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The Sacred Number Forty-nine
The Young Lion - parable
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Dear Co-Workers,
 The Wisdom Newsletter is a contemporary expression of the Wisdom community. It has become a Quarterly Journal with contributors from many countries with many viewpoints. The Newsletter goals are simple: to share what would be most helpful in exploring and understanding the subtle yet practical side of Human evolution.

As we view our Global Village today we see transformation and development in all departments of Human living and in every field of Human endeavor. Our writers explore this in ways which are sometimes direct and obvious and at other times in ways which are deeply esoteric. But at all times they seek to bridge in some form or another an awakening to what is most applicably real and spiritual in oneself and in others.

As a group it is our hope that this Newsletter includes material for heart and mind, and nourishes the Soul and Spirit. It is meant to be a hands-on expression and interpretation of what moves in the world today as a living spiritual force to bring and birth the new ideas of Synthesis and Brotherhood. 
The Wisdom Newsletter is sourced in the vision and inspiration of both its contributors and readers. It is our hope that it inspire and guide us into wise and serviceful action, assisting in some way the spiritual vitality of our culture so that the world can be remade according to that inherent design of the Creator's Divine Plan.
May it empower the Incarnation of Humanity's Soul.
The Teaching
"Our Teaching is not strong in the hands of those who do not apply it to life. Tell this to the co-workers in all countries, so that they may immediately find the means to fortify life through the counsels of Yoga. There are too many talkers and too few doers. I see no need for general lectures; but individual conversations are needed. Also, do not hide the difficulties or the advantages of the Teaching. Relate Yoga to world events, because a new system of life must be introduced, without which social movements will be nothing more than a masquerade of old ideas. The severe discipline of freedom can rebuild life only when a new understanding of the conscious use of psychic energy enters into everyday life. Repeat that a new understanding is needed for application in life!" Agni Yoga (1929) - 199.
To reference this quote, or research amongst this series of texts Agni Yoga
Building the Bridge to Superconciousness and Transmutation of the Persona Vehicles
 Three Gongs of Initiation - mental astral ethericby: Ron Tiggle, PhD.

Many sages have left guidance on the path to enlightenment. One of the greatest of these was Patanjali. His book, the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali, is the primary text used by the Trans-Himalayan School of Yoga to which the Masters of the Spiritual Hierarchy are members.  In the Sutras of Patanjali, he gives a description of the goal of the many spiritual practices available today, the eight means to achieve that goal, the obstacles on the path to union, how they may be over come, and the powers gained as a result of enlightenment. Patanjali's presents a mental approach to self-realization. This approach is known as Raja Yoga.

To obtain the objectives of Raja Yoga, Djwhal Khul has stated (p.55 Treatise on White Magic):

The work required is twofold:

1.    To teach them (individuals) how to link up the personal lower self with the over-shadowing soul so that in the physical brain there is an assured consciousness as to the reality of that divine fact. This knowledge renders the hitherto assumed reality of the three worlds futile to attract and hold, and is the first step, out of the fourth (humanity), into the
fifth kingdom.

2.    To give such practical instruction as will enable the aspirant to

    a.    Understand his own nature. This involves some knowledge of the teaching of the past as to the constitution of man and an appreciation of the interpretations of modern Eastern and Western investigators.

    b.    Control the forces of his own nature and learn something of the forces with which he is surrounded.

    c.    Enable him so to unfold his latent powers that he can deal with his own specific problems, stand on his own feet, handle his own life, solve his [56] own difficulties and become so strong and poised in spirit that he forces recognition of his fitness to be recognized as a worker in the plan of evolution, as a white magician, and as one of that band of consecrated disciples whom we call the "hierarchy of our planet".

Part 2 Sutra 28. "When the means to Yoga have been steadily practiced and when impurity has been overcome, enlightenment takes place leading up to full illumination." From Light of the Soul: The Yoga Sutras of Patanjali by Alice A. Bailey.

The purpose of this article is to provide an overview of some very useful and cutting edge techniques that will aid the student in achieving the goals outlined by Patanjali and Djwhal Kuhl. The Soul Star and Rainbow Bridge techniques are offered to aid the student in building a bridge of consciousness to the source of wisdom within, the soul, and in purifying the
persona vehicles (the physical, the emotional body, and the mental energy fields). Patanjali states in Part 4, Sutra 31. "When through the removal of the hindrances and the purification of all the sheaths, the totality of knowledge becomes available, naught further remains for the man to do."
Thus, before union with the Soul Inner Lab 1 can be achieved, the lower self or persona Inner Lab 2 must be purified and the obstacles to union removed. Over many life times of evolving the personality vehicles become filled with many unfulfilled desires, and emotional / mental blockages.  These blockages accumulate in the energy field or aura surrounding a person and appear to extended perception as surrounding dark clouds and forms of low grade energies forming a cage-like grid that imprisons its owner in a self-made psychic prison (See Figure 1). Some of the low-grade energy is dense and attached to the body, affecting their organs, their function, and health. They exist in everyone, without exception, and are the result of many lifetimes of physical evolution, of excessive emotional development, mostly uncontrolled desire, and of incomplete mental growth. The Two Disciples (Norman and Josephine Steven Rainbow Bridge 1) who developed these techniques mention that they have observed these impurities in the aura of every spiritual teacher and yogi that they have met.

Three Gongs of Initiation - mental astral etheric

        Figure 1: Before Soul Star Clearing. Emotional and mental blockages in the outer aura often referred to as external patterns.

Three Gongs of Initiation - mental astral etheric

Figure 2: The Cage (Rainbow Bridge II, p.  127)

Figure 2 shows a more permanent and denser structure that is revealed in addition to the outer external patterns in the outer aura. This denser structure may be termed the "cage" because it encloses and shuts the individual off entirely from the outside world. The cage appears as a series of linked distortions which move with a person through every act of his
life. They are representative of habitual reactions to events of living (Rainbow Bridge 2, p. 126).

These disintegrating thought-forms carried over from life to life stand between you and your higher self and cause distortions in your perceptions of reality and ideals.  The authors of the Rainbow Bridge books observed that while these thought-forms exist, downpours of energy from the Soul are deflected by them.  Although every sincere prayer is always answered, the
clutter of thought-forms around you may either block your reception of the answer or distort it.  And even if you perform an invocation Love and self love , you may not be able to absorb much of the energy.  The implication of this observation suggests that some transmutation techniques involving the invocation of light may be less effective than anticipated. The Rainbow Bridge and Soul Star techniques overcome this short coming by removing the obstructing patterns. In a similar vain, the two Disciples also clairvoyantly observed that the attempts of yoga, prayer, affirmation, invocation, use of the sacred word (OM), etc are relatively useless by comparison to those same techniques practiced by disciples free of observable hindrances and obstacles (which clutter the aura of all occult teachers they have seen).

As Lucille Cedercrans and others have noted, the color, frequency, and clarity of your aura (vitality, emotional and mental energy field) are very important because they represent the sum total of your development and character. As a consequence of the magnetic quality of the aura, you attract to you experiences, thoughts, feelings, and karma that are in harmony with the frequency of your energy field.  If the frequency or quality of radiation is coarse and low then you attract more discordant experiences. On the other hand, if it is refined and high, then you attract more harmonious experiences. For example, if you have an unresolved fear about a person or situation, you may attract the very situation you fear. If in the past you
have led a lifestyle of deceit toward others, then you will in turn attract similar experiences to yourself.

The Tibetan Master Djwhal Khul has written about these impurities in the aura which are also known as thought forms.  "Much of the ineffectiveness of people is due to the fact that their interests are not centralized but very diffuse, and no one thing engrosses their attention. They scatter their energy and are attempting to satisfy every wandering desire.... Therefore,
no thought they think ever assumes proper form, or is ever duly energized. They are consequently surrounded by a dense cloud of half-formed disintegrating thought forms and clouds of partially energized matter in process of dissolution.  This produces occultly a condition similar to the decay of a physical form, and is equally unpleasant and unwholesome.  It accounts for much of the diseased condition of the human family at this time." (Treatise on Cosmic Fire, p. 975).

Unfortunately, when the physical body dies, these distorted emotional and mental thought forms do not die with it.  An electromagnetic record of them remain with you and when you reincarnate, the quality of the consciousness and the quality of the matter in your vehicles are returned to you. Thus, you begin life exactly where you left off. 

Wouldn't it be it great if there was a technique to get rid of these emotional blockages?  Well, fortunately, for you there is.  In the past, the process of building the link to the soul and purifying the aura had been done in ashrams or retreats with the aid of advanced Initiates. However, due to the advancement in human consciousness, the work can now be done by us.

The Soul Star and Rainbow Bridge Techniques offer a "do-it-yourself" program for removing impurities that ordinarily would have to be lived out the hard way by releasing the energy locked within them through suffering and illness over several lifetimes.

When the Soul Star is used to clear obstructions or the negative thought patterns from the aura and bridge the connection with the Soul, the
following benefits result:
*    The low vibration energies which attract disease are removed
*    Attitudes of low self-esteem and failure are also removed
*    The heavy karmic influence of ancient thought forms and mistakes are eliminated.
*    You will have an increased capacity to invoke and retain the light of the Soul.
*    You develop greater Soul awareness (Christ within)
*    By building the rainbow bridge, you will be of service to the planet by becoming anchor points for the transmission of vital energies that will purify the planet and accelerate the externalization of the Masters 
*    Telepathy and the higher psychic powers begin to develop   

Three Gongs of Initiation - mental astral etheric

Figure 3:  After Soul Star Clearing (Rainbow Bridge II)
Figure 3 shows the cleared fields (etheric, emotional, mental, and causal) of an individual who has completed phase II of the clearing work. The external patterns (low-grade energy) adhering to the body are gone, the Soul Star is very strong and shines brightly above the head, and the Central Channel is well defined. The health aura is not inhibited by adhering thought forms. The emotional and mental bodies are clear. The causal field is very large and is filled with various energies accumulated during the clearing process as a reservoir of power. What is shown can be achieved in 2 to 5 years, depending upon the persistence, concentration and Soul response of the disciple (Rainbow Bridge II).

On September 2, 3 and 4th, I will be conducting a pre-conference workshop on the Soul Star and Rainbow Bridge Techniques at the Wisdom Gathering at Rancho Capistrano. I decided to teach these techniques after observing in my own body and getting feed back from independent clairvoyant observers that the changes the developers of the Rainbow Bridge techniques said would happen to users of this technique actually happened in my body.

  Workshop attendees will learn how to:
·    Invoke the cooperation of the Soul
    1    Activate the Soul Star and use it for inner healing
    2    Build the bridge to higher consciousness, the antahkarana
    3    Invoke various protective energies from the Soul
    4    Clean the Aura
    5    Awaken the intuition
    6    Burn karma and remove emotional and mental blockages from your aura and body
·    By using the word forms to remove hindrances from the aura
            1    By using the Soul Star to remove hindrances from the aura
·    Enhance your health by using the Rainbow Bridge practices
    1    Accelerate Soul Integration
    2    Perform the daily centering and alignment exercise.
    3    Create a group Soul
    4    Use a stand-alone-energy system to remove negative energies from buildings, rooms, etc.

For further information, or to register for the workshop, please contact
Suzanne Vallez at:
Also see for more information on these techniques. 

Three Gongs of Initiation - mental astral etheric 

Dr. Ronald B. Tiggle is a traveler in two worlds, the world of science and the world of metaphysics. His academic training includes a Ph.D. in Social Psychology from UCLA, and a BS in Chemistry from Howard University. He has conducted and published research on internationalpeacekeeping, organizational values, marital satisfaction, health  psychology, nursing homes, and hospice care.  Metaphysical publications include articles on esoteric astrology, and meditation. His metaphysical training and interests include astrology, meditation, raja and kriya yoga, and the ageless wisdom teachings of the Trans-Himalayan school as taught by the Tibetan Master Djwhal Khul and Lucille Cedercrans.

Dr. Tiggle is the founder of a meditation and study group known as the Truthseekers. The purpose of the group is to share techniques that will enable individuals to connect more consciously with their inner source of power, the Higher Self. The primary focus of the group is the ageless wisdom teachings of the Trans-Himalayan school as taught by the Tibetan Master Djwhal Khul and Lucille Cedercrans. He is a graduate of the Teacher Training program for the New Thought Form Presentation of the Wisdom presented by Lucille Cedercrans.
He received advanced training in the science of Soul contact in the Rainbow Bridge Prototype group in San Marcos, California; and has traveled to India several times to visit the ashrams of enlightened teachers. He is a former Research Director for the International Society for Astrological Research, and a Lifetime Advanced Member of the American Federation of Astrologers. Professional Astrologers, Inc. certified him as a professional astrologer in 1974. He is also a member of the American Psychological Association. He is one of a handful of astrologers who has published a research article that provides supportive evidence for astrology in a traditional refereed psychological journal.
New Forms: A Group Consciousness Focus

by: Gay Vickers


The Divine Plan in its economic aspect, and its forms, is very different from that which we are familiar with.  In order to do the necessary bridging work between the old and new forms, certain basic concepts of economy must be grasped.  The goal is to understand the new forms of the Divine Plan in their abstractions and in their ideal application. This forms the basis for applying them bit by bit within the present system. The internal structure of form is changed or rebuilt from within to without.

We are currently experiencing world-wide the collapse of old economic forms, and an opportunity for rebuilding.  The rebuilding of forms expressing new right economy is based upon the three Planetary Laws of right use, right activity and right planning, bringing both right alignment and right relationship with the Divine Plan at the subjective and objective level, through Seventh Ray ceremonial magic.  Disciples will be practicing this according to their background and experience and this will be within the context of Wisdom group, and the Synthetic Ashram.

For example, the new forms inherent in a physical centre, will be based in this inner magical work and the inner work of the day will be displayed within the centre - the inner magical economic activity. Such a centre will be differentiated by: its motivating purpose; its aspiration to serve; and its right relationship with the new economy.

This is how the economic activity will be bridged and changed, through mundane detail.  We will enter each detail with an alignment upward and thus outer activity is aligned through our participation and by our initiating the new activities on an ongoing basis.  We adjust and reform each as an expression of the new economy.

This is the interior rebuilding of the economic form through discipleship.  As the old forms drop away this will be the standing structure, not yet perfected, which will point the way of the right economic path.

The hierarchical effort has found it almost impossible to impress the brain consciousness of disciples with these concepts because they are contradictory to private structures on which old forms have been erected.  Disciples have not liked working with the old forms which have
been motivated by profit or greed bases.  They have been caught up in the good and bad of them. They have tended to look for other structures like not-for-profit organizations.  Thus they have detached from the old forms in judgment of them rather than bringing the energy, force and substance of the old forms into new via transitional forms.

Thus insufficient preparation has been made and so, under Hierarchical direction, all groups are being overshadowed by these concepts.  The effort is to build an inner, internal economic structure or form which will stand revealed when the old forms are no longer serving.

Most banks, due to greed in investing in non-repayable mortgages, are collapsing.  Banks and financial organizations which are invested in right motivation are revealed and opportunity arises for other avenues of credit organizations with the new structures.

This interior rebuilding of the economic form through discipleship needs to be done on a group basis.  An individual working alone would construct entirely on old concepts.  It can only be done, and to a small degree, by groups like this.  Yet this will help to formalize, to model structures based on right motivation, the three Laws and the aspiration to serve, as well as love.  This will protect these activities from the dark forces.

The internet may be a vehicle for transitional forms of the new economy because the characteristics of the new concepts are supply-based.  Supply creates demand. Supply is the inner reality (not the outer form). Spiritual fulfillment is the supply which creates the demand.  Methods of fulfillment are increasingly demanded - there is increasing demand for new forms of spiritual fulfillment.

It has been difficult to present disciples with these new concepts because their attention has been caught up within the present forms.

The first prerequisite to becoming receptive to the economic aspect of the Divine Plan is detachment - detachment from all the old forms of the world today.  They are not the solution. First grasp the new concepts and then relate them to the old forms.  It is not possible to manipulate the old forms because they are contradictory.

For example if you lose a job, don't immediately look for another.  Create a spiritual abundance of love and wait for the supply of demand.  Devas will create the opportunity.  Do the inner work to magnetically attract new work.  It may be transitional but do the subjective inner
work.  Hold the alignment.  Providing the supply of abundance, you will attract demand and be able to create right expression of the new economy to serve fulfillment of your function within the group, the Ashram as part of group activity e.g., a centre.

