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Vol 2, No 2: March 09
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Dear Co-Workers,
 The Wisdom Newsletter is a contemporary expression of the Wisdom community. It has become a Quarterly Journal with contributors from many countries with many viewpoints. The Newsletter goals are simple: to share what would be most helpful in exploring and understanding the subtle yet practical side of Human evolution.

As we view our Global Village today we see transformation and development in all departments of Human living and in every field of Human endeavor. Our writers explore this in ways which are sometimes direct and obvious and at other times in ways which are deeply esoteric. But at all times they seek to bridge in some form or another an awakening to what is most applicably real and spiritual in oneself and in others.

As a group it is our hope that this Newsletter includes material for heart and mind, and nourishes the Soul and Spirit. It is meant to be a hands-on expression and interpretation of what moves in the world today as a living spiritual force to bring and birth the new ideas of Synthesis and Brotherhood. 
The Wisdom Newsletter is sourced in the vision and inspiration of both its contributors and readers. It is our hope that it inspire and guide us into wise and serviceful action, assisting in some way the spiritual vitality of our culture so that the world can be remade according to that inherent design of the Creator's Divine Plan.
May it empower the Incarnation of Humanity's Soul.
Service within the One and the Many
I slept and dreamt that life was joy.
I awoke and saw that life was service.
I acted and behold! - service was joy.
                                - Rabindranath Tagore

Unity arrives into English through French, unité in turn from Latin unitas, from unus, one, therefore the correct translation into more Saxon English would be Oneness, or the 'quality of all being single'.
The ocean is the epitome of oneness. We hear its ebb and flow, only because we hear the collective song of every single wave, every splash, every foam. Just as if I take away a violin in Vivaldi's 4 Seasons, I take from the concert, to take away one single individual from amongst these, takes away from the song of the sea. So oneness is only so in relation to manyness or 'plurality'. This eternal concept was imprinted into the American Republic by its Fathers -Masons and Rosicrucians- E Pluribus Unum. Out of Many One.
                                                       A Co-worker
Walking in Christ

by Glen Knape

Yesterday I went for a walk with Christ.     

No, not the religious figure, and certainly not striding along next to me. It was, well... let me tell you about it.

I'd been working away in front of my home office computer for several hours, when I noticed that portions of my anatomy were crying out for relief. It was a fairly nice day, sunny but cool, so I went for a walk.

We live in an average north-American neighborhood - tract homes indistinguishable to the casual eye from any built around the 1970s. However, the light and smell would say "Southern California" to anyone familiar to that part of the world.

As usual, I picked an inner alignment as I walked toward the end of our cul-de-sac, and then decided on a route. This process of picking an alignment and then a route has been part of my walking routine for many years. I'm not sure how it started, probably as an extension of my formal meditation work, but these days it's simply something I do.

On this occasion I focused in the heart center. As I walked across the cross street at the end of our cul-de-sac I noticed that the heart center focus was quite energized and aligned up, from the heart, to the crown center.

Then, feeling a magnetic call, I continued the alignment upward through the crown, with the overshadowing Christ.

I continued walking as the heart center linked with the Christ, and felt the radiant Light of Christ begin to flow into my instrument.

By that time I'd reached the sidewalk in front of Bob and Charlie's place (they have the prettiest spring flower garden in several blocks). From the focus in the heart, my aura expanded outward, to include the households on both sides of the street, and I let the Light of Christ flow into and through me, to illuminate the neighborhood as I passed.

My heart swelled with love, light and joy as I walked, and my steps became strong and relaxed, with the easy spring of youth.

I continued onward, radiating Light, Love, Joy, and Hope to several blocks, returning home happy and invigorated.
This is an excellent example of what the New Economy is and how it works. It is Divine Light, Love and Power, flowing into and through us to illuminate and renew the world. How much material wealth we have, our job, education and where we live do not affect this process. We can all be sources of the abundance of the One Life.


 Glen Knape

Portals to the Heart of Life 

"I have to admit that at first I simply did not go to the blog, thinking I had no skill in this area , so leave that to the persons with skills in the area of finance etc.  The last several weeks I have been nudged inwardly to take a look at what the class offers and to visit Glen's blog.  And, oh my goodness!  The blog is a treasure trove of riches!  I quickly realized that I had been stuck in the old understanding of what constitutes economy.  I should have known better, but I didn't! : -)  Anyway, on the blog, Glen offers short, interesting, useful and practical examples of how to use our own personal economy: our mental, astral and physical/etheric alignment within the One Life, to create a helpful and healing alignment within the daily situations of our lives.  This is such a useful and practical reminder that we are here to create rather than react, and our personal "economy" is a powerful tool for blessing the world. 
I just mention this for those that might be like myself and have not taken a look at this blogspot for the same reasons that I did not. It is well worth the time!"
Kathy McMillan
 Am I My Brother's Keeper?
by Dinah Kennedy 
"Am I my brother's keeper?"                             

The Law of Magnetic Control (aka the Law of Magnetic Rapport) suggests that indeed we are each our brother's and sister's keeper, in that whatever intent we relate to substance will attract that substance which is in right relationship with (in rapport with) the frequency or resonance of the intent we radiate into it.  And likewise, any substance which is not in rapport with that intent will be repelled.

When we apply that concept to any substance within the ring-pass-not of a fellow human and kindred soul, it suggests that we are keepers of the keys for how we will relate together.  If our intent is aligned with Soul and Divine Love-Wisdom, we will attract high-quality, love-and-reason-infused substance from them into our own ring-pass-not and experience (thus relating theirs and ours); and that substance from them which is activated into activity in relation to us will be of a high quality, aligned with love and reason, in keeping with the quality (frequency/resonance) of the intent.  And our intent will repel the substance within the brother's/sister's ring-pass-not which is of a lower, lesser, more self-interested quality than the frequency of the intent. Thus significant beneficial aspects of relationship with a brother or sister are initiated by us.  However, if we relate a low quality, personal, self-interested intent of our own (not aligned with the highest good of all concerned) to the substance of a brother or sister, we will attract substance of a similar quality and nature from them into our ring-pass-not and experience (which we will then both share). We and they will experience some disharmonious aspects of mis-relationship, as substance that is dissonant with the Divine Intent of Love and Reason takes form in our common experience.

So, yes, I am my brother's and sister's keeper in that the care I take to relate to them (and to the substance within their ring-pass-not which will determine some aspect in our relationship) makes a significant difference to us both.  And now that I understand this, it becomes my responsibility to initiate and bring together those aspects of relationship that are for the highest good of all concerned.  And in that way I serve to give care to my brother/sister, and in giving care might be called my brother's keeper.

Dinah lives in Utah. She is a long time student of the Wisdom, and is currently in the 9th Teacher Training class working with Pam Nissen. 
Lucille Cedercrans - Disciple on the Thread -
Disciple of Synthesis
excerpt from Ashramic Projections 

 Three Gongs of Initiation - mental astral etheric
These seven disciples of Synthesis, for such they truly are, should not be expected or requested to demonstrate perfection in the persona nor to be very different in the outer sense from other disciples in the field, yet they should receive the respect, love, and cooperation that is due them. Their task is one of the most difficult to be undertaken in any Ashram, and for three or more incarnations they have been hard at it, so to speak, building an instrument in the three worlds sufficient to that task.                                                                                               
Let me here indicate-  ..."The Power of the disciple of Synthesis is the Power of Divine Purpose synthesized with human need."...
I, the Master R., do not hesitate at this time, to ask you to aid my disciple, Lucille Cedercrans, in whatever way you can, thus aiding my own as well as your own service effort. I do not ask you to consider or accept her as perfect or infallible, nor to pay her homage, nor to place her upon any pedestal of illusion and glamour, but to see and to accept her in the Light of what she is-a disciple with a specific job to do, plus the training, the experience, and the capacity to fulfill the obligations she has undertaken.

I ask you not to judge the persona or its life and affairs, but only the work. In so doing you may come to know and love the Soul. Let it be remembered that Lucille's work with Me is not that of a machine which takes down words, phrases, and sentences; but rather it is that of the creative artist whose function, in part, is to create the form which will carry a specific concept and energy to a waiting humanity. Reread any paragraph in The Nature of The Soul and understand my meaning. It is not just any or every disciple on the thread who could have created precisely that form.  

(Ashramic Projections, pp 170-172)
l cedercrans - 1980    Lucille Cedercrans
 - taken by Greg Tzinberg, approx 1980                          
(Photo at top taken around 1960 - not by Greg)
Editor's note:
Lucille Cedercrans traveled extensively. This mobility and continual movement was, in part, by design. Lucille's intent was not to form an organization and have her work become an institution. Instead, the effort was to be carried on by those who embodied the work by practice and whose only authority was the soul.

Her prime opus, The Nature of The Soul, instructs us to focus on the effect of the work, and not its source. For more information visit Wisdom Impressions
A Synthesis of Hierarchy and Democracy in Governance
by: Corinne McLaughlin

