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Dear Co-Workers,
The Wisdom Newsletter as an expression of synthesis will be published cyclically in conjunction with the turning seasons.
As we view our Global Village today we see transformation and development in all departments of Human living and in every field of Human endeavor. In this recognition we join our hearts, joining together as One.

As a group endeavor it is our hope that this Newsletter include material for heart and mind, Soul and Spirit. It is meant to be a hands-on expression and interpretation of what moves in the world today as a living spiritual force to bring and birth the new ideas of Synthesis and Brotherhood.
The Wisdom Newsletter is eclectic in its purview and is sourced in the vision and inspiration of its contributors. It is our hope that it inspires and guides us into wise and serviceful action, assisting in some way the spiritual vitality of our culture and empower the recognition of Humanity's Soul.
The Seventh Ray Age

"The seventh ray is the energy of Spirit, of Will, as that Will seeks manifestation via the curve from Spirit to matter.
The seventh ray is, in its higher aspect, the reflection of Spirit in matter.

Right use of this energy, then, works out into manifestation via Divine Law and Order, and Ceremonial Magic, the Will of God. The result is perfection in form."
The Nature of the Soul, pg. 249

"The seventh ray as an attribute of the Soul is simply the ability of consciousness to precipitate its intent into form.

This energy in its right use, i.e., when rightly motivated, invokes Divine Law into activity to produce Divine Order in manifestation."

The Nature of the Soul, pg. 250
The Christmas Season

Master R/lucille: 

     I would like to discuss with you very briefly the ceremony of the 7th Ray as it can be applied during this particular cycle.  More than at any time in your remembered past, the 7th Ray is making itself felt during this particular Christmas season. (1960)

     You can serve both the Ashramic effort, the effort of the great Ray Devas, etc., by appropriating this 7th Ray energy and putting it into use, realizing that every traditional activity utilizing the old forms of the past, is a ceremony.  That ceremony has created, actually, a response, whether conscious or unconscious, to Divine Purpose.

     As you utilize the old forms, then, whether these forms are outmoded or not, so long as they are still in existence, align them with the Purpose for which they were created and apply the 7th Ray ceremonial to them. For instance the traditional Christmas dinner, make a ceremony of this, realizing that any ceremony serves to bring that Divine Purpose which underlies and overshadows the activity itself, into manifestation.  Do not forget, the 7th ray is "Spirit within matter", or Divine Intent impressed within the devic lives which come together to form any particular life or form.

     When any form which is utilized over and over and over, that is, cyclically, is appropriated as a ceremonial, that form is made to serve the Divine Intent which brought it into manifestation in the first place. This will help to offset unnecessary shattering or destruction of the form as the 7th Ray comes in. Instead of breaking up the forms via a 1st Ray application, the transition can be completed much more easily by applying ceremony, bringing the meaning into the form, bringing the purpose into it. Thus the transition from 6th to 7th can be much more easily completed.

     Seek the meaning behind the symbol. What does the Christmas tree symbolize?  It symbolizes the Tree of Life. What does the gift symbolize? The recognition of the Christ, the first giving of gifts, according to the Story was made by the Three Wise Men as they gave their gifts in recognition of the Christ Child. As you give a gift, let that gift be in recognition of the Son of God. Give not to the persona, but to the INDWELLING Son of God imprisoned within that persona. Let the ceremony into which you enter, into which you have entered year after year unconsciously, let that ceremony become a conscious active service. Let it carry the meaning and the purpose with which it is related.

     The Christmas dinner symbolizes the Feast in the Father's House. All of these traditions are of a 6th Ray nature, that is, they were created under the impulse of the 6th Ray. All of them have behind them a Divine Intent, a Divine Purpose.  During this period in the evolution of humanity, when this particular Ray expression is coming to its completion, these forms should be appropriated by the disciple and utilized to serve their intended purpose, so that their passing from the scene will be easily made rather than through upheaval.