Detachment means obeying the spirit of the law, not the letter of the law.  Don't abandon the old forms, release them emotionally.  We release our possessions, vehicles, our economic activity, our bank accounts, Medicare (that which we may hold as our right) and relate
through alignment, helping to create goods and services - holding that subjective alignment so that we are reformulating each and every economic activity and evoking the new economy into our life via the devas of synthesis and manifestation.  These are the forms and creative processes of the new economy - the inner and outer structure.

We think of service of the group in this way.  It may include a group centre, where inner activity is entirely aligned.

There are two activities here: endeavouring to become receptive to that which overshadows one regarding the economy as you endeavour to formulate it.  Realize this is different activity from taking care of the immediate needs.  The goal is to arrive at a state of consciousness
of the new economy.  Then they become one activity.

Receptivity to that which overshadows; this is assisted by considering the relationship between consciousness and deva, and the evolution of the devic kingdom. We are seeking a new state of consciousness - a state of consciousness which understands the economy, the movement, the organization of the energy, force and substance of the One Life.  From
that understanding one can wield the economy of the One Life for which one is responsible.  This provides the functions of the old forms - food, shelter, etc, but is based on inner creativity of the Soul creating the abundance of supply, of fulfillment, of true love which
leads to the reorientation to all of the world's economic activities and to civilization that supplies them.

Initially we create an interim plan but as a group, because of this and through it, we will be working at a new level. A centre of activity which expresses the heart, the head or the synthesis centre will produce thoughtforms which are freely available.  Staff will hold alignment
through the day, uniting divisions around common purpose and goal and providing protection.  A centre could combine healing, teaching, a waiting and gathering centre - coffee shop, reading, videos etc.

Eventually we will formulate a new plan which accounts for that which overshadows (economically) and the present form that bridges, based in higher principles in which all work for the higher good.

In order for a group of disciples or a disciple to become aligned with the economic aspect of the Divine Plan, their new state of consciousness must include right relationship with the devic forces and devic evolution.  This is the problem at present - no relationship.

This state of consciousness is another state of Soul consciousness and requires absorbing the following concepts.

    * Any form, including money is crystallized energy, a crystallization of Intelligent Activity or the crystallization of the devic evolution.  (It may or may not be crystallized Third Ray energy)  The crystallized form is but a reflected appearance of what is the real environment -
the mental, astral, etheric environment.  We fall into problems relating to form. When we relate to forms we need to be aware that this is how we relate to the creative process.  How we relate to any form is devic, therefore it is inherently Divine and must be related to the Divine Plan.
    * The consciousness is crystallized because it has imprisoned itself by identifying with the form.  A reminder that any form is crystallized intelligent activity - the crystallized devic activity of the real environment.  Identifying with a form we create a different intent from
the Divine Plan.  Consciousness crystallizes, isolating the form from any change in appearance.  Thus we resist any change.  We identify with the form - it feels like us as in things, relationships.  The shift - now we recognize we are the consciousness.  Devic life provides us with substance for experience and therefore every economic activity
becomes co-creative activity with Divine substance.
    * What is consciousness itself?  We have little sensitivity to the consciousness we are within the three vehicles (although this is increasing e.g. through space travel etc.) and functioning through them in world of appearance.  We have little sensitivity to our self,
humanity, this planet, this solar system as becoming self conscious - evolving in consciousness as a One Life.  Fuller awareness of consciousness is possible by directing attention inward to the centres, to become sensitive, aware of one's being as differentiated from form and this is the essential difference between the average human and the conscious soul Incarnate.

Why is this important?  A mental body can depict form but it is consciousness moving into and through the mental body and the forms it depicts, which gives meaning to those forms. (True also of astral and etheric).  Consciousness moving through that intelligent activity of the
form gives it meaning - gives it the purpose which overshadows.

What comes first, the meaning or the vision?  The Oversoul communicates through meaning and we have to translate that meaning into images and words.

.         The Fourth dimensional concept of consciousness can now be projected to us and received.  Consciousness is not a stationary point as we think it is.  It moves through that point or centre into and throughout that sphere or environment contained within what we call the ring-pass-not.  It moves through its own vehicles which are an instrumentality of the centre focus and out into the energy, force and substance of the real environment - its sphere of influence, and then back again.

Relate this also to a group life.  It is through this movement of consciousness outward and back again which creates a group life.  This is the one-ness and the basis of at-one-ment of a group life.  Moving out, one contacts the rest of the life without - the periphery of the
embodied consciousness.  Then one moves into group centre - the Ashramic centre (in and out).

·         Consciousness is a result of the individuality which is impressed upon a stream of consciousness.  It moves in wave motion and at intervals creates a focus.  Individuality which sets the wave of consciousness in motion, impresses itself on these points of focus -
identity.  It is extruded out on a wave of consciousness to mental, astral and physical.  It rides and then is absorbed back.  All consciousness has its esoteric sound, but it is not sound or light.

.         The second aspect is that of consciousness (which is fourth dimensional).That which sets the stream of consciousness in motion, and impresses the foci, is monadic.  The foci are impressed and the vehicles are created, and identity established and intelligent activity entered into by consciousness, from monad down.

But also on each level there is a horizontal movement clear out from point of focus to its periphery which includes its sphere of influence and back.  This is the controlled creative movement of energy, force and substance.  Group life is a synthesis, a meeting of smaller waves into a greater wave of consciousness.  In the economic sense the consciousness
carries meaning and purpose, love and service - Intelligent Activity.

This week the emphasis of daily life seemed to be on focusing purpose and further development of right relationship and compassion, all of which, seems to me, related to the evolution of group conscious focus.

Love, Gay


 Gay lives and works in Victoria, Australia.  She became involved in The Nature of the Soul studies from a background of teaching, psychology, spiritual studies and Reiki Natural Therapy.  She later completed Teacher Training 1 and 2 with Pam Nissen and participated in Headquarters studies.

Gay participates with other students and practitioners of The Wisdom within Victoria and across the world.  She teaches groups who meet physically to study and also groups who study online through the internet.  She has taught and is teaching Path of Initiation 1 and 2, The soul and Its Instrument and the Nture of the Soul.  She also facilitates a Wisdom Studies group monthly meeting which is an opportunity to explore Wisdom concepts in the context of the annual cycles.
A new online group is available for those interested in studying Path of Initiation 2 - Introduction to the Nature of the Soul.

"Regardless of where a man might be in awareness, in understanding, if within his heart there is love ane there is aspiration, and within his mind there is that need to comprehend, to know, and out of the two of these there is some desite to be of service, then this man can invoke into his own vehicle, into his own life and affairs, that higher power which will make possible his conscious service to the Plan." 
Applied Wisdom, p. 175
excerpt from Applied Wisdom, P1282-84 
As a group contemplating entry into a field of service within which you are privileged to function, your first obligation, debt if you will call it, and service, which you owe to each and every one of those attracted to you in the karmic relationship is protection. At the moment, then, of contact, initiate the protective work and the building of the Soul, mind, and brain alignment. The building of this alignment is dependent upon and proceeds in several ways:
It is dependent upon your attitude - the approach in consciousness which you take toward your coworkers. First and primarily upon your recognition of each of them as a Spiritual Soul having a proper place and function within the Ashramic Group Life, of which you yourself are a functioning member.
Don't permit yourself to observe your co-worker as a personality as this will interfere with your clarity regarding his/her place and function within the Ashram and this will interrupt the potential service you can render either for that moment, or be destroyed for all time, insofar as the present relationship is concerned.

Your next recognition, and that which dictates your approach, is the fact that that Soul within its particular Ashramic place and function has impulsed its incarnate consciousness and persona to seek the Wisdom. It has been Soul impulsed, which is motivated regardless of outer appearances, regardless of manifesting circumstances and conditions, regardless of what the obvious motivation might be. It has been primarily and it has been first the Soul impulse which has moved this person into their relationship with you. Thus, you know several things already about them:

1. One, that because of the dictates of Ashramic Law, they as a spiritual Soul have a proper place and function within the Ashram, or they could not have been attracted into your sphere of influence.

2. That the Soul in its own place, its own Ashramic place and function has impulsed this particular person to you and is therefore seeking:

a. First, infusion of that persona with what we shall call for the moment "Soul energy"
b. An anchoring of Soul Intent or impulse - Divine Love impulse - within the brain consciousness

c. Eventually, via service activity, the Soul is seeking to incarnate within the brain consciousness.

Thus, this Soul is playing a specific role, contributing a definite part in the externalization effort and plan of the Ashram itself.

This will be true of everyone you contact for a long, long, time to come; because the major effort of the Ashram, now, is concerned with the externalization of its own membership. Therefore, as you carry the precipitating energies of the Plan in its Ashramic relationship into the world of affairs, the intent of the Ashram will attract to you those specifically related with this particular effort.

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Seed Thoughts
For those following the yearly Nature of the Soul Meditation Cycle
 Bruce Manaka3rdQuarter

June/Jul: "The Will to Love is the Cause of Peace."
Jul/Aug:  "The Will to Good is the Action of Peace."
Aug/Sep: "The Divine Motivation of Force is the Life of God."
Ashramic Group Life
by: Thomas Rizzo
RECAP - Wisdom Group - Lesson # 24               Western Mandala

Consider what the Ashramic life is as it is causal to the consciousness functioning here in the three lower worlds. It is an expression, a sum total of a Master's focus, his Soul consciousness. It is made up of the overshadowing Soul Life or group of lives who are karmically related to the Master and have been attracted within his sphere of influence for the purpose of receiving His spiritual guidance.

The Master Himself has given His being to the One Life. Having achieved Mastery through the process of evolution and having mastered the energy, force and substance of the three lower worlds as well as the buddhic sphere, He functions as a Monad, Spirit, or Christ above our plane of knowing, having given his individuality to the One Life. The Master functions as a Monadic focus from whatever makes up His instrument of expression at any given time. His consciousness was absorbed into the monadic focus, at the shattering of his causal sheath, as He thus became the life of the Christ.

The Master's Soul life then is constituted of the totality of Soul life in the Ashram Itself. His individuality is one with the One Life and thus He is causal to the Ashram for which He is a focus of spirit. Each Soul within the Ashram has reached a certain degree of at-one-ment as well as group awareness while still having its individual focus. Thus each Soul becomes causal to the life below him. As the Soul builds its higher relationship as it learns to become causal in a group sense rather than an individual sense. As each Soul functions within its sphere orbiting within the Ashramic Group Life it is a part of the Soul consciousness of the Master.

The Ashram is held together by Light moving from its center, the Master, into and throughout the Ashram and at a certain point that Light expresses as the ring-pass-not which is it periphery. The Soul making its first entry to the Ashramic Group Life must pierce this periphery as it takes initiation. Thus we see that the Ashram and its Group Life is made up of a vast state of consciousness, a vast Soul Life and, it functions within its own particular instrument made up of its casual sheath and those egos or Souls within the Ashram, as well as the emanation from the Master who holds them all in relationship to one another. This etheric-light causal sheath which is the emanation of the Master is the medium of expression and contact with one another as well as with the Master. The Ashram is thus the true home of every Soul on the path of initiation and its unique connection and source of service in and through 'The New Thought Form Presentation of The Wisdom' (TNTFPW) of which we are a part.

This new Ashram and Its new TNTFPW is vast as well as new and in various degrees and stages of development. We have arrived at a place where we can now begin take our place and aid this effort at the various levels where integration is taking place. It is vitally important for each of us to bring into brain awareness the variety of differences being brought together in this new Ashramic effort in order for us to better function individually as well as with each other in this variety.  This great variety is found in four broad classifications:

         Aspirants: those attracted on Soul levels but who have not yet pierced the periphery to find their place and function.
         Probationers: who have pierced the periphery and arrived at a particular place and function moving toward a service activity.
         Accepted Disciples: who are "accepting" and have initiated their share of the ashramic plan, via applying the Wisdom they have received. They relate to a senior disciple who guides them. This senior has an intuitive relationship with the Master.

         Senior Disciples: who function in direct contact with the Master on his own level, as a Monadic focus. The Senior may or may not function in the outer world but, his particular function and relationship to the Master is entirely esoteric and unknown to any but himself and those who function directly with him at his level.

Where then do we find the probationer? He may be an accepted disciple in the Ashram requiring more training, he may be recapitulating from the past or, he may have special abilities or talents earned which he shares with more advanced disciples who are in need of his help. Sometimes he has a specific karmic relationship from the past with a senior in need of his assistance. It is up to the probationer or practitioner to discover his own place and function within the Ashram. Remember, because of the importance of this time great numbers of Souls and disciples are being brought into this new effort and Ashramic relationship. This is an enormous and tremendous effort being made by the Hierarchy to integrate the three ashrams being focused as Synthetic at this time. As more individuals within the body of humanity respond and are being drawn into this TNTFPW it is our responsibility to cooperate with Hierarchy and facilitate matters so that the incoming disciples find and are given place and function within the Overall Group Life. This is most important as we attract and aid the integration of this effort.   

Much in this lesson is familiar but a great deal is not that brain conscious yet. I know as I get time I will be going over this lesson several times. I am noting those lessons I want to return to and just spend time considering, or should I say take into meditation. For now I want to get current with the group work.

March 15, 2009  Thomas Rizzo

In 1995 I retired from 28 years of teaching in Los Angeles City Schools, Elementary and Jr High School. I served several years in the Mentor Teacher Program (helping train new teachers) & I have my Masters in School Administration.
Wisdom wise I've studied with Georgia Lambert first, then Teacher Training with Richard Schaible, & Glen  Knape, now "Headquarters" with Pam Nissen. I've taken many courses, including NS with Glen Knape. I have also worked with Wisdom Impression since about 1992 when we first published "Nature Of The Soul", followed by several other Cedercrans works & "Applied Wisdom". I've taken a few seminar courses with Michael Robbins & attended several USR Conferences in the early 90's. I also worked a couple of years on the staff at Meditation Mount in Ojai, CA when Frances Moore was still on staff & while the Mount was still under DK's aligned work.
A member of Seed Groups International since about 1990. This was a group that was once at the Mount but after that moved to England. Davina Cox is the USA person in charge. 
 In June, 2007 I moved to rural North Dakota.

The Wisdom Group: Purpose, Structure and Service
by:Glen Knape

Three Gongs of Initiation - mental astral etheric 
Humanity is facing a crisis of opportunity unequaled since we achieved individual awareness. Our old civilization is crumbling; our old economic system is ceasing to function; our environment, pandemics, world hunger, war, and terrorism; all are part of one great opportunity. They are forcing us to seek solutions, to seek new ways of being in the world, to recreate our selves and our civilization. The Wisdom Group has a vital role in this process.

The Group consists of a focus of purpose, a state of consciousness, and an organized body of substance within the Synthetic Ashram. Very simply stated, the Group purpose is to help humanity prepare to take initiation, as a kingdom, at the end of the age.

The Group method is to embody the challenges, the patterns of difficulty humanity faces, and manifest the new solutions to those challenges. Thus, as a Group, we help make the solutions available to humanity. 
"What is the function of the group? The function is to bring the Wisdom into incarnation within the three planes of human endeavor. It is the problem of the group, as a total organized life, to bring this particular presentation of the Wisdom (with the many techniques, embodiments, etc.) into manifestation within the body of humanity, to bring this into the three planes of human endeavor." [1]

"The Hierarchial note which is now being sounded within the body of humanity...affords the probationer dis­ciple an opportunity unparalleled in human history. It presents him with the opportunity to participate in a group initiation which, if successful, during the remain­ing years of this century, will ensure the mass initiation of human­ity into the fifth kingdom of conscious souls."[2]

The Group's esoteric structure is both one of those solutions and a means of presenting those solutions to humanity. It is a template for the organizational structure of the New World Civilization-the civilization through which humanity will achieve the next step in its evolution and become conscious souls. By precipitating that structure into the three lower worlds, and reflecting it into time and space, we make that structure (and the practice of the Wisdom) available to humanity.
"A disciple is responsible for the manifestation of his particular vision for the Divine Plan for humanity. His area and his degree of responsibility are dictated by his vision of The Plan, and his responsibility is to that Plan. Thus, his vision indicates his function."[1]
In the 1950's and '60's Lucille Cedercrans projected a vision of The Divine Plan for humanity, a vision in which the entire human kingdom could (if it received the proper training and guidance), achieve identification with and as the Spiritual Soul, at the end of this Age.

The primary responsibility for this unprecedented mass initiation of the entire human kingdom is in the hands of the new Synthetic Ashram, consisting of a blending of the First Ray Ashram under the Master M., a Second Ray Ashram under Master D.K., and the Seventh Ray Ashram then under Master R.
"The new Ashram of Synthesis carries the responsibility not only of incarnating, so to speak, as a Conscious Soul within the body of humanity, but of building the new forms of the new civilization which can and will adequately house that Incarnate Soul and provide for its continuing growth and development." [4]

Every age brings a new cyclic projection of Truth, the Ageless Wisdom formulated for and presented to the humanity of that age. As the source of the necessary new teaching, the three Master's at the heart of the Synthetic Ashram created a New Thoughtform Presentation of The Wisdom that includes everything the humanity of this age needs to approach and take initiation into Soul Awareness.

The Synthetic Ashram gathered to itself all of those disciples, probationers, and aspirants who are karmically related to this plan for humanity. Within the resulting Ashramic Group Life is a group whose peculiar karmic task is to present The Wisdom to, and embody it for, humanity. This group life is known as The Wisdom Group.

The Wisdom Group includes, but is not limited to, all of those who have studied The Nature of The Soul and related courses. We are part (a small part) of a group life that has:
·         A purpose, place and function within the Synthetic Ashram,
·         A karmic relationship with the plan for humanity during this age,
·         A crucial role in manifesting The New Thoughtform Presentation of The Wisdom, and presenting it to humanity.
Manifesting the Wisdom Group's purpose, place, and function is an ongoing process. However, the material projected through Lucille made it clear that the group life was to function through four types of karmic relationships or group centers.

These group centers:
+ Transform the Synthetic Energy of the Ashram down in frequency, making it available in the three lower worlds,
+ Direct the flow of Synthetic Energy within the group life, and out to humanity and the One Life,
+ Relate humanity back up directly to the Wisdom and the Ashram, and
+ Act as a foundational pattern or archetype for the New World Civilization.

Thus the centers must be established first, in each of the three lower worlds and reflected in the world of affairs, before the rest of the group work can proceed.

"Now after the first step was taken within the Hierarchial field of activity the Ashram as it exists there must be reproduced within the three worlds of human endeavor. All of those souls who function within the Synthetic Ashram must be brought together to create the vehicle, within the three worlds of human endeavor, through which the Ashramic Group Consciousness, Plan, and focused Purpose, can move out into manifestation.
"You find yourselves now, in this first incarnation of the new ashramic effort, in the position of endeavoring to reproduce the Ashram in the three worlds of human endeavor, to create an organized group life capable of serving the Divine Plan as you find your relationship with that Plan..." [5]
"Eventually such a center becomes self conscious as a One Life and begins to build a group in the outer world of affairs. Its members are moved into action in their lower instrumentalities by the center impulse. They relate to one another via the common understanding and the commonness of their responses to the ideas, concepts, and thoughts reaching them from the subjective state of consciousness that is the center itself. They then build a lower group instrumentality via an integrated action based upon service to a common purpose and goal. Such group integration will proceed successfully according to the inner center integrity practiced by the individual members in their outer lives and affairs." [6]

Each of these group centers was to have both an esoteric and an exoteric function. The esoteric function was focused in a particular geographic location, and had the primary karmic responsibility for holding the state of consciousness of that group center. As activities of consciousness, these esoteric functions had to remain subjective. They would descend as far as the physical/etheric, but not below, for any crystallized physical/dense form of appearance would disrupt their function. Thus, the esoteric center functions were never to take on shape and form as formal organizations in the world of affairs.

The exoteric function of a group center was everywhere equally present throughout the outer group life. It reflected the state of consciousness of that center (into energy, force, and substance, and on into the world of affairs) via intelligent group activities. Thus, the exoteric center functions were supposed to take on shape and form as organized activities in the world of affairs.
The four group centers were:

·         The Group Head Center:
Esoterically, the head center held the First Ray alignment, relating the group, and each of its members, with their overshadowing Ashramic Purpose. This center was first located in Bethesda, Maryland, and later relocated to Estes Park, Colorado.

Exoterically, the head center group was responsible for preparing aspirants to eventually function as world leaders (in a future incarnation), via the study and practice of Leadership Training.

The head center brings into focus spiritual Purpose.

·         The Group Heart Center:
Esoterically, the heart center held the Second Ray alignment, relating the group with its overall Ashramic Consciousness, and using Love-Wisdom to balance and circulate the energies of the Head Center. This center was located in Southern California.

Exoterically, the heart center had primary responsibility for the teaching, healing, culture, and publishing activities of the overall group. The instruction offered in this center was to include formal training and practice in: Teacher Training, Healing Instruction, and Heart Center Instruction.

The heart center brings into focus Divine LoveWisdom, or spiritual Quality.

·         The Group Throat Center:
Esoterically, the throat center held the Seventh Ray alignment, relating the group with its overall body receptive, and using Ceremonial Order to bring the Wisdom into availability to and expression within that body receptive. This center was located in the American northwest, in Washington and Oregon.

Exoterically, the throat center had primary responsibility for the public relations, business, economic, financial, organization, and transmutation activities of the overall group. The training offered in this center was to include: public relations training, financial instruction, and organization training.

The throat center brings into focus Spiritual Light.

·         The Group Cave or Synthetic Center:
Esoterically, the group cave center held the Synthetic Energy alignment with the overshadowing hierarchial energies, and distributed those energies wherever they were needed within the group. They acted as the group mind, carrying the hierarchial energies to the group brain. This center was located in Estes Park, Colorado.

Exoterically, the group cave had primary responsibility for building a lower reflection of the Synthetic Ashram, an Ashramic Center in the world of affairs. There was to be no single, legal entity, but a number of legally separate organizations, each of which gave outer expression to a portion of that Ashramic Life.

The cave center raises spiritual Purpose, Love, and Light into a focused synthesis.

The overall group life, and within that life each of the centers, was responsible for holding a particular state of consciousness and for reflecting that state of consciousness into the world of affairs via its energy, force, and substance. In order to accomplish this, the Wisdom Group, and its centers, had to function cooperatively, as a group of leaders working together on a single endeavor in alignment with one uniting purpose.

This effort continues today. The Wisdom Group within the Ashram is working to project its purpose, consciousness, and substance into the three lower worlds, and to reflect its service into the world of affairs as ordered group activities. We see a small part of this (a very small part) in our efforts around to move into world service via organized group activities.

This organized effort to serve the One Life is a reflection of our ashramic group purpose, consciousness, and activity. It is part of the method of service to which we are all called and to which we are responding.

[1] From a projection of November 5, 1960
[2] From: The Nature of The Soul, Lesson 39, by Lucille Cedercrans
[3] From: Leadership Training, Lesson 1, by Lucille Cedercrans
[4] From: Applied Wisdom, Synthesis
[5] From a projection of November 5, 1960
[6] From: Applied Wisdom, Centers: Esoteric Centers

Glen is a teacher, writer, editor, publisher. He has been a student of the Ageless Wisdom since 1977, and a Teacher of The Wisdom since 1985. The courses that he has taught include: The Nature Of The Soul, Creative Thinking, The Soul and Its Instrument, Teacher Training, Meditation and Esoteric Physiology, Business Spirituality Seminars, Introduction to The Wisdom, Leadership Training, and The Disciple and Economy.
His writings include: Raising the Queen of Heaven, The Magic of Consciousness, The Temple and the Word, The Guardian Chronicles (a series of 13 new age, adventure quest, grail romance, historical novels), Nature of The Soul Study Guides, Family Wisdom (with coauthor Elane Scott), The Business Spirituality Outlines, Will Christ Need A Passport, The Care And Feeding Of Stuffed Animals, and numerous articles. Please visit Glen's website for further details of his publications here: Preparation Press.
Editing and Publishing activities include: Cofounder and Managing Editor of Wisdom Impressions Publishers (the publishers of the works of Lucille Cedercrans, including: The Nature of The Soul, The Soul and Its Instrument, Creative Thinking, The Ashramic Projections, The Disciple and Economy, Leadership Training, The Path of Initiation, Healing (2005), and a number of booklets), The New Age Professional (magazine), The Way (newsletter).
 The Sacred Number Forty-nine
by: Patrick Mulcahy
The number forty-nine is greatly emphasized by Master Djwal Khul in the writings of Alice Bailey. It recurs again and again in her theosophical writings, as does the number seven-the square root of 49. It is clear that Master DK considered these two numbers of very special occult significance.
My own awareness of the significance of the number 49 came via my discovery of the Jacob's Wheel mandala and the mysterious esoteric system associated with it. The Jacob's Wheel mandala consists of a complex geometric arrangement of the twenty-two letters of the Hebrew alphabet.
The main body of the Jacob's Wheel mandala is composed of three concentric rings (or spiral arcs) with seven heptagrams positioned on each arc. Each of the twenty-one heptagrams contains a unique array of twenty-one Hebrew letters. This overall pattern derives a spiral cyclic pathway that consists of 441 (i.e. 21 x 21) individual steps (or phases). The number 441 can also be expressed as: 9 x 49 = 441. The seven heptagrams on each arc of the Jacob's Wheel mandala produce forty-nine 'star points', or 'radiating spokes' giving an overall total of 147 (i.e. 3 x 49) 'rays'.
              Three Gongs of Initiation - mental astral etheric

It is thought that the twenty-two Hebrew letters, as they are positioned within the construct of the Jacob's Wheel mandala, spell out the names of a hierarchy of angels known traditionally as the Ofanim. The word 'ofan' is Hebrew for 'wheel' and thus the Ofanim angels are said to be associated with the 'wheels of God's chariot'.[1] These 'wheel' angels seem to rule over the various cycles of circulating energy that move through the Earth's energy field. We are all, of course, energetically attached to these cycles because our own physical and subtle bodies are immersed within, and interwoven with, the field of divine Intelligence that surrounds the Earth sphere. In other words, our own personal consciousness is part of the global energy-field that embodies the consciousness of the Earth Logos.
Like the Jacob's Wheel system, the Enochian magical system (i.e. as clairvoyantly received by Dr John Dee in the 16th Century) is also constructed on the basis of the numbers seven and forty-nine. The transmissions (purportedly communicated by angels) include 95 tables that each contain forty-nine letters in a series of 7 x 7 grids. Forty-nine 'calls' (i.e. prayers, or invocations) were also received by Dee from the angelic messengers, as well as seven tables of forty-nine letters each that derived the names of forty-nine 'angels of Light'. John Dee subsequently arranged these angelic names in a circular format as per the diagram.
           Three Gongs of Initiation - mental astral etheric
[1] That is, as described in Ezekiel, Chap. 1 (etc). 

It is not known why the angels transmitted the Enochian system of magic to John Dee, but the system is thought to provide a means of communication between human-beings and the hierarchy of divine intelligences who oversee the evolution of humanity. The fact that the structure of the Enochian system is based on the numbers seven and forty-nine further reinforces the idea that these two numbers are of prime importance to the processes of creation and manifestation in our universe.
The clairvoyant investigations of C. W. Leadbeater in the early 20th Century suggest that the primal fabric of the universe is built according to a pattern based on multiples of the number 49. He described fundamental particles that are composed of groups of bubbles in the absolute aether of space (i.e. which latter he termed 'koilon'). He described seven interpenetrating planes of existence that are each composed of atoms whose number of bubbles are functions of the base number forty-nine. What he termed the 'Anu' (or primordial 'atom') is the fundamental unit. Each physical plane atom is composed of (or linked to) forty-nine astral plane atoms. Each astral plane atom is linked to forty-nine mental plane atoms, etc, until the ultimate unit of manifestation is reached. Leadbeater described the shape of the Anu as per the diagram.

                  Three Gongs of Initiation - mental astral etheric
Thus, according to Leadbeater each physical plane atom is attached to forty-nine astral atoms, 49² mental atoms, 49³ buddhic atoms, etc. Each of the seven 'atomic levels' forms the basis of one of the seven planes of our universe.
Let's return now to the teachings of Master Djwal Khul.
Here are a few significant quotes (from Alice Bailey) that emphasize the importance of the number forty-nine:

"The wheel of life turns within the wheel of outer form. The matter of Fohat circulateth, and its fire hardeneth all the forms. The wheel that is not glimpsed moveth in rapid revolution within the slower outer case, till it weareth out the form. The forty-nine fires burn at the inner center. The thirty-five circulating fiery vortices extend along the circle of the periphery. Between the two passeth in ordered sequence the various colored flames."[2]
"The solar Logos forms one center in the body of a still greater cosmic ENTITY. Human beings therefore, find their place within one of the forty-nine centers (not groups, for a center may be made up of many groups, corresponding to the different parts) of the seven Heavenly Men."[3]

"The material through which the life proposes to manifest. This material, as we know, is found within the ring-pass-not in seven grades, and in forty-nine sub-grades."[4]
"These records are mostly used by the Lord of the World and His pupils to ascertain information in connection with the planetary centers. They are arranged in such a way that the entire record of any group, however vast and extensive, is embodied in seven sheets of symbols, each containing forty-nine symbols. These sheets are changed and corrected once every seven years, and are precipitated on astral matter by an effort of will by the Chohan responsible for the particular group involved."[5]

"The logoic etheric centers become active. The etheric body of the solar system is now complete, though it will not be perfected till the end of another manvantara. The greater body of vitality is ready to energize the dense physical vehicle. The seven centers with their forty-nine major petals are vibrant, and consciousness thrills through every atom in the system."[6]
"A cosmic wheel, or a group of seven constellations... These cosmic wheels, according to the esoteric books, are divided into forty-nine groups, each comprising millions of septenary constellations. For purposes of study by the Adepts, they are each known by a symbol, and these forty-nine symbols embody all that can be apprehended anent the size, magnitude, quality, vibratory activity, and objective of those great forms through which an Existence is experiencing. The Chohans of high degree know the forty-nine sounds which give the quality of the consciousness aspect of these great Beings Who are as far removed from the consciousness of our solar Logos as the consciousness of man is removed from that of a crystal."[7]

[1] That is, as described in Ezekiel, Chap. 1 (etc).
[2] A Treatise on Cosmic Fire. Alice Bailey. Pg. 31. From: Stanza XI of The Stanzas of Dzyan.
[3] Ibid. Pp. 272-273.
[4] Ibid. Pg. 447.
[5] Ibid Pp. 856-857.
[6] Ibid. Pg. 927.
[7] Ibid. Pp. 1085-1086.
There are many more fascinating passages in the Alice Bailey books that refer to the number forty-nine, and it has been difficult for me to choose which ones to quote here, but judging from all the above, it appears that the vibrational structure of our universe is based on the numbers seven and forty-nine (and multiples thereof).
Speaking of vibrations, the Western musical scale, like the occult substrata of our universe, is based on the number seven. It consists of a series of octaves, progressively rising in frequency, each containing seven notes.
Considering all that has been detailed above, ideally, if we wish our musical system to fully reflect the esoteric structure of the universe, then the frequency values of the notes of our musical scale should be based on the numbers seven and forty-nine.
Interestingly, this is almost true of the seven notes of the equal tempered major scale (i.e. that correspond to the white keys of a piano keyboard). Amazingly, the frequency values (i.e. 'pitch') of these notes only require a small tweak to bring them into line with the fundamental metaphysics of our universe.
A minor adjustment sees the notes of the major scale fall precisely into a pattern that is based on multiples of 49 Hz[1]. But even though the adjustments are relatively small, the physical and psychological effects of these 49 Hz-based vibrations are potentially very significant.
Experiments are currently being undertaken to determine the effects of these esoteric frequencies on human consciousness. It is thought that through the process of 'entrainment' or sympathetic 'resonance' (i.e. during meditation) certain frequencies of the esoteric scale might assist in the elevation of human consciousness, and/or the tuning of the human psycho-physical organism to other planes of awareness. This possibility is suggested by the esoteric theory that the structure of our universe, at a very fundamental level, is based on the numbers seven and forty-nine.
If you would like to explore the effects of the esoteric scale of note frequencies then you might like to download my new free e-book entitled Esoteric Harmonics. It's available for download at the following location...
Esoteric Harmonics 
The Esoteric Harmonics e-book includes sound files that are precise pure (sine wave) frequencies of the notes of the esoteric scale, and an esoteric sound resource DVD is also available for purchase if desired.
Further information on the Jacob's Wheel system can be accessed here...
Introducton to Jacob's Wheel 

Some Quotes Concerning the Number 49
Theosophy - C. W. Leadbeater
"When the Solar Deity begins to make His system, He finds ready to His hand this material-this infinite mass of tiny bubbles which can be built up into various kinds of matter as we know it. He commences by defining the limit of His field of activity, a vast sphere whose circumference is far larger than the orbit of the outermost of His future planets. Within the limit of that sphere He sets up a kind of gigantic vortex-a motion which sweeps together all the bubbles into a vast central mass, the material of the nebula that is to be.
"Into this vast revolving sphere He sends forth successive impulses of force, gathering together the bubbles into ever more and more complex aggregations, and producing in this way seven gigantic interpenetrating worlds of matter of different degrees of density, all concentric and all occupying the same space.
"Acting through His Third Aspect He sends forth into this stupendous sphere the first of these impulses. It sets up all through the sphere a vast number of tiny vortices, each of which draws into itself forty-nine bubbles, and arranges them in a certain shape. These little groupings of bubbles so formed are the atoms of the second of the interpenetrating worlds. The whole number of the bubbles is not used in this way, sufficient being left in the dissociated state to act as atoms for the first and highest of these worlds. In due time comes the second impulse, which seizes upon nearly all these forty-nine bubble-atoms (leaving only enough to provide atoms for the second world), draws them back into itself and then, throwing them out again, sets up among them vortices, each of which holds within itself 2,401 bubbles (492). These form the atoms of the third world. Again after a time comes a third impulse, which in the same way seizes upon nearly all these 2,401 bubble-atoms, draws them back again into their original form, and again throws them outward once more
as the atoms of the fourth world-each atom containing this time 493 bubbles. This process is repeated until the sixth of these successive impulses has built the atom of the seventh or the lowest world--that atom containing 496 of the original bubbles."[2]
"Of the many supreme gods, this Egyptian conception [Osiris] is the most suggestive and the grandest, as it embraces the whole range of physical and metaphysical thought. As a solar deity he had twelve minor gods under him-the twelve signs of the Zodiac. Though his name is the "Ineffable", his forty-two attributes bore each one of his names, and his seven dual aspects completed the forty-nine, or 7 X 7; the former symbolized by the fourteen members of his body, or twice seven. Thus the god is blended in man, and the man is deified into a god. He was addressed as Osiris-Eloh."[3]

Counting the Omer
"The origins of the omer count, enumerated in the Midrash Rabbah Parashas Emor, explains that when the Children of Israel left Egypt they were told by Moses that 49 days after the exodus, they would be given the Torah. The populace was so excited at the prospect of a spiritual liberation, following the physical emancipation from Egypt, they kept a count of the passing days that ended with the giving of the Torah at the foot of Mount Sinai. The Torah itself, in Leviticus 23:15-16, states that it is a commandment to count seven complete weeks from the day after Passover night ending with the festival of Shavuot on the fiftieth day. Shavuot is the festival marking the giving of the Torah to the Jewish nation on the 6th of the Hebrew month of Sivan.
"The period of Omer is considered to be a time of potential for inner growth-for a person to work on one's middot or good characteristics through reflection and development of one aspect each day for the 49 days of the counting.
In Kabbalah, each of the seven weeks of the Omer-counting is associated with one of the seven lower sefirot (#4-10): Chesed, Gevurah, Tipheret, Netzach, Hod, Yesod, and Malchut. Each day of each week is also associated with one of these same seven sefirot, creating forty-nine permutations. The first day of the Omer is therefore associated with "chesed that is in chesed", the second day with "gevurah that is in chesed"; the first day of the second week is associated with "chesed that is in gevurah," the second day of the second week with "gevurah that is in gevurah," and so on. Symbolically, each of these 49 permutations represents an aspect of each person's character that can be improved or further developed."[4]
The Jubilee Year
"The Jubilee (Hebrew Yovel יובל) year, is the year at the end of seven cycles of Sabbatical years (Hebrew Shmita)...
"The biblical regulations concerning the Jubilee year form part of the Holiness Code, which appears in the Torah as part of the collections of laws given on Mount Sinai or Mount Horeb. According to these regulations, the Jubilee was to be sounded once 49 years had been counted..."[5]

The Buddha
"After asceticism and concentrating on meditation and Anapana-sati (awareness of breathing in and out), Siddhartha is said to have discovered what Buddhists call the Middle Way-a path of moderation away from the extremes of self-indulgence and self-mortification. He accepted a little milk and rice pudding from a village girl named Sujata, who wrongly believed him to be the spirit that had granted her a wish, such was his emaciated appearance. Then, sitting under a pipal tree, now known as the Bodhi tree in Bodh Gaya, India, he vowed never to arise until he had found the Truth. Kaundinya and the other four companions, believing that he had abandoned his search and become undisciplined, left. After 49 days meditating, at the age of 35, he attained Enlightenment..."[6]

Esoteric Buddhism - Mantra
"The human mind has so far experienced/recognized about forty-nine different kinds of natural phonemes swaras - seven of which are regarded as the basic vowels and the others are komal (soft) and tivra (high notes) configurations of them. Various combinations of these swaras have been compiled into eight basic ragas (classical tunes of shastriya music) and so on..... The gamut of phonemes and varieties of sounds (musical or otherwise) have been generated thereby."[7]

Enochian Magic of John Dee
"In 1581, Dee mentioned in his personal journals that God had sent "good angels" to communicate directly with prophets. In 1582, Dee teamed up with the seer Edward Kelley, although Dee had used several other seers previously. With Kelley's help as a scryer, Dee set out to establish lasting contact with the angels, which resulted in, among other things, the reception of the Enochian or Angelical language...
"...The reception of Enochian started on March 26 1583, when Kelley reported visions in the crystal of the twenty-one lettered alphabet characteristic of the language. A few days later, Kelley started receiving what became the first corpus of texts in the purported Angelic language. This resulted in the book Liber Loagaeth ("Book [of] Speech from God"). The book consists of 49 "calls" or prayers in the Angelic language, but also of 95 great letter tables, or squares made of 49 by 49 letters. Dee and Kelly said the angels never bothered translating the texts in this book.
"The other set of Enochian texts was received through Kelley about a year later, in Krakow. These are more important since they come with English translations, thus providing the basis for the Enochian vocabulary. The texts comprise 48 poetic verses, which in Dee's manuscripts are called "Claves Angelicae", or "Angelic Keys". The Keys are assigned certain functions within the magical system. Dee was apparently intending to use these Keys to "open the 49 Gates of Wisdom/Understanding" represented by the 49 magic squares in Liber Loagaeth:
    "I am therefore to instruct and inform you, according to your Doctrine delivered, which is contained in 49 Tables. In 49 voices, or callings: which are the Natural Keys to open those, not 49 but 48 (for one is not to be opened) Gates of Understanding, whereby you shall have knowledge to move every Gate..."
    "But you shall understand that these 19 Calls are the Calls, or entrances into the knowledge of the mystical Tables. Every Table containing one whole leaf, whereunto you need no other circumstances."[8]

"In the Dee manuscripts, the functions of the 49 Angels of Light (of the Bonorum) are explained in the following manner. The dictating Archangel, Michael, tells Dee:
"Now you touch the world; the Governors that work, rule under God; By whom you may have power to work such things, as shall to God profit of your country and the knowledge of his crettures."
"At this point, Michael explains to Dee that the Angels work in the world (which we would call Assiah) and that they are good Angels under God. Furthermore, he hints that material power can be gained from them, if one possesses the knowledge to direct them. Michael then reveals a set of tables and says:
"Behold, these tables; herein by their names that work under God upon the earth: Not of the wicked but the Angels of Light. The whole government doth consist in the hands of the 49 whose names are here evident, excellent and glorious. Mark these tables and record them . . . This is the first knowledge. Here you shall have wisdom."
"The Dee manuscripts then show seven tables, joined together in the form of a cross, which are collectively called the "Tabula Collecta."[9]
Aleister Crowley
"There comes first into the stone the mysterious table of forty-nine squares. It is surrounded by an innumerable company of angels; these angels are of all kinds-some brilliant and flashing as gods, down to elemental creatures. The light comes and goes on the tablet; and now it is steady, and I perceive that each letter of the tablet is composed of forty-nine other letters, in a language which looks like that of Honorius; but when I would read, the letter that I look at becomes indistinct at once...
"...And now he shows the tablet again, and he says: As there are 49 letters in the tablet, so are there 49 kinds of cosmos in every thought of God. And there are 49 interpretations of every cosmos, and each interpretation is manifested in 49 ways. Thus also are the calls 49, but to each call there are 49 visions. And each vision is composed of 49 elements, except in the 10th Aethyr, that is accursed, and that hath 42."[10]

"... and there cometh a peacock into the stone, filling the whole Aire. It is like the vision called the Universal Peacock, or, rather, like a representation of that vision. And now there are countless clouds of white angels filling the Aire as the peacock dissolves.
"Now behind the angles are archangels with trumpets. These cause all things to appear at once, so that there is a tremendous confusion of images. And now I perceive that all these things are but veils of the wheels, for they all gather themselves into a wheel that spins with incredible velocity. It hath many colours, but all are thrilled with white light, so that they are transparent and luminous. This one wheel is forty-nine wheels, set at different angles, so that they compose a sphere; each wheel has forty-nine spokes, and has forty-nine concentric tyres at equal distances from the centre. And wherever the rays from any two wheels meet, there is a blinding flash of glory. It must be understood that though so much detail is visible in the wheel, yet at the same time the impression is of a single, simple object.

      "It seems that this wheel is being spun by hand. Though the wheel fills the whole Aire, yet the hand is much bigger than the wheel. And though this vision is so great and splendid, yet there is no seriousness with it, or solemnity. It seems that the hand is spinning the wheel merely for pleasure - it would be better to say amusement.
      "A voice comes: For he is a jocund and ruddy god, and his laughter is the vibration of all that exists, and the earthquakes of the soul."[11]

[1] That is, 49 cycles per second.
[2] A Textbook Of Theosophy, by C. W. Leadbeater. 1912. Chapter III.
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 Patrick Mulcahy is a practicing astrologer who has been studying, writing about, and sharing esoteric ideas for the past twenty years. His main areas of research are Kabbalah, Theosophy, and astrology. He is the discoverer and developer of the Jacob's Wheel system of kabbalistic astrology, and has also written several books on various esoteric subjects. His latest book, Esoteric Harmonics, is freely available at his website Astroqab
 The Young Lion
by John Wayne Kline
The young sheep had never known his true parents.   Three Gongs of Initiation - mental astral ethericHe was an orphan, and the other sheep had found him wandering in the pastures, raised him, and taught him their ways. He loved the sheep, yet he found so many desires in himself that seemed far out of alignment with the others.
He at times seemed to hear a gentle voice, come with the breeze, but he disregarded it as imagination, and continued to fit in with the sheep, to live by their rules, and conditioning, even though a conflict raged within him between what he was taught by the elders and what he somehow knew from deep within. Yet he owed them a great debt of gratitude. They had a great history passed down through the ages. Their Laws were strict, written in their minds in black and white, and the Elder Sheep proclaimed them just.
Their ancient religion was written on the tablets of conscious memory and passed down from age to age by word of mouth, and they followed their religion without the slightest deviation to the exact letter of the law. They knew themselves as the chosen of their god, and prided themselves on their harmlessness and the whiteness of their coats. Of course there were other groups of sheep but all knew they were inferior by their multi colored coats, and lack of evolvement. Each morning, led by their high council bleating in unison, they greeted the Dawning Flame of the new born Sun in the East as the source of much, yet had forgotten almost all.
Long he had grown on the milk of the ewe that had taken him to her udder, but now she would soon give birth to her own and weaned him from her breast. Now he was left only with grass to eat. He secretly craved meat, the green pastures never satisfied his hunger, yet if he were to eat meat the others would think him mad. He suppressed the voice within, and from time to time, would venture off alone. The elder sheep scolded him, and warned of the dangers off leaving the safety of the flock, yet each day the pressure grew more intense as he grew gaunter. There came a time he was nearly beside himself with anguish, and guilt. He felt if something didn't change he would explode. He was changing from within. He couldn't understand it, but he couldn't possibly hide it much longer.
Then one night, there came a terrible storm. The young sheep could hear the predatory beasts as they pursued, and devoured their prey. One of the Hyenas' victims lay some fifty feet from the young sheep, and the flock. The thunder struck fear in their hearts, and with each flash of lighting the night became more luminous than the brightest day. The Hyenas seemed to be everywhere and attacking from every direction. As the young sheep experienced the terror it seemed to feel something from deep within, like a gentle comforting breeze, but now it was stronger than ever before. Then true terror entered the young sheep's heart. With each flash of lightning, and thunder the young sheep saw a Great Lion only a few feet away. The Lion was staring directly at the young sheep, and never moved its gaze through the night. Its eyes were beyond description, and could strike terror in the bravest of the brave, including the Hyenas who were the children of the Evil Dark One and ruler of the night.
The night had been the longest and most terrifying in the young sheep's life, and then the storm ceased and the New Born Sun arose in the East. It arose directly over a ledge, and seemed to just sit there in its Glorious Form, as if it were upon its Throne. Its light was blinding, and even the Elders could not look upon it! The High Council led the Sheep in bleating and giving thanks for those of them had survived the long night, and darkest hour before the dawn.
The young sheep no longer saw the Great Lion, it had disappeared with the darkness of the night, but he saw the meat the predators had left behind. He hungered so for the meat, but if he were to partake thereof, it would be a great abomination to the Council, and the others. Then the Voice Within Spoke with Unquestionable Authority commanding "EAT!" He quaked back in horror of the thought of such an abomination knowing he would be banished from the flock, and would soon be prey for the predators himself, but he had heard the command, stronger than ever before. There was no rationalizing this - either way he would perish. He prayed for strength and guidance just as he had through the night, but only silence came, and then the need to eat meat became so strong within him that he didn't care anymore. He bolted forward, and began to devour the sacrifice of the dark night. He couldn't stop himself, nor could he get enough.
The other sheep bleated and cried out, what madness is this, a sheep eating meat, eating of the sacrificial! The members of the Council cried "Forever more you are banished from among the Brotherhood of Sheep, for committing this abomination, and unpardonable sin. He continued to eat oblivious to their words. Then one sheep cried, stone him, another cried let us chase him off the cliff, he deserves to die for his transgressions, and so they all began to surround the young sheep with malice in their hearts. The young sheep stood defiantly, and exclaimed, "Kill me if that is your Will, but I will die eating at this Altar, of my True Heart's Desire." The once gentle Brotherhood of Sheep had transformed into a lynch mob mentality, and was in the process of sacrificing a Higher, unto a Lower again, once again.
Then from out of the Sun, upon the ledge, came a roar that struck fear in the hearts of even the High Council. In an instant an Old Lion leaped from out of the Sun right on top of the young sheep. He grasped it behind the neck, and carried it away to the still waters of a nearby pond. The Elders said; Praise to the Great Lion for it has done us a great service, and saved us much trouble with this rebel. The young sheep will now learn the price of partaking of that which is forbidden, and the breaking of our sacred Laws.
The young sheep was paralyzed with fear, and could not think a thought; in the presence of the Great Lion... his mind was blank with fear. The Old Lion set the young sheep down by the still waters, and gently commanded, 'Open your eyes, "LOOK!" The young sheep opened its eyes slowly, and there in the still waters he saw the reflection of the Old Lion, and a Young Lion! The Old Lion commanded "Wake Up, Wake Up!" and after a moment composing himself, the Young Lion replied "Yes I understand, I am awake, and they are not. But my Lord, they too are lions like us, aren't they, they look like us." The old lion said, "I am awake, you my son, are awakening, but they are trapped in a waking dream. They are only dreaming they are awake."
Terror filled the hearts of sheep as the Old Lion turned and came toward them. Not one could look into his eyes for they knew they would surely die.
The Old Lion spoke, "I have many flocks throughout the world, and you think you are the chosen and only one. You call me by one name and other flocks call me by another. Yet I am ever the same, One. You believe that because your coats are white you are superior to your brothers and sisters of mixed colors. You think your religion and beliefs are superior to those of my other flocks. You can't conceive of any belief other than your own as being true, yet you know me only in name. To every flock through the Ages I have sent my children to teach according to the differences in their time, place, and circumstances. You think you are harmless because you dawn white coats and bleat like sheep, the dead empty words of dusty tomes."
"How many times have I sent my children to you, to teach you new ways, to lead you, and protect you, and time after time, you fail to recognize them because of your preconceived beliefs, because their new teachings don't agree with your outdated traditions. You have stoned them, killed them, and sent them into exile to be food for wolves and hyenas.
You have but to rise up out of the Darkness and concretion of your own minds, beliefs, traditions, and so called religion. The Truth is too painful for you to face. Lies and Illusions are far more comfortable, that is why you take refuge in them. The Wisdom of your High Council is the depths and pit of Ignorance. "Remain in darkness until the light dawns upon you."
Both the Old and young Lion turned and disappeared into the blinding light of the rising Sun, and the High Council cried out, "but Great One how are we to know your Will." From out of the Glorious Radiance, The Old One spoke, "The same way the Young Lion knew my Will!"
          John Wayne Kline © 2000 All rights reserved

Three Gongs of Initiation - mental astral etheric
John Wayne Kline, former Police Officer -
living in Missouri; taking Advanced Teacher Training (TT2)
Disciple and Economy
by Patty Shultz
Course: Disciple & Economy Chapter 3 (week 2)    Three Gongs of Initiation - mental astral etheric
Student Recap

"...there is one problem that you share with humanity... All have very powerful astral bodies - very strong, well developed desire natures. All of you experience, consciously or unconsciously (and usually it is both) desire for this, that and the other.  This is one of your very real problems because it is a block to the incoming new economy." 

It is how we use our instrument.  A powerful astral body can be very beneficial, the powerful force aids in bringing in the new economy. We need a healthy strong astral body, as well as mental body and physical-etheric body. It's the focus, the desire nature that causes the problems. The focus on wanting stuff and more stuff perhaps came as a result of associating lack with pain and suffering, and the fear of future lack... the persona attempting to control substance and hence thinking it will end future pain and suffering. Anyway it is just another example of us trying to manipulate substance, instead of being our true selves... consciousness, relating with Divine Love in a balanced harmonious manner.   

As consciousness we have no need, all needs are supplied. "If instead of having the consciousness of need, we could have the consciousness of fulfillment, every form manifesting being a lower octave, is a fulfillment.  Get the consciousness in the cave of fulfillment, not anything in particular.  You manifest fulfillment before you manifest need. In other words, the sequence is supply and demand, not demand and supply." 

"A conscious state of being which is fulfillment" (in the assigned meditation for this lesson),  moving into this state of being in the cave is indeed a beautiful experience...  full of sense of lack... not an overabundance. Lack and overabundance don't exist in fulfillment. In a state of fulfillment, we experience a flow of healthy economy.  

It's kinda fun, too. 

Blessings and Joy, 
                                         dollar eye

The 100,000 Vajra Gurus
by: Susan Valentino

Three Gongs of Initiation - mental astral etheric  I must confess that I found it a bit daunting initially to hear that 100,000 repetitions of the 12 syllable Vajra Guru Mantra would be required.  I recognized immediately that that many repetitions of anything would necessitate time and commitment, and I remember wondering what on earth could be so special about the number 100,000?  Currently, as I stand within a hair's breadth of the goal, I realize that it isn't the number 100,000 itself that is alchemical, but what happens within one's consciousness on the journey leading up to the 100,000th repetition which makes the experience so extraordinarily worthwhile.
As one sounds the mantra while imagining the Presence of Padmasambhava, the Tibetan name for the One we call we call "Master R", one is engaging in an actual building process which creates an indestructible link with the Guru.  Gehlek Rinpoche states that, "Mantra is, in essence, Divine Being Itself, in sound form".  Aligning 100,000 times with the Body, Speech and Mind of Padmasambhava weaves a conscious and close relationship with the Guru.  Although physical plane tasks and busyness can still completely occupy the mind, all it takes to reactivate conscious relationship is the quiet calling of "Padmasambhava".  Once established, this relationship can become neglected, but it can never be broken.        
Sounding "OM AH HUM" while aligning with and experiencing the streams of energy from the Guru's chakras into what we perceive as our "own" chakras, must bring change to these vehicles.  Experiencing the energy of His Heart Center over an extended period of time, for example, brings a greater understanding of refuge, and the furtherance of the Bodhisattva Vow.  Changes are made in the work and home life to more consciously reflect acceptance and love without conditions.  Willing participation in work craziness and home chaos cease, as does the need to use such descriptions.  One develops a certain "steadiness", which can be a very difficult quality to come by.
As I come to the "end" now, of the 100,000 repetitions, I realize that this is just the beginning, that the gifts I've been given through this Mantra are just the initial tools I'll need to consciously fulfill the Bodhisattva Vow I took so very long ago.
It is my most earnest prayer that each repetition of the Vajra Guru Mantra creates a pinprick in the curtain of our collective ignorance, letting in a tiny shaft of Light that will grow into a torchlight, guiding one and all to Enlightenment.


 Book Review -
The Ideal Made Real,
 Applied Metaphysics for Beginners 
by: Debbie George 
Even though we've been given the tools and the techniques we need in order to reach a higher vision and create the new world civilization, we often stumble. Part of that stumbling seems to be in the form of passivity, giving up, and "if only" thinking, as described in The Nature of the Soul, Lesson 39.
Recently I've been reading a work by one of the fathers of new thought, Christian D. Larson. His strength is inspiration, and he is able to consistently uplift the reader with this strength. Attitude and poise are the mainstay of applied metaphysics. In his book, The Ideal Made Real, Applied Metaphysics for Beginners, he guides the reader through the most basic attitudes of discipleship, and builds a case for creating the ideal that one can not dispute. Don't let the title fool you. Today he might call his book, Applied Metaphysics for Dummies. We all know that those Dummy books bring to light and make simple the seemingly complicated.
Here is an excerpt:
     "In the rebuilding of your own world one of the principal causes of failure will be found in a tendency to change in your plans, motives or desires; therefore, do not permit yourself to entertain one group of desires to-day and a different group tomorrow, and do not permit your faith to fall into periodical states of doubt. Decide upon what you wish to do, accomplish, promote and attain, and proceed to live, think and work for those things, regardless of what may happen. The powers within you follow the predominating states of mind, and when these states are constantly changing, the creative forces will be employed simply in taking initial steps, but never in completing anything. On the other hand, when your mental states, desires, motives, plans, etc., continue to concentrate upon the one supreme goal in view and your creative forces will perpetually build towards that goal, and you will daily rebuilding your entire world according to the higher, the better and the greater that you have in view. There are thousands of fine minds that are down in the scale to-day and cannot get up, because they are constantly changing their plans, motives and desires. To create a new world you must fix in your mind what you wish to create, and then continue to build until the complete structure is finished. Recreate your present world, then constantly make it better, larger and more beautiful. All the elements of your mind, both conscious and subconscious, must be constantly inspired with your highest thought of the larger, the better and the more beautiful. Not a single though should enter your mind that is inferior or in the least beneath your ideal of life, and not a single moment of discouragement or doubt should ever be permitted. Fix your mind on the soul's vision and hold it there through all sorts of circumstances or conditions. Do not waver for a moment. Keep the eye single upon the heights and all the powers of your being will build that great world that you can see in your mental vision as you concentrate attention upon the heights.

     "The mind must be clean, strong and high. It is the mind that does things. It is the mind that originates things. Therefore, if you wish to build for yourself an ideal world, the mind must be ideal in every sense of the term, and every element of the mind must always be its best and act at its best. To promote the right use of mind the imagination must be guided with the greatest of care. The imagination is one of the most important powers in the mind. The imagination when misdirected can produce more ills than any other faculty, and when properly directed can produce greater good than any other faculty. In fact, the imagination when scientifically applied becomes a marvelous power in the great creative process of the vast mental domain. Train the imagination to picture, not only the goal you have in view but all the highest ideals that you can possibly imagine as might exist within the realms of that goal. Train the imaging faculty to impress upon the mind only those superior qualities that you wish to incorporate in your new world, and whatever you impress upon the mind will be created in your mental world. To create superior qualities in the mental world means that you will create, as well as attract, the superior in your outer world, and you thus promote the building of an ideal world."
                                             The Ideal Made Real, by Christian D. Larson p. 256-258

Three Gongs of Initiation - mental astral etheric  
Debbie is a long time student of the Wisdom. Teacher Training graduate, now undertaking the Headquarters series with the current group.

 Gemini FM Retreat - Estes Park, Colorado
by: Lucinda Tyrrell-DeFranco & Mary Jones

Three Gongs of Initiation - mental astral etheric

Attendees - Left to Right
Back: Wrennie, Mary, Glen, Debbie
Middle: Olivia, Mark, Greg, Lyn, Lucinda, Dinah, Christine, Marilyn 
Front: Lee, Fred, Tara, Pam, Hazel 
Whilst we are all aware that the majority of our work is subjective the special quality of fellowship was appreciated by all who attended, strengthening our awareness of each other in truth.
This year's program was well balanced, giving us all sufficient time to spend in meditative work, fruitful discussion, relaxed eating, and physical exploration (in the aftenoons)  of this beautiful part of America. We were provided with delicious home-cooked vegetarian food. We are all grateful for a successful coordination effort. Much fun was had by all (There was even pool playing & dancing)
The grounding synthesis triad (Marilyn, Mary & Lee) spoke about the Estes Park activity
- of the ease of its coming into function
- creating a physical center and energizing its potential
-  making this available to other disciples to come in to work, and to be refreshed/strengthened/nourished
We discussed group life including
-         new group members functioning more from a relationship of the centers within themselves (that is head/heart/throat & synthesis centers within an individual)
-         That the Head center performs the function of bringing Divine Purpose into focus.
-         That HQ has the synthesis of the functions
-         The importance of allowing the vertical triangle to move out through the horizontal alignment via the heart center into humanity through intelligent activity
-         That this blend is represented via Rays 1, 2 and 7
Lyn Hebenstreit presented a collation (Lyn can make this collation available upon request) from the HQ materials, distilling some major themes.
Following Lyn's talk there was a discussion about the functions and locations of the first wave of servers within the recent Wisdom stream.
It was noted that as critical mass is reached it invokes HQ into precipitation.
Marilyn spoke of the inauguration of the Gemini festival and that the world's largest YMCA facility is at Estes Park. The synthesis group will make, annually available, a cabin for 10 persons, within the facility for which they will cover the cost of accommodation and food.
Olivia presented an overview of highlights of her trip to TIBET, Mt. Everest and Nepal. .  It was a small group led by noted Tibetologist, Buddhist scholar and author (and theosophist) Glenn Mullin, who was able to get the group into special chapels at the Jokhang Temple in Lhasa, the Tashi Lunpo Monastery in Shigatse and other sacred sites normally not open to visitors. We were reminded of the conflict and persecution in Tibet brought about by the Chinese government's suppression, and the ever-present Chinese soldiers there today.
To underscore the Tibet-Estes Park connection in a very 7th Ray manner, Olivia took small rocks from Estes Park and the Mary's Lake Lodge area to Tibet and placed them in the sacred sites she visited in Tibet.  She also gathered rocks from those sacred Tibetan sites and brought them back to Estes Park for the Retreat Group to distribute in Estes Park and the Mt. area.  Olivia also took to Tibet the "protection strings" used at the Group Buddhist Retreat in Estes Park in 2008 and placed them hidden in a Padmasambhava Cave high in the Himalayas. (Greg said these are also called 'Blessing Cords')
While in Tibet, Olivia was impressed with the idea of initiating an inner and outer Journey to Shamballa, which has resulted in a small group going to Mongolia in July 2009 including Lyn and Tara, with outer arrangement coordinated by Glenn Mullin.  She will also be going to Darjeeling and Kalimpong, India in Oct. 2009 with a small Agni Yoga-Bailey Group as a continuation of working with the first ray energy there.  Darjeeling is one of the 5 planetary inlets now receiving more stimulation.
Glen Knape presented an overview of the 40-week Wisdom Group course to clarify - What is the structure and function the Wisdom Group within the Ashram of Synthesis, including the centers and petals (Lessons 1 - 20)
How to do the group work (Lessons 21-40)
Passage - L 14, Soul and Its Instrument, P 157
HEAD - 1st ray impulse
HEART - Group Guardians
THROAT - PR People
NUCLEUS - Subjective - consists of Head, and 1 or more members from the other groups
We have a relationship to the New thoughtform Presentation of the Wisdom, and the New World Civilization, and particularly via our purpose and structure with new world economy. Group purpose is a reflection of the whole Ashramic purpose.
Pam Nissen gave a presentation on Thoughtform Building, especially spoken of in Teacher Training, and from Teacher Training 2. This was to assist in the development of the format for the upcoming Gathering.
Greg facilitated a presentation on the structural outline for the weekend Gathering in September.
The retreat attendees shared their thoughts regarding the retreat, what we got from attending, &/or our thoughts on the purpose of this center & its activity within the group life and within the One Life. We continue to refine the vision:
+ Activating the Synthesis center
+ Center functions
- coordinating group
+ Activating the devic life
+ Bringing through the seed of the esoteric work for the next 2500 year period

Those different purposes would require individual meeting events, to include:
Physical Center of Synthesis (in Estes Park) is to unfold before Wesak 2010, to become available for group service.
May FM - The Grand Lodge at Amberwood has been reserved for Wesak (7 beds w/in 6 bedrooms & 3 bathrooms/2 kitchens/2 living areas. Accommodation provided free. [1st ray activity]. An esoteric gathering (to be held annually in Estes Park) to focus on Will/1st ray/core & that this meditation would be shared with all other related groups to be performed locally.
June FM - Humanity/Christ. The Synthesis HQ group will use the donations of attendees to join the YMCA so we use their facilities for this event. [3rd ray/ activity]. Opening to humanity; Planning activities (3rd activity)
October FM Gathering - for the broader spiritual community &/or for the projection of that which has been received during the previous two events. [Synthesis of ray activities] The outpouring of the thoughtforms via the Gathering to be held in the other half of the annual cycle (October appearing as the most favorable option) (Synthesis of ray activities)
This would be an outer reflection of the inner corresponding triangle
          MONAD -   Significance
          SOUL    -    Meaning
          PERSONA - Symbol/Word
That via these three events we are beginning a different rhythm of meditation
Regarding the Upcoming 2009 FM Gathering
There will be talks on the four centers, and breakout groups on these centers, and on the additional topics selected by registrant interest (probably 9)
It was considered important to allow potential attendees to know, "Eachhas a vital piece and without each one we are not whole (as a reflection of humanity and the true spiritual group life)."
Personal Note - So much positive energy and so many ideas around service were generated during this gathering of service-oriented coworkers that it was difficult for people to sleep. Everyone was so involved in wanting to develop our bonds and open up to one another to strengthen our work, individually and as a group.
Mary's insights:
Thanks to all who participated in invoking release of the Synthesis energies at the Gemini full moon.
Pam began, and was aided by others present, to bring the group into greater spiritual integrity. Pam led the closing meditation Sunday night, since some were departing early Monday morning. It followed with her statement that many had come to the retreat with an agenda, but that we had dropped them, recognized our group integrity, and achieved a stable, positive, loving state of right relationship. We had brought the group alignment to a new, higher level - all these things, she stated, can be added to, but not degraded. So, we did a quick thoughtform building with this to affirm that intent of maintaining it until we were ready to raise the group life to a higher frequency. This ground is sacred. At the end of the weekend, we were all much more cognizant of ourselves as a group life, and of the abundant Divine and substantial economy available for use in service.
During our full moon meditation, Marilyn read a passage from Esoteric Astrology,
pp. 348 - 349, preceded and ended with the Great Invocation. Impressions following that meditation included a significant release of Synthesis energy to the planetary life, and a cleansing reorientation of the substantial body of the planet. There was also a shift and a grounding of this energy within the heart of the group life, and the heart center of humanity. This Synthesis is available for our use in group service to humanity.
Many approached the Estes Park retreat with concerns about conflict within the group precipitated during the planning of the September gathering. Saturday's discussion and presentations by Glen and Pam resulted in a synthesis in the group mind of the importance of the centers and thoughtform building activity within our service life. Glen stated multiple times that talking about the centers (at the gathering) must be followed by the thoughtform building activity Pam is proposing. Otherwise, the centers are an abstract concept, rather than an embodied truth. There was a significant integration of the group consciousness and instrument during our Saturday discussion. Talking amongst ourselves, many noted how tangible and rapid was the shift.
I can only presume that the Synthesis energies buzzing through and around us brought us into intense conflict and then to rapid resolution. It seemed as though the negativity and misunderstandings dissolved. I understand the many points of view within the group and sense them all to be a part of one group life. I think we all left the retreat with a much greater appreciation not only for those present, but of the great power potential for service within a gathered group of disciples. 
The WISDOM Gathering 2009
 Three Gongs of Initiation - mental astral ethericIt is time to register!
This Gathering is open to all participants interested in the Wisdom.
Friday, Sept. 4 afternoon thru Monday, Sept. 7
Rancho Capistrano
29251 Camino Capistrano
San Juan Capistrano, CA  92675
2009 Gathering Mission Statement:
"We invoke Synthesis in Action in preparation for the coming World Teacher. Aligned with the Hierarchy, we sound the note of Synthesis within and through all areas of human endeavor. In particular, we seek to aid and vitalize all service efforts affiliated with the new Thought-Form Presentation of the Wisdom."
ACCOMMODATIONS (includes meals)
Single Occupancy - $355
Double Occupancy - $295
Triple Occupancy - $265
So. California residents:
No room, meals only - $150
You may request a roommate assignment if you don't have one.
A 25% deposit is required to register.
Balance due prior to July 15, 2009

Registration Fee: $75.00
Planning Comittee Contacts:
Suzanne Vallez
Suzanne Vallez
* Pre-conference retreat: Greg Tzinberg - Wed pm, Sept 2 thru Fri am, Sept 4.
   (email Greg - see above - for additonal details)
* Pre-conference workshop (will run concurrently): Rainbow Bridge - RonTiggle. 
  Wed pm,  Sept 2 thru Fri am, Sept 4.

Breakout Group Topics:
- Informal Teaching: Tips for Sharing Wisdom
- Cooperative Leadership
- Calling Forth the Soul of the Nation
- Economy and Right Relationship
- World Hunger and the Wisdom
- Teaching: Building a Magnetic Field to Attract Students
- The Wisdom for Children
- Healing the Etheric & World Wide Wisdom Healing Group
- 3rd Ray & 7th Ray Organization
- Pouring some light in the forces of darkness
- The Media and The Wisdom
- TBA - 'in the moment' topic

Scholarships are awarded upon request on a "first come, first served" basis. These donations have been collected from registrants to cover costs for those who would otherwise not be able to attend. The scholarship amount is $370.00 per person. Qualifications for receiving a scholarship are as follows:

- Meditation experience and study.
- Previous experience or keen interest in group work.
- Financial hardship preventing attendance. 
What is the Wisdom?
 Buddha rising
It is the Life of the Spiritual Soul on Its own plane
There is only one Wisdom. However, there are many forms of interpretations; many forms of translations through many personalities, minds and levels of human consciousness.
"The teaching of the Wisdom is to be one of the first links in a chain of light which will eventually encircle the globe." Applied Wisdom, p904.
 Artist - Thomas Karlstroem
"So many probationers in the world today are confused as to what The Wisdom is, and in their efforts to make of it something which it is not, they are thwarting Hierarchical effort rather than aiding it."
"Its purpose will be to synthesise through its magnetic quality of Light, the consciousness of the many into a One, i.e., to attract, relate, and integrate the separative consciousness of human beings into a living totality of One Humanity." (The Nature of the Soul, Lesson 26)
"The Wisdom" is dedicated in part to aid the growth of consciousness via an educational program designed to give man true knowledge of his own identity.
(There are four lectures that Lucille Cedercrans wrote, for Ward Fuller in Portland, on 'The Wisdom'.)

The basic concept of Truth which provides the foundation of this teaching is, in essence, the Oneness of the human family through the spiritual being of man, the Christ. Rather briefly, and in part, the following concepts provide the fundamentals of the basic teaching. These concepts provide the points from which the students of "The Wisdom" may pass to greater understanding.

Man is taking another evolutionary step into a new kingdom, the spiritual kingdom of Souls. Just as man is differentiated from the animal in that he is a self conscious individual, so will the new entity be differentiated from man as a Soul conscious individual who knows himself as a Son of God.

This will not come as a sudden shift from one state of awareness into another, but steadily and naturally as a flower unfolds after the plant has budded. Humanity has reached the budding stage, and is now in that transitory period between visible promise and fulfillment.
As man's consciousness expands to include the consciousness of the Soul, so will his field of awareness expand to include knowledge here-to-fore held above and beyond his mental grasp.

Just as a part of man's overall consciousness lies below the threshold of his awareness and contains much data of which he is unaware; so there is another aspect of his consciousness which lies above the threshold of awareness and contains knowledge of which he has not as yet attained with his conscious mind and brain. These two states can be defined as the subconscious and the superconscious.

It is this superconscious field of knowledge which becomes available to man as he enters into the realization that he is a Soul. In fact, that realization is reached as man touches the outer edges of the superconscious, and it is this realization which serves to stimulate his aspiration to greater and greater attainment.

What is this entity which we have termed a Soul? What is it, why is it, and how does it function? These are questions which need answering. "The Wisdom" supplies those answers in such a way that man actually knows. He does not believe; he does not guess; he knows because he himself must prove the truth of them in his own daily life and affairs. If a theory cannot be proven in the world of practical living, then it is of no value except in theory.
Actually the Soul is that part of man which is a direct creation of God. It is his consciousness, existing separate and independent of the form aspect, and yet being the cause of form. A part of this Soul, or consciousness has extended itself into a form of its own making, has identified with that form, and in so doing has accepted the limitations of the form. As the extended consciousness, which thinks of itself as man, and to be more specific as John or Mary Doe, undergoes experience after experience it becomes aware of its own identification, and gradually liberates itself from the illusion of limitation.

You then, are the Soul; you are not your body, you are not your emotions, you are not your thoughts. You are that conscious entity which temporarily inhabits a body, temporarily experiences pain or pleasure in the emotional nature, and uses thought, both to produce and interpret experience.
How does "The Wisdom" relate the Soul to the Christ, and so come back to the general theme of the teaching? The Christ consciousness overshadowing the human family is that aspect of consciousness which has kept itself free of the conflict resulting from the coming together of spirit and matter. The Christ is found at the very center of the Soul and is that state of original perfection latent within every man. Man becomes in awareness a living Soul, a Son of God, the Soul becomes in awareness a living Christ, a grown Son of God. They are then three states of evolutionary awareness, man the infant, Soul the child and Christ the adult. The destiny of the human family is to reach this goal of perfect growth, to become in conscious awareness, the Christ manifesting perfection in form.

It can be seen then, the next evolutionary advance for humanity, as being the step into the next kingdom in nature, that of the conscious Soul incarnate. Already there are those who have taken the initial step. They are those who are consciously aware of themselves as Souls, and as such they work in the world to accomplish this realized purpose - to bridge the gap in awareness between man, and the Soul, and so aid humanity in its transition from the old to the new.

"The Wisdom" is dedicated in part to aid the growth of consciousness via an educational program designed to give man true knowledge of his own identity.

The teaching is based upon certain basic concepts which can be briefly outlined as follows:

1. That there is One Creator governing all creation.

2. That there is a group of entities, headed by the Christ, who are the Creator's governing body for all evolving life in and on this particular planet. They do not at any time impose their will upon humanity, for man has been given the freedom of choice. They are, however, guiding humanity to its ultimate destiny.

3. That there is a group of world workers who are aiding the former group, sometimes consciously, sometimes unconsciously, in their tremendous task. These individuals are the enlightened and occasionally the great men and women of the race.

1. The Law of Evolution. This is the Divine Law governing all creation, meaning that all consciousness is evolving upward, that all is progress. God created Souls who are as children growing under the Law of Evolution to adult-hood. The physical plane is but a school for this great cycle of evolving creation.

2. The Law of Rebirth or Reincarnation. This could be called God's grading system. The individual Soul incarnates not once in human form but many times, growing in the school of experience into higher states of consciousness.

3. The Law of Karma or Retribution. This Law is the determining factor for the subject matter of any one grade. It is that which attracts to a man all that which is his own. If at one time he steals, at another time he will be stolen from, until he learns that it is not good for him to steal. If at one time he gives, at another time he will receive, so that he will learn that it is good for him to give. Later, much later, he will learn the why of these things; in the beginning he learns only in terms of good and bad.

1. That the physical form is but the vehicle of the Soul, and the personality, the instrument through which the Soul expresses itself.

2. That after the personality has evolved to a certain stage, a period of growth takes place in which the self consciousness expands to include Soul consciousness. This expansion covers five states of consciousness called the FIVE INITIATIONS.

They are:
1. THE BIRTH OF THE CHRIST. In this stage the individual has discovered his spiritual Soul, and has been born again in Christ consciousness. Christ consciousness is that higher state of being overshadowing the human family. It is that to which all men aspire. The initiation means then, that the individual has finally discovered his true Self, and the reason for his being. He lives, stands and walks in the light of the Christ, sharing that light with all whom he contacts.

2. THE BAPTISM. In this initiation the individual undergoes a purification process. Through disciplinary training, usually covering a period of several incarnations, his motives and desires become pure. As a result his body is pure, and he has gained control over his lower desire nature.

3. THE TRANSFIGURATION or ILLUMINATION. This is the first major initiation, in which the consciousness becomes illumined, so to speak, with the light of Truth. The individual undergoes a great awakening, and begins with Wisdom, to glimpse the cause back of all he sees. He is cognizant of the reality underlying all form manifestation, and begins to think in terms of, and work with energy.

He realizes that all form is energy vibrating at a certain rate of speed, and in this realization is aware of planes of existence other than the physical. Because of his purity of motive, and his dependability, he is given the power and the Wisdom with which to wield spiritual energy. He learns to build and energize thoughtforms for the betterment of the human family. He is a trusted disciple, a true world worker.

4. THE CRUCIFIXION. The initiation in which the individual crucifies that part of his being which stands between himself and complete freedom. He sacrifices all personal ambition and desire to the One Life indwelling all form. He gives himself completely, works for and is subservient to that Life. After release from personal desire and personal ambition, he comes back in the world again to work as those who do have these qualities, with one difference - his motive is service to humanity and all that he does is in service to his brothers.

5. THE ASCENSION. This initiation is so advanced that very little can be said about it at this time. It is freedom from and mastery of the three planes of human endeavor - the physical plane, the emotional plane and the mental plane. The individual is released from the wheel of rebirth and if he does incarnate again in human form, it will be in the form of the Savior, only in times of crisis, for the guidance of humanity.

Man today is undergoing a difficult transition of which he knows little. He is completing the first initiation and approaching the second, as a race; fluctuating between the emotional aspect of his nature and the mental. He is learning to react to life intelligently, rather than with just his emotions. As he becomes more and more polarized in the mental aspect, he comes closer to the revelation of his own Soul.

Still man does have the freedom of choice, and should he decide to continue along his selfish path to destruction, he will undergo another period of dark ages in which the spiritual Soul will be unrealized and the completion of the first initiation still waiting.
My brothers, unless humanity wakes up to the fact of brotherhood, and completes the first initiation, that power that creates wars, hunger, hatred, fear, sickness, etc., cannot be balanced. Man, to live in peace, must learn to practice the Law of Love as taught by every great Savior of the race.

The Western world looks to Jesus as its Savior, and Jesus exemplified more than anything else the spiritual Being of Divine Love. Why then is this Law so difficult for man to know, and even more difficult for him to practice?

Because he has grossly misinterpreted, added to, and taken from the simple teachings of Jesus. If man could and would of his own accord turn back to the simplicity of that teaching he would need none other; however, because he has strayed so far from it, he has demanded, in one sense, a more complex teaching which will eventually lead him to simple Truth. Thus have all the various religions and schools of thought sprung up in the Western world overnight.

Through a synthesis of them all, this teaching attempts to solve the problem of interpretation, to educate man to his own spiritual Being.
Ashramic Sensitivity - Building from the Sky Downward - Pt 2
group workby: Adam DeFranco

"I woke up 3 AM this morning surrounded by the sound of a very large group chanting OM. The sound was totally pervasive even at the molecular level.I felt the sound enter from above the head downward and vibrate the whole body like a tuning fork. The vibration streamed thru all the bodies."          (a student)
Sensitivity to Vibration
Only the application of the higher dimension can open the gates. Only the application of higher discernment will provide the key to cosmic creativeness. Thus, humanity must strive to the cognition of the higher dimension." - Infinity II, 406.
The human instrument is capable of resonating to a wide spectrum of frequencies. Most of these pass either over or under the radar. That which we intercept in the usual band width is what we perceive in our normal state of consciousness. But there are many octaves above and many below. Normal human consciousness is but the tip of the iceberg.
"The gradual development and functionality of the Buddhic vehicle is an absorption, a fusion and a blending process. Becoming more responsive to the Soular frequencies takes a requisite restructuring of the atomic matter via consciousness of the buddhic sheath and is part of the gradual utilization and work on this sheath during the 2nd, 3rd and 4th initiations prior to the full 'standing in' of this vehicle."    (JC)
Until the mind is held steady in the light and until we are 'resonating' to at least some temporary measure of buddhic consciousness we cannot become adequately receptive for the intuitive recognition of the Soul's existential life. The ajna, cave and crown can be synchronistically replicated and in the most amazing and fortuitous meditational alignment bring us to Ashramic group life and awareness.
The disciple by now has made his approach to the Ashram ... He is slowly becoming aware of three vibratory impressions... First of all, he is aware of the vibration of his own soul; then he registers that of the Ashram, in the early stages focused for him through the mediation of some disciple senior to him; and finally, he becomes conscious of the vibration of the Master.  Slowly he learns to distinguish them and know them as constituting three different channels whereby energy reaches him. They contact his consciousness upon the mental plane; ...
                                                                         Rays and Initiations, p543

This is a real test for the growing consciousness.  This is a real test in our abilities to open the petals of the heart and to love fearlessly and without pretense or guile. Light, love and power is the Ashram. Our sense of brotherhood at whatever level we may understand and feel is some form of knowing this directly from the group conscious Soul. "The Souls of Men are One and I am One with Them".  In the ashramic state of consciousness this state of being is experienced directly. Who we really are as spiritual beings is resourced here.
The Parallel Universe of the Soul
The actual root or reality of the human being is spiritual. Humanity is a Soul. With each life and with each incarnation experience evolves the individual human consciousness. The consciousness evolves into a deeper context of reality. Without oversimplifying, the consciousness refines its personality and re-qualifies its substance so that it can be 'scientifically' redeemed. Until the atomic matter of the 3 personality bodies is occultly salvaged the Soul cannot infuse its instrumentality in the three worlds. Until the 'rainbow' bridge of consciousness is built connecting the Soul on its own plane and its reflection in the material world no real communication can take place. Until that time the Soul lives on it's own plane of existence somewhat removed from the affairs of the persona, and in a parallel universe. However, as the perfected line of connectivity develops it extends itself as consciousness into incarnation. The Soul seeks to incarnate into Human form. The soul seeks to bring its life and its reality consciousness into the 3 worlds of human endeavor.
How does the Soul on its own plane contact the consciousness in the brain?
 "Consider the tremendous problem with which the Overshadowing Soul is faced. How shall it, how can it contact the incarnate consciousness? The Overshadowing Spiritual Soul lives in a world removed from form, insofar as a comparison between the buddhic sphere or the buddhic and the physical. The Overshadowing Spiritual Soul has no words with which to speak. The sound it makes is a silent sound, a formless sound. It does not think in pictures. It does not move, utilize the same motion as does mental, astral, and etheric-physical substance.
There is only one method of communication between the Overshadowing Spiritual Soul and the incarnate consciousness and that is via Consciousness Itself."     AP, p 93
This in itself is an unprecedented maneuver which rises before any seeker for the continuity of consciousness into the Ashramic sphere where telepathic at-one-ment is the norm. "The Souls of Men are One and I am One with Them". To see oneself as rooted in the Soul's quantum presence, we must continually prepare ourselves for revelation. 
"Maybe our context of meditation is not the same as it would be for the Dalai Lama, maybe ours might not be as it would  for a visiting Arhat in Jerusalem or Bangladesh who suffices the local environments with supermundane balance and peace. Talk about the real peace talks who knows what unknown, silent, nonchalant Arhat dressed in a suit and red sneakers sits outside the Halls of government ambassadors bathing them with the invisible indescribable nectar out the ashram of Mahatma gives them thru subtle transmission just what they need to know and understand. Maybe for some meditation is not so grand, but maybe for our older brothers who convene from God's kingdom their meditations are the architecture for the new reality and the new world."                                                 (student)
"In addition, the Soul does not experience its life within the Ashram as a separated consciousness, but as an individualized portion of a larger entity. In a very real sense, from the perspective of the Spiritual Soul it has no Life apart from the Group Unit and Ashram of which it is a part."
Ashramic Projections, Externalizing the Ashramic Group Unit, p135
"The Hierarchy works today to externalize an ashramic group, an ashramic consciousness, upon the face of the earth.
'That on soul levels, these are already members of the ashram, though their place in that ashram will differ according to the individual point of development. On soul levels, then, according to the point of development, each one shares to some degree the Hierarchial state of consciousness which is the focal point for that ashram.'                                                      Applied Wisdom

All communication between the Fifth Kingdom in nature, that is, the Hierarchy, and those Souls consciously functioning in Hierarchial Ashrams, and humanity, or the Fourth Kingdom in nature, is between consciousness and consciousness.
                                                               AW, p1388
The Disciple and Economy: "In the past, it has been impossible to even begin to project to you or to overshadow you with the concept, the 4th dimensional concept of consciousness. Now your receptivity is such that this has come into an overshadowing. Therefore, I am going to make the first effort to project it to you."

Three Gongs of Initiation - mental astral etheric
Adam is a long time student of the Wisdom, completed Teacher Training in 2007; part of first Headquarters group
Integrating the Group Fires, Part 2

Three Gongs of Initiation - mental astral etheric

"It is expected that the future will bring many more Integrated Groups to this Fire.
At present, there are many individuals, but too few Groups, who have passed
through the Fire of Integration...A spiritual consciousness which will broach no
separative attitude..."
                                 Gloria Crook

Naturally, I do not consider myself as "overseeing" in any way. "Onlooking" might be more like it.
I have recently purchased all of the Cedercrans books for members of the School, here, to study. We have decided to cease calling it the "Cedercrans" material, just as we have stopped referring to "Alice Bailey," instead of D.K. We discuss it as the Master R., M, or D.K., Whichever Master it is. We are, of course, totally grateful for the amanuensis position of those sacrificing women who took the dictation.
D. K. describes in Rays, groups of Disciples on the same Ray, and at the same point of development, spread all over the world, not physically together -  THEY SIMULTANEOUSLY become aware of an Ashramic need for precipitation, and then put ALL of their effort toward that precipitation. They may, or may not, ever meet, but they will recognize one another, and the cooperative effort. On subtle levels they will be going through Group Initiation together.
This reminds me of the efforts of separate individuals toward precipitating solutions to "Global Warming", "World Hunger," "the Principle of Sharing," "Endangered Species," "Global Education," and "Health Care," among the most familiar subjects being dealt with.
We recognize those involved in the precipitation. They are World Workers with World Influence. They sometimes get together for Conferences. They recognize one another.  They cooperate with one another. "Cosmic Love" is the Energy Impelling them forward. All of humanity will benefit through their efforts.
There are other Ideas precipitating in the same way. Some will not be recognized by the general public for a while (sometimes never) because they have not come down beyond the mental plane as yet. But those Disciples who are working with them have already intuited them SIMULTANEOUSLY, and are beginning the mental precipitation. They are World Workers and are taking the same INITIATION together. On subtle levels, they are the same group.
NONE of this can be done by individuals who are not yet SOUL-INFUSED, at least ready for the Third Initiation. 1st and 2nd degrees are not included in the above possibility.
It is pretty obvious that some occultists are steeped in glamour and also Illusion regarding what they are "precipitating." The GOAL needs to be firmly established and the NEED must be in line with what the Spiritual Hierarchy of the Planet KNOWS is the NEXT step in any particular field. AND the Workers need to be beyond any personality reactions to one another. A lot of it begins to appear as chaotic. This can only be due to Workers not yet Fused with the Soul.
Guard the Work from such individuals, for their weaknesses are used by the Dark Forces to attack the very Highest Intentions.
Much Love,
 Gloria Crook 
Gloria Crook is a guiding force in 'The School of Ageless Wisdom' in Arlington, TX which also has an affiliation with the Robert Mueller School
She is the author of 'The Fires of Group Work' dealing with the subjective processes of integrating groups which had an international response. You can visit the School's website at The School of Ageless Wisdom

Poetry Section

Omishito of Two Minds
The earth is bleeding across her ancient brow and I love her.
I have clawed the dirt open with my bare hands
and from the undercarriage of her breast
I have found a bone without flesh of a mastodon
it is hard to see what I have discovered.
I am Omishito of two minds
one of earth the other of heaven
and I live in the far mountains of the north
in a stand of old growth forest.
Here there are remnants of ancient seabeds
and above the blue cliffs of marble and stone
a garden of bristlecones
and there entering from an unknown territory are the flocks
who with their wonderful chaotic expansiveness
hastily hurry into the lusty cavern of the clouds.
Now I wait in the northwest stands of hemlock and fir
and I am hungry with the free fall of delight
I can feel the grain of bark on my hands
the fragrant incense of cedar
and the ripple of the fold.
Something takes place inside of me
beyond the close distance of my mind
and I am cradled into a crevasse of ever changing light
sunflowers and succulent  pollen.
This wounded earth is my healer
and I will nurse from the light frosted meadow of her breast
and I will lie on her bed of roots and dew.
I am Omishito of Two Minds
I live in the far mountains of the north
surrounded by the fragrant incense of cedar
in a stand of old growth forest.
                          Adam DeFranco


Three Gongs of Initiation - mental astral etheric

   The Hopefuls
Lost in the darkness of matter are my brothers tortured in groups of cells.
How they burn their girth to trade at blame and the fortune of evil,
That the mix is like the morass of creatures found the planet over,
And in that midst can still be heard the true cries of need.

Desire and satisfaction hunger within them and they pursue the helm of choice,
And yet stumble, if not for the pain and anguish of the little lives,
That they bear and have wrought through selfish edicts and matter-full strivings.
I wonder that in the movement there how the characters play their tunes,
How the meetings and contacts are afforded but must be earned with respect and honour,

How the torrent of informed imprisonment petrifies them for a time,
Keeping static their outcomes below many thresholds of decent civil citizens' awareness.

I wonder how embedded in their frames are the forces pegged one against the other,
Vying for the state and honour of the vehicles up for the taking or selling,
How the simple thought or desire-mind besieged them with ease;
How the values that could have been theirs were stripped so securely from their grasp;

How the pressure keeps mounting for the change to the rhythm and manner of behaviours;
How the flowers are still so little moved or under-developed in the spirit's Handshake;

How that there can still be Life clinging to them;
Seeking the tiniest of avenues of impression in which to help them out of the hole.
There are those who seek when the hardness has befallen them,
When all that shakes about them is the panacea of panic and malice,
That some small rent has opened in them to let just a sliver of light bear them hence.

We know there will be a time when their freedom becomes our own.
Their lock must have the keys turned and the broken arrows mended
For the regaining of their sight and aspiration, their touch and contact with Soul;
It is our task and our measure to offer, and provide the way forward,
For we cannot forget, even the least of these our brothers.

Bradley Conway
January 9, 2009

Recently, I created a thoughtform
that I prematurely let go.

What its doing now, I shudder to know!

In my haste to clothe it as shiny new form--
wrong intent was embraced, and confusion

Oh my, this ill-conceived and undisciplined
idea has left me so forlorn! I feel like a sheep
who has just been shorn.

Yes, I realize now it wasn't properly aligned,
and I'm sick and tired of hearing its out there
somewhere, having a mis-guided good time!

With future efforts, I'll ponder deeply before
I create.

After all, a wayward thoughtform can truly
throw your life out of balance, and overload
your plate!

                                                      William Moore

Mountain Sage Pure Body
Under the shelter of stars and infinity
we wander about like clouds
watching the spring snows melt the mountain
abundant yet unseen
continuously abiding yet without trace
this is indeed the unbounded logical essence of enlightenment
the inconceivable mind of nirvana
advanced wanderers know this
they wade in the stream till it is no longer wet
watch the sun till it is no longer bright
lie in snow
                forget cold
backwards walking
                turn around
this is the self-fulfilling prophesy of the mountain sage pure body
Till we become entangled in the clear spirit of unrelenting spaciousness
we diligently disallow the paradox in the true suchness of things
My teacher still warm from the womb cannot stop laughing
he is a child at play
he is like a leaf on a pile of straw indistinguishable from the rest

he gives me a bucket to carry the rain
the clouds drape over the moon
                      Adam DeFranco

                      9 January, 2006
World Service Intergroup & the 2009 London Conclave
by: Gordon Davidson
The World Service Intergroup (WSI) is a network of 80 esoteric groups whose work is based on the teachings of Alice Bailey, Agni Yoga and Lucille Cedercrans. The WSI has been meeting in the five planetary centers and other retreat centers around the world for the past 14 years. Representatives from 38 groups from around the world recently met for the 2009 WSI Conclave for five days of meditation and sharing at St Albans Pastoral Retreat Center near London during the Aries Full Moon Festival.

   Everyone agreed it was an extraordinary Conclave, and many felt it was the "best one yet." We all felt the new meditation, linking us through the Christ with the Heart of the Sun, brought us into a field of profound love and connectedness that we had not experienced before.  Love is powerful because it allows a realization of the Divine Presence within one another and all beings, and because it builds relationships. When we shared one to one the ritual greeting of "the Christ in me greets the Christ in you," there was such love and depth of energetic sharing and oneness between us that many of us were moved to joy and tears, often simultaneously.

   With nearly 100 people, and 10 new groups represented, there was an expansion of consciousness as we shared and explored the intergroup being which is WSI, with much learning and growth in many dimensions. The Pastoral Center at St Albans was ideal for our meeting with its beautiful, spacious green lawns and ancient trees, and a large dining room where so much energy, love and so many ideas were exchanged. We also had a very wonderful excursion to the site of the family home of Francis Bacon, where we did a meditation and sounded the Great Invocation.

  There was overwhelmingly positive feedback on the short mini teachings that were offered about meditation, the Christ, and astrology, with a request for more of this in the future.  We have renamed the Action Groups "Service Groups," and they met in several lively sessions.

   The Steering Group, which facilitates the overall direction and unfoldment of the WSI, is composed of leaders of esoteric groups from around the world. The group meets prior to the annual Conclaves, and also one other time each year. The group meditates and holds the WSI in consciousness throughout the year. Most decisions are made by meditative consensus process.

  The International Communication Council (ICC) has blossomed into an active, clear and focused group that meditates regularly throughout the year, meets before the Conclave, helps organize and manage Conclave logistics, and provides feedback and input to the Steering Group and other groups within WSI.

  The ICC has also launched a new initiative -- the WSI Newsletter, which will be edited and distributed once a year (midway between Conclaves). The first issue will appear around October 2009. The newsletter will be clear, simple, with relevant articles and information, oriented towards quality and not quantity, with internet links. Topics will include:

  a) Development of group consciousness (within the WSI Groups)
  b) Astrological news, and information on the Three Spiritual Festivals
  c) New emerging patterns related to the development of consciousness in the world
  d) Ethical information useful to all groups such as: conscious purchasing, new   ethical banks, movies with a spiritual quality, etc.

  The New Generation Group, (NGG) which was created to encourage the participation of esoterically oriented younger people, also met and was very active during the Conclave. This group is very actively meditating and sharing impressions during the new moon cycle, and offering many valuable and innovative ideas for the development of WSI.

   After much meditation and discussion, it has been decided that the next Conclave will be held at the Community of Living Ethics in Citta della Pieve, Italy during the Gemini Full Moon Festival. The Conclave will also include a one day trip to Assisi, to visit the Basilica where St. Francis (an earlier incarnation of Master KH) is buried, as well as his mountain hermitage, and another church where he was active. We now have a new requirement that all attendees must come at the beginning of the Conclave and stay until the closing.

  So we have a wonderful upcoming Conclave planned and groups are already working at the site in the Italian community. And we also have 6-8 new groups since the Conclave meeting who would like to join and participate, so the network and the gatherings are continuing to grow. This is a fulfillment of the vision for WSI, which is to be a subjectively active intergroup with representatives from all over the planet linking meditatively, and meeting rhythmically to build in all planes of reality the loving relationships and group linkages to help create a pathway of light within human consciousness for the emergence of the Christ energy, and ultimately the Christ, on earth.

  The WSI and the Conclave is open to representatives of esoteric groups who are actively working for the Reappearance of the Christ through meditation, teaching. Healing, or in other ways. If your group is interested in participating in the WSI, you can contact Gordon Davidson at Gordon Davidson, or call 415-472-2540.
For more information on the World Service Intergroup you can visit the website at

Much love, light, purpose and joy to everyone,

Gordon Davidson
 Gordon Davidson
Gordon Davidson is co-author of Spiritual Politics (Foreword by the Dalai Lama), and Builders of the Dawn.  He is co-founder of The Center for Visionary Leadership, with offices in California and North Carolina, and co-founder of Sirius, an ecological village and spiritual community in Massachusetts. Gordon is a Fellow of the World Business Academy and the Findhorn Foundation, and was formerly the Executive Director of the Social Investment Forum and of The Center for Environmentally Responsible Economies. He has served on the adjunct faculty of The American University and the University of Massachusetts.  He has lectured around the U.S., Europe and So. America for over 25 years and has been interviewed by The New York Times, The Washington Post, The Wall Street Journal, USA Today, and NBC TV.
Relating Humanity and Hierarchy
Excerpt: Discipleship in the New Age (DiNA) Volume 1, P723-725
At this time there is a great increase in the number of people who are being thus related and the senior disciples of all the Masters Who take chelas are exceedingly busy with the training of aspirants, as well as with the work entailed by the gravity of the world crisis. The aspirants thus trained are in reality the nucleus of the future world servers, and are consequently of great importance. The task of those thus engaged falls into three categories; as senior disciples and initiates are thus occupied, they are themselves learning much. These three categories of work are:
The establishing of magnetic influence
The setting up of telepathic rapport
The making of basic karmic readjustments
The first task which confronts disciples is to arrive at an understanding of the nature of the aspirants for whom they have made themselves responsible and also to establish a zone or path of influence, so that they can be definitely useful and able to communicate with the aspirant. It might be pointed out that, in the past, such relationships were between soul and soul, and consequently required a long period of "bringing through" to adequate recognition in the mind and brain of the aspirant. Today, this method still persists in the majority of cases but many of these helping disciples are experimenting (under the direction of their Master) in working directly with the aspirant upon the physical plane, thus involving personality as well as soul relation. This constitutes a far more difficult relationship but it is part of the new process of externalizing the hierarchical effort of which all outer Ashrams (which are now slowly forming) are a part. By means of this, the chela in the Light is trained to recognize members of the Hierarchy by first becoming aware of disciples more advanced than himself and by learning to give due weight to their words and suggestions. You can see, therefore, how a great effort is being made to bring the two centres - Humanity and the Hierarchy - into a much closer rapport and relationship, both objectively and subjectively.
by Linda Vuglar
ray cycle - l vugler
                    fractal - ashramic expansion    



                                                                                                    SOLAR SYSTEM

Three Gongs of Initiation - mental astral etheric
                                         HEALING CENTRE
Large Temple - L Vugler
                                                LARGE TEMPLE
Upcoming Classes
 Three Gongs of Initiation - mental astral etheric
Headquarters Class - 60 lessons - in progress
Notice will be sent when a new Headquarters Class will start. This course is based on the classes/transmissions Lucille gave in 1961-62 to her group, which had moved to Colarado with her to set up the Head center.
Advanced Teacher Training - in progress
Full Moon Newsletter with communications from R/Lucille so if anyone is not receiving this, please contact Pam 
- Wisdom Gathering at Capistrano in September 2009. 
"I am looking forward to meeting all of you in person and having more time to get acquainted than last year.  We'll be working with the power of the overall group to help solve humanity's problems." Love and Light, Pam

The Nature of the Soul - 40 lessons
Study group at the Ojai Wisdom Center. The class is facilitated by Lyn Hebenstreit and Tara Blasco. The cost is free.
Monday meetings from 7:30 to 9:30 PM.
Address: 945 Oso Rd. Ojai, Ca 93023
For more information, please contact us at:   or
Nature of the Soul - 40 Lessons
In progress... 
1st and 3rd Wednesdays 
7 - 9:15 pm 
Contact: Christine Karlsen
William Moore
Alexandria, VA
Path of Initiation - 18 weeks
Begins October 2009
2nd and 4th Fridays
Noon - 2 pm
Alexandria, VA
For more information contact:
Teacher Training, Parts I and II
Began October 2008 with Theresa de Riggs*
Other courses offered online -
Path of Initiation 1 & 2
Soul & Its Instrument
Nature of the Soul

*Note: Theresa is the contact for the Australian Wisdom newsletter.
Beginning August 2009
The Path of Initiation 2 - Introduction to the Nature of the Soul (8 weeks)
Prerequsite - Participants will need to have studied Path of Initiation 1 - Introduction to Corrective Thinking

Contact: Gay Vickers    
Ocean Grove, Geelong area - Australia
 Nature of the Soul: August 2009
Contact: Janne Randall
Currently running - Online - fortnightly cycle of SI & weekly cycle PI level 2

Corrective Thinking - 40 lessons - in progress (concludes Nov 09)
Other courses offered online -
Path of Initiation 1 & 2
Soul & Its Instrument
Nature of the Soul

Contact Lucinda:
How to Save Earth - 40 lessons
Begins July 2009, according to demand and world need

This series will focus on the work immediately ahead of us during this crisis of opportunity, the work which is the specific task of our ashramic group life.
"The purpose of our Ashram is literally to create a new civilization. We have to build the forms which will carry the higher state of consciousness, the Fifth Kingdom in nature, right into the body of humanity."
From: Applied Wisdom - Teacher Training, by Lucille Cedercrans
The crisis of opportunity is here, the need is now, it is time to take up the work of discipleship and make the new character and quality of Leadership, Education and Healing, Business and Economy, Art, Engineering and Science, Religion, and Creative Magic available to humanity.
The course will consist primarily of excerpts from the works of Lucille Cedercrans (on the topics listed above) with audio commentary.
Online - audio projections, text, and discussion.
Prerequisite: Nature of the SoulCreative Thinking, or the equivalent.
In progress:
The Disciple and Economy, by Lucille Cedercrans - 33 lessons
This series explains the relationship between the servant of the One Life and the economy of that Life.
"Every disciple who stands upon the threshold of world service, regardless of how small may be the part he will play in that activity, is faced with the necessity to know, to understand, and to wield the Economy of the One Life. He must grasp it as a Divine Plan in itself. He must see its relationships within the affairs of humanity, and come to understand its laws so well as to be enabled always to apply it to the furtherance of the evolutionary plan of the Soul."
The Disciple and Economy, by Lucille Cedercrans, p. 1
Our focus will be on grasping that plan, seeing it in relationship with humanity, and making the new economy available to humanity.
Online - audio projections, text, and discussion.
PrerequisiteNature of the SoulCreative Thinking, or the equivalent.
ends September, 2009
CONTACT: Glen Knape
Live, Sunday 7:00PM
(Pre-requisite: Nature of the Soul, background in Bailey material)
This class focusses on the esoteric aspects of this nation and does weekly service meditation to invoke the National Soul.

SANCTUM REGNUM- Live, Tuesday 7:00PM
(Pre-requsite: It is helpful to have a Bailey background, Nature of the Soul, and/or Teacher Training.) This class covers many diverse aspects of the Wisdom. The text is from work by Mattie Miller in the early part of the 1900's.
- Thursdays-Arcana Workshops in Culver City CA.
(Pre-requsite: Nature of the Soul)

UP-COMING Classes:

This class will focus upon the etheric mechanics of the connections and functioning of the SMB Alignment. Covered will be a lot of anatomy on the brain, its functioning in relation to the Soul, and how consciousness works through its form.
This class is a "hands on" experience in creating the esoteric within painting, poetry, music, and dance.

For information on these and other classes,
contact:Georgia Lambert

CONSCIOUS DYING* - 10-12 weeks
Begins again in 2009, according to demand & world need
A focus on Master DK's teachings, via AAB, on reincarnation, death and conscious dying, especially her view that the inner planes into which we are released at the moment of death can become known and understood during life.
Contact: Suzanne Vallez, 
*Also offering classes on Healing - 10 lessons
For more information on the courses of Lucille Cedercrans and the publication of the lesson material, please visit Wisdom Impressions online.
The Wisdom Impressions website is a most valuable resource. Besides many articles on the Wisdom Teachings of Lucille Cedercrans it also has numerous free downloads. These include two eBooks, a screensaver, and various meditations. You are also given the opportunity to read sections of the many books and pamphlets offered and place an on-line order.
You can visit their site at: Wisdom Impressions


A Manual for Teaching 'Nature of the Soul'
For Teacher Training Graduates
By Georgia Lambert

Many Teacher Training classes have been taught over the years. With all the various techniques given in the Training, the young teacher is often at a loss as to where to start. What technique is used where? This little book is a guide to help with that dilemma.
Because of the way in which the lessons unfold, many of the important techniques are given toward the end of the series, making the sequence of what to do and when to do it, a bit murky.

This guide will take all of the techniques and put them into a working sequence of which techniques to use and the order in which you will need to do them.
Here is everything you should know to do, objectively and subjectively as a trained Teacher of the Wisdom.
Here you will find a list of relevant techniques, where to find them in the lessons, and when to use them for your class as a whole, your students individually, and yourself.
This guide will be invaluable to Teachers as an important reference. It will give you a place to start, a reminder of some important techniques and functions, and a bit of a structure from which to proceed.
Offered in Dedicated Service,
Georgia Lambert
SECTIONS INCLUDE:                                                         
Preparing for a Class.
Evoking the Class.                          
Important Considerations.                  
Beginning the Class.                            
The Work of the Class.                     
Teaching the Techniques.                                                                 
Subjective Work and Adjustments.                                                
Bringing the Class to a Close. (Completing the Deva)
And so much more!
COST:  $17.00 (Check or money Order)

Georgia Lambert
18032 Lemon Drive # C
PMB 216
Yorba Linda, CA 92886
NOTE:This book is for Teacher Training Graduates Only!
Please include in your order, the year you finished Teacher Training and the name of your Teacher. Your order will not be processed without this information!
Please pass on this announcement to other qualified students!
Corrective Thinking - review
by: Lucinda DeFranco
 World Service
Humanity is an integral part of that Life in which we live, move, and have our being. Our appearance is as a separate entity, independent of, though related to, other lives, and because of this appearance we seldom realize our full identity or our field of Spiritual relationships. [1]
Most people who study Lucille's work are familiar with the flagship work Nature of the Soul, and yet the other 40-lesson series, originally titled Corrective Thinking, and more recently titled, Creative Thinking, is much less well known.
This series of lessons, Corrective Thinking, is designed to take a person from an aspiring astrally-polarized individual, who feels their way through life situations and is often the victim of circumstances, into a mentally-polarized, group-conscious, effective, service-oriented disciple, functioning as Soul, who's "responses are premeditated to produce the greatest good for the greatest number"
This process is achieved by practicing the various exercises given throughout the lessons - including visualizations, critical thinking, seed thoughts, meditations and role playing (creative thinking). Through these methods we look inwardly at those thought and feeling patterns with which we currently address the world, and then look outwardly to more clearly understand our part in impacting upon this world and those around us. We look not only at our own particular thought and feeling patterns but also upon those of the society, religious and secular, in which we find ourselves. We then practice correcting these patterns to more correctly reflect the true reality - our place within the One Life.
Humanity's next step, and our immedate need, is to supersede the world predicament with Love. [3]  If I have love, I cannot hate. If I have love, I see my brother's need in his act, and meet that need in my own act. If my heart knows compassion it cannot know preju-dice, and when my mind knows reason, which is love, it cannot become irrational. Therefore, if I have love, I am a friend and brother to all men. [4]
First, we discover the meaning of our field of Spiritual relationships within the body of humanity. We are not only related to others as a form such as: parent, child, husband, wife, employer, employee, etc., but as a consciousness. It is in this relationship of consciousness to consciousness that Purpose is revealed. [5]
The Spiritual Kingdom of Conscious Souls is composed of those who have evolved into awareness of themselves as souls and who live as such according to the precepts and ideals of the Soul. It is in the process of externalization so that a new Kingdom in nature is being born upon the physical plane of the Planet. It will be differentiated from the human kingdom not only by its superior intelligence, which results because of its wisdom, but also by its altruistic Love. It will be group conscious, each soul placing the good of humanity before its own personal pleasure or pain. This Kingdom, in the process of externalization now, brings with it great new revelations regarding humanity's origin, their destiny, and the nature of their life. It brings, also, the Reappearance of the Christ, that happening toward which we are now looking and working. [6]
Some of the material within these lessons can be challenging, yet if each student/teacher group can appoach it with a sense of curiosity and enthusiasm, with the understanding that as they participate in healing their own attitudes, they work towards this goal as part of their service to those around them, including the healing of their environment.

1 CT, P249
2 ibid, P193
3 ibid, P392
4 ibid, P135
5 ibid, P264
6 ibid, P251 
Student comment, when asked to say a few words about the class so far: "Fantastic dear Lucinda-- always something fresh to integrate and apply and keeping me very much on my toes. The class also it fits very well with the other classes I have right now. I do have to say the energies are very strong lately and what was once very easy is now very hard to accomplish. I used to have lots of energy to sit and work on classes, but these days that is just not so. I love our group and hope that this not having enough time goes away. Love you lots" --A  

Lucinda Tyrrell-DeFranco: Student within the Ancient Wisdom stream, this lifetime about 25 years; studied outwardly alone, Master DK/AAB, for 15 years; Undertook - Esoteric Healing course (D.K.-based) twice 1998/99 & 2003/04 within group format, including meditations with the EH group, & full moon meditations with another group.
Graduated Advanced Teacher Training in 2007; Currently teaching Corrective Thinking online. I have learned - no matter where you are on your journey there is always something to be learned via the seemingly "beginning lessons"!!!
an Introduction to Meditation
with Diana Lang
 Three Gongs of Initiation - mental astral etheric
3 Wednesdays in June
starting this Wednesday, June 10th
6:30-8:00 pm

$60 for this 3-part series

For everything, there is a season. The cycle of Summer is the time of year where our point of  focus naturally moves outward.  It is a time of profound growth and expansion.  And, it is the  perfect opportunity to begin or to reinforce your meditation practice. Now is the time to  imbue your life with a deeper spiritual understanding and add your note to the world's  evolution at this powerful moment in history.

Come join us at beautiful Meditation Mount for a beginning meditation experience where  you will learn some theory and practice to help develop, enliven and deepen your personal  spiritual practice. You will learn to dynamically connect self and soul in a safe and sacred environment and discover the wonders of your extraordinary inner life. Register online at
Directions and information will be sent when you register. 
Call 805/646-5508 to register
or go to
DIANA LANG is a longtime friend of the Mount and has led group meditations since 1980 and  contributes her insights and energy to the work of Meditation Mount. She is the author of OPENING TO MEDITATION.  She brings a fresh perspective to these ancient teachings, creating a supportive and uplifting environment for her students to stretch to their next spiritual step.
Diana Lang
from the City of Angels


Annual Christ Festival of Humanity
Mary and Lee Jones ( and Marilyn Mueller ( will hold a Group focus for an annual Christ Festival of Humanity at the time of the Gemini Full Moon to be held in form in Estes Park, Colorado, and subjectively worldwide.
WHEN: Seven days (six nights) at the time of the Gemini (June) Full Moon
WHERE: YMCA of the Rockies, Estes Park Center beginning 2010 (Amberwood in Estes Park in 2009)
WHY:  Maintain a steady alignment with the Christ consciousness within every frequency of the manifest One Life during the five days of the Christ Festival for Humanity in service to the Divine Plan for humanity.
WHAT: Times will be designated for group meditations. No other scheduled activities. Participants will use this time together as we each choose in our endeavor to hold our alignment 24/7.
To focus the continuance of this endeavor in the years to come, Mary, Lee and Marilyn will annually (beginning in 2010) finance a 4-bedroom cabin that sleeps 10 at the YMCA of the Rockies as well as simple meals. For more information contact those connected, or see last issue.



Mary and Lee Jones, in their home, and Marilyn Mueller, in her home, each have a bedroom available any time for one or two visitors. Anyone wanting a few days of quiet retreat in Estes Park is most welcome to send an e-mail request and come visit and make use of one of these rooms any time of the year.

Warm welcome,
Mary and Lee

The Nature of the Soul now available for French-
speaking people. 

The 234-page electronic book is available for purchase at our website: or

Nature of the Soul

We invite you to visit the site to have a better understanding of Lucille
Cedercrans' teachings, and to download the French translation.

A free English-language version of The Nature of the Soul is also available 
on the English version of the website.

We also ask that you pass this announcement along to your friends who 
may find it to be of interest.

Thank you for your interest.
Bernadette Rosenstiel and Evelyn Klein
LA Heart Project
Three Gongs of Initiation - mental astral etheric
Thanks to all who joined us for the Equinox Gathering at Balboa Lake ..... also to those of you who continue to support us in Heart, Mind and Spirit!

We offer this seed-thought and thank you for your ongoing participation as we hold that steady focus in the Heart

"In this time of crisis we stand strong together in the Heart
and hold a steady focused space
for the Power of Spirit
to reveal Truth, to inspire Goodwill and to empower Integrity
We vision these qualities circulating abundant new life throughout the planet"


                               PYRAMIDS OF POWER yahoogroup
We are in the process of reorganizing our pyramids in the Pyramids of Power yahoogroup that was started by Glenys Lowery in Feb. of 2003.  I would like to tell you a bit about the pyramid work, in case any of you are interested in participating. Perhaps some of you are familiar with the Triangles work sponsored by Lucis Trust at, or the Triangles of Light work found at, sponsored by LaUna Huffines, or the Triangles of Prayer work at  It involves people joining together in groups of three, creating a triangular network of Light, Love and Goodwill enfolding the earth. It is a simple yet powerful form of service that also utilizes The Great Invocation.  
Torkom Saraydarian, in his book The Triangles of Fire, extends the concept of the Triangles work to include working together in groups of five, forming a pyramidal service group. He discusses this on pp. 44-45 of his book.  If anyone is interested in this work or has further questions, you can contact me at you can also contact Starling Hunter at   

Three Gongs of Initiation - mental astral etheric

Wisdom Dictionary
Three Gongs of Initiation - mental astral etheric by William Moore
At the present time, The Wisdom Dictionary group service project is proceeding at a growing pace.  Definitions and concepts from the various books and lessons have come in from those participating and more are arriving. 
Currently, our initial proofreading phase has begun with Mary Jones, Pam Nissen, Christine Karlsen, and myself performing this role.  If there are more interested proofreaders out there, we would welcome your help.  This is a very large project which has grown more complex as we've proceeded, and at times it seems overwhelming.  We've stumbled on occasion, but our motto remains "Onward, inward and upward!" Please consult the website regarding our on-going efforts at: The Wisdom Dictionary

In the Light of The Christ,

William Moore 
Article Guidelines
1.  A  variety of topics is appreciated and requested - articles, poetry, photography, paintings, etc.,  that contribute in some form to the 'Wisdom' , the healing of the planet, psychology, science, economy or any department of human living. This gives our writers great leeway for creative exploration and expression.
Read an older Wisdom Newsletter to get some basic familiarity of the content we seek which is wide, varied and extensive.
2.   Distribution is currently quarterly at the equinoxes and solstices. Submissions generally close three, sometimes, two weeks prior to each particular issue.
3.   We prefer articles in Verdana - 10.
Attachments can be helpful. It is also desirable to have the text of the article submission within the body of the email if possible, if not, at least some intro which explains what we are opening, and gives us some basic idea of your submission.
4.   All material submitted is to expose and express our own unique contributions to the spread of intelligent goodwill and Wisdom. We offer no monetary reward for your inspired submissions. This is between you and the laws of universal abundance. 
We do applaud however.
   5. We also ask for a short bio of your life and service work. If possible send a small picture of yourself so that together they can be placed at the end of your article or art piece in acknowledgement. 

Pictures, including art are to be jpg, jpeg, .png, or .tif files.
   6. Information on Classes and workshops should be descriptive and informative: BRIEF, YET ESSENCEFUL.
Title of class, when, where, 'in person' or 'online', prerequisites if any, class fees if any, contact details, name, email address, phone.

   7. Notice board section: for events, projects, conferences, new links, brief info items etc
8. Book reviews: your own book or another's. We try to get one or more per issue. See examples in previous issues.
9. All material sent is considered by all members of our team; Articles to be submitted to at least two of our co-editor team - see below.
We cannot guarantee everything will be inserted into the Newsletter, although we will strive to place them into a subsequent issue. Space constraints may also mean we save your article or creative project (unless time specific) for a future issue. 
The Wisdom Newsletter is a group effort, and its success depends upon the willingness and enthusiasm of group members participating.

Please read our Article Guidelines

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Newsletter Articles
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If you are interested in any of the above opportunities, please contact us!

Adam DeFranco:
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Debbie George:

Bradley Conway:
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