have sent information for a page.  To see how it works, please go here: Directory

  At the right side of the file is a download symbol. Click on it.  When downloaded, if you click on name the info page comes
up.  At this point in time there is an information page for Pam, Gay, Lucinda, and myself.  Try it. Or you can drag across the address to create an email to go to any person in the list.

  If you would like to be included please send the information about yourself and any
classes you're teaching to  A picture is nice, but not required.
For those of us, such as Glen, who already have wonderful web pages, perhaps that
link is sufficient.

  This directory can only work with your help.  I look forward to hearing from you.


You can email us at the following addresses:
Adam DeFranco:
Lucinda Tyrrell DeFranco:
Into Aquarius with the Masters
Three Gongs of Initiation - mental astral etheric The Spiritual Path Of Humanity ~ a journey through time and space
by: Mo Hone
Published by Pluto Network ( UK) in October 2008.

188 pages, with 5 coloured plates including Initiation levels and meditation symbols for the seven rays.
From the back cover
"Let it be known that the Soul is in contact with the Hierarchy, for each Soul has been given into the keeping of one or another of   the Masters until such time as he has attained to his own adulthood."
~ Lucille Cedercrans, "The Nature Of The Soul"
This book is a study of certain highly evolved spiritual beings known as Masters and collectively as the Hierarchy or Great White Brotherhood.
The origin of the White Brotherhood lies in the dim prehistory of humanity's existence on this planet, but throughout the development of our species its members have observed and occasionally made themselves known to mortals such as ourselves.
We are told they evolved to their present positions by travelling the same road we are taking today, and that they are still in the process of evolving. Furthermore we have the chance of becoming like them, together with the opportunity to enjoy their benefits ~ which includes immortality.
It is very important to them that we do not regard them as a race apart, because they too are members of humanity who have journeyed along the path of evolution we are on now. By thinking of them as the advance party of humankind we will be able to appreciate their desire to report back on what they have found, and what we are approaching.
To illustrate this more clearly I will be describing their changing relationship with humanity throughout its evolution, and show how the progressive development of human beings corresponds with these changes.
The other subject of this book is the spiritual nature of humanity; our evolutionary position now and in the immediate future, and how the benefits of seeking contact with the Masters of Wisdom are particularly advantageous in our present era.
Such information is of little use without advice on how to prepare oneself for contact with the Masters, so a fair amount of instruction is presented here for the guidance of aspirants.
I presently consider Masters as individual expressions of a person's soul Ray, and by gaining awareness of our soul Ray we also gain awareness of the energies emanating from our Master.
This soul awareness is inclusive rather than exclusive, and we share our Path with both young and old souls. As we progress, our individuality becomes a shining example of the "at-one-ment" it represents as an aspect of human consciousness which has its ultimate expression on Earth as the Hierarchy of Masters. We are one and we are many.
In addition, by becoming aware of our soul Ray we also become aware of our connection with both our past and our future, and how they unite in the eternal now. With this increased understanding, we come to realise that those wise souls we once thought of as our distant ancestors have now become our guides and companions on the Path of Reality.
Note from Mo Hone: I wrote this book in 1977 but it wasn't published commercially, and when I rediscovered it earlier this year I realised it could be usefully considered as a prelude to my previous book, "The Seven Rays Today" published in 2006, and for the new book I am currently writing which relates these ideas more specifically to Lucille Cedercrans'  Wisdom teachings.
Mo lives in England with Jac, his wife and spiritual partner, and since the 1960s they have journeyed together on the spiritual Path. Although they have worked with many visionary leaders in a variety of fields from Advaita Vedanta to Theosophy and the Western Mystery Tradition they have always retained an independent outlook. In 2002 Mo was introduced to the teachings of Lucille Cedercrans just after completing his previous book, The Seven Rays Today, and recognized the Wisdom teachings to be a parallel of his previous experiences.
The Sense of Direction in the Great Invocation
StarlingDavidHunter by: Starling Hunter

It is my pleasure to inform you that the third volume of The Compass of Light entitled "The Sense of Direction in the Great Invocation" is now available for viewing or downloading at my personal page on Here is the shortcut URL
Visit the Wisdom Impressions Website
The Wisdom Impressions website is a most valuable resource. Besides many articles on the Wisdom Teachings of Lucille Cedercrans it also has numerous free downloads. These include two eBooks, a screensaver, and various meditations. You are also given the opportunity to read sections of the many books and pamphlets offered and place an on-line order.
You can visit their site at:

The Wisdom Newsletter is a group effort, and its success depends upon the willingness and enthusiasm of group members participating.

Please read our Article Guidelines

We are currently seeking volunteers to help provide the following:

Newsletter Articles
Newsletter Editing
Formatting & Design

If you are interested in any of the above opportunities, please contact us!

Adam DeFranco:
Lucinda Tyrrell DeFranco:
Debbie George:

Bradley Conway:
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