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Dear Co-Workers,
The Wisdom Newsletter has been reinitiated by the present needs of the Wisdom community. As such it will be published cyclically as co-workers submit appropriate material and ideas. It is our hope that it inspire and guide us into wise and serviceful action. While its expressed intent is to discuss various aspects of the Wisdom and this New Thought Form Presentation via Master R/Lucille Cedercrans, it will also be inclusive of the works and teachings of Master DK/Alice Bailey, Master M/Helena Roerich, and others.  Under their collective and auspicious presentation of this Wisdom are we inspired. It is also our hope that this Newsletter empowers some semblance of the Synthetic Ashram into the group incarnate consciousness.  That it assist in the spiritual vitality of our culture. May it empower the Incarnation of Humanity's Soul.

Soul Conscious
ASU Red Star "The human family stands today upon the threshold of a new experience, that of Soul consciousness. Every man, woman, and child incarnate upon the planet is being brought closer to this happening by the force of evolution itself. Just as man is differentiated from the animal, in that he is a self-conscious human being, so shall he make yet another advance in awareness to become a Soul-conscious son of God. No longer must he walk in the shadow of spiritual ignorance, for the Light of his Soul is moving upon his horizon."

The Nature of The Soul, pg. 3, by Lucille Cedercrans
Editor's Note
Another quarter of the year has flown by and here we are poised between the upswing and the downswing of a cyclic rhythm, as the living entity upon which we live and move and have our being breathes in and out.
There are cycles of Manifestation consisting of Ebb and Flow. "This great Law of Cycles is the rhythm of all manifestation - that of the Soul incarnating into form, and the activities of the form itself... In studying the ways of nature, one begins to grasp the Law of Cause and effect, and is therefore, closer to the heart of Being." The Path of Initiation, by Lucille Cedercrans P 59-61
As disciples within this service work we can utilise these cyclic rhythms and realizing that there are currently two active groups of Wisdom practitioners - USA (in various locations), and Melbourne , Victoria , therefore, one in the Northern hemisphere and one in the Southern hemisphere. The Melbourne group are fired up and expanding like crazy.
Let us expand our awareness to become inclusive of the efforts of both groups. The interplay between these two groups and their rhythmic cycles can strengthen the overall work. Just as a heart has four chambers each playing a different role, so too can we use the rhythm of both groups to increase the vibration and strengthen our group.
The Energy of Synthesis is the answer of God to humanity in this time and place. Let's remember to embrace and embody it, and share it with others.

The Western Mandala

by: Pam Nissen; Article by Glenys Lowery

Western Mandala

The Western Mandala

Hi everyone,

I thought it might be of interest if I provided some information on the symbol I've used on our Yahoo home page. (The Wisdom Forum)

I spotted the symbol on the wall behind a photo of Pam Nissen (uploaded into the photos section) and couldn't get it out of my mind.  In the end, curiosity got the better of my politeness and I asked Pam what it was.

Here is her response:

Glenys asked me about the symbol behind my photo so I'll share it with all of you.

Here's the Western Mandala that I received on a plane trip New Year's Eve to Estes Park, Co., where we had a retreat.  I received it piece by piece and when I met for lunch with 2 of the group in
Boulder, when I explained to them what had happened, one of them went home and brought back a wood and metal piece of the symbol. He didn't know what he was supposed to do with it but kept it all these years and was glad to find a home for it.

I told one of my group in
Spokane about it and she said that the group in Portland

had used it and she gave me a copper band with the Western Mandala etched into it.  Walter, one of the original group had used it for his symbol when he published small brochures, but I wasn't aware of it.

Walter was out of incarnation and apparently he took it as a service to project each piece of into my consciousness, step by step, until I had it drawn before I got off the plane.

I have always used it as my symbol.  My lovely glamour.

I have always believed that it was my service to always hold the overall group life of the whole Thoughtform Presentation of the Wisdom subjectively together, which I have done forever and do it for the World Group as well.

The subjective work for this symbol:

To raise the vibratory frequency of the overall group life to become One state of consciousness, meditate every morning and evening, using the Western Mandala symbol.  Visualize all of the groups in this Thoughtform Presentation of the Wisdom individually, then collectively until the etheric is one light.

Then raise the vibratory frequency of that total group life as high into the overshadowing TFPW as is possible, invoking from the three Masters and the Christ consciousness the concepts and essence of the Divine Plan for this TFPW.

This new frequency flows out into the total etheric group life, into each group, out into the World Group of Servers and throughout humanity.  It lifts each level of consciousness up into a higher frequency of aspiration to the Christ consciousness.

Much love

Connecting a Few Dots in the Ashramic Plan for the Evolution of Consciousness - Part 2
 by Richard Randall
from a talk given at the Wisdom Conference, Ojai, CA, January 2008)