     The consciousness within the devic form will be given freedom. This is the way in which the disciple moves from the world of appearances into the world of meaning.  Many of you, as do most disciples in the field, at certain level of initiation, become imprisoned within the appearance, caught up in the old form in your very rebellion against it: the fact that Christmas has become commercialized.  Always these material values which have been placed upon the season and all its activities, this creates a rebellion within the disciple. Thus he is as imprisoned within the form as is the brother who utilizes the period for materialistic purpose. As you recognize that each of these traditional forms was created for a purpose, that through the application of the 7th Ray they can be appropriated and utilized as a ceremonial, you can bring them into their right function.

     This is the cycle of initiation, the initiatory cycle for humanity. It is therefore the most difficult period, insofar as humanity is concerned, of the entire year. It is the initiatory cycle for the birth of the Christ consciousness. It is the lunar cycle which begins with the new moon.

What is the Wisdom?
 It is the Life of the Spiritual Soul on Its own plane
There is only one Wisdom. However, there are many forms of interpretations; many forms of translations through many personalities, minds and levels of human consciousness.                                                           
                                                                                                    Artist: Thomas Karlstroem

"So many probationers in the world today are confused as to what The Wisdom is, and in their efforts to make of it something which it is not, they are thwarting Hierarchical effort rather than aiding it."
"Its purpose will be to synthesise through its magnetic quality of Light, the consciousness of the many into a One, i.e., to attract, relate, and integrate the separative consciousness of human beings into a living totality of One Humanity." (The Nature of the Soul, Lesson 26)
(There are four lectures that Lucille Cedercrans wrote, for Ward Fuller in Portland, on 'The Wisdom'.)
This teaching has been referred to as new, and yet it is as old as man himself. It has taken many forms as man has intuited it, and attempted to interpret it for those who were not yet ready to grasp it with the intuition. All of those forms have been right, for the need of the time and place in which they made their appearance. That is the first thing man must recognize in his search for Truth; that all forms of teaching which came forth as a result of man's aspiration to God were inspired, that they were right for him at that time; that they fulfilled his need and made his growth into a greater realization of Truth possible. Do not, in your search, cast aside the old forms too quickly. Look within them, see, and relate them to the need of their time, the Truth they contain, and soak up the essence of that Truth. Then the old outer form which has served its purpose can die a natural and painless death. Humanity will be released from its hold, released from the resentment and fear of it, and be left free to build a new form, free to mold that which will more perfectly reflect the new grasp and understanding of the same old Truth.
We live in a world today in which the new understanding is needed more than anything else, the new understanding which will balance the powers of wars, and balance the power of fear, dread and the hatred which produces wars. We must bring to bear upon the daily life and affairs of our world, the Power of Truth, so that man can know peace and in knowing it - live it.

The old forms have been mentioned here for a better understanding of the evolutionary process of the human consciousness. Many of them have served their purpose. They are ready to die, in fact they are passing from us, and yet their going has produced such a struggle. We hold to them, cling to them, because we tend to fear the new. Man has been conditioned by the old forms and has become crystallized in them. Take for example the man who could not follow Jesus because he had to remain behind and bury the dead. Jesus The Christ said to him, "Follow me, and leave the dead to bury the dead." How many of those who have read His words have understood them? Man desperately needs to understand the Wisdom of His words, to be able to leave the old dead forms to the dead past and open their hearts and minds to the birth of the new.
The teaching is not new, only its form is new, and even that is so clearly related to the old that its understanding is simple.
The teaching is based upon the teachings of the Christ. A definition first of what is meant when "The Wisdom" refers to the Christ. It is referring to the living Son of God, residing within each man, woman and child upon the Planet. It is referring to that inner being whose constant presence is reflected within the form of every human being, and who has made himself known as the Teacher,  the Guide and the Savior of the Race in His manifestation as the Great Leaders down through the ages. This Great Being, this Inner Son of God present within every man has been called by many names, by many titles, and salutations, and, my brothers, they have all been right.  All of them have been in truth the manifestations of the One whom we call Christ.