Synthesizing the principles of hierarchy and democracy was perhaps the most important lesson I learned about leadership in non-profit organizations I've worked in. Having previously experienced only oppressive, top-down hierarchies in my life, I was naturally drawn to the iconoclastic, anti-leader politics of the '60s and '70s.  In those days, I refused to assume or acknowledge my own leadership, even when I was the co-founder of the organization.  I was always trying to make sure power was distributed equally among members of the groups I was involved in--even when someone had only recently joined.
But this brought many painful experiences.  I was holding too high an expectation of other peoples' abilities and their willingness to shoulder responsibility.  When they didn't conform to my expectations, I'd get resentful.  And then they'd feel judged. But then I finally began to accept my own leadership and to see people more realistically.  I learned the necessity for a creating a balance of hierarchy and democracy in a group.
The principle of hierarchy has received a bad rap in recent years in progressive circles and spiritual groups because of all the abuse of power by hierarchies in our society, but it needs to be redeemed and understood.
I realized that although we all may be theoretically equal in potential, not all of us are at the same level of actually manifesting our potential at any given moment. In every group, there is always a hierarchy of ability present, and this needs to be recognized. This perception avoids burdening people with unrealistic expectations that can cause guilt, anger or resentment if they are not able to live up to them.
I found that an obsession with equality in a group can come from a lack of self-worth, as it may be a subtle demand for reassurance that we are just as good as anyone else. It can also come from a fear of accepting our own leadership responsibilities.
Overemphasis on equality in a group can also lead to a lack of motivation for developing our own potential, as we receive no greater rewards for our demonstrated abilities, and in fact, others may even view greater abilities with jealousy. This can lead to what's often called "the tyranny of the structureless group," where no one is empowered to take initiative on behalf of the group, and there is an anti-leadership bias leading to stagnation. 
In fact, there's always leadership present in any group-one or more people have more influence than other people.  But if their leadership is not acknowledged and made accountable and transparent, it will still affect the group and may in fact become quite manipulative.
On the other hand, as we are all well aware, overemphasis on hierarchy can lead to arrogance and abuse of power, as well as missed opportunities for new creative impulses. The limitations of the leader or leadership group can become the limitations of the entire organization. This can lead to immense frustration, with a continued threat of rebellion or at least passive resistance and subtle sabotage.
Applying a transformational synthesis to this age-old conflict of hierarchy vs. democracy takes the best aspects of hierarchy - love and responsibility (rather than power and dominance) - and the best aspects of democracy - participatory inclusiveness (rather than the lowest common denominator) - and raises them to up to a higher synthesis.
The principle of hierarchy acknowledges current abilities, quality and excellence (actualized potential). Hierarchy recognizes ability and accomplishment. It values leadership, purpose, direction, vision, and efficiency. It can be very efficient and provide clarity and accountability. It encourages and rewards initiative. It can provide models of achievement for others to aim for.  It can offer mentoring for those who are younger or less experienced. Each of us must learn to recognize whom we can learn from because they are more advanced in certain areas (and thus we can practice humility).  But we must also recognize whom we can serve because they haven't yet developed certain qualities that we might have (and thus we can practice responsibility).
The principle of democracy acknowledges future potential and empowers its development, giving people the maximum freedom to grow and develop. It provides opportunity and encouragement. It values inclusiveness, relationship, listening, and compassion. Equal opportunity, political rights, and decision-making power are bestowed on all so that individuals may develop their full potential. There is an emphasis on inclusiveness, where everyone is equally honored and encouraged to participate. This can be especially reassuring for those lacking self-worth or self-confidence.
The synthesis of the best of democracy and the best of hierarchy creates enlightened leadership. Democracy provides the container to hold and nourish people's development and hierarchy provides the direction to grow into. As individuals take more responsibility for the good of all, they are then given commensurate authority and power-- not the reverse. When there is a good synthesis of hierarchy and democracy, leaders only accept as much authority as people are willing to give them. Work gets done through inspiring people with vision or purpose, rather than bossing or dominating them. There is an encouragement, rather than a suppression of feedback, since good leaders know how to listen.  And they invest a great deal of energy in developing good relations with all members of the group.  Good leaders embody a balance of heart, mind and will (or purpose) energy.
Enlightened leaders support people in developing their abilities by providing equal opportunities and political rights-but do not guarantee equal outcomes.  It's up to each individual to do the best he or she can with the opportunities given.
Enlightened leaders create "power with" people rather than "power over" people - a blend of leadership and empowered equality, where leadership relates to function and "facilitating energy," rather than to personality. Individual learning and responsibility are fostered, as is a sense of team spirit and ownership by all members.
Enlightened leadership can be developed through both change in structure and change in consciousness or attitudes. Organizations can be structured so that people are inspired to do things for themselves, to make their own decisions, and to take on more responsibility. Leadership can be rotated and/or based on function to avoid dependency on one person.   There can also be team leadership. There needs to be an institutionalized process for creating a widely shared vision and mission, and for consensus building on major decisions. There also needs to be an agreed upon process for giving valuable feedback to leaders, and a method for gathering creative ideas from all parts of the organization.
This new type of enlightened leadership represents a change in consciousness.  It is educative rather than directive-drawing out the best in others. It inspires responsibility rather than creating dependence. It is based on the assumption that people already have the potential wisdom and creativity within them, so the task of leadership is mainly to encourage and draw out this potential, helping people develop their skills and sense of self-worth. People are helped to develop self-confidence and a sense of self-worth. Negotiation rather than pure authority is the basis of relationships.
Over the years I've had the opportunity to keep practicing and refining this synthesis of democracy and hierarchy in my own leadership. My natural tendency is to over-emphasize democratic inclusiveness, so I have to keep remembering to honor leadership and hierarchy.  Through our leadership courses at The Center for Visionary Leadership, my colleagues and I work to nurture a more enlightened leadership in many people who take our trainings, especially the younger generation.  We've also worked to build coalitions among leaders to create a new politics and to bring spiritual values into business.
I've also recognized that the best leaders know how to work behind the scenes and avoid the ego and power trips that often snare leaders who must hog the spotlight. I've learned the special wisdom of the ancient Chinese sage, Lao Tzu, who said, "Leadership is best when the people say, 'We have done this ourselves!'" 
Corinne McLaughlin is co-founder of The Center for Visionary Leadership and Sirius Community and co-author of Spiritual Politics and Builders of the Dawn.  She coordinated a national task force for President Clinton's Council on Sustainable Development and has served on the governing councils of numerous non-profit organizations over the last 30 years.  Contact  info:;
   photo - Corinne McLaughlin
What is the Wisdom?
 Buddha rising
It is the Life of the Spiritual Soul on Its own plane
There is only one Wisdom. However, there are many forms of interpretations; many forms of translations through many personalities, minds and levels of human consciousness.                                                           
                                                                         Buddha Rising
                                                                       Artist - Thomas Karlstroem
"So many probationers in the world today are confused as to what The Wisdom is, and in their efforts to make of it something which it is not, they are thwarting Hierarchical effort rather than aiding it."
"Its purpose will be to synthesise through its magnetic quality of Light, the consciousness of the many into a One, i.e., to attract, relate, and integrate the separative consciousness of human beings into a living totality of One Humanity." (The Nature of the Soul, Lesson 26)
(There are four lectures that Lucille Cedercrans wrote, for Ward Fuller in Portland, on 'The Wisdom'.)

STAY TUNED - Will be continued in June issue due to space constraints

"The Wisdom" is dedicated in part to aid the growth of consciousness via an educational program designed to give man true knowledge of his own identity.
by D & N Philhower, R Randall
  Wisdom Dragon
We all come into incarnation as Souls with a Divine Purpose. When It becomes manifested through the personality and the three-fold instrument, it serves the betterment of Humanity and the Planet.
This Divine Purpose carries within It the Love and the Wisdom, which is the ways and the means, to accomplish this Purpose according to the Divine Plan.
We are important to the Divine Plan because we have a service activity to accomplish that is uniquely ours in relationship to the need in Humanity's consciousness. We may not know, at the moment, what that service is in our brains, but the Over-shadowing Spiritual Soul does, and most often it is not what the personality believes, thinks, or feels, it is.
How can we be receptive to and embody that service when our conditioning goes against that Divine Will held in focus by the Higher Consciousness of that Divine Purpose? Simply stated, we do not have "free" choice, as a personality, to determine that service activity already held in solution by that Higher Purpose. We do not have free choice because our conditioning is crystallized by subconscious emotional patterns and concretized thought-forms motivating the personality that's in the driver's seat of our vehicle for incarnation. 
Our incarnate consciousness - the "man in the brain" - the Soul identified with this personality and all its driving forces, usually goes along for the ride, with the personality in charge. Our personality chooses according to the dictates of these deep subconscious forces and patterns. It's in charge, while the Higher Soul quietly waits for the "soul" in the brain to "wake up" and take back its control under direction, not from the lower subconscious group life, but from the Higher Group Life of the Overshadowing Soul.
Wisdom Therapy is Soul Therapy. This was first introduced to students of the New Thought-form Presentation of the Wisdom in The Nature of the Soul, Lesson 8, and later in the long version of the original Corrective Thinking, which refers to this process as "Spiritual Alchemy", in Lesson 27.
Wisdom Therapy is the Intelligent Activity of the Spiritual Soul applied to Its lower "self" in the brain and Its incarnate instrument within Humanity.
Wisdom Therapy is a process of holding a focus as Soul with the personality, while using available tools and techniques to bring to reveal in the Light of the Spiritual Soul those powerful dominating patterns of subconscious emotional forces that influences our thoughts and behavior causing obstruction and interference to our embodying of the Higher Soul qualities and Its Divine Purpose. 
Following this Path allows us to live and to have Life more abundantly. Within the Wisdom Teachings there are many such tools and techniques that have been given from the Ashram for the sincere Student to work with and to follow, but only as service to Humanity. This of course includes the Student. However, these techniques can only be safely put to right use when the Student exercises the Power of Decision and chooses to do so by following directions, dedicated practice, and learning how to hold the focus as the Soul, within the personality, but not as a separated personality.
The Light and the Love of the Spiritual Soul will gradually transmute and transform the personality. Then it will become an instrument fit for service through which the Higher Soul can manifest Its Divine Purpose for Humanity, and begin to synthesize with and function as group consciousness.
Referring to the words of the Master DK:

Discipleship in the New Age I
I would like here to emphasize one point as we consider the individual in the group and his group relations. Watch with care your thoughts anent each other, and kill out at once all suspicion, all criticism and seek to hold each other unwaveringly in the light of love. You have no idea of the potency of such an effort or of its power to release each other's bonds and to lift the group to an exceedingly high place. By the pure light of love for each other, you can draw nearer to me and to the teachers on the subjective side of life and arrive more rapidly at that Gate which opens on the lighted Way.

The Wisdom Foundation
                                            Artwork - WISDOM DRAGON - Thomas Karlstroem
Douglas Philhower
In the third grade, I became aware of an expanded state of consciousness other than my normal daily awareness. This consciousness was associated with forthcoming events in my personal life and also with world events. I found myself attempting to bridge two worlds involving my biological family and another "family" in a different plane of existence, which I did not understand at that time.

Later in my late teens and early twenties, I found my way to a few books on astrology, numerology, parapsychology, etc., in search of answers to this growing awareness that was consuming me with impressions of higher spiritual realities and of a group of "teachers" or "mentors". However, I had no working knowledge of the Hierarchy, the Ashrams, or any related concepts as yet. This gave me a great deal of difficulty and frustration. I had no knowledge of the Hierarchy, but was studying the Bible, and was aware of the Christ within a dimension other than just in a religious context. I began to realize more and more that my origin came somehow from "above", but I found myself stuck and isolated "down here". Still connected but not really knowing what I was suppose to do. 

At one point, I became aware of very specific mental impressions from this higher consciousness "above" me that identified itself with the concept of "elder brothers", though I had never read or heard that term before. Then when I was twenty-three years old, a break-through happened, which showed me how much of this physical world is an illusion. I also became aware, at that moment, of a very clear, strong, impression that was telling me, "let your alignment be your teacher."

Since 1976, my mother, Jane Reed, began her training under Lois Maxwell (Harris)*. Then around 1978, when Jane was taking station training from Lois, she introduced me to Lois for the first time. I remember noticing a familiarity about her that I did not understand. After a couple of months of instruction under her, she introduced me to the reality of "who" this state of consciousness was that had been with me since the third grade. It was the Identity and frequency known to the group, as she taught it, as the Master H.I.*

Altogether I had a year and a half of class work and personal instruction with Lois, and with her assistance, and training, completed my conscious alignment with H.I., which is active to this day. This was the answer to all my questions that I had been searching for, but could never find in books. Through this relationship and training with Lois, I was given the opportunity to contribute to The Wisdom Fellowship, founded by Lois and Peter Harris in 1980, by creating the symbolic logo design approved by Lois, which is used to this day on her work and lesson materials. The logo for The Wisdom Fellowship is a rose with superimposed images of the geometric symbols of the circle, the equated cross and equilateral triangle with a crystal clear drop of water at its center. This is also used now as logo for The Wisdom Foundation.