The distribution of energies from the New Ashram of Synthesis is carried,"Through a creative service form to the incoming the fields of art, literature, music, and psychology, etc." (The Master R, AW, Vol. I, p.76)
The world knows the classic opening theme music for 2001: A Space Odyssey. However, the little known fact is when audiences first heard this music for this movie, it was originally used to introduce that 1958 radio program called Galaxy by the Solar Cross Foundation in LA, directed by the space people.
In 2005, the director of the New York Center for Extraterrestrial Research, Michael Luckman, publishes his book Alien Rock, The Rock 'n' Roll Extraterrestrial Connection. The entire introduction is dedicated to Elvis Presley, and Chapter 1 starts with John Lennon.
In 1967, my father introduced me to his old friend Ken Darby, Oscar winning Hollywood film composer and song writer, who wrote Love Me Tender and worked with Elvis. In the book Alien Rock, the author's research, from family and close friends, relates how Elvis had visitations from "cosmic beings" in childhood. One of Elvis's earliest encounters occurred sometime during the 1950s, in the desert, with a cigar-shaped space ship.
Luckman says Dr. Raymond Moody, longtime researcher on Near-Death Experiences, has documented case after case where Elvis appeared to have visited people after his death. Elvis maintained a large personal library of over three hundred metaphysical books, one of which was The Impersonal Life, the book that Elvis "had been looking for all his life." Among his collection is The Secret Doctrine and Esoteric Healing. Elvis said to close friends, "I am not of this world...I'm not a man, I'm not a woman, I'm a soul, a spirit, a force."
Now from the perspective of the New Ashram, we can understand how Elvis, Lennon, among others, were Disciples working as "stations" in their particular field of service. (R, AW)
A Broadway review of The Rocky Horror Picture Show says,  "...the best psychotherapy one could hope for...What the show has always managed to a vehicle for self-exploration, self-understanding, and self-acceptance...(being)...non-judgmental and... (with)...unconditional love."
In 1966, I  met Walt Disney. In 1982, I met Ward Kimball who was one of Disney's most trusted old time animators. In 1979, at a UFO symposium in California, Kimball told of his interest in UFOs. Then to a stunned audience he related the story of how the American government had approached Walt Disney himself... to "make a UFO documentary to help acclimatize the American population to the reality of extraterrestrials." On a visit to the Ojai Krotona Library, I found a book that mentioned how Disney would frequent the original Krotona Library in Hollywood - near that contactee group I met in 1967.
In the 1930s, George Adamski claimed to have been a student in Tibet, and founded the Royal Order of Tibet, held in a building called The Temple of Scientific Philosophy, in Laguna Beach, CA where he taught Universal Brotherhood.
George Van Tassel's Integratron was never completed. Today it is a world wide attraction for various forms of scientific, metaphysical, musical, and spiritual disciplines. It has even attracted the attention of the Dalai Lama, and has a high ranking Tibetan Buddhist teaching their. The Venerable Lama Lhanang Rimpoche is a spiritual teacher of the Nyingma Longchen Nying-Thig order of Tibetan Buddhism, and Student of the Dali Lama. He is based in LA, comes from the Nyingma yogic lineage of Eastern Tibet, and has been recognized as an emanation of one of the first 25 disciples of Padma Sambhava, the yogi saint who brought Buddhism from India to Tibet in 747 AD, and known to us as the Master R. The Nyingma is the oldest lineage of Tibetan Buddhism, the same one Lucille joined and founded in Colorado.
Applied Wisdom (Vol III, p. 1386) "The new relationship of consciousness, energy, force, and substance through the Seventh Ray is turning the attention of Science to the fields of psychology and parapsychology for the New Age."
Since the early 1960s, a new "mystery" has appeared in the UFO-ET phenomenon: "abductions". During the past twenty plus years, the one academic profession involved in this research is Psychotherapy.  Books, and peer-reviewed papers by psychologists and psychiatrists are now commonplace, all dealing with the effect of this phenomenon upon human consciousness in real-time or sleep state. Here are a few examples of the thoughts and words being used by the doctors and their patients.
Paper title: NDEs and UFOs as Shamanic Initiation; Some Conceptual and Evolutionary Implications "'s possible that UFO's...(and)...the ever-increasing frequency of Near-Death Experiences (are) a direct reflection of an evolutionary trend that is propelling humanity toward higher consciousness...It doesn't matter what the cosmic shaman looks like, or how he behaves. His function is simply to educate the soul."
Paper title: The Symbol of the Hybrid Human-Alien Child in the Abduction Phenomenon: Rebirthing within the Psyche and the Psychosomatic Imagination..."This paper is concerned with an investigation of mental states...which in Buddhist practice form part of the developmental process called the seven factors of enlightenment...There is an increasing rapport between some schools of Psychology and Buddhism in the study of human consciousness...(and its) approaches to psychotherapy..."
(For the experiencers there is) "...the awakening and a heightened state of consciousness that can grow out of the original ego shattering impact of the abduction worked through."
"This young man...learned through connecting with the aliens that we have become too disconnected from our feelings, and that this mating process is to somehow "open up the heart-mind"...those were his words."
Another doctor says: "One of the hallmarks of an abductee is the pattern of emotional isolation...fear (and) terror..."
One researcher into the dark side of the abduction phenomenon involving mind control, sex magic seduction, military black ops, reptilian entities, spiritual warfare, etc., says: "...after being a UFO/Paranormal and Abductions researcher for over 20 years... I've had to adopt a new way of perceiving and reacting to the world, and I'm now a practicing Tibetan Buddhist! It is truly a miracle to emerge from this research and...experience with a balanced, and spiritually uplifted perspective...Love is the greatest mystery of all. With knowledge comes much grief. With grief comes a heart of compassion. We are all in this together." (Eve Lorgen)
In 1974, Richard Schaible told us what was over-shadowing was to be, "...the greatest religious and political movement the world has ever seen."
The event of 9-11 has brought the world closer together in many fields especially religion and government. It is synthesizing many areas of knowledge and experience that are therapeutically changing consciousness within a Global perspective.
However, the event of UFOs, ETs, and NDEs is the only field, at a pop-cultural level, that synthesizes every department of academic and esoteric knowledge, and every physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual experience via a therapeutic transition in consciousness. It expands through the veils of Life, Death, and Outer Space that have been in place since Atlantis, within a Global and Cosmic perspective.
A Psychologist says: "...the UFO phenomenon can begin to tell us more about our own selves...(it)...can speak to any scientific, philosophical, psychological and ultimately spiritual issues concerned with the power of creative imagination."
This whole "space contact" thought-form is playing a role, right down to our "grassroots", by evoking the ancient memory of who we really are in the Cosmic Plan, and why we are here on this Planet. And right in the center of it is the New Thought-Form Presentation, Soul Therapy, and the Ashram of Synthesis. The Master R; "Do not forget that the Ashramic plan itself is much greater than...which has to do with this New Presentation (as) is being focused through this particular overall Group Unit...Other aspects of the plan are being focused into other group entities in much the same way." (AW Vol 11, p. 1031)
In unpublished manuscripts given to me by the Santa Barbara woman contactee, she was receiving concepts through the Science of Impression from M, DK, and R revealing some of their role behind the "space brothers" movement with the Avatar of Synthesis.
Around 1961, the Master R tells us something about the new member of the Ashram, the Master HI. (A short version from Applied Wisdom)
" have all heard that some time ago there was a movement upward in the Hierarchy...into new offices...of responsibility..."
At that time when I moved into the new office...there was...some consternation within the Hierarchy regarding the office which I was leaving, that of the Lord of the Seventh Ray. Now this office becomes extremely important as we move into what you know as the New Age or the New Civilization, because the Seventh Ray becomes the dominant energy in...the sense of civilization."
"...the Avatar of Synthesis (sent) us a member of His, what I can only refer to as, inter-cosmic group, to fulfill this office which was being left vacant, that of the Lord of the Seventh Ray. The Master HI is that...(fulfillment). His initials stand for the planet with which he is directly associated. He comes to take the office, the Lord of the Seventh Ray, to synthesize along Seventh Ray lines, to blend, to harmonize all the energies of all the Seventh Ray into a New Civilization as it is formulated within the department of the Mahacohan.
The planet from which the Master HI comes is not one of this Solar System...I can say that there is a direct relationship between the Space Age ,...the coming of the Avatar of Synthesis, His cosmic group, and the Master HI..."
The Master H.I.'s first relationship with the planet was in his contact with the Hierarchy in 1952. This was objectived in 1957 when he made his contact with Lois..."
"Our Planetary Logos holds a unique place in the cosmic scheme of things, for He it is Who provides the training ground for those lives who are out of har­mony with the cosmic order. Those who...take an oppositional path...(and) are responsible for major fail­ures find their way to this planet. These make up our humanity...Even those who come from outside of this system to serve within so out ...a karmic relationship with our Logos.
In cooperation with Saturn and Sirius our Planetary Logos balances a certain aspect of cosmic karma.
Thus, we glimpse something of Planetary Purpose...(and) the meaning underlying the experiences of pain and characteristic here, for all life on the planet is actually a disciplinary training...imposed upon the life of the planet by the Logos Himself...(for)...that life is gradually cleansed and purified via the experience of living and working through these various conditions. (Corrective Thinking, Lesson 39)
The Master R tells us more about our planet in context of the New Civilization which helps clarify the attention we've been getting from "outside sources", and what we, as Teachers of the Wisdom are dealing with, and in forthcoming cycles.
"Focused into this planet is a miniature of cosmic problems being worked out. (Do you) wonder why the cosmos...waits upon this particular planet? Why is its attention focused here? This planet is...literally... the focus within the Cosmos of what you might call both the evolution of...the focus of Light and the focus of Darkness, and the focus of the battle between them...this planet might be correctly described as having been created for this purpose, and this is the service it renders the Cosmos." (Applied Wisdom, Vol. II,  p. 1129-30)
If it were not for the protection of certain Cosmic Beings and of Cosmic Law, such could be a threat to evolution itself, for it is the heart, not the mind, which establishes and maintains man's relationship with God." (Corrective Thinking, Lesson 39)
Richard Randall is a Student of the Wisdom since 1960 and a Teacher of the New Thought-Form Presentation of the Wisdom since 1973. Student and trained Teacher (1970-92) under Richard Schaible (husband to Lucille), and Billie Roberts (trained under Lucille and Lois Maxwell Harris) for Wisdom Therapy (1987-2001). Met Lucille in 1974. Taught "Corrective Thinking" five times, "The Nature of the Soul" ten times, and all of Lucille's available courses over a twenty-two year period.
Precipitating the Wisdom
Glen Knape by: Glen Knape

One of the interesting challenges of the past several decades has been to clarify what Lucille's works are (in our own awareness, and in the minds of coworkers from other traditions). This clarification has included the source and nature of those works, and the method of their creation.

While the basic method or process appears to have been the same, the source and nature of Lucille's works varies somewhat depending on whether they were written courses (such as Creative Thinking, The Soul and Its Instrument, and The Nature of The Soul), or transcripts of live projections (such as Teacher Training I & II, Leadership Training, and Headquarters Instruction).

The written courses tend to be primarily Seventh Ray in frequency (the Seventh of the Synthetic Ashram), and to be precipitations of the New Thought-form Presentation of the Wisdom (NTFPW). These works were intended to be texts and were designed for decades of use.

The live projections tend to be more Synthetic in character and quality, and to be projections of a portion of a monadic frequency. For the most part, these works were intended for a portion of the group in a particular time and place. They were never meant to be used as texts. Generally speaking, the more time passes, the more distant those projections become from the needs of the time.

At this point, the live projections function as keys, doors, or windows into that portion of the NTFPW and Ashram that overshadowed those projections and which still overshadows the body receptive. However, in order to gain access to that overshadowing, the group has to align with, invoke, and precipitate that overshadowing once more - for this time and place.

As a group learns to perform the projection process in this context, they learn to perform it in any context. They learn how to integrate, align with, invoke, and precipitate whatever is overshadowing. This places a group in a position where, if they drop their resistance and open themselves to it, they will be called upon to precipitate the solution overshadowing an embodied condition within humanity.

A final observation is this... One does not perform a specific service activity because one is qualified to do so, but because one is called to do so - by one's place and function within the ashramic group life, the need of the times, and one's preparatory experience. In fact, generally speaking, one becomes qualified to perform a particular activity by doing so (by which point it is time to move on to the next stage of the work). Thus, placement and preparatory experience are crucial, but being fully qualified is not.

Mr.Glen Knape is a teacher, writer, editor, publisher, and a co-mason.  He has been a student of the Ageless Wisdom since 1977, and a Teacher of The Wisdom since 1985.  Website: Glen Knape
These times call for new measures
Gong of Initiation - Triangle by: Adam DeFranco

These times call for new measures.

Can we become more attuned to the Templar of the hour?

The Halls of Wisdom gather us together with renewed intensity.
The Ashrams poised for a new teaching.
The Christ will Transmit to his Ashram, the Hierarchy, his deeply attuned and resonant message.

Are we susceptible to the impressions offered?
Can we resonate and open to those  frequencies that allow us cognition?
Can we recognize the indestructible brotherhood for which we stand ?
Can we be fearless in  love?

Let us bring the teachings to a new  level.
The Crisis of Externalization is upon us - a Spiritual  Apocalypse.

When our knowledge reaches a certain  frequency of attainment, the fiery heart '..can strive along the path of assimilation of the Grandeur there where word is naught..'.
From the plane of mind we bridge up to a higher plane to transcendence.

Let us be resilient to all that Christ offers.
With poised spirits, still, under fiery tension let us become attentive to those telepathic transmissions he gifts the Hierarchial  sheath.
He will enunciate the needs of the hour as he sees it and the opportunities proffered.
Let us become acquainted with the Highest Ethics.

The Souls of Men are One and I am One  with Them.  (A.D.)

Adam DeFranco is student of the Wisdom teachings of Lucille Cedercrans having studied and taken Teacher Training with Pam Nissen. Living in N. California he seeks to bridge and integrate these teachings with various other co-workers of the Ashram of Synthesis to assist in the unfolding Divine Plan for Planetary evolution. (

Group Initiation Part I
by: Glenys Lowery
as written on the Wisdom Group Forum 11/26/06

1. I'm not sure why the concept of group initiation isn't more widely taught and discussed within esoteric circles as it is hardly new.  I can only assume it's because elements of the process of group initiation are unattractive to those who prefer the outgoing 6th ray approach to evolution involving individual aspiration upwards towards a spiritual ideal with the objective of union between the two.  But as you know the new 7th ray energy involves a shift in emphasis from this upward focus to a downward action of precipitating the Divine into the world of appearance for the benefit of all, in the most efficient and effective way possible.  One of the ways this happens is through group initiation and it is now the only form of initiation for at least the lower degrees, and quite possibly for all degrees (and I will discuss the rationale for the latter statement as we progress).