This is the first basic concept upon which the teaching is based, One God, the Father and Creator of all there is; One Son The Christ, manifesting within the many forms of the human family. Did not Jesus The Christ say, "And even as ye have done it unto the least one of these, ye have done it unto Me."
The Universal Truth yet to be accepted by the human family is brotherhood. The concept is bandied about by various ideologies, and yet denied by the characteristic exclusiveness of practically all of them. This is a contradiction of human nature, the tendency of the group, or the individual to claim exclusive right to universality. All of the religions, all of the philosophical schools of thought contain Truth. Truth is where you look for it, wherever there are people to give it some form of expression.
The only true sin, if it can be called that, is the claim of separateness of each one; and this is not sin in the commonly accepted interpretation of the term. It is the result of an error in understanding. The group grasps a concept of Truth, one aspect of the related Whole, and then fails to relate it to all that is left. It is seen as being all there is, and so the mind of the group is closed to all but its one feeble grasp of relative Truth. Thus man sees God in his image rather than seeing himself in God's image.
When it is stated that the teaching is based upon the teaching of The Christ, it is not referring alone to Jesus The Christ, but to all who have been inspired by the inner reality of the human family, the True Son of God. This teaching attempts to synthesize the Truth contained within the many forms into one great manifestation of reality, so that man can lay aside the barriers of his own making, and join hands with his brothers wherever they might be found.
By comparing the many schools of thought, both great and small, "The Wisdom" shows the relationship of each to the other; shows the same golden thread which runs through each, and holds them linked together like beads on a string. The teaching shows how the old forms of separateness can be superseded, and that a common meeting ground can be attained where universal understanding is the language spoken by the masses.
In doing this "The Wisdom" never claims exclusive right to God nor does it ever deny God, by refusing to recognize His Son. It never attempts to tear down another's faith in his God, nor to take from him his accepted form of religion. "The Wisdom" tries to teach man the relationship of all to one another, to give him an understanding which results in peace. It tries to show him the truth both in his accepted form of religion and within all others, and one day it is hoped that he too will share this knowledge with his brothers. Thus in thought, word and deed Brotherhood will become more than just a concept, it will become a living structure of Truth for all to see.
This teaching has come forth as a result of world need. At no other time in the history of man has the need been so great; need for a common understanding which will alleviate the suffering of the masses engaged in war, fear of war, hunger, hatred, sickness and misery of every kind. Man stands today on the brink of self destruction, and why? Because in his ignorance he has separated himself from God and his brothers. He stands alone, afraid, and hating because he has cut himself off from everyone and everything which could be his salvation. He fights everything he cannot understand, little knowing that much of what he fights is his own destiny, his growth into the consciousness of the Christ.
Without realizing it humanity has called forth this teaching. In one sense it has been demanded as man has aspired to something beyond the appearances seen all about him. A reality has been sensed and if attained would eliminate these undesirable appearances. In calling to that reality humanity has brought the new form forth.
There are those in the world who have sensed the need and intuited its fulfillment. They have been aligned with you and with the reality. They have transferred your call for help to the Source, and in doing so have given form to that which you seek. They work behind the lines, so to speak, asking no reward, seeking no recognition. They work because they know you, because they love you, and because their greatest desire is your good. Those who serve you in this way have given this teaching its written form. You do not know their names for they do not appear in the teaching. They have learned one of the basic concepts of Truth, that no individual or group of individuals can lay claim to Universal Truth. They have only helped to give it form in response to your silent plea. These people are as much inspired as were any of the inspired writers of the past. It is hoped that you will recognize their inspiration and prove the Truth of the teaching which they represent. Only you can do that, only you can prove or disprove the authenticity of the teaching, and therefore its Source, as you receive it and apply it to your daily life and affairs.
What specifically does this teaching attempt to do? To relate man both collectively and individually to that Inner Being, The Christ. Every man is a potential Christ. "The Wisdom" teaches that the reappearance of the Christ will not be in one man alone, or in a group of men, but within the human family. It is the contention that the next evolutionary step of humanity is the birth of the Christ, the realization within man that he is Christ, the Son of God, and his gradual growth into that conscious awareness of true Self.
"The Wisdom" in one sense, is playing the part of John The Baptist, serving to prepare the way for that reappearance, that coming of the Christ. "The Wisdom's" part in that preparation is the formulating of Truth in terms understandable to all, and the relating of that which has been formulated to all other aspects of Truth present within the world today.
 Being the Open Door for the Reappearance of the Christ
by Gordon Davidson
Excerpt from a Talk at the University of the Seven Rays (USR) Conference - 4/07/06
 The Birth of the New Age

  I begin with one postulate. Based on my inner perception and experiences, it is my conviction that over the past 50 years, the Planetary Logos has successfully completed an initiation and undergone an expansion of consciousness.
   This spiritual fact has momentous implications for Hierarchy, humanity and the kingdoms of nature, including the devic world. As a result of this initiation, the Logos is now in contact with new frequencies of energy which are flowing into all life on this planet and are contributing to the intensity of the current planetary crisis and the resulting spiritual awakening occurring everywhere. These energies are playing through the vehicles and forms of our planetary life, and causing destruction, purification and reorganization.
   One of the energies that is now available and flowing into the planet is a new type and quality of Synthesis energy, which is the result of the reshaping of the first aspect so that is has a more fluent, magnetic and adaptable effect on all it touches.
   This energy, because it exerts an influence all around, from below, from within, from without and directly through whatever it touches, all at the same time, will primarily create an uplifting and stimulating effect. So it is an energy that is does not just come from above downwards, but from all directions simultaneously. You could say that it is a fourth dimensional energy.
In order to fully utilize this energy, a reorganization has occurred within Hierarchy itself. Beginning in the 1950's a new Ashram to work with this energy was organized on the directive of Shamballa. The 1st, 2nd and 7th ray Ashrams, under the Master Morya, Master Djwhal Khul, and Master Rakoczi, were brought together into one Ashram, called the Ashram of Synthesis. This required a major reorganization and shifting of the work and focus of the Ashrams, and this reorganization is now complete.
   This Ashram of Synthesis is of course within the Ashram of the Christ, who is the central focal point of the entire Hierarchy, as we all know. The Christ receives directives from Shamballa and transmits them to the senior members of Hierarchy. The triangle of the three Masters, the Master Morya, the Master Djwhal Khul and the Master Rakoczi are the central focal points of the Ashram of Synthesis. And it is the synthesized consciousness of these three Masters, along with all the members of the three combined ashrams, that constitutes the Ashram of Synthesis.
 The externalization of the approaching Hierarchy itself, includes seeking to find willing cooperators. As Hierarchy comes ever closer to humanity, the level of contact, interaction and cooperation and co-creation is inevitably increasing.
   So today, not in some future time, Hierarchy is putting out a call to all disciples everywhere, who understand the Externalization is underway, to open to the truth that Hierarchy is seeking to increase its contact with qualified disciples. They are doing this so that new initiatives and projects can be brought forth which are essential to the uplifting and unfolding of human consciousness.
   Hierarchy is seeking disciples who are ready, willing and able to work under Their and the Christ's guidance, and to work directly with humanity's unfolding consciousness. Yet they are finding the response is limited. You could say Hierarchy is suffering from a personnel crisis.
   One of the biggest barriers to contact with the Ashram that is seeking points of distribution and cooperation in the world is the simple belief that it is neither possible, nor desirable to have such contact, and that it could even be dangerous.
   Imagine the Hierarchy as the architect for a project, (the Externalization and the Reappearance) and because of changes in the plan, the architect needs to talk to the foreman, who guides the workers in the field. When they try to do this, the foreman puts up the sign of the cross, shuts out all communication, and picks up a book about how one day contact with the architect might be possible.
   Yet, because the esoteric community is composed of disciples who understand the possibilities of such contact and cooperation and what it means, it is to this community that Hierarchy is looking to find willing cooperators and co-creators.
   What is required of us all is to open to this possibility of a closer relationship to the approaching Hierarchy, and the willingness to consider inner experiences we previously may have refused to pay much attention to. These experiences may be attempts to open contact with Hierarchy and develop the possibility of a co-creative relationship under Their guidance.
   I know you are all concerned about, and I could even say terrified of, glamour around this issue. The Tibetan did his job well in driving esotericists off the astral plane and on to the mental plane. But this has also created a distortion in our community, where for some, even inner higher contact from the buddhic or atmic levels, whether our own or others, is immediately viewed with suspicion, out of a concern about being glamored, or being labeled as "glamored" by one's co-workers. You could even say we have a glamour about glamour.
   This often prevents disciples who could be working with the Ashram from acknowledging, (even to themselves), that such a contact might be occurring. Yet the surest way to avoid glamour is to develop true humility, based on a right sense of proportion and self knowledge, and to test the results of any contact by sharing it with people whose judgment you trust.