The primary focus and geographical location for the Wisdom Foundation in Las Cruces, New Mexico, is a continuation and extension of the work initiated by Lois in Albuquerque New Mexico in 1980. This has been, and still is, under the inspirational guidance of the Master H.I. for the group work of Wisdom Teaching and Wisdom Therapy presently conducted by myself and my wife Naomi Philhower, who knew Lois and was trained under Jane Reed. 
Certified Teacher of The Wisdom Fellowship
Chairperson of The Wisdom Foundation, CCOF
1990-1992 Board Member Sandia Science of Mind
1999-2000 served as President of The Wisdom Fellowship
2003-2006 served as Chairperson COF The Wisdom Fellowship
2003 Naomi and I founded The Wisdom Foundation
Five years teaching all required classes for being a certified Teacher of The Wisdom Fellowship.
Currently teaching R/Lucille's Teacher Training 1 & 2 and Wisdom Therapy by Lois
*Lois Maxwell Harris was a disciple "on the thread" and co-worker with Lucille Cedercrans. 

Master H.I. is not to be confused with the Master Hilarion as presented in the works of Alice Bailey. Lois Maxwell Harris was the only known "disciple on the thread" for the Master H.I. He first made contact with her in 1957. Later, He was first introduced to the original Southern California group of the NTFPW on February 28, 1960. It was during the second series of projected instruction by R/Lucille for Teaching Training with Lois attending. She was given permission by R, through Lucille, for H.I. to introduce Himself to that group as "a new contact". He is directly related to the inter-cosmic group of the Avatar of Synthesis and has come into our planetary life to fulfill the vacancy of the Office of the Seventh Ray Ashram as Lord of the Seventh Ray since the Master R moved into the Office of the Mahachohan as Lord of Civilization. More about H.I. can be found in Vol. II of Applied Wisdom under chapter titles, Master H.I. and Master's Offices. 

Billie Roberts, who was originally trained by Lucille and Lois, introduced H.I. to the Southern California group (Orange County) during a period of Teacher Training initiated by Lucille's husband, Richard Schaible in 1991-92. Richard was a trained station by Lucille with an alignment to the Master M and the Master R. In 1987, Billie initiated a cycle of Wisdom Therapy for the group under the inspiration and guidance of H.I. as a continuation of the therapy work that Lois and H.I. began in 1980.

Integrating the Group Fires

Three Gongs of Initiation - mental astral etheric

"It is expected that the future will bring many more Integrated Groups to this Fire.
At present, there are many individuals, but too few Groups, who have passed
through the Fire of Integration...A spiritual consciousness  which will broach no
separative attitude..."
                                 Gloria Crook

'There are many evolutionary processes in which the individual and its correlating
 group pass through. These processes can be observed by the perceptive eye. 
There is a high value placed on groups which can serve the Divine Plan. But in order
to do this adequately there are certain subtle yet powerful forces which need to be
addressed and assimilated.In time co-operative leadership may become the
norm for all groups designed to serve the greater good of humanity. But in the
intervening time there are obstacles and hurdles which hinder the divine force from
flowing freely through the group organism. As this group is a living organism there can
be certain psychological processes and energies which can be utilized for the 
advancement of the whole. If these energies are constructively assimilated according
to law the group will be invested with certain 'fires' which can guide and fulfill its
spiritual function.
It is a Herculean task to bring an incarnate group to this level of functional fusion.
But the beauty of its service function is increased exponentially. May such groups
emerge soon.' Adam D.

It is expected that the future will bring many more Integrated Groups to this Fire. At
present, there are many individuals, but too few Groups, who have passed through
the Fire of Integration. . A spiritual consciousness which will broach no separative
attitude because of the inherent realization of Unity brings the group through this

Within this Fire will be found the burning of individual motives. This is a most painful
Fire as it often involves the relinquishing of that which the server holds most dear. It
must be remembered that as a group approaches this Fire as an Inspired, Dedicated,
Integrated Group, each individual member has already succeeded in passing through
the former Fires or is more than half the way through - there is no turning back.
Success is certain with perseverance.
The Purpose to be achieved must be accomplished through the work of imperfect
human beings. 
An added note:
('...certain things are not mentioned in the Fires Booklet...')
While all of humanity is ONE ENTITY, and there might be a loving realization of this,
the entire Cosmos is built upon Hierarchical structures. Among human individuals, very
few are at exactly the same point in evolution and working closely together. When
there is no recognition of the natural  hierarchical  status among a group of servers,
it is usually due to the ambitious who want to lead.  A group will recognize such an
ambitious individual, and also the true leaders whom they are attracted to follow.
Such leaders exhibit a natural will-to-good and humility, taking responsibility with a
loving determination to share as much of the planning and work as possible.
Some fail to realize that, while there are groups of the New Group of World Servers all
around the World  who are on the same Rays and at the same point of development,
preparing for Initiation, this is very seldom going to be found in a small group of
disciples in one place. The group referred to above, is one who works simultaneously precipitating specific solutions related to their Ray, and they may meet or not, but
theywork in full cooperation and are a Unified Group on subtle levels. They recognize
one another.
In a small group, scarcely related to the above Initiates, the ambitious, standing
firmly on a theoretical Foundation of ONENESS, demand to have equal say as to
what is going to occur, and may have very good motives, but are not taking into
account that they are not equal in understanding, and do not grasp all that must be
considered in the procedures. They do not Unify, because they have not developed
the necessary selfless qualities for Unification.
Ambition is a very powerful, personal incentive; it can wreck a group. If everyone
involved could understand that they are to provide their thoughts and take
responsibility along with others in the group, these qualities will be recognized as
necessary. But, it will be clear that some have a capability to GIVE in the selfless
manner which belies ambition of any sort. Those will naturally be accepted in that
role, while others who integrate, will easily subordinate to the useful possibilities for
their own talents and assets; ALL will benefit thereby.
Ambitious persons have a combination of working qualities that are dangerous to
themselves and others. They always believe they are right, which (unbeknownst to
them) closes the door to becoming RIGHT. They are ruthless instead of selfless,
running roughshod over all who might oppose them - because they believe they are
right. If they were actually RIGHT, all others would know it and cooperate. Only the
weak-willed will follow, because the displayed potency of the force of ambition
creates fear, not agreement.
A group is usually formed of different Ray types; there will be an attraction to do the
parts of the planning and work which suits their individual  Ray energies, - which
everyone will see is correct in UNIFICATION.
The Fire of Integration precedes Unification, and may split a group between those
who fear, and those who keep-on-keeping-on together until the goal is achieved,
even though true Unification is lacking.
Incidentally, in a " ______ Group,"  when such problems arise, it is challenging to the
Higher Spiritual Purposes of the group. It creates karmic liabilities for those who allow
themselves to be used to implement the challenge, as strange as that may seem. 
Forces are always arrayed against the Light, and always provide opportunity for
growth if recognized. Only the Love of the Soul and the Energies of the Triad, will be
sufficient to Triumph.
Yours in Peace,        Gloria Crook

You are referring to the sacred contact that manifests itself sometimes, if everyone
in the room is in tune, and tuned in.                                      Daniel E.
It's very easy to be a holy man on the top of a mountain, abstaining from any base
or mundane temptation...                                        Miguel P.
A group meditation magnifies its effectiveness,  ...Also, "Higher" Beings visit classes
                                                                            Burt W.
Yes, I think we are speaking of a similar endeavor.One thought I hear from various
co-workers is that there is an externalized development of having a group become
'At-Oned'.Certainly we continue with our own individual meditations and inner growth
but if a group as a whole seeks to serve the guiding directives of their Master they
must out of necessity go thru an extensive process. It is rare for a dedicated group
to meet in this fashion and align to and become infused with the energy
consciousness of the stronghold.Who can withstand the fires for Ashramic
cognizance? We must become very subtle.
                                                                         Adam D.

Shared Leadership
by: Thomas Rizzo
 Three Gongs of Initiation - mental astral etheric
(To me this typifies what our Wisdom Gathering 2009 is all about! Love and Light and Power, Pam Nissen)
There is much overshadowing the group that has not been able to impress the group mind. Though it is closer than we may think or know nevertheless, there is that unconscious avoidance. The devic matter, joyfully carrying out its old program and sensing the change but, lacking the use of free will to shift, does what it always does! It avoids, blocks or otherwise resists change! Knowing this, Hierarchy has a natural tolerance and understanding as it nudges the disciple on. As group and individual moving into a new phase of growth and development it is necessary to bridge this resistance. The deliberate confusion we experience in grasping a new concept such as cooperative leadership is the devic resistance we carry as well as the fact that we don't have any previous thought-form concepts to hang the hat on. At least in the early days the ground breaking group knew leadership in the typical Third Ray format of boss on top and a descending hierarchy of management to carry out the orders. Leaders functioned like a military chain of command. To image sharing that role without protecting one's territory and ego vested interest was unthinkable. After all, I'm this body, name, person/role, etc, as yet without the consciousness of being a part of the One Life. How could I admit I didn't have all the answers, only a portion there of and thus turn to another who had my missing part? The early group had a terrific series of difficulties to surmount in order to bring in the Wisdom. We can see why it took some courageous strong people to initiate the group assignment and, we can be compassionate in understanding why everything couldn't be brought in at once!
The spiritual light cannot penetrate muddy or cloudy waters. It is impossible to heal what you don't know or see! While it is not necessary to spend years and years on an analyst's couch digging up and reliving every past infantile thought, word and deed, it is necessary to see an erroneous or faulty pattern in order to know what to change. Get rid of the square wheel and install a round one for a smooth ride versus a ride with a migraine!  
Some of our patterns may go back to incarnations long ago in the dim past. Once it served us well to shun matter and material goods as evil or bad when our life then was one of withdrawal to focus on a spiritual ideal. But that great good then now becomes an anchor pulling us down. In today's economic and social times we need to see the relative value of material things if we are going to earn and accept what is rightfully ours. The disciplined pattern of a nine to five job refocus's the consciousness on working with devic forms to survive in this world dimension. The old attitudes will keep us from being independent and happily earning our way in the world in order to perform our service. Part of the struggle to make ends meet maybe a long forgotten pattern we carry about rejecting the material world. It can also be that we unconsciously accepted certain thought forms floating in an ancient cultural environment just like we do today. We get programmed by the collective mind to like certain things, need certain objects, behave in a certain role in order to feel happy and adjusted. That unconscious acceptance doesn't serve the disciple who is working to be the Conscious Soul Incarnate. Becoming that Conscious Soul Incarnate means clearing all the old debris that's blocking the path. 
As we regain consciousness and find those patterns we can go into the past, transmute and reclaim that portion of lost consciousness and move forward more effectively in our service. We can't fulfill the service until this happens. I guess you could say the process is the service. There are many new 7th Ray techniques in today's spiritual world view that allow us to take charge and heal ourselves without draining our resources paying someone else to "try" and do it for us. The study and application of archetypal patterns, energy tapping points based on the acupuncture meridians and working with nature devas are only a few examples.
I mention the above because R is speaking to the group about some of the problems they are encountering and the difficulties they experience while they may not be fully conscious of what the blocks may be and therefore what to do about it. Are we any different today? This is typical of any new initiatory effort. I recall many such questions and spending countless hours searching bookstores and publishers for answer materials in the '80's. There was little if anything there! The collective call wasn't strong enough for solution to pull the arrow tight in the bow and release it with the power to find solution. Then suddenly heaven's flood gates opened and by the 90's more poured in than you could handle. It got down to using careful discrimination to wade through it all and find what was yours!
The conscious man in the brain knows there's a problem but can't always see how to reach a plateau and get an overview of the problem and therefore get a grasp of solution. We are born into a world we come to know as "the pair of opposites". When we try to solve a problem we normally do it through judgment, harsh emotional reaction, criticism, etc. These are the very things that get us in deeper and perpetuate the problems. We go back and forth, horizontally, with the pairs of opposites trying to keep balanced.  After a while, through study of the Wisdom and above all through building the meditation alignment we learn to shift to a vertical opposite and invoke the overshadowing "archetypal" pattern of solution into the awaiting matter. The solution takes the form of the consciousness we carry or can handle. That consciousness also has to be shaped and molded via experience in order to grow its quality. Thus it will carry in right relationship, the overshadowing solution. So here we come to the real issue! It's THE CONSCIOUSNESS! 
One reason I'm a little late in this writing is due to the fact that I sensed a light wasn't on and I couldn't find the switch. I kept sitting down to work and getting: "No, not yet!" Then last night I did what I don't do often unless guided or pushed. I sat down to watch two, two hour documentary on the History Channel. One dealt with one of the most turbulent periods of our recent history, the Nixon years. Following that was another two hour documentary on the "Sputnik Mania". Being very young during these periods I reacted in the way all Americans did at the time: love/hate, peace/war, fear/security, poverty/abundance, etc, etc. the unconscious pair of opposites! Now many years later seeing the history presented in a straight forward, honest and balanced manner and with my emotional detachment, the light went on! The drama playing out on the stage was the collective social drama of limited erroneously identified consciousness in various human forms and personalities. The in rush of understanding left me speechless! It also reinforced my firm belief that we cannot understand our life and problems without a good knowledge of our mundane history. To know that history we have to place ourselves in that time period not in judgment, but detached and objectively, get into the straight jacket of the spirit and life of those times! What were they taught, by whom, for what purpose and why? We can't view with judgment and evaluation from today's political, social and economic philosophy and values. Our values have hopefully expanded to include more! Even in this recent history to which I refer, you could see how the limited consciousness mis-identified as "an inferior victim being pursued by enemies" had unpleasant consequences for all who carried that pattern and so unconsciously bought into it on either side of the issue.
This helps us understand what R means when he speaks about fear of various kinds: fear of cooperation, fear of shared responsibility, fear in various and shared functions, offices and relationships, the fear that doesn't even want to know what these fears are or where they come from! The first step to be taken is to face the fear by dealing with the confusion that created it. We incarnated with individual problems, a focus of humanity's wider or common problems. Our greatest service as Soul is to solve our problems providing the run way of solutions for others. This was the work of the original seed group(s), to incarnate physically and build the landing pad for the Divine Plan. Thus that Plan could move down an alignment, bringing the methods, techniques and right relationships from within. Hierarchy could move down to the world discipleship and out to be utilized. Hierarchy could thus externalize. Hierarchy can't externalize until we become its consciousness! The Christ can't return until we become the Christ!
As we are able to see the follies and absurdities of faulty leaders, as we helplessly suffer the consequences of their cruel and selfish actions we are driven first inwardly to seek solution and then outwardly to express the consciousness of the Divine Plan in more appropriate forms. It has been said the leaders of any group reflect the collective consciousness within that group. They are therefore, chosen by fault or default. We actively or passively agree with that consciousness and foster it or, take opposite inner/outer action to bring change. By default we do nothing, inner or outer, and therefore allow it. So, we work consciously to prepare within us that which will attract the overshadowing Divine Plan into our awareness. Via study and meditation we invoke relationships patterned after that which already exists in the Ashram. We come to know that a true leader is one inspired by a concept or truth and can inspire others to follow, not himself, but the truth or concept. We assume responsibility for the truth as we assume the responsibility in our various relationships and carry the truth into action prompted not by outer orders but inner necessity of perception, insight and understanding.
Thomas Rizzo
In 1995 I retired from 28 years of teaching in Los Angeles City Schools, Elementary and Jr High School. I served several years in the Mentor Teacher Program (helping train new teachers) & I have my Masters in School Administration.
Wisdom wise I've studied with Georgia Lambert first, then Teacher Training with Richard Schaible, & Glen  Knape, now "Headquarters" with Pam Nissen. I've taken many courses, including NS with Glen Knape. I have also worked with Wisdom Impression since about 1992 when we first published "Nature Of The Soul", followed by several other Cedercrans works & "Applied Wisdom". I've taken a few seminar courses with Michael Robbins & attended several USR Conferences in the early 90's. I also worked a couple of years on the staff at Meditation Mount in Ojai, CA when Frances Moore was still on staff & while the Mount was still under DK's aligned work. 
A member of Seed Groups International since about 1990. This was a group that was once at the Mount but after that moved to England. Davina Cox is the USA person in charge. 

In June, 2007 I moved to rural North Dakota.

                                                Artwork: NATURE CELEBRATES by Thomas Karlstroem
The WISDOM Gathering 2009
 Three Gongs of Initiation - mental astral ethericIt is time to register!
This Gathering is open to all participants interested in the Wisdom.
Friday, Sept. 4 afternoon thru Monday, Sept. 7
Rancho Capistrano
29251 Camino Capistrano
San Juan Capistrano, CA  92675
2009 Gathering Mission Statement:
"We invoke Synthesis in Action in preparation for the coming World Teacher. Aligned with the Hierarchy, we sound the note of Synthesis within and through all areas of human endeavor. In particular, we seek to aid and vitalize all service efforts affiliated with the new Thought-Form Presentation of the Wisdom."
ACCOMMODATIONS (includes meals)
Single Occupancy - $355
Double Occupancy - $295
Triple Occupancy - $265
So. California residents:
No room, meals only - $150
You may request a roommate assignment if you don't have one.
A 25% deposit is required to register.
Balance due prior to July 15, 2009

Registration Fee: $75.00
Planning Comittee Contacts:
Suzanne Vallez
Greg Tzinberg

Pre-conference retreat: Greg Tzinberg - Wed pm, Sept 2 thru Fri am, Sept 4.
   (email Greg for additonal details Greg Tzinberg)
Pre-conference workshop: Wisdom Therapy - Douglas & Naomi Philhower
Breakout Group Topics include:
  Economy & Right Relationship
  Center Function-Estes Park
  3rd & 7th Ray Organizations
  Healing the Etheric
  Informal Teaching
  Soul of the Nation  
  Wisdom for Children
  Wisdom Dictionary
  Some Light on the Forces of Darkness (with Richard Randall)
  Staying Connected as a Group
  World Wide Wisdom Healing Group
  Conscious Dying
  Wisdom Newsletter

Scholarships are awarded upon request on a "first come, first served" basis. These donations have been collected from registrants to cover costs for those who would otherwise not be able to attend. The scholarship amount is $320.00 per person. Qualifications for receiving a scholarship are as follows:

- Meditation experience and study.
- Previous experience or keen interest in group work.

- Financial hardship preventing attendance. 
 Attention all Healers
by: Susan Valentino
ATTENTION ALL HEALERS                                      healing
Do you ever wish you worked in a kinder, gentler health care delivery system? Do you ever wonder why you can't just walk away from a patient without making sure that you've made a genuine heart to heart connection with him, initiating healing within him which has nothing to do with his body?

Do you ever wonder how you're going to survive in a profession where the system tries on a daily basis to squeeze out of you the very traits which make you so valuable to the patients to whom you're committed and which caused you to go into our service field in the first place?

You're not having a mid-life crisis, but you may be part of the spiritual leavening that is occurring now within the human family.  And you are not alone.
Right now today, there are untold numbers of us who recognize that a new day dawns within our human family.  The opportunity is currently presenting for every human being to make a huge leap in their understanding of Life, and their place within It.  Teaching is now available wherein every man and woman will be able to comprehend that they are becoming, in fact, a Soul-conscious son of God.  That "there is one Cosmic Center governing all life within the manifest Cosmos.  This we define as the One God, Whose nature is both Immanent and Transcendent."  There is, in reality, nothing that is not God.

This is your invitation to study the presentation of "the Wisdom" contained in the book The Nature of the Soul, quoted above, via an online course of study.  Through meditation, alignment and study, changes will take place in the way you think, feel and act. 

And what does all this have to do with the questions posed to healers above?  Everything.  Because as you learn more about this presentation of the Wisdom and experience the changes that will be occurring within your being, you will be creating that kinder, gentler health care delivery system that is so sorely needed. You will understand that the reason you can't walk away from someone without connecting heart to heart with them is because you know that that person is as much a part of the Divine Consciousness as your arm is a part of your body.  And as far as goodness getting squeezed out of you, on the contrary, people will be drawn to you because of the divine qualities you manifest, they will intuit your lack of a hidden agenda, and they will trust your rightly oriented sense of values.

I can tell you from personal experience that not only will this study change your life-it will change your practice as well.  Feel free to contact me for more information, or to just chat about things in general. Remember, we are One.
Susan Valentino
Virtual Conversation
by: Patty & Gerry
I wanted our readers to know that there is a yahoo forum discussion group (TheWisdom) and to whet your appetite here is a recent interchange between two members:
While driving past a private high school (catholic) this morning, I noticed on their marquee was this quote...
"Power is not strength, but the right use of strength."
...made me smile.
          Blessings and Joy,

Greetings! Patty,
I was intrigued by your response to the quote and the distinction it
draws between strength and power.  May I ask what made you smile?
Hi Gerry, because it was on the Catholic High School, when I was in school it wouldn't have been there.
I was happy to see a right use of strength offered not only to the students but to the community.
Blessings and Joy,
Hi Patty,
You might be interested to know that my immediate response to your first post was a smile-a smile which accompanied a warm feeling of familiarity one might experience when meeting an old friend.  Though the feeling could definitely be traced to the quotation you mentioned as cause, for the life of me, I could not recall where or when I had been introduced to the quote.  As we cannot recognize (re-cognize) something we have not previously cognized, I was intrigued to know where I might originally have been exposed to the quote. Even after "Googling" the quotation and searching for it on the disks of writings by Alice A. Bailey, Lucille Cedercrans, Sri Aurobindo and several other source works-places where I might have come across it in my readings-I still did not know who wrote the quote, under what circumstances it was written or how I had been exposed to it.  I was at a loss as to how to begin to give a satisfactory explanation of my response to the quote.  So I simply questioned in my journal whether I might have learned about the quote during some night training and recognition was only now coming through or whether the recognition could have come from a storehouse of memories from a previous life?-knowing from previous experience that such questions noted down in my journal and asked in earnest sooner or later receive an answer. Nonetheless, somewhat along the lines of your thinking regarding the progress humanity has made, I could easily imagine this topic of strength versus power being a point of discussion centuries ago in an old mystery school when its outer exposure could have meant ridicule and possibly death, but now being openly displayed for all to see-and in the very field of religion that might earlier have been the impetus of ridicule and death.   It was my clear impression, though, that your experience, your smile, your writing the post about your experience, my reading your post, and my smile-collectively provide a brief opening of a window and a peek into the workings of THE SOUL.  It seems THE SOUL was expressing through us a bit of joy at IT'S recognition of a concrete outer example of how the "Plan of Light and Love is working out." 
Also, a smile is a subtle expression of enthusiasm, especially when evoked in connection with a subject as abstract as the topic of this quote.  I do not mean the so-called enthusiasm of today exhibited by football or basketball crowds which signalizes little or no mind-brain alignment, but the enthusiasm (a word comprised of endo-within, Theos-God and ismos-acting from) according to the Greeks-an impulse from the God within, symbolizing a soul-mind-brain alignment which, with sufficient similar repetitions, strengthens a strand of the antahkarana.    By becoming increasingly aware of such incidents (and they occur more often than we realize) and continually writing them down (and any accompanying analysis) in one's Spiritual Journal, one can note the changes in their frequency of occurrence (rarely, occasionally, often or ongoing) and gauge one's progress along the path, as one looks back upon such data with greater knowledge and clarity from some point further along the path.  It is through the recognition, analysis and tracking of such incidents that we begin to see the meanings underlying the episodes of our lives and begin to awaken.
As to the distinction between strength and power, one can liken it to the distinction between energy and force; intent and the law and order that embody it; the first ray and the seventh ray; an idea and the form it takes in the three worlds, especially in the physical world; the sun as it gently bathes us at the beach and the sun focused through a lens to start a fire; and many other comparisons.  Also, we have all heard the adage "Knowledge is Power" and I have even written sections of presentations outlining the creative attributes or steps on the pathway between knowledge and power to be: knowledge, understanding, know-how, skill-in-action, wisdom and finally the power to do.  The many steps in this pathway and the fact that knowledge is now available to everyone are beginning to lead one to the adage "Not Knowledge, But Rightly-Applied Knowledge Is Power".  But it was something of an "aha" experience when your marquee quotation helped me to be conscious of the fact that strength is a major creative attribute and belongs at the beginning of the pathway to power, so that it appears we must have a measure of strength even before we acquire knowledge.   In this light, since we live in a sea of vibrations, we can define the steps of the pathway to power in terms of vibrations as follows:
Strength: the capacity to sense, withstand, control and direct vibrations; the capacity to maintain a ring-pass-not;
Knowledge:  the capacity to shape into forms, name, organize, store and recall sensed vibrations;
Understanding: the capacity to interrelate knowledge forms and comprehend and assign meaning to realized relationships;
Know-how: the capacity to apply knowledge and understanding to plan specific results;
Skill-in-action: the capacity to demonstrate know-how to achieve concrete results in the three worlds;
Wisdom: the capacity to demonstrate strength, knowledge, understanding, know-how and skill-in-action with love;
Power to do: the capacity to apply the above attributes to achieve results in line with the Plan at will.
It would seem, then, that "the right use of strength" is to gain knowledge, understanding, know-how, skill-in-action, and wisdom and use them in line with the Plan.
In the words of The Christ:
"Keep close to Me and the Master that surveys your life.  With Us lie The Forces of Living Light and Love you must use.  Keep close to Us and day by day draw upon the Strength, Knowledge, Understanding, Know-how, Skill-in-Action, Wisdom and Power We possess and which are also yours.  Let naught disturb that acquiescent calm that keeps you close to Us, brings you Strength, Knowledge, Understanding, Know-how, Skill-In-Action, Wisdom and Power and keeps you steadfast on the Way."
Hi Gerry,
I called the school and it seems I misquoted. Here is the actual quote as it appeared on the marquee...
Greatness lies not in being strong, but in the right use of strength.
- Henry Ward Beecher
Its weird but I was sure I quoted correctly and for some reason it was important to post the quote. I even repeated the sentence memorizing it on the way home so I wouldn't forget it.
So perhaps it was a message of the Soul as you suggest.
"It would seem, then, that "the right use of strength" is to gain knowledge, understanding, know-how, skill-in-action, and wisdom and use them in line with the Plan."
I like your line of thought.
Blessings and Joy,

Thanks! Patty
I am glad you found the quote posted on the marquee and its source.   But to be truthful,
I like the way you wrote the quote in your original post better.  So, I will use "Power is not strength, butthe right use of strength" from time to time, and when I do, I will call it "The Patty Quote."
I trust you won't mind.
Seed Thoughts
For those following the yearly Nature of the Soul Meditation Cycle
 Bruce Manaka2nd Quarter

Mar/Apr: "The Light of Truth is 'Every man a Christ'."
Apr/May:  "The Truth Shall Make you Free."
May/Jun: "The Will to Synthesis is the Spirit of Peace."
Being a Disciple
By Wendy Glaubitz

 I looked at the subconscious ways in which I have created my own limitations and also at the glamour that I have attached to being a "disciple".  From the perspective of my youthful religious life, I had seen discipleship as something that I was not good enough to attain, at least not in this lifetime. After all, Jesus only chose 12 disciples out of all the millions on the planet at the time. Then after reading about discipleship in the Bailey books, it seemed "pumped up" to consider myself as a disciple. I was definitely afraid of the delusion of "goodness and wisdom" that came along with the word, afraid that I would abuse it and become arrogant with a false sense of superiority. My resorting to false modesty was actually another take at the inner sense of spiritual superiority that I found myself in.
Underneath all of this was an inner aspiration to the Christ. At first this was emotionally impulsed but as I have moved through my life, this aspiration has remained like "a source of strength enabling me to stand and a beam of light shining upon my way." (Quoted from the Mantram of the Disciple). Now I see that there is no glamour in being a disciple. It is just inner alignment to that which is sacred in each of us. And when we have cleared away the personality debris that hides this sacredness from us, we naturally come into alignment to discipleship-to the Good, the True, and the Beautiful. Our service to Life unfolds naturally.
Now I watch myself for little niggling inner voices of negativity that attempt to hold back the flow of Spirit as it manifests through me. For me, the voices come through fears, both conscious and unconscious, that say, "You can't do that. You are not good enough. No one wants to hear what you have to offer. You don't know how to make it happen. You are not smart, beautiful, talented, organized, rich (etc, etc) enough to do what you are putting forth." This is followed by "You can't do that in this society. People and situations are going to prevent you from accomplishing your goals. You don't have enough influence to make "it" happen." Or "If you do that, there will be a backlash from your friends and they will abandon you or be jealous of you. Society will punish you!" I have just expressed to you some of my limiting inner chatter, but we all have our own.
I see that both Lucille and Master R are encouraging us to go ahead with the ideas that are dropping into our conscious minds as a result of this not immediately limit ourselves, but to hold our ideas in potentiality and in meditation. Try the resulting new ventures on for size. Of course, we must use discernment in our projects, but we are being told that we first must not limit ourselves out of the whole thing before even starting. This is old personality coming forth.
So we take the initial steps. Hold the vision and open to meditation, free from the anxieties of the past and the fears of the future!
If we could come together as a group of disciples with none of these limitations, what kind of service would we enter into?
The message seems to come forth that all our problems are also our opportunities for response from the perspective of the disciple. In so treating our daily responsibilities and relationships from the point of view of our discipleship, we are serving humanity and getting ourselves equipped to carry the Wisdom. According to Lucille, our service project is to carry the Wisdom out into the body of formulate the Wisdom in whatever sphere of influence we find ourselves. In this way, we see our daily activities not as limitation to service, but rather as a part of the intelligent activity whereby we serve the Plan. Then it is only through the conceiving of the idea, the meditation and the subjective work on our discipleship that alignment to purpose takes place. This is then followed by manifestation of the plan within the three worlds of human endeavor. By focusing on our perceived limitations, we limit the full manifestation of our discipleship.
Wendy Glaubitz lives in Montreal, Canada. She is a long time student of the Wisdom, and is currently in the 9th Teacher Training class working with Pam Nissen. 
Affirmation of a Group Disciple
by Debbie George

The expansion of consciousness is at the heart of initiation. The energy of our consciousness is that of Love, and so we could say that initiation is our loving expression, expanding and producing ever-widening circles of inclusiveness. This is the Love that transcends limits and the Self that creates the mystery known as initiation. We go through initiation not only as individuals, but also as groups.
Our unfolding consciousness of Love is sacrificial in nature. As it expands, it increasingly dissolves its own boundaries through its desire to give of itself. The more our Love is expanded, the more joy and beauty we experience, and the more our divinity wants to expand and be shared. This Love also creates the point of Light that illuminates the darkness and yet is often felt as growing pains on the physical plane. As the world experiences the growing pains as seen in our most recent economic and social collapses, we are made increasingly and achingly aware of our desire to give and to expand. It is a process of sacrifice that allows us to cross this void in order to reach new degrees of inclusiveness.
I am a point of light within a greater Light.
I am a strand of loving energy within the stream of
Love divine.
I am a point of sacrificial fire, focused within the fiery
Will of God.
And thus I stand.
What do we have to give and what have we to sacrifice in order that we may give? These are the questions of initiation. What is our most precious resource? In what or in whom do we place our security? We know we must sacrifice the accumulated knowledge of the past in order to embrace the freedom that is the future. We know our security lies in the faith and wisdom of the higher worlds and our ability to give, which is also called our service activity. In order for the group to answer the question of what we have to give and what we need to sacrifice in order to give, each individual must first ask these questions of himself or herself. Each must find that spark of beauty within and learn to share it.
I am a way by which men may achieve.
I am a source of strength enabling them to stand.
I am a beam of light, shining upon their way.
And thus I stand.
There is an old saying that says, "Beauty is in the eye of the beholder", and commonly this saying is used to excuse what we believe is someone's poor taste. We say it to mean that we don't understand why that poor fellow thinks something is beautiful, but hey, each person has his or her own individual sense of beauty, right? However, when I think about it more deeply, it appears to me that true Beauty is the harmony of our various forms in relation to our fundamental essence. I've come to understand that if beauty is in the eye of the beholder it is because the beholder has achieved this harmony within and has become so full of beauty that only beauty is reflected on the outside. There is naught but beauty for such a beautiful one. This is the Beauty of the Masters and the legacy they want us to reach and to teach.
And standing thus revolve
And tread this way the ways of men,
And know the ways of God.
And thus I stand.
Debbie is a long time student of the Wisdom. She has completed Teacher Training and is undertaking the Headquarters series with the current group.
Common Sense of the 7th Ray
by: John Wayne Kline
I am reminded of common sense which basically comes under seventh ray.   In general, don't worry about what you think you don't have, rather take what you do have and make the most effective use of it.  Under the laws of economy we don't get more until we have made efficient use of what we already have. The next thing to remember is that this applies just as well to an individual, a group, or in our case the group disciple.  So many people pray for what they think they don't have, or that they WANT, rather than realizing what they already have at their disposal if they would just realize it and make use of it.  I've often chuckled and thought that one of the courses that we are missing and that is still overshadowing is a Will Rogers approach to the Wisdom. So many make it so complex when in reality every concept is so Simple.  We know that energy follows thought but the first real problem is a person's first thought about anything.
Some people learn by reading, some learn by study and observation, and then there are those that just have to pee on an electric fence for themselves. Good judgment comes from experience, and a lot of that comes from bad judgment. We've all passed through these rights of passage and basic common sense and they should help us recognize what is productive and in accordance with the DP and what is not but everything stated above is just pure seventh ray pragmatism. 
On another note "No child left behind" has left about every child behind in this country because it teaches rote memory and how to pass tests based on the same. That experience should lead us to realize the fallacy of that path and to realize that we can change nothing without first changing the Cause. Children should be considered children of the Ashram and related to as such or in other words on a soul to soul basis rather than a persona basis and that is where their education should begin - at the Core.

This lesson reminds us to get back to basics, lose the complexity and make the most effective use of what we already have and that simply means going back to the Cause and starting at the beginning, everything else will fall into place and work out naturally.
Wisdom, Outward and Upward
 Three Gongs of Initiation - mental astral etheric 

 John Wayne Kline - currently retired from the business sector; lives in Missouri with his wife & seven adult children, 24 grandchildren, & a great grand child due. Left the Army in 1972, entered law enforcement for 13 years before changing occupations & starting numerous small businesses.

He became aware of the AAB-DK materials a dozen or so years ago, was introduced to the NTFPW by Glenys Lowery in 1998 & has been a student ever since; has taken every course Glen Knape offered over the last few years & has every book Glen has published in the same time frame.  Currently taking TT II under Pam Nissen, & the 'Wisdom Group Course' & 'Disciple and Economy' under Glen Knape.
The Lines of Least Resistance - To Truth
 by Gloria Crook

All of this takes some careful examination to understand completely, but if one will remain open and refuse to fall into an egotistical line of resistance called denial, there is useful Truth to be discovered. REALITY is making an impression on us, and pondering the possibilities is useful.

From the moment of our first breath, every human being is moved by functions of the nervous system which propel us into reactions or responses to "lines of least resistance" for any behavior. These "lines" can be precipitated in several ways, beginning with the natural first registered discomforts - or comforts.

We tend to seek the greatest of comforts more, and the greatest of discomforts least, but we accept mixtures of them which are almost inexplicable without a total history of every experience since birth. It is complicated as a human being evolves to have physical, then emotional experiences and added mental experiences, on and extending through time to what must be called spiritual experiences. There are lines of least resistance on each of these levels of consciousness with so many combinations; they are literally beyond division into specific causes and effects. Throughout history the differences in experience among peoples of varying cultures allow for no specific patterns to suggest that all human beings might respond in the same way.

Although each of us knows the major driving forces of our behavior, we are
usually unconscious of precisely why we make some choices over others during the course of a day. We simply follow the lines of least resistance without thinking much about it. The exception being for particular occurrences which bring us to make very conscious decisions - which will still be according to lines of least resistance from our past experience,, seeking those experiences which seem to give us greatest satisfaction on the levels of our polarized consciousness, and avoiding those which satisfy least or bring distress.

The many cultures in which we have lived have seemed to press us into considering some lines of behavior to be more acceptable and useful than others we might choose, and we have altered our individual lines of least resistance accordingly. Science has now explored brain activity and discovered that our actions of every day are more attenuated to environmental conditions than we are consciously aware of, and not so much from any conscious mental decision to take specific action. This is to say that we are following unconscious lines of least resistance much of the time.

It seems that, taking everything which could be affecting us into account, we are floating in a sea of stimulating circumstances, each having a subtle effect and response within our brain consciousness, and leading to the actions which are along "the line of least resistance." This "sea" is complicated, being related to every one of the seven planes at all times. This can be whether it leads to pain, pleasure, or something resembling neither, although we are each used to some parts of it as individual
human beings.

The hero who suffers great agony in saving a life, for instance, "had to do it." It was the line of least resistance compared to standing by in relative safety and letting someone die. OR, the reverse might be true for some individuals, where the line of least resistance due to past experience, would be to keep oneself safe, regardless of another's death. All values are the result of developed responses to circumstances on physical, emotional, mental, soul or Triadal levels of consciousness.

During the course of a lifetime we sometimes have a change which removes
someone or ones who have played a close role in our lives, or our environment changes so dramatically through natural forces, that there are no physical lines of least resistance remaining from our past. If these changes take place rapidly, without opportunity for planning the new lines, we are forced to form new lines, and usually, during this new development, a person is quite discombobulated or even depressed, having little in experience from the past to automatically draw action forth.

There is a somewhat natural argument regarding this whole notion - that one certainly makes one's own decisions about whether to do one thing or another in the course of a day. However, it has been shown through scientific study that we do practically everything according to unconscious spurs within the brain. Even those actions we take with conscious decision are based on past experiences and brain activity which led to the decisions - as a line of least resistance.

The vast laws set in motion as underlying human evolution, for us eventually to become the mediators between spirit and matter, are working through us and we might as well accept it and cooperate. Truly, we have no choice in the matter. We only tend to believe we do. Many of us have experienced in our lifetime a situation, or condition, in which there seemed to be an underlying force so powerful that our direction in life was affected despite any alternative thought or action we might have taken. Those are the times when it should be fairly obvious that we are not actually the agents of our own free will, but the Will of Something, or Someone, much larger and more Powerful - perhaps even Omnipresent,  Omnipotent and Omniscient. Let us find this a suitable perception, and give our sense of "self" over to it in full understanding that that "self" was never ours in the first place.

As our development from childhood to adulthood leaves us with literally billions of small experiences within our nervous systems, the lines of least resistance are more and more difficult to pin down into specific conditions which can be depicted as causative of behavior. When we make definite conscious decisions, it is still a result of past conditioning; either our own deliberate disciplining (as a line of least resistance), or situations in our total observed, and unobserved, environments.

This would seem to leave us with the rational conclusion that there is actually NO real independent, thinker who is a separate "self." Perhaps it is this fact that underlies all of the spiritual guidance impelling adherents to "lose oneself," or "give up oneself" to the Will of the Supreme Being. We had to be imbued with the illusion of a "self" in order to acquire the mental ability and spiritual wisdom to "give oneself up" and cooperate in the Logoic Plan for our species and our Planet.

If this is true, is there any comfort in it, or are we stimulated to rebel at it? Is the sense of "self" so vital to us that we cannot bear to accept its nonexistence? Do we attempt to DEMAND independence of Being, regardless of the actual impossibility? With the existing new science, we may be discovering that we are not doing ANYTHING out of any conscious decision, but are simply living automatons of the Infinite Mind of the One In Whom We Live and Move and Have Our Being. What a marvelous discovery! The Mystery of existence is solved! God is BEING US and the Whole Creation. How AWE-inspiring that the evolutionary process was headed toward this perception on the part of humankind all along, requiring the complicated lines of least resistance to achieve the greatest Height of Intelligent, Loving Usefulness in the Cosmos!

Think of it. The Pleiades, the Great Bear, the Seven Rays, the Seven Planes of our Solar System, - even the Cosmos - all relating in various ways to the experiences of a kingdom in nature on the planet Earth, and somewhat to the experiences of human beings following the lines of least resistance set up as a process by our Logos.

It's time for more of us to "wake up" to the fact that the only "self" we can claim, is indubitably connected with the Universal Mind of which we are an Irrevocable part, and have NEVER been an independent part. This "self" has existed within certain immutable laws of energy movement and structure which are the same for everyone. Through evolution, these Laws become discernible to the thoughtful, meditative individual, and cooperation with them brings the greatest realization of ways in which to follow the lines of least resistance to ultimate REALITY within the ONE LIFE. Earth humanity is only ONE part of the entire structure of our Solar System and the Universe. Our individual development is intertwined with many other evolutionary
schemes, and humans will find their way to exist within it in completely conscious cooperation by following the lines of least resistance through the experiences this provides. Absolutely AWESOME!

Therefore, it behooves us to discover exactly what IS the Process underway in which we are the pawns, and, in the words of an ancient esoteric Catechism, to "play our part with stern resolve, with earnest aspiration. to look above, to help below, to dream not nor to rest, to tread upon the work we do, to mount upon our slain "selves, " to kill desire, and to strive, forgetting all reward. To forego peace, to forfeit rest and in the stress of pain, to lose our "selves", and find THE SELF and enter into Peace."
Gloria Crook is the Founding President of  'The School of Ageless Wisdom' in Arlington, TX, and also of  'The Robert Muller School' , a fully accredited private school from birth through high School as an alternative to public education, implementing the 'World Core Curriculum' for sixteen years as a Service activity of the School of Ageless Wisdom.  
She is the author of
'The Fires of Group Work' dealing with the subjective processes of integrating groups which had an international response. You can visit the School's website


Ashramic Sensitivity - Building from the Sky Downward - Pt 1
 group workby Adam DeFranco


"I woke up 3 AM this morning surrounded by the sound of a very large group chanting OM. The sound was totally pervasive even at the molecular level.I felt the sound enter from above the head downward and vibrate the whole body like a tuning fork. The vibration streamed thru all the bodies."          (a student)
Even though man has already landed on the moon there are still so many mysterious and wonderful forces which surround the human being. Throughout time there has been an extensive variety and potential for extraordinary experiences. There are miracles, visions, UFO's, NDE's and a large and extensive variety of dreams which often raise more questions than answers.But with each passing decade we have seen individuals and groups actualize more of their potential to access and experience the extraordinary potential of their innate spiritual souls. As humanity evolves into the 21st century we can expect more and more humans to recognize the spiritual community of which we are all a part. Coupling man's innate religious feelings with the newer branches of human sciences we see emerging a new form of spirituality. One which is more global, more environmental, more humanistic and yet partaking less and less of religious dogma and more of Wisdom. We see humanity sensing and examining more authentically its roots as a Living Soul.
Today is the Age of the Forerunner. There is a growing recognition of many on the spiritual path who are awakening into the actual fabric of consciousness itself. This subjective  level has been referred to as the 'real environment'. Many today are beginning to perceive and be guided by their own sense of existential reality. They see opening before them a transpersonal and transcendent level of human and superhuman reality. This expanding group is beginning to intuitively sense that their existence here is but part of a larger experience. Some are beginning to realize that they are not just personalities having some spiritual experience on occasion but in actuality they are 'Souls having a human experience'.As the Higher Self is given full reign we come to see that the body lives in the Soul, rather than the soul living in the body.  
We begin to acknowledge and experience that our 3 dimensional world is but a reflection of a higher experiential reality. And that also our true counterpart is a spiritual consciousness living upon its own plane of existence. This spiritual soul overshadows or 'overlights' what we are as a personality in time and space. Something like an enfolded hologram of multi-dimensions. As such it can be seen that our life experience on this plane of reality is but a partial reflection of a great spiritual being residing in and upon a 4th and 5th dimensional order. This has level has often been referred to as the fifth Kingdom of God.
Fiery World III, 568. You have seen a toy in which there were many spheres, one fitting into another. The Chinese thus wished to call to mind the sacred Worlds. It is difficult for man to understand the supermundane, inexpressible dimensions. But whoever has seen the color of the Subtle World and heard its resounding, understands that for such a World the best definition is - The Subtlest.
When the esoteric becomes exoteric
'.....we have entered into the period when the esoteric becomes exoteric; the subjective becomes objective...."
Certain seekers after this Wisdom have of their own endeavor and spiritual awareness begun to enter this 5th kingdom of Overshadowing Spiritual Souls. Some enter willingly and consciously thru meditative effort and expertise but for others it seems to happen on its own accord almost miraculously. A growing group of spiritual workers are attempting to enter this ever present spiritual dimension. They seek to consciously align to the inner subjective environment of the Ashramic group life. Here it is said that the idea of brotherhood exist in its purest and most realized form, as energy and as a unified consciousness. Expansion into this non-egoic state is said to bring some form of enlightenment. But it is not the end all or be all of this evolving process. There are many steps along the way. With any measure of humility it should be understood that ashramic contact and communication is fraught with illusion, glamour and distortion. Aspiring disciples should prepare for this inevitably.

An Ashram is ...a magnetic point of tension, a fusion of energies directed towards a common centre.... DINA I, 702 - 703
Via our vehicles of alignment we now learn to experience and vibrate at an octave which resonates in the abstract causality of the higher mental plane and Buddhic sphere. Every moment we are observant in the ashram is enlightening.
"You will contact the Ashram and return so charged with ideas that they pour out of you. To contact any Ashram expands your consciousness tremendously, even though on average, a human being stays in the Ashram for no longer than thirty seconds. They must come back because it is such an intense energy. If you can stay for one hour, you are an Initiate". 

Ashrams, p 58, T. Saraydarian
Every moment our vehicles of alignment stand in the Ashram is invigorating and regenerating.  We stand in the Master's radiant immortalized field. We absorb his monadic fire.
"The chela passes through what is here called the "door into the Ashram". He has fulfilled the vibratory qualifications and is no longer barred from the vibratory level which the Master habitually demonstrates within His Ashram. Only the soul can enter the Ashram. The personality stays without the "door". The disciple knows himself to be a soul."                 MDR in DINA II
It is difficult task for a aspirant/disciple to consciously sense her participation in the Ashramic group life. Except for the most profound meditations a disciple rarely gets an experiential contact of what this Superconsciousness state is. We have been told the Soul is in meditation deep upon its own plane of existence. We have also been told that the ashram is a 'location' in consciousness. The ashram is a symphony of enlightenment.The Soul is an individualized aspect of the group soul that comprises part of the auric field of the enlightened Master. The central point of the Ashramic body is the monadic focus of some enlightened
"...the Soul does not experience its life within the Ashram as a separated consciousness, but as an individualized portion of a larger entity. In a very real sense, from the perspective of the Spiritual Soul it has no Life apart from the Group Unit and Ashram of which it is a part."     Letters on Occult Meditation
Sensitivity to Ashramic group life is affected by many factors.
"Sensitivity to impression involves the engendering of a magnetic aura upon which the highest impressions can play" Telepathy and the Etheric Vehicle, p.95, Alice Bailey
"This communication is projected on a frequency band which impresses the state of consciousness of the disciple who meditates. It is never directed specifically to an individual nor is it withheld from any. It is a cyclic activity, entered into by both individuals and group units within the Hierarchy, and it constitutes a major part of their service function to humanity."         Science of Impression, Master R/l cedercrans
 By the invocative resonance developed thru their meditative alignments disciples have rebuilt their focus of consciousness. Through meditation and service they rebuild their atomic matter. They continually refine and acclimatize their instrumentality to higher accretions of vibrational energy. The on going processes of meditation has recalibrated their center activity and also accelerated the functionality of the higher centers. This is a latent potential in all human beings.
The ajna, cave and crown chakras are reservoirs of spiritual and vibrational power. Learning to meditate from a focus in the thousand-petal lotus enhances our abilities to work from the subtle realm, in a manner such as hierarchy "from above downward".This is a new form of re-qualifying ourselves to ideate the fiery seed thoughts and impressions of the Soul.
"These impressions are not things which he must seek out and learn laboriously to ascertain, to hold and seize upon. They drop into his field of consciousness because he has created a magnetic aura which invokes them and brings them "into his mind". This magnetic aura begins to form itself from the first moment he makes a contact with his soul; ...                          Telepathy, 95
Learning to meditate as an Incarnate Soul is one step in a long process. Disciples are instructed to embody these energies so that they can serve wherever they are and with whatever they are doing. This development proceeds as the consciousness in the head is able to obtain intuitive abstraction of what is essentially formless.
"This intuition is a blend of the two divine qualities of buddhi-manas, or intuitive spiritual understanding...and the higher abstract mind, which is essentially the power to comprehend that which is not concrete..." EXH, 98
We can see that developing ingress into the Ashramic Group Life entails a more conscious appropriation of the Buddhic vehicle and its inherent intuitive abilities.Gradually the disciple acquires a true freedom of thought and the power to be receptive to the impression of the abstract mind. Without this development of the intuition we do not connect with what is the foundation of thought itself which is meaning itself. We are seeking what is causal to the mind itself. Without this development for causal abstraction we cannot participate consciously in that which is beyond form. Only buddhi has this capability. The overshadowing spiritual soul works with ideas in the abstract sense of the word, not the concrete sense.
As new higher vibrational matter is built within our mental and buddhic vehicles we begin to acquire the non-formative, non-local sense of pure consciousness.  This has been referred to that meditative consciousness acquired behind the breath. In this diamond moment the formative functions of the mind are stilled. We become an observer of pure stillness.
"There is only one method of communication between the Overshadowing Spiritual Soul and the incarnate consciousness and that is via Consciousness Itself."  Ashramic Projections, p. 93
Adam is a long time student of the Wisdom, completed Teacher Training in 2007, part of first Headquarters group
Poetry Section
Three Gongs of Initiation - mental astral etheric

The Universe Has Five Things To Say About Hearting
If we can stop spinning long enough
to find our way to the centre
1.The moon orbits the earth
Stop pretending you are your emotions
and find solid ground to stand on
Unite the four directions
and become yourself the fifth
2.The earth orbits the sun
When creativity begins the process
of nuclear fusion                                                          
nothing can stop you bursting into flame
Become the love oven in which
the hot cross personality bun is baking
3.The sun orbits the black hole
at the centre of the galaxy
Trade your enlightenment
for a higher form of innocence
Enter the mystery and taste
the dark soma wine of being
4.There are billions of galaxies
in the universe
Your liberation is not unique
a sponge has many holes with which
to drink the waters of life
5. The universe has no centre
No further need for the arrow of Self
nothing to look for, nothing to find
no bull's eye, no sin
Empty Empty Empty
Out of that timeless emptiness
in time
a fullness emerges
and centres into a dark pool of being
Rest in that point
Be without knowng and watch
100 billion suns
burst into flame around you
Choose one and feel
the lion fire of love
breathe into nine planetary embers
enter the molten iron core of earth
and feel the longing of the mother
for her prodigal son
relentlessly pulling the tides of Self.
Now, identified with the
overflowing fullness of the universe
re-enter the silvery cold moon womb
as the seed of Life itself.
                                 Bruce Lyons

 Three Gongs of Initiation - mental astral etheric
Rainbow thought is radiant
Healing all the Earth
Higher Worlds - ponder
Clarity of Consciousness
Foundation of existence
The science of Life
Marilyn Mueller

fire at solstice 
                                           Artist: Thomas Karlstroem

One People  -  One Planet
the continents have joined in our conversations
from across the ocean and further
with this new dialect
aboriginal and neo
warm and tropical
archaic sometimes 
a mix of all tongues
near and wide
man and beast
wind and sun
cool and damp
hot and musty
they have come near and far
one voice one people one tribe
every species   One Planet  global village
One voice intermingled in our blood
 in our dreams  our children's dreams   everyone's dream 
 all times every time    Cro-Magnon astronaut 
new man new woman ancient people
all the same time everywhere
spontaneously effortlessly miraculously
a small voice     a still voice        a thunderous voice
shaking the ground inside outside
we hear, we feel , we touch
this One Planet everywhere now 
beautiful earth mother earth cosmic earth wet earth, dry earth 
one planet, one people
a universal species of all living things together 
beautiful earth mother earth cosmic earth
                      Adam DeFranco
 Book Review - Three from Torkom Saraydarian's collection
by: Lucinda Tyrrell-DeFranco
Torkom Saraydarian wrote a multitude of books and I would like to mention three which I have personally read, and continue to use often -

The Science of Becoming Oneself
- 1969 (193 pages)
This book is deeply esoteric and yet filled with bridging thoughts between the world of Spirit and the world of humanity. It takes reference from Agni Yoga, AAB, Blavatsky, the Christian Bible, Buddhist texts, and other philosophers. It covers subjects ranging from abstract thinking to Words of Power.
In the beginning section 'About the Author' it states; "This is a workbook describing a practical process of arousing man from his inertia to the light of his inner core; it is a process which will help him to become that core himself. It is a book of synthesis."
On P7, a quote from AAB's Discipleship in the New Age P269, Vol 1 "...Service is the scientific mode par excellence, to evoke spiritual integration and to call forth the resources of a divine Son of God."
It contains meditation exercises, including cautions on approach. The beginning of the first exercise in the book suggests a few minutes at the beginning of each day to sit quietly, relax, and say:
The sons of men are one, and I am one with them.
I seek to love not hate;
I seek to serve and not exact due service;
I seek to heal, not hurt."
And then to ponder how you might practically apply this to the day ahead.
This book is designed to assist in self-observation so as to emerge the True Self. P174/5: The Bhagavad Gita says:
"For the Self is the unmanifested One. No thought can conceive It, and It changes not. Knowing this fact, why mourn?
And even if you think the Self is ever-born, and constantly dying, you do not have reason to grieve..."
"A man is called the knower of the Self who casts away all desires of the mind and is satisfied by the Self and in the Self alone.
A man is called enlightened by the Self whose mind is not disturbed by pain, whose cravings for pleasure have disappeared, who is free from passion, fear and anger,
And who under any condition, remains unattached..." Bhagavad Gita Quoted in part from 2:25-29 and 2:55-58.
Challenge for Discipleship - 1986 (508 pages)
Contained within 57 Chapters and discussing everything from the Teacher/Student relationship, rules, attitudes, disciplines and responsibilities of disciplic life. It covers such topics as spiritual saturation, glamors & illusions, obedience, listening & speech, meditation, and Hierarchy.
"Disciples will be bridges between the physical and etheric worlds, between the emotional and astral worlds, between the mental and fiery worlds, and between all these worlds. Thus humanity will be connected with the Higher Worlds as one global being" P 333
This is a wonderful reference book which I find myself turning to again and again. I highly recommend it.
The Ageless Wisdom - 1990 (304 pages)
" The Ageless Wisdom cannot be understood by reading about it or listening to it only. It can be understood only when you apply it in your life. To do this, you must find those areas in your life which need correction and cultivation. It is through your efforts that light is drawn from your Core and expressed in your thoughts, words, and actions." P177
Within this book you will find many of the questions which confront all aspirants, probationers and disciples on the path - solitude or group work, how to apply the teaching in the fields within humanity, fanaticism or faithfulness, kinds of people we encounter in our service work, how to approach the Teaching etc
For example, P45/6, fanaticism is quoted as being "the imposition of a set of beliefs on others, proclaiming that all else is against the Truth", while faithfulness as inclusivity, and 'that it is faithfulness that is responsible for guarding many treasures given by Great Ones throughout ages, such as these, among others:
§         Vedas
§         Puranas
§         Upanishads
§         Ramayana
§         Mahabharata
§         Teachings of Buddha
§         Teachings of Jesus
§         Kaballa
This book is easy to read, covers topics which would make for great discussion groups or as the basis of introductory and supportive courses for workers and walkers of the Path.
For more information about this author and his work - 
Torkom Saraydarian Foundation

by Thomas Karlstroem & Nicholas Roerich
Into Meditation
                                                                                                         Madonna Oriflamma    



Maybe as a disappointment to some, I work mostly from pure intuition.
I don't think I've been "overshadowed" or anything like that, (except by The Soul) not more than I was by the Synthetic Ashram and several deep esoteric thought forms, during the lessons in my TT-studies, but I've truly been deeply inspired by the entire spiritual world, which I have been presented for.
I am very interested and inspired by the devic world and sometimes I try to put into form, what I sense within me, in meditations, at work (as a therapist), in my daily life as a server of the Plan, as a group-consciousness and obviously, I also create from the many experiences in consciousness, which we develop in the group life, even if I know that forms and symbols, mostly hides the real Truth.
                                         Three Gongs of Initiation - mental astral etheric

I'm a great admirer of the old master of esoteric art, Nicholas Roerich.
Three Gongs of Initiation - mental astral etheric NICHOLAS ROERICH
Three Gongs of Initiation - mental astral etheric STRONGHOLD OF THE SPIRIT
MADONNA ORIFLAMMA Three Gongs of Initiation - mental astral etheric
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"The purpose of our Ashram is literally to create a new civilization. We have to build the forms which will carry the higher state of consciousness, the Fifth Kingdom in nature, right into the body of humanity."
From: Applied Wisdom - Teacher Training, by Lucille Cedercrans
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"Every disciple who stands upon the threshold of world service, regardless of how small may be the part he will play in that activity, is faced with the necessity to know, to understand, and to wield the Economy of the One Life. He must grasp it as a Divine Plan in itself. He must see its relationships within the affairs of humanity, and come to understand its laws so well as to be enabled always to apply it to the furtherance of the evolutionary plan of the Soul."
The Disciple and Economy, by Lucille Cedercrans, p. 1
Our focus will be on grasping that plan, seeing it in relationship with humanity, and making the new economy available to humanity.
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The Wisdom Impressions website is a most valuable resource. Besides many articles on the Wisdom Teachings of Lucille Cedercrans it also has numerous free downloads. These include two eBooks, a screensaver, and various meditations. You are also given the opportunity to read sections of the many books and pamphlets offered and place an on-line order.
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A Manual for Teaching 'Nature of the Soul'
For Teacher Training Graduates
By Georgia Lambert

Many Teacher Training classes have been taught over the years. With all the various techniques given in the Training, the young teacher is often at a loss as to where to start. What technique is used where? This little book is a guide to help with that dilemma.
Because of the way in which the lessons unfold, many of the important techniques are given toward the end of the series, making the sequence of what to do and when to do it, a bit murky.

This guide will take all of the techniques and put them into a working sequence of which techniques to use and the order in which you will need to do them.
Here is everything you should know to do, objectively and subjectively as a trained Teacher of the Wisdom.
Here you will find a list of relevant techniques, where to find them in the lessons, and when to use them for your class as a whole, your students individually, and yourself.
This guide will be invaluable to Teachers as an important reference. It will give you a place to start, a reminder of some important techniques and functions, and a bit of a structure from which to proceed.
Offered in Dedicated Service,
Georgia Lambert
SECTIONS INCLUDE:                                                         
Preparing for a Class.
Evoking the Class.                          
Important Considerations.                  
Beginning the Class.                            
The Work of the Class.                     
Teaching the Techniques.                                                                 
Subjective Work and Adjustments.                                                
Bringing the Class to a Close. (Completing the Deva)
And so much more!
COST:  $17.00 (Check or money Order)

Georgia Lambert
18032 Lemon Drive # C
PMB 216
Yorba Linda, CA 92886
NOTE:This book is for Teacher Training Graduates Only!
Please include in your order, the year you finished Teacher Training and the name of your Teacher. Your order will not be processed without this information!
Please pass on this announcement to other qualified students!
Wisdom Dictionary
Three Gongs of Initiation - mental astral etheric by William Moore
At the present time, The Wisdom Dictionary group service project is proceeding at a growing pace.  Definitions and concepts from the various books and lessons have come in from those participating and more are arriving. 
Currently, our initial proofreading phase has begun with Mary Jones, Pam Nissen, Christine Karlsen, and myself performing this role.  If there are more interested proofreaders out there, we would welcome your help.  This is a very large project which has grown more complex as we've proceeded, and at times it seems overwhelming.  We've stumbled on occasion, but our motto remains "Onward, inward and upward!" Please consult the website regarding our on-going efforts at: www.the 

In the Light of The Christ,

William Moore 
Annual Christ Festival of Humanity
Mary and Lee Jones ( and Marilyn Mueller ( will hold a Group focus for an annual Christ Festival of Humanity at the time of the Gemini Full Moon to be held in form in Estes Park, Colorado, and subjectively worldwide.
WHEN: Seven days (six nights) at the time of the Gemini (June) Full Moon
WHERE: YMCA of the Rockies, Estes Park Center beginning 2010 (Amberwood in Estes Park in 2009)
WHY:  Maintain a steady alignment with the Christ consciousness within every frequency of the manifest One Life during the five days of the Christ Festival for Humanity in service to the Divine Plan for humanity.
WHAT: Times will be designated for group meditations. No other scheduled activities. Participants will use this time together as we each choose in our endeavor to hold our alignment 24/7.
To focus the continuance of this endeavor in the years to come, Mary, Lee and Marilyn will annually (beginning in 2010) finance a 4-bedroom cabin that sleeps 10 at the YMCA of the Rockies as well as simple meals. For more information contact those connected, or see last issue.



Mary and Lee Jones, in their home, and Marilyn Mueller, in her home, each have a bedroom available any time for one or two visitors. Anyone wanting a few days of quiet retreat in Estes Park is most welcome to send an e-mail request and come visit and make use of one of these rooms any time of the year.

Warm welcome,
Mary and Lee

The Nature of the Soul now available for French-
speaking people. 

The 234-page electronic book is available for purchase at our website: or

Nature of the Soul

We invite you to visit the site to have a better understanding of Lucille
Cedercrans' teachings, and to download the French translation.

A free English-language version of The Nature of the Soul is also available 
on the English version of the website.

We also ask that you pass this announcement along to your friends who 
may find it to be of interest.

Thank you for your interest.
Bernadette Rosenstiel and Evelyn Klein
LA Heart Project

More details to come in a future issue

                               PYRAMIDS OF POWER yahoogroup
We are in the process of reorganizing our pyramids in the Pyramids of Power yahoogroup that was started by Glenys Lowery in Feb. of 2003.  I would like to tell you a bit about the pyramid work, in case any of you are interested in participating. Perhaps some of you are familiar with the Triangles work sponsored by Lucis Trust at, or the Triangles of Light work found at, sponsored by LaUna Huffines, or the Triangles of Prayer work at  It involves people joining together in groups of three, creating a triangular network of Light, Love and Goodwill enfolding the earth. It is a simple yet powerful form of service that also utilizes The Great Invocation.  
Torkom Saraydarian, in his book The Triangles of Fire, extends the concept of the Triangles work to include working together in groups of five, forming a pyramidal service group. He discusses this on pp. 44-45 of his book.  If anyone is interested in this work or has further questions, you can contact me at you can also contact Starling Hunter at   

Three Gongs of Initiation - mental astral etheric

Dreams & the Ashramic Group Life
by: Kathy McMillan
This reminds me of several dreams I had, some time ago.  In the first one I was a little tree and was also a little person climbing the branches of the tree.  I had a book in my hand and was studying so hard that my Ajna Center was throbbing.  I would attempt to get over the top of the tree and down the other side, but each time I reached the top, the tree fell over.  It was just a little tree and the roots were not very deep.  I did this three times.  After the tree tipped over, I would look at the roots, put it back into the ground and do the same thing again! : -)  The last time the roots had just completely died. 
Of course this can be looked at from many levels of understanding.  But it relates to another dream I had a few years later. It, too, was about a tree.  This time I was in a tree, a HUGE tree, bigger than a redwood. I knew its roots were so very deep into the earth.  I was standing on one of the branches.  I felt such a sense of deep peace and deep strength. To me, it was like functioning as a part of the Ashramic Group Life, and reminded me of the New Testament parable about how the branches, separated from the Vine, will shrivel up and die. As Souls within the Ashramic Group Life, we are the branches of the Vine/Master, and it is the branches that bear the fruit because they are receiving Life/Purpose through the Vine.
The Master is also like the Heart that pumps the blood, and the Ashramic Group Life is the arterial system that delivers the Life Blood to the body.

There is a quote from p.34 of the Agni Yoga series book Heart that to me has always represented the essence of an Ashram:
" The Pledge is a manifestation of tremendous significance.  It creates the chain of hearts and turns Chaos into conscious arteries of space."

To me, this is what we do as we work in cooperation within the Ashramic Group Life and between Ashramic Group Lives, so to speak.  We create right relationship, we turn Chaos into conscious arteries of space.
Kathy graduated Teacher Training in 2007, under Pam Nissen

Three Gongs of Initiation - mental astral etheric

                      Hiking the Rim Trail, Malakoff Diggins' State Park, Ca
                                  March 09 - L & A DeFranco
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