Individual Initiation

2. The initiatory path was outlined by DK over 80 years ago in Initiation Human and Solar.  The five initiations that lead to mastery were exemplified in the life of Christ as:

   1. The Birth in Bethlehem.
   2. The Baptism in the Jordan.
   3. The Transfiguration on the Mount.
   4. The Crucifixion on Calvary.
   5. The Resurrection and Ascension

3. I don't propose to go into detail about them here but essentially, they involved the stages of the Path of return to the Father taken by an individual disciple and that is the path still taught by most esoteric teachers, it seems to me.  The stages were marked by ceremonies once one had met the criteria for a particular initiation (ie you achieved the initiation after you had done the work) which involved only the Master of Ceremonies (the Christ - or Sanat Kumera for third and subsequent initiations) and the sponsoring Masters who were essentially there to assist the candidate absorb the strong energies emanating from the Rod of Initiation.  So it was very much an individual process and one's group brothers were not involved in the process.  This was the procedure that was followed for thousands of years and it seemed to work well.  Furthermore, it was the procedure that the Hierarchy itself was familiar with - all of the upper Hierarchy have taken their initiations in this manner and there was no need to change it until recently.  So there is a huge thoughtform relating to individual initiation developed over thousands of years that persists today.

The Goal of the New Discipleship

4. Yet in the latter part of DK's work with Alice Bailey, He started to talk about group initiation being the "goal of the new discipleship" and started an experiment in group initiation Himself which resulted in the Discipleship in the New Age books which largely comprise the record of a series of personal and group instructions given to a group over a period of fifteen years as well as emphasising the new age pioneering necessity for group work, the development of group consciousness, and the change in training for initiation from individuals to discipleship groups.

5. In most respects the experiment appeared to be a failure ("appeared" because there is no such thing in these matters and it laid the groundwork for more successful subsequent work). But DK was not deterred and talked about group initiation a great deal, particularly in The Rays and the Initiations.  He explained, "the concept which has to supersede the one at present extant is that of group initiation, and not that of the initiation of an individual aspirant.  In the past, and in order to get the idea of initiation into the minds of the people, the Hierarchy chose the mode (now obsolete) of holding out the prospect of initiation before the earnest disciple; upon this they placed an early emphasis of its peculiarity, its rewarding nature, its ritual and ceremonies, and its place in the scale of evolution.  Since the fact of initiation had been grasped by many and achieved by some, it has become possible today to reveal what has always been implied, that initiation is a group event.  If clear thinking had taken the place of a selfish individual aspiration, the fact of group initiation would have been obvious and for the following reasons, inherent and implied in the whole situation:

i. The soul-in its own nature-is group conscious and has no individual ambitions or individual interests, and is not at all interested in the aims of its personality.  It is the soul which is the initiate.  Initiation is a process whereby the spiritual man within the personality becomes aware of himself as the soul, with soul powers, soul relationships, and soul purpose.  The moment a man realises this, even in a small measure, it is the group of which he is conscious.

ii. Only the man whose sense of identity is beginning to expand and become inclusive can "take initiation" (as it is erroneously termed).  If initiation were a purely personal achievement, it would throw the man back into the separative consciousness, out of which he is endeavouring to escape.  This would not be spiritual progression.  Every step upon the Path of Initiation increases group recognition.  Initiation is essentially an expanding series of inclusive recognitions.

iii. Initiation admits the aspirant into membership in the Hierarchy.  This involves, speaking esoterically, the relinquishing of all separative personality reactions in a series of progressive renunciations; these culminate in the fourth initiation, and are again mysteriously emphasised at the ninth initiation." (RI)

Reasons for Group Approach

6. There are many reasons for the changes from individual to group initiation scattered throughout the writings of both DK through AAB and Master R through Lucille.  DK gives more detail; Master R gives the WOW! factor.  Some of the reasons include:

     * Changes to the interior events and happenings of the planetary logos as a result of His self initiated action and extra planetary energies impacting on him (similar to spiritual energies that start to impact on disciples once they reach a certain point of development) which is leading to a huge point of tension for all life on the planet.  Lucille says the path of initiation "is being recreated, altered, changed to serve that tremendous growth in consciousness which has been realized within all of the centre system of the planetary life, consciousness, and affairs. The Planetary Logos, then, is imposing a new initiatory rhythm upon his consciousness and its vehicles, upon his own life and affairs. In his embodied response to that purpose toward which he aspires and serves, from the central directing life of the planet itself, moves a new impulse into the various centres within the planetary life. At Shamballa a new plan, a new evolutionary plan which more perfectly conveys the new realization of purpose, is conceived, having its relationship with all kingdoms in nature. Within the Hierarchy this new perception of The Plan is sought and via united rhythmic creativity (what you would call meditation), the members of the Hierarchy bring the new realization of purpose, the new concept of plan, into a focus within their respective Ashrams, and a new note is sounded by the whole of the Hierarchy in its relationship with humanity and through humanity, with the lower kingdoms in nature." (Ashramic Projections)


     * "The new path, the new way, is a result of a tremendous evolutionary growth which has been realized from the highest state of consciousness within the planetary life and affairs, in varying degrees, down to the lowest. In the last 2500 or 3000 years the Planetary Logos (and this includes all of His life and consciousness) has made a tremendous progress, a tremendous growth, so great that He has moved out of the old karmic necessities into an entirely new condition of growth which does not necessitate the long, long, path of trial and error, the long, long, path between the pairs of opposites, which have characterized His evolutionary development in the past. This, then, is a tremendous victory, and at the same time a tremendous opportunity. This is the conscious initiatory effort which the Planetary Logos is making on His own level of cosmic interplay. And it means far more than I can convey to you at this time to the whole of the Cosmos." (Note Lucille's use of the word "Cosmos".  The events on our little planet are hugely significant in ways we cannot begin to understand.)
     * Lucille also says that the introduction and management of group initiation has been the responsibility of the Synthetic Ashram "and the First, Second, and Seventh Ray Ashrams, in their entirety, have entered into an agreement to form, through an initiatory process carried out from Hierarchical and Ashramic levels, to synthesise their purpose, their consciousness and activity-their energy, force, and substance-in such a way as to formulate via this synthesis (and thus to create within consciousness and substance) the new path of initiation to be focused via humanity into the planetary life and affairs." (AP)   I hope your soul stirs you at this point so that you gain some kind of appreciation for the magnitude of this astounding statement.  The energy of synthesis is for the first time being released on this planet (largely though the action of the Avatar of Synthesis) and it is changing EVERYTHING at the most fundamental level.  I am certain we will learn more about this in TT and I fully expect us to be utterly transformed by what we learn.

    * The appearance on the scene of the Avatar of Synthesis (obviously)

    * The invocation appeal of humanity being heard at the highest levels

    * A new level of cooperation between the Buddha and his arhats and the Christ and the Masters (Just as an aside, people tend to forget about the arhats when they talk of the work of the Buddha.  Remember there is more than one Hierarchy and I am hoping more about the work of other Hierarchies and their cooperation with the Masters of Wisdom will be revealed by DK or someone else in the days to come.)

    * The improved relationship between the 5th and 4th kingdoms (Hierarchy and Humanity)

    * The fact that the incoming energies are stimulating (the usually understated DK refers to it as an "upheaval") the Hierarchy so that certain Masters are taking initiation sooner than anticipated.  This causes a ripple effect down to the lowest level of the Hierarchy and presents us with the same opportunity

    * The fact that the Masters themselves are evolving and achieving greater levels of consciousness and passing onto higher work within the Hierarchy  which involves working with the energy of Divine Will as well as Love and becoming "power units and not just units of light".  Once again there is a ripple effect and quick promotion within the Ashram for senior disciples ie third degree and higher (which I might add, is putting enormous pressure on those disciples in incarnation as they bring themselves up to speed through a forcing process they are barely ready for.  It is my observation that senior disciples are often the craziest and this may be part of the reason!)

    * Master R, ever the pragmatist, said through Lucille, "The sum total of soul life consciously functioning within a Master's Ashram is in the process of taking initiation. That is, the sum total of that consciousness, of that soul life, has both individually and collectively predetermined a goal of spiritual growth and development... Now, let us consider again, before bringing the concept down to its relationship to the incarnate consciousness, the Ashramic Group Life, from the central directing life of that Ashram to the periphery and even into the aura of the Ashram. The Master of the Ashram (or Masters in the instance of this particular Ashram), all of the Soul life functioning within the periphery of the Ashram, and those Souls who function within the aura of the Ashram, all of this body of life and consciousness is in the process of taking initiation. The individual initiation, so-to-speak, of those individual units of consciousness concerned, are contained within the greater initiation of the total Ashram."  This leads me to conclude that even the highest initiates cannot take initiation independent of their group so in that sense the new rules of group initiation apply to all.

7. Interestingly, some of the incoming energies are impacting on the Hierarchy more than Humanity and changes to initiatory procedures for Humanity are a result of the Hierarchical response to those energies (although it is a moot point in my view as once one takes initiation they are members of the Hierarchy according to some classifications). "...These descending energies, as they pass through any of the major levels of consciousness which we call planes, produce reactions and responses, dependent upon the state of the conditioning consciousness, and (strange as this may seem to you and well-nigh unintelligible) the effects upon the Hierarchy are even more compelling and transmuting than they are upon humanity..."  (RI)

Obstructive Forces

8. Just as another aside, DK went on to say in the same chapter, "It will therefore be apparent to you that the descent of energy brings with it-under the cyclic law-certain new "inspirations," certain new "seeds of hope" for the future, and certain active Agents as well, Who are and will be responsible for the task of preparation, of fertilisation and of all the coming new age enterprises.  These descending energies evoke also the obstructing forces, and I would here remind you that these obstructing evil forces (so-called) are met with upon the highest spiritual levels because they are-in their turn-evoked by the impelling impact of the coming Avatar Whose "note is heard ahead of Him, and His energy spreads before Him."  This is interesting in that we know that 7th ray energy manifests as opposing opposites which must then be brought into union or at-one-ment via the magical process. Thus, the appearance of opposition in all aspects of life is regarded as a part of the creative process (rather than a handicap or barrier to it) something to remember as the polarities may have intensified in your lives since consciously undertaking this particular Path and opening yourselves up to the incoming 7th ray energies (as pioneers because we are still learning how to master these energies).  This may particularly be  the case with respect to relationships and avoiding conflict by refusing to "engage" or attempt to resolve difficulties, denial etc, while never a great approach, is particularly antithetical to 7th ray energy.  Furthermore, one must remember the upside of this 7th tendency to highlight polarities - it also brings with it synthesising energies so that the polarities can be quickly resolved and transcended if the energy is appropriated properly. Anyway that was a rather big aside so back to the topic...
to be continued
Message of the Light Ships
 by William Moore
(Open with visual of three "Light" ships hovering over the Abraham Lincoln memorial in Washington , DC on balmy summer evening)

Peace.  We greet you in the Name of the One Creator.  The One who is both the Cause and Source of all light, love, and life upon your world.  The One who you have given many names throughout the history of your myriad religions, belief systems, and spiritual philosophies.  With this we do not concern ourselves, but ask that you be aware that all your expressions are but small parts of a greater Unity.  It is this Unity which is the Presence and Intent behind all things.  It alone is expressing through and as all life.  It alone is breathing and manifesting.  It alone holds this Universe together with an energy called Love.  Not the love you express in your various musical forms, but an all-encompassing love sustained by Universal Will.  Throughout the march of your long history upon this world, there have been a few who have grasped, shall we say, the 'outer edges' of this Unity.  They are well known to in every field of human endeavor, and revered as the 'Great Lights' of your planet Earth.  They have emerged out of all of your races and cultures.  Through their intense devotion, strength, and sacrifice they received a "touch" from the higher aspects of this Unity.  Always, their ideas and concepts in your sciences, religion, politics, art, education, and economics and related fields challenged the established order.  Quite often, many of them were ridiculed, persecuted, and sometimes subjected to horrible deaths for their efforts on the behalf of Earth's inhabitants.  The changes they brought, we've observed, still live on despite the challenges they were forced to meet and overcome.  Now, a new day is upon you and even those changes are passing away in preparation for your next step forward.  It is a step all your planet's inhabitants must take as a group.  The day of the rugged individual is in its demise and passing away.  We say this not to alarm you, but to inform you of what must be in order for the old to make way for the new.   

Space, as many of you now know, is not a void nor a final frontier.  Your instruments of magnification turned upon the heavens tell you this.  In truth, it is a gateway leading to a still larger reality.  A reality so vast and all-encompassing that it would be incomprehensible to you at your present level of understanding.  It is a vast interactive and constantly changing tapestry of intelligent energy comprised of galaxies, suns, forces, systems, and living light.   It comprises a seeming limitless sea of forming and dissolving relationships, and cycles of activity.   As difficult as it may be for you to believe, it is a living entity.  Still, the reality of the forces behind this these cosmic activities will not be fully understood by you for hundreds of your years to come.  These activities are directed and purposeful. Even so, we would be remiss if we didn't add that despite outward day-to-day appearances and circumstances, your growth and development are proceeding well.  Therefore, take heart and comfort in the fact that a wonderful new world of possibility is ahead of you.

Throughout the many ages of your sojourn upon Earth, you have formulated laws that govern the various social groups, societies, and nations to which you hold allegiance.  Some have served you well, and others not so--as evidenced by your history.  Those 'Great Lights' among you whom we spoke of, also knew of still higher laws which govern the Universe and supersede all human-created laws.  While some spoke of them openly, others kept their own counsel--their inner knowledge only appearing in their outer works.  We can truthfully say from experience that our long-term adherence to these Greater Laws has profoundly enhanced the success of our own growth and development.  This adherence has also revealed to us dimensions of existence that defy the most far-flung frontiers of you imaginations.  In spite of this, this same distant horizon awaits the human species--if you can summon the courage to move towards it.  There are new 'Lights' in your world.  Find them and join them in their efforts to bring in the emerging new era.

Our long term observations of your world has revealed that the numbers of your inhabitants ready to take this next step forward is increasing exponentially.  This, despite outward appearances, and the efforts of those resistant to that change.  Unfortunately, there are still many among you who cling to the old ways and those things passing away.  They are waging an intense, well-organized battle against the changes which are imminent and already underway.  Their tactics are designed to affect you physically, emotionally, and mentally. They are both powerful adversaries and excellent teachers.  Terrifying, deceptive, and discouraging are the weapons they sometimes employ in their work against the freeing of human consciousness.  Make no mistake about this scenario, because we too had to contend mightily during the early stages of our evolutionary journey, with forces who took great comfort in the darkness.  In truth, they are not your enemies, but represent those aspects of yourselves which must undergo both personal and group clearing and realignment.  Their resistive efforts are additionally driven by a fear of all things which are unlike themselves.  We caution you not to take this lightly, because we have been where you are.     

We have come during a very difficult time upon your world.  In every nation and culture we see the rampant energies of greed, violence, hatred, poverty, ignorance, deviant behavior, and deception holding sway.  Yet, underneath this seemingly debilitating chaos we've sensed a new movement in human consciousness.  There is a growing urge among many of Earth's inhabitants for more peaceful, inclusive, value-driven, and harmonious ways of living.  Your term "Right Human Relations" we've always felt is quite appropriate and commendable.  All over your world there are those among you coming to the fore to unselfishly serve others, even in the face of tremendous odds and the forces resistant to that service.  This urge among your people, along with a planet-wide invocative cry has reached deep into Space, and caused a stirring in Universal Consciousness.  Thus, have we been sent to you in response.

Long have we observed you, and because of that, know you much more intimately than you realize.  Therefore, out of necessity, we must now speak plainly and harshly to you.  Simply put, you have not honored your world.  She is your Mother, and yet, you have repeatedly raped her and treated her as a common prostitute.  Many of you, have and continue to submit your children to the most reprehensible aspects of your cruelty, selfishness, and deviations.   All this with no thought to the damage being inflicted.  You callously interrupt the life-streams of each other daily through murder, wars, and hatred of self and others.  Many of you loathe forgiveness, even while preaching a doctrine of love. Most of you talk of brotherhood and right relations while intensely seeking to separate yourselves from one another.  Others among you say you cannot progress and blame others, while eagerly embracing ignorance, self-hatred, and mediocrity.  You are paralyzed by fear and resigned to inactivity.  It is through these and other vehicles which you unconsciously provide, that the forces of darkness continue to maintain their stranglehold on your world, and your consciousness.  Know this.  Darkness and light are in a symbiotic relationship, and will always exert a push and pull on one another.  The forward movement of light attracts a resistive response from darkness.   The activities of one stimulates a response from the other, and your efforts must increase in proportion to the degree of resistance encountered.  You stand on a precipice of planetary opportunity.  Take the leap, and know that the One Life has given you wings!

Therefore, our core message to you is this:

We, who represent many worlds, passed through your present stage of learning several millennia ago.  Still, we continue to count ourselves in committed service to the One Life, and offer our encouragement.  Take heart, because the efforts of those striving for a more harmonious alignment with that One Life have not been in vain, or left to go unnoticed.  Despite an environment of outer chaos, your progress has been good.  Still, you find yourselves caught in the turmoil of world crisis. It is a transitional crisis whose effects are being felt at every level.  Many things that now have meaning-real or superficial-will undergo fundamental and lasting adjustment.   These unfolding events are, we realize, very difficult for you to look at, and often deeply painful to experience.  Know that this is the effect that light has when impacting imprisoned human consciousness.  For light moves gradually and boldly into dark places--revealing all.  Bear in mind that this transitional crisis will be felt increasingly more intensely over time, and in concert with your unfolding consciousness and rate of planetary evolution.  It is written upon the Great Wheel of Time, and a part of the Cosmic Dance--whose steps are specific, creative, and sometimes unpredictable.

Look to those among you who have embracing hearts, inclusive minds, and a strong commitment to the inherent value of all humans and life upon your world.  Disregard the efforts of those whose intent it is to discourage this effort, because your numbers are quietly and rapidly growing.  Seek the company of those conscientiously working to build cooperative leadership between your groups and nations.  Seek to extend your hand to those in need, while accepting no reward for your efforts.  Do not fear this thing you call "death", but instead educate yourselves about its true nature and purpose.  We can tell you from experience, that it is merely a doorway leading to fuller expression.  Look beyond your outer coverings and their various hues, which you call skin, for it is not the real you.  Know that you have been all hues at different times before, and dwelling on your present appearance only serves to delay self-knowledge and progress.  It is much more useful to advance the concepts of One World and One Humanity.  For our part, we advance the concepts of One Universe and the One Life.  Consciously strive to develop a harmonious relationship with the energy called "Love." It is the glue which holds the Universe together, and acts as the lighthouse for all relationships--great and small.   Its power is without equal! Once again, remember that all of us are the children of the One Life, and must learn to live in relational harmony.  We made this choice long ago, and the benefits to our own growth have been immeasurable. If you will but fully commit yourselves to this relationship your growth will show equal results.  Always look inward for guidance, and let an implacable will for good be your signature.

On a higher note--study light, for its power goes far beyond your rudimentary use of it for physical illumination.  In right application, it is a force which has allowed us to shrink the Universe in the same way your Internet has allowed you to shrink your world.  Study sound --for its application can be either creative or destructive--depending on motive.  Regretfully, many of the inhabitants on your planet continue to use it destructively.  For those who have eyes to see, the proof of this is readily evident across the length and breadth of world.  It is the great universal tool of manifestation.  It is indeed the "Word" many of your great Teachers have spoken of and written about.  When sound is paired with right motive and right usage, you will literally be able to manifest entire worlds.  Such is its power.

As we withdraw from you now, know that it has been our sincere pleasure to serve you. We are equally grateful to have been given this opportunity to approach you at this stage of your evolutionary journey.  As you continue to progress in your growth and development, we stand ever ready to extend our hand in aid whenever allowed.  Take heart dear co-workers, for the entire Universe waits in great anticipation for your return home.

In the Name of the One Creator, we bid you peace.
A Statement From The Artist
 William Mooreby: William Moore

To my mind, The Wisdom is an ancient river of Divine Truth which, through its many tributaries, flows into the consciousness of humanity.  One of these tributaries nourishes the rich and verdant deltas we know as artistic expression.  It is upon one of these fertile fields that I find myself standing during this lifetime.

My influences as an artist have been many.  They include the indelible beauty and power of the Old Masters, the highly refined and idyllic Pre-Raphaelites, the cel-animation art of the Walt Disney Studios, feature film Cinematography and lighting,  the digital art of Ryan Church, mythology, the visionary/spiritual art of Alex Grey, and Nicholas Roerich ,just to name a few.  Even with these wonderful examples, my strongest influence has and continues to be my own inner voice, which speaks when prompted by the wisdom of the One Life.

After years of working as an art director in advertising and corporate television production, an NDE(near-death experience)during a swimming accident placed my art on its present course.  Thus my work for more than a decade has been focused on spiritual, visionary, and mythological themes.  About sixty percent of which concern the depiction of angelic presences.  In essence their "bodies" are quite different from humans.  My art shows them as radiant fields of radiant energy.  It is my sense that this is closer to their true form, although they have the ability to reveal themselves in forms more acceptable to the belief systems those they are directed to approach.  The so-called "wings" that historically people have talked about and portrayed,particularly in traditional religions, are in reality light emanations streaming forth from the Angel.

I have also been acutely interested in the portrayal of Divine Feminine archetypes.  My works such as "The Muse", "Sophia", "Lady of The Lake", and "Mother of Peace" are meant to speak to this.  I believe a special relationship exists between children, the mythological, and unseen worlds.  With that in mind, several pieces such as "Damon and The Dragon", "The Little Boy Who Danced With The Sun", "Emma and The Eagle", and "The Pegasus Chronicles" were created to highlight that relationship.

I've worked in several mediums, but currently I utilize a combination of colored inks, colored pencils, and acrylics.  Acrylic paint is what I use when I'm creating a painting.  At other times, I like to mix all three mediums to get the effects I'm looking for.  I've also used acrylics and latex mediums to paint large theater backdrops and murals.  I strive to inspire in the viewer a recognition that there are levels of existence beyond what we know and think we see around us each day.  Thus, I'm trying to open a door for human consciousness which leads to rememberance of the activity of a Greater Life behind all life as we know it.  It is this life acting through allows us to see who we are, and who we will become.  The Ageless Wisdom and its profound concepts and ideas is the fuel I use.  People often ask me how I arrive at the images I create, and I'll give you the same answer I give them: "There's nothing like a good night's sleep for revealing wonders."  We all go to class when we sleep.  I'm taking one on sacred art.  What are you taking? Additionally, some images and concepts also come to me through the practice of meditation.

I'll close with a quote from the book "The Mission of Art" by visionary/spiritual artist Alex Grey.  He says, "Artists of the twenty-first century and beyond have the opportunity to create a universal spiritual art.  This art will be born from visions of sacred archetypes common to all mystic paths.  The spirit of the times will choose artists sufficiently prepared for this task."

In Peace and Beauty,
William Moore

Lucille's Work of Transition and Synthesis
by: Greg Tzinberg

Rancho Capistrano

Lucille was always working with transition and synthesis. When she was projecting the Nature of the Soul and other teachings in the 50's and 60's she was preparing the ground for a great transition and synthesis on many levels.
Nature of the Soul was not meant to replace anyone's religion. It was meant to augment and expand one's understanding of the life and affairs of the soul and to be able to transition and synthesize into that life. In the process, she introduced concepts such as reincarnation, karma, the Hierarchy and Inner Government. She enlarged our vocabulary of concepts to include things that today we take for granted. Concepts like the Seven Rays, meditation, transmutation and the magic of consciousness.
Nothing needed for becoming a conscious-soul-incarnate was left out of the Nature of the Soul's material, in that way it stands as a work of synthesis even in the context of the Esoteric tradition of the Arcane School and Theosophy. The work of the Conscious Soul Incarnate was to further the work of transition and synthesis as agents working in cooperation with the Plan under the Ashram of Synthesis. So she sowed seeds that flowered within each of us and blossomed into a vision of a new civilization. In addition, there were other transitions being addressed that were not overtly mentioned in Nature of the Soul.
Working from above downward there is the great transition and synthesis of the Christ/Buddha Matreya who is the Buddha of the coming age. Padmasambhava (Master "R") is regarded by Tibetan Buddhist as the Buddha of the Transition. Lucille has a unique relationship with both Master "R" and Matreya. So another aspect of her transition and synthesis work had to do with moving the energies associated with that "changing of the guard" to be more readily more accessible to the New Group of World Servers at every level.
On a more ordinary level, as she worked to create the non-profit organization with her Buddhist students, she explained that in the old world, she would have been the head of the organization, and lead it taking a top-down approach. As an expression of the new Seventh Ray synthesis form, she took the position at the heart of the organization.
The New Age leader she explained, inspires individual as well as group action from the heart, not the head. She worked with the Tibetan Lamas of the Nyingma Lineage to "charter" our group as an expression of the New Age forms that would develop in the West. As a result, HH Dudjom Rinpoche conferred on the new organization the name Udiyan Matreya Kosha which translates as, "The Storehouse (Kosha) which holds the teachings of Padmasambhava, (indicated by Udiyan - his birthplace) and Matreya the coming Buddha. Elsewhere, I have explained that Master "R" and Padmasambhava are same great Being.
Her teachings on Matreya were yet another area in which she veered somewhat from the traditional Buddhist view. She believed Matreya, the coming World Teacher was close, his incarnation imminent (within 50 to 100 years) as opposed to most Buddhists who put his arrival much further out. In 1979, Lucille wrote the Matreya Puja (offering ceremony). In yet another example of Lucille's transition and synthesis work she wanted this ceremony to be done completely in English. This was to help the English language to be a vehicle for the sacred energies, forces and substances that could be contacted and dispersed as a service by performing the Matreya Puja. This ceremony was performed during the full moon of each month and extensively used during the Wesak retreats of her Buddhist group.
Here are two samples from the Matreya Puja:
Introductory Prayer to Lord Buddha Matreya
I bow to you Lord Buddha Matreya
Whose coming is predicted in many languages and cultures
I acknowledge your presence as the Great Loving One
Whose realization gathers us all into the grace of your cosmic heart.
I see you standing in the center of a great red rose
Surrounded by hosts of Gurus, Bodhisattvas, and Buddhas
By dakas and dakinis, by saints and angels
By disciples from all the ten directions
Each inspired to serve by the insight of your Love
The perfection of your compassion
And the Power of your Grace.
I see you coming closer standing in the middle of a great red rose
Your right hand holding ready
A wheel of twenty two spokes
The mystery revealed
Your left hand raised in wondrous Blessings.
In the depth of this Kali Yuga
We look in and up
And know you come
We feel you come
We hear you come
We smell and taste the fragrance of your coming
We see you come
Oh Lord Buddha Matreya
Hold the wheel before our form
Place your hand upon our crown
And in your Heart-mind
Let us all be One
Om Ah Hum Ram Yam Kam
1979 Lucille Schaible - Grha Dha Ladaynya
Visualize your mother and father, yourself, your  Sangha (Wisdom Community) and all sentient beings standing before Matreya in silent invocation, One with all sentient beings, let your heart-mind be filled with the aspiration of all sentient beings, purifying that aspiration in your knowledge of the foundation, the path and the fruit.
One with all sentient beings, offer the purified aspiration along with all of the offerings of your Sangha and your own secret offering to Matreya.
Next repeat the mantra at least 25 times
Matreya Mantra
Om Ah Hum Matreya
Om Ah Hum Matreya
Come into my body, speech and mind - Matreya
One with all sentient beings, receive the energies from Matreya (Light, Love and Power) and radiate it throughout the Universe.
Gradually let the visualization recede into the word Hum in the heart
Let the Hum in the heart recede into the void
Let your own mind become void
Receive blessings - HUM
Notes on the Wisdom Synthesis Retreat (prior to the Wisdom Gathering)
Retreats are used in many traditions as an opportunity to deepen and intensify spiritual practice. During the Wisdom Synthesis Retreat we will be focusing on:
Ø    The Foundation, Path and Fruit
Ø    Ego and self-image, transmutation and transformation
Ø    Meditation
Ø    The Matreya mantra and visualization
The retreat schedule would  will be as follows:
Start around 1 or 2 PM on Wednesday for two "sessions" of teaching and meditation
Thursday - Three "sessions"
Friday - Two sessions
There will also be an opportunity for people who wish to engage in some additional, intensive meditation and mantra practice to work through the early morning hours as well. Anyone who wants to can participate, there are no prerequisites. One-on-one interviews will be available to discuss practice but are not mandatory.
People should plan on eating vegetarian meals (starting Wednesday AM). After the retreat begins, people will eat together Wednesday and Thursday and end the retreat with a final lunch on Friday that will include red-meat as an important way to "ground" the energies. Also - meals should be away from other guests or at least at reserved tables. We will also keep talking to a minimum except during teaching sessions.
Retreat Tuition $108.00
$68 single
$48 double (with 2 queen beds)
$38 triple (Rollaways are available)
$33 quadruple
Check-in time Wednesday, September 2 at 3pm - Dinner will be included
Thursday, Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner
 Friday, Breakfast and Lunch (Dinner will be with the larger group)


Three Gongs of Initiation - mental astral ethericby Joleen Dubois

Nadis are the etheric counterparts of the nervous system. Nadis relate the etheric body to the nerves. They are mostly concentrated behind the spinal cord and the brain and around the major nerve ganglia. They pass the electrical impulse of the etheric body to the nervous system.

The system of nadis determines the quality of the nervous system. When the nadis relate to each other in a harmonious way, the health of the body reaches its perfection. Nadis are influenced by the Life or Spirit aspect. To keep them healthy, a person must strive to keep the channel of spiritual energy or psychic energy open and prevent any formation of imperil upon the channels of the nerves.

Imperil is a substance which accumulates in the nerve channels and makes the nerves unreceptive to the incoming life energy or electricity. When imperil accumulates, the nerves begin to degenerate. Imperil is caused mostly by irritation, and we are told that wormwood oil, rest, joy, and purification remove imperil from the nerve channels.

The well-being of our five senses is directly related to the nadis. Our senses operate in perfect condition if the corresponding nadis in the etheric body do not have disturbances or decay in them.

The etheric body has two systems: the outer system and the inner system.

The outer system is composed of the three pranic centers - the center between the shoulder blades, the center above the diaphragm, and the etheric spleen. It also includes the three locations - the head and the two shoulders - through which the prana is channeled to these pranic centers.

These three centers (between the shoulder blades, above the diaphragm, and the spleen) have a concentrated sphere of nadis. These nadis are the etheric nerves which carry energy to the nervous system from the etheric centers.

Healing: When you are in an area loaded with heavy pollution, or you are under a load of emotions, fear, negative thoughts, and depressions, you can help yourself by placing some pure, cold-pressed olive oil on the three pranic centers and massaging them gently in a clockwise motion. (Most of the depressions that people experience are because they do not assimilate prana. This depletes them, fixes their attention on the present moment, and veils the future. )¹

¹ See New Dimensions in Healing, by Torkom Saraydarian.

  by: Pam Nissen

From the time we were born, we have been programmed with alibis - from our parents, teachers, kids in school, and in our business relationships.  All of these tend to negotiate us through our lives, to tell us what we shouldn't do because of the criticism our actions could create by those around us.

So we hesitate to launch ourselves on a new plan of action, waiting for the proper time, or when all of our relatives are dead, etc., so we have complete freedom to move into whatever activity seems right to us.

We wait for everything to fall into place, the right partner, economics, living quarters, retirement, pensions into the fullness of life we have always admired.

But it is a matter of evolutionary development that begins to create the atmosphere and circumstances that lead to that envisioned goal.  It is consciousness at its highest level, beckoning us to initiate that activity which will lead us into service to our fellow man.  Our first prerequisite is to have everything set up so stable and so certain of what our individual Divine Plan is that this line of thinking cuts off  all activity in that direction.  We like our stable atmosphere even though we insist we don't like it and have to do something about it before we can manifest our chosen field of service.

These are all alibis, my friend, and how hopeless.  There is nothing holding you back but that first step into the unknown.  No more alibis, just do it, as the phrase goes. What, really, are you waiting for? For some catastrophe to occur so that you can get it all together?  You've heard when a person is close to death their life takes on a new tone and quality, to want to finish what they have been wanting to accomplish for many years, because life becomes very precious.

It is a fallacy to wait for something to happen to bring you to that point of taking action.  Your karma will not bring all of these points of contention to the fore so that you can finally adjust your karma and take the path into the new reality.  You have to make the move yourself.  Nothing in this world will dictate to you when it is time.  It is yours to initiate.

What we are talking about here is making a commitment and then taking the 1st, 2nd and 3rd steps to accomplish that goal.  Even if it is the simple act of sitting quietly for 15 minutes a day in peace and tranquility to sort out your thought and life, that is a start.  Then you decide that 15 minutes was a good thing and decide to take 15 minutes a day for the rest of your life for quiet contemplation.  You have finally committed to action.  (And, of course, the 3rd step is the important one, you decide to meditate).You have decided to take control of your instrument and not allow outside influences to dominate your behavior any more.  In that brief decision you have changed your entire life into something worthwhile.  You are giving yourself the time to think your own thoughts, clearly, without intrusion from any outside source.  You have found your point of entry into that mystical land where magic takes place.  You have become the observer of your life and affairs and from this vantage point you take your stand.  Do you change anything that has been happening to you for a better way of life?  And how will you go about making those changes?  You will do so through right relationship with every one within your sphere of influence; first by communicating what you intend to do.  That is, you have decided to take 15 minutes a day in peace and quiet and reflection. No one is going to deny you that freedom.

Next you are going to get in touch with that higher influence that has been trying to get you to stop and observe and then act on what you have been doing to yourself.  You have been in the rat race and have become one of the rats.  To get yourself out of this fix you must make decisions.  How will you get free of that state that you got yourself into in right relationship?

This takes a bit of observing.  Has your work place become a prison to your mental attitude?  Does it take your entire field of attention?  Or, do your emotional relationships so bind you that you cannot think without that relationship entering into your thinking process?  If these are the cases, then it is time to sit quietly for 15 minutes and think through the next steps.  You can be very tied up in your work or your relationships but your mind must be clear of influences that hinder your progress.

Your mind must be poised and alert and capable to pick and choose what you will think.  You do not need to live in the muck and mire of the emotions; only so long as you are focused there.  The step to get rid of all of the alibis that you have been entertaining is that 15 minutes a day of peace and quiet, where you can rise up out of the physical and emotional life into the peace and quiet of the mental focus.  Then your life will change dramatically because you suddenly are in charge of your life and your decisions now lead you into new areas of consciousness, out of the old rut into new worlds of activity.

So you see, it is not your work or your relationships that hold you back, it is the alibis that you have entertained since the day you were born, because those alibis were placed there for you by your peers at the time, and you have held onto them like a security blanket, unable to see out because the blanket is over your eyes!

Take a good look at your life and decide the little things that need changing immediately.  Proceed, one step at a time, to eliminate the non-essentials.  Lift your attention to the higher influence that has been waiting for you to acknowledge its existence and then immerse yourself in its light, love and power.  Your life will change from being put-upon, dominated and controlled, to living the life that you choose for yourself.  If you allow someone to dominate you, you have no power to crawl out of that hole that you have made for yourself.  You did this to yourself, so you can change it.

Take the stance of no more alibis.  If you are caught up in what another person will think of you, let them think what they will but you must think of yourself as important and create the environment right for you.  If you are subject to abuse in any form, then that is wrong relationship.  If you can't change it, then leave it and get on with your life.  You have a job to do and it isn't to maintain, it is to attain; meet new obstacles and tackle them one at a time until you have reached your goal of bringing the Soul's light into your consciousness and you have merged with your Divine Potential.

Step back and take a big look at where you are and what you are doing and if you are accomplishing what you wish for your life to be.  If it doesn't feel right, then seek to change it through right relationship.  Give yourself the time you need to set things straight.  Take control of your body because this is what you have to work with right here on the physical plane of appearance.  Quit fooling yourself with alibis.  You can change anything you set out to do, and it is up to you to make that decision.  Even if you don't change anything in your life and affairs, you will have changed your attitude toward it, not by resentment but by changing your attitude and there is the key to success.  Your environment will gradually change according to how you think.

Consciousness evolves.  You do not have to live in a state of complete obedience to others, and if that is the case, you can change it.  Each person on this planet has the right to change what is not right, to live life in harmony and enjoy and profit by each new experience; not to get enmeshed in it, but to learn from it and move on to higher growth, another evolutionary spiral.  We learn through experience and teach others by our actions.  If we continue to make alibis for ourselves and others, we are caught up in the trap.  Let your mind out of the cage and into the light where there is peace and quiet, joy and security in being at the right place at the right time.

So be it.

Pam Nissen is a teacher of the Wisdom and offers classes related to the work of Lucille Cedercrans. She is one of the few remaining living/working disciples of Lucille and was instrumental in bringing her writings to publication.
Seed Thoughts
 Earth's Magnetic Field3rd Quarter:

July: "The Will to Good is the Action of Peace."
August: "The Divine Motivation of Force is the Life of  God."
September: "The Wisdom of Force is the Love of God."
I Am Soul - Technique
Three Gongs of Initiation - mental astral etheric By Glen Knape

The following technique grew out of my experience with A New Earth by Eckhart Tolle. The Nature of The Soul uses the "I am Soul" identification in a number of techniques, from simple identification as soul in one's daily life to identification with and as soul in formal meditations. Thus, the basic process will be familiar to any student of N.S.

Tolle's work draws on the same overshadowing source, and uses simple soul awareness to release the consciousness from the patterns of the ego or false identity of the persona.

The following combines the two approaches into a simple technique that both detaches the incarnate soul from the persona or ego, and aligns it with its divine characteristics.

I Am Soul Technique

I am Soul,
    not mental energy or thought

I am Soul,
    not astral force or emotion

I am Soul,
    not physical-etheric substance or form

I am Soul,
    not physical-dense matter or appearance

I am Soul,
    I am Divine Purpose, Power, and Will

I am Soul,
    I am Divine Love/Wisdom

I am Soul,
    I am Divine Intelligence

I am Soul,
    I am Divine Harmony

I am Soul,
    I am Divine Knowledge

I am Soul,
    I am Divine Aspiration

I am Soul,
    I am Divine Law and Order

I am Soul

This is a very simple but quite satisfying alignment process, and the identification may be applied anywhere at any time to any condition.

The Full Moon of Gemini and Cancer Solstice 2008
 by: Jan Detrich

The Full Moon of Gemini is said to be "the most important moment"  of the solar year.  It is a time when we can avail ourselves "of the straight line of ascent and descent through the doors held open by the Buddha and the Christ,"  and a period when great and stupendous changes can take place on planet Earth through humanity's united collective appeal and massed intention.  
The constellation of Gemini hides 'the secret of relationship' which brings all dualities to resolution.  Through the "Light of Interplay,"  Gemini reveals the basic duality inherent in all manifested life and fosters awareness of relationships by deepening our response to and our sense of responsibility toward the 'other'. Gemini relates the 'pairs'-soul and personality, spirit and matter, heart and mind, right and left brain, east and west, brother to brother.  

As the paramount Second Ray sign, Gemini rules over the etheric body of planet Earth, interconnecting and relating every living thing within our system in a golden web of love and light, or Love-Wisdom.  

The esoteric ruler of Gemini is Venus (relationship) and the exoteric ruler is Mercury (relating) which is why Gemini is considered the quintessential sign of communications, and has a particularly strong connection with sound and speech.  Gemini is also associated with knowledge, information, education, teaching, speaking, hearing and breathing-all vital processes for the transmutation of knowledge into love and wisdom.

As a mutable sign, Gemini's strength and natural outward tendency is toward movement, activity and multiplicity, thereby stimulating connection, exploration and advancement-but lacking the necessary stillness and oneness that is so vital in the higher realms.       

Gemini is one of "The Guardians of the Four Secrets". It "guards the mystery or secret of duality and presents the initiate with a word which leads to the fusion of the greater pairs of opposites."     

The Full Moon of Gemini 2008

There are two key oppositions in the Gemini Full Moon chart this year and as Gemini is about the resolution of dualities, these oppositions are aspects of 'relationship'. An opposition occurs when two planets are 180 degrees apart, or in direct opposition to one another.  An opposition can be a source of friction, tension and polarizing tendencies, or it can heighten our awareness of commonalities and points of mutuality.  The key to conquering an opposition is to bridge the great divide-to work with the conflict or challenge creatively and to resolve, blend and fuse the opposing forces inherent in this dynamic.

Undoubtedly wherever we are conflicted in our lives and in the world will be much more apparent during this full moon period. Not only does the Sun in Gemini and Moon in Sagittarius express duality, but the two key oppositions in the chart reflect this same tendency.      

The first opposition involves four planets-Sun in Gemini conjunct Venus in Cancer oppose Moon conjunct Pluto in Sagittarius. The second opposition involves Mars in Leo oppose Neptune in Aquarius.  

"It should be remembered that-from the angle of the final development of the twelve zodiacal potencies-the twelve opposites must become the blended six, and this is brought about by the fusion in consciousness of the polar opposites. Pause and consider this phrasing. The opposites eternally remain from the point of view of human reason, but to the initiate whose intuition is functioning they constitute but six great potencies, because he has achieved "the freedom of the two," as it is sometimes called."  

The basic conflict present in the major Gemini-Sagittarius opposition in the Gemini Full Moon chart is essentially one of 'diversity versus synthesis' and resolution can only be found through the lone sacred planet contained in this double opposition-Venus, which is the soul ruler of Gemini.  Interestingly, through June, Venus will conjoin the Sun at the exact midpoint in the cycle of transits of Venus over the face of the Sun that occur between June 2004 and June 2012. This brings to light the vital role that Venus, ruler of the Spiritual (Fifth) Kingdom, plays in relating the material world to higher spiritual realities.     

In Gemini, "the Venusian power of attraction produces a creative interplay between previously disconnected factors and makes them meaningful in terms of one another.  Thus, love and logic become inextricably fused...and the evolved Geminian discovers that only through love can he gain the information he seeks and thus appreciate the beauty of the correspondences which disclose the pure geometry of creation."

Esoterically, the power of Venus in Cancer "tends to make the mind the servant of the personality and this is aided by the forces of the third Ray of Active Intelligence. Thus the stage is set for the appearance of the soul in form."  

Venus in Cancer is about the power of the mind, expressing the Third and Seventh Rays (Cancer) and the Fifth Ray (Venus)-which is quite distinct from the emotionalism that is characteristic of Venus in Cancer as expressed through the personality.  Esoterically, Venus in Cancer links with Neptune, Cancer's soul ruler, in augmenting the Oneness of all manifest life and building forms that will uplift and inspire Humanity toward Universal Love.

The opposition between Mars in Leo and Neptune in Aquarius in the Gemini Full Moon chart remains in the Cancer Solstice horoscope. It highlights the relationship between the individual and group. This opposition exposes the disparities that exist between our individual identification, will and plans, and the Divine Plan, seeking to increase our awareness of where we may be operating more selfishly or at the expense of the greater whole.

Cancer Solstice 2008

The Cancer Solstice occurs just two days after the exact Full Moon, during the distribution phase. Significantly, the Sun will be in Cancer conjunct Venus in Cancer and this conjunction (GMT) will be in the seventh house-the house of relationships. This will be like the 'calm after the storm', bringing to light the love that underlies all relations and offering much hope and possible achievement in the work of salvaging humanity from the thralldom of materialistic forces.  

The conjunction epitomizes 'right relations' and Love as the bridging agent. Love is the paramount universal language of Venus that every human being experiences on some level, even in its most rudimentary forms. It is the motivating power of the universe and the underlying impulse of creation.  It is the great unifier and interpreter which sees beyond the outer to the heart of any matter.  It sees the good, even in the vile and reprehensible.

We have all witnessed many levels of love in the world.  We have stood in the presence of the heartless, the heartbroken, even the despicable, and have witnessed the miracle of love as it dissolves barriers and disarms selfishness, pain and difference.  There is no greater, more accessible power for our use. Love heals, redeems, uplifts.  Love includes all, values all, and sees the sacred in all.  We are told that the love nature opens the door to the Way of the Higher Evolution and that "nothing else will open it."   Clearly this will be our keynote, mission and quest at this time and always.

Jan Detrich has been a student of astrology and the wisdom teachings for over thirty years. She is a practicing esoteric astrologer and teacher with a strong background in business administration and management. She currently serves as the Executive Director of Life Wisdom Institute, an educational initiative offering universal wisdom teachings and practical life wisdom tools. Jan can be contacted at:
Pyramids of Power
by: Ruth Winocur

If triangles had a God,
He'd have three sides.

- Yiddish proverb


Pyramids of Power was started by Glenys Lowery Of New Zealand  in 2003. Here we form a pyramid of 5 people linking up together with God. Intermittently we change people and positions within the pyramid to give everyone a chance to experience the peak of the pyramid. When I do the pyramid work I join with the others in aspiration to whatever may be the subject of the work (like one pyramid for global health and healing or for global brotherhood and harmony). We raise our vibrations up to the Christ to bring his love and light into our pyramid; to cleanse and purify it; to transmute all weakness into strength, all hate-anger into love, all evil into righteousness, and all darkness into light. Then as a living pyramid of light we radiate love and light out to all humanity. Then we take into our pyramid all conditions related to the subject of the meditation that need change; raise our vibrations up to the Father to bring His Divine Power into our pyramid. Then we say the Great Invocation at the end in which see the power of God arranging all things in Divine Law and Order. After this we return all energies to the Christ and his Hierarchy on one hand, and to Sanat Kumera and Shamballa on the other hand, via the Great Invocation once again.

Pyramids of Power comprise a number of  people forming a few Triangles who have agreed to join together every day to sound the Great Invocation as a service to the Spiritual Hierarchy and Humanity.

While people new to this work will not be precluded from applying to be in a Pyramid, preference will be given to people who have some experience of working in Triangle.
Wisdom Gathering 2008  September 2009

Rancho Capistrano in San Juan Capistrano, CA has been reserved from Friday, Sept. 4 thru Monday, Sept. 7 for the 2009 Wisdom Gathering.  Greg Tzinberg will lead a retreat from Wednesday, Sept. 2 thru Friday morning, Sept. 4.(see below)*

The mission statement for the 2009 gathering is:

"We invoke Synthesis in Action in preparation for the coming World Teacher.  Aligned with the Hierarchy, we sound the note of Synthesis within and through all areas of human endeavor. In particular, we seek to aid and vitalize all service efforts affiliated with the new Thought-Form Presentation of the Wisdom."

This Gathering will be open to all participants interested in the Wisdom.

Content, format, etc. will continue to evolve over the coming months.  Anyone interested in contributing to that process can join the wisdomgathering forum at

More information to come! Please save the dates.

Planning comittee Contacts:

Lyn -
Tara -

*Notes on the Wisdom Synthesis Retreat (prior to the Wisdom Gathering)
Retreats are used in many traditions as an opportunity to deepen and intensify spiritual practice. During the Wisdom Synthesis Retreat we will be focusing on:
Ø    The Foundation, Path and Fruit
Ø    Ego and self-image, transmutation and transformation
Ø    Meditation
Ø    The Matreya mantra and visualization
The retreat schedule would  will be as follows:
Start around 1 or 2 PM on Wednesday for two "sessions" of teaching and meditation
Thursday - Three "sessions"
Friday - Two sessions
There will also be an opportunity for people who wish to engage in some additional, intensive meditation and mantra practice to work through the early morning hours as well. Anyone who wants to can participate, there are no prerequisites. One-on-one interviews will be available to discuss practice but are not mandatory.
People should plan on eating vegetarian meals (starting Wednesday AM). After the retreat begins, people will eat together Wednesday and Thursday and end the retreat with a final lunch on Friday that will include red-meat as an important way to "ground" the energies. Also - meals should be away from other guests or at least at reserved tables. We will also keep talking to a minimum except during teaching sessions.
Retreat Tuition $108.00
$68 single
$48 double (with 2 queen beds)
$38 triple (Rollaways are available)
$33 quadruple
Check-in time Wednesday, September 2 at 3pm - Dinner will be included
Thursday, Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner
 Friday, Breakfast and Lunch (Dinner will be with the larger group)
Poetry Section
Light AngelFrom "The Journey Home" Collection
Copyright © 2007 by: William Moore


I once knew a woman who
could walk through walls.

Not because she had an issue with doors,
but because she was resonate with her
environment, and thus allowed this type
of short-cut.

The walls intimated that they were sympathetic
to anyone choosing this method of travel--
because 'doors' are all over the place.

Doors in consciousness, doors in time, doors
that willingly open to mantra and rhyme.

"Why, I asked,do they afford you such smooth
passage--while me they continually resist and

She paused, smiled knowingly, and replied,
"My dear friend, the secret simply lies in the
way one knocks."


A smile begins in a sunny place--
joins hands with the emotions--then
skips merrily across the face.

A smile likes to race along at a
gleeful pace, but sometimes it emerges
slowly--with a special warmth and

It tickles our fancy, and teases us
to respond--while lifting our spirits
for today and beyond!

Over the hills of happiness, through
the dales of delight--comes this
mirthful messenger of laughter and

Let go of all darkness, and banish
all despair.
Grab hold of the Sun 'cause there's
a smile in the air!

'Tis true, life's journey often brings
challenge and trial.  Still, my steps
are always made splendid---
whenever I meet a well-timed smile!
by: Adam DeFranco

Bent on Truth
ready to withstand ridicule
the desertion of false friends
lose face.
After awhile temptations will come to an end
you will find peace
your heart will remain open
strengthened by the noblest of thoughts.
The more you grow in power
the more simple you will become
and when you have come to a place of utmost simplicity
all this will be understood.

The Whole Wide Living World  

It was as if the whole wide living world spoke to me
Dramatis persona
aromatic pearls
great incantations from the great white sharks hurricane umbilical chord  

Somehow 10,000 windows were laser grafted
onto my eyes eye
as if some sacred duty was tariffed from the high and mighty cockpit of God  

Profanity was never so perfectly innocent or demure
as the stars slouched off their brazen brass skin
and pulled the most elegant light from out their faces
to lay onto my dyslectic vocabulary.  

Adam DeFranco is student of the Wisdom teachings of Lucille Cedercrans having studied and taken Teacher Training with Pam Nissen. Living in N. California he seeks to bridge and integrate these teachings with various other co-workers of the Ashram of Synthesis to assist in the unfolding Divine Plan for Planetary evolution. (

  by: Debbie George

Standing on the Shore

The fear of ecstasy lies
  dormant and cold,
underneath the heavy garments
  of my daily toil.

To awaken the belly fire,
  I'll linger at the edge,
peering deeply into the distance
  between dusk and dawn.

The ancients once stood here
  carving the gateways
 of Love uninhibited;
  building the bridges of freedom.

Their attachments abandoned,
  broken and strewn,
like so many sea shells
  on this shore of Awakening.

Death is everywhere!
  And what's left to touch,
but the endless self, and magic,
  and the naked truth of being?


  by: Torkom Saraydarian
The Voice

His voice was like the elixir of life
His voice was like
colors of wonderful
and fragrant flowers
                   His voice was the
                   healing breeze
                   of my heart.
Through His voice
I saw my God.
Through His voice
I saw my future.
Through His voice
I felt wholesome.
Through His voice
I reached to the stars.
                   It was a human voice,
                   so clear, so sincere,
                   so harmonious that
                   even when he scolded me,
                   I felt the cracking
                   of the walls
                   of my prisons.
His voice brought to me
                   His voice tuned up
                   my harp,
                   and brought me
                   the chalice of joy.
by: Marilyn Mueller

Divine Feminine Principle
Divine Feminine
Chalice of the Fiery Heart
Radiating Love
Heart of the Fire of Mind
Divine Feminine within
Man and Woman ONE
Nurturing woman
Radiating healing Love
Womb-of-man is Soul

No death, only change
I remove outworn clothing
Destiny awaits
New combinations
Unite past with my future
Toward Destiny
Disappearing veils
This happening we call death
Revealing beauty
Undying we live
Yet ignorance veils this truth
Look within & know 
Upcoming Classes
 illuminated brain
Headquarters Group - 60 lessons
Pam Nissen will lead this on-line class in September 2008. This will be based on the classes/transmissions Lucille gave in 1961-62 to her group which had moved to Colorado with her to set up the Head Center. Contact: Pam Nissen -
Discipleship - 12 lessons
Online - audio projections, text, and discussion.
A practical course on the life of discipleship. This series includes three short courses by Lucille Cedercrans: Program of Orientation, The Subjective Work of Discipleship, and The Creative Process of Internalization.
Prerequisite: Nature of the Soul or Creative Thinking
May 18 - August 3, 2008 Contact: Glen Knape -

The Wisdom Group - 41 lessons
Online - audio projections, text, and discussion.
A series on the nature, purpose, and function of the Wisdom Group. Compiled from the works of Lucille Cedercrans.
Prerequisite: Nature of the Soul or Creative Thinking
Begins August 17, 2008 Contact: Glen Knape -

Soul and Its Instrument - 18 lessons
Study group at the Ojai Wisdom Center, starting on January 7th. The class will be facilitated by Lyn Hebenstreit and Tara Blasco. The cost is free.
Monday meetings from 7:30 to 9:30 PM.
Address: 945 Oso Rd. Ojai, Ca 93023
For more information, please contact us at:   or
The Soul and Its Instrument - 18 lessons
with Lucinda
Begins August 17, 2008

Nature of the Soul - 40 lessons
Gay Vickers -    
Ocean Grove, Geelong area - Australia  
**The Path of Initiation online in July 2008.

The Nature of the Soul
- 40 Lessons
With Joyce Muroaka at the Masonic Lodge, Garden Grove , California
Starting September 2008, Sundays at 1:00 - 4:00 pm
New students are welcome even after start date. Cost is $18.00 per session.
(714) 630-2349

Path of Initiation 1 & 2
Commenced June 2008
Janne (Victoria, Australia)

Wisdom Courses
Online - Live projections, questions & answers using Stickam
On-line classes with Georgia Lambert - Monday & Tuesday evening: 7:00 to 8:30pm.
Teacher Training with Georgia Lambert, Thursday evening at Arcana Workshops
Contact Georgia for more information:

Other Teachers Offering Classes:

Greg Tzinberg 
510 865-1987
The Home of Truth - 1300 Grand Ave. 
Alameda, CA

John Wayne Kline

Ray Newland
Victoria, Australia
The Soul and Its Instrument         
Theresa De Riggs  
Victoria, Australia                                                                      
*For more information on the courses of Lucille Cedercrans and the publication of the lesson material, please visit Wisdom Impressions online.

OPEN CENTER, 83 Spring St., New York
To register Online: New York Open Center

Kathy Newburn worked for 25 years at the Lucis Trust and the Arcane School founded by Alice Bailey. She currently teaches classes and lectures throughout the world on the Bailey teachings for the Seven Ray Institute. She also edits The Journal of Esoteric Psychology, and is the author of A Planetary Awakening: Reflections on the Writings of the Tibetan in the Works of Alice A. Bailey (1880-1949): The renowned British teacher and author of esoteric teachings, produced prophetic writings that penetrate into a wide range of topics still of great interest to spiritual seekers today.

Wisdom Directory in the Making
Kurmano by Hazel
Hi All,

Below is attached a prototype for the wisdom directory. The first page of directory would be an
alphabetical listing of all members. Then each member would have a page similar to the one attached.
Kindly forward your info to us to be included.

Esoteric: Meditator and student since late 20's.  Completed Arcane School courses and still participate in Lucis Trust special meditations.  Read and studied all of Agni Yoga and Lucille Cedercrans.  Presently taking Teacher Training course and will be starting the Headquarter's course with Pam Nissen this fall.  Very interested in esoteric astrology.  Served as a secretary/commentator for the Arcane School for fifteen years and have taught many meditation classes. Several esoteric articles have been published in The Beacon.
Personal: Born 12/15/44 -a double Sag with Virgo rising.  Ray type: I:7:321
Married (to the love of my life who is totally bored with the esoteric -go figure) five grown children and one grandchild who is a large part of our lives.
Goals: To write and teach online a synthesis of the Wisdom, AAB and Agni Yoga.  Also hope to be able to use art in service of the Plan.

You can email us at the following addresses:
Adam DeFranco:
Lucinda Tyrrell DeFranco:
Visit the Wisdom Impressions Website
The Wisdom Impressions website is a most valuable resource. Besides many articles on the Wisdom Teachings of Lucille Cedercrans it also has numerous free downloads. These include two eBooks, a screensaver, and various meditations. You are also given the opportunity to read sections of the many books and pamphlets offered and place an on-line order.
You can visit their site at;
''Wisdom Impressions is a group of students and practitioners of The Wisdom. Our purpose is to create the appearance, support the teaching and facilitate the distribution of The Wisdom.

Wisdom Impressions is not a non-profit organization. However, no one connected with Wisdom Impressions receives any money for services rendered. Everyone is a volunteer and all income from book sales is returned to our general fund for operating expenses and future publications.''

The Wisdom Newsletter is a group effort, and its success depends upon the willingness and enthusiasm of group members participating.

We are currently seeking volunteers to help provide the following:

Newsletter Articles
Newsletter Editing
Formatting & Design

If you are interested in any of the above opportunites, please contact us!

Adam DeFranco:
Lucinda Tyrrell DeFranco:
Debbie George:


Debbie George
The Wisdom Newsletter
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