   In addition, any direction or guidance for one's own life or for a group can be carefully tested in one's experience, and the results of following it can be even scientifically observed. Over time a body of experience and verified results begins to emerge which can validate or disprove the reality of any supposed contact with the Ashram. This is in keeping with Christ's teaching of, "by their fruits you shall know them."
   Hierarchy is ready and willing to provide training on how to make contact with Them, and how to discriminate between the unreal and the real in this realm, and such training is available today to all qualified disciples.
   We need a new model and understanding of relations between the Masters and active, working disciples. It is a model of co-creation, where there is contact, communication and two way feedback about how to best carry out Hierarchical initiatives. Hierarchy relies on us, as their "human hands and feet," to implement the work, and to give them feedback on how workable or possible an initiative might be, and to offer our insights on how to make work the most useful and successful.
   So we can see that we are fully aligned with the Christ when we are standing in right relationship to all the dimensions of being we have been looking at. This means standing in the fused heart and mind of the Christ in a sphere of consciousness of unity and synthetic resonance with all other co-workers and groups similarly aligned.
   It also means standing in our vertical link to the world of the Ashram of Synthesis, to the Christ and the great Triangle within which He works, the Buddha, the Avatar of Synthesis and the Spirit of Peace, to Shamballa, Sanat Kumara, the planetary Logos and the sources of its inspiration.
   But we must also stand within our sphere of consciousness in close relationship to humanity, its, crises, challenges and choices it is making. For we are intended and needed to work with humanity and be available to it, to share and BE the truth of the teaching of the Christ, in ways that humanity can accept and utilize.
   And we must stand in right relationship to the world of form and matter, to the nature kingdoms, and to the beautiful Queen of the devas, the Mother of the World. Who is this mysterious Being, who we hear about in various traditions? The Mother of the World is the ruler of the entire devic life of the planet on every plane of form. She is the anchor point for the impulses of Spirit to be grounded in the world.
   She and the deva kingdom provide the upholding and sustaining energy for all created forms, seen and unseen in the planetary system, including all planes and dimensions. Without her, no created forms could exist. Her receptivity and openness to new, fertilizing spiritual impulses is what has allowed the creative evolution of life on earth.
   As we honor her, we honor the co-creative relationship between Spirit and Matter, between the Divine Father and the Divine Mother. For it is in the relationship between the two, where the highest and the lowest meet, that consciousness, the Christ principle, is active, alive and creating the new world.
 Hierarchy will ensure that humanity is at the proper state of readiness before He comes. But how will they know? This is this measured by the light visible in humanity, the number of disciples working consciously with Hierarchy, the degree and intensity of the invocative call of humanity, and the number of Masters externalized.
   We know that when the Christ emerges into public view, he will bring life more abundantly, yet what does this mean? He will bring a quality of livingness to the world which will enliven all the good that exists in expression, and in potential, within every human being.
   His life more abundant will stimulate humanity to recognize that it lives within a web of life, essential to its support and nurturance. Christ's livingness will embrace new spheres of life which humanity will be able to enter because of his presence in the world.
His presence on Earth will cause conditions of life for millions of people to be raised, so that all living beings may unfold their lives and potential. Yet the infusion of this new life does not await His appearance among men. He is with us now, and the inflowing life which he embodies is infusing and stimulating every atom of substance on Earth.
So you may ask, where is the Christ, and how do we stand in his radiant heart? He is here, and we stand with him... every act of goodness, every tiny awakening, every stirring towards new life and growth, every act of compassion, every organization giving to the common good, every sacrificial act, every loving embrace, every overcoming of weakness, every moment of courage, every joyful laugh, every moment of inspiration, every dedication of money, every blessing of nature, every moment of thankfulness, every group living in the joy of giving, every heart aflame with love
...and in a planet filled with light,
there, there is the Christ in all His glory.

Gordon Davidson is President and co-founder of The Center for Visionary Leadership and co-author of Spiritual Politics (Foreword by the Dalai Lama) and Builders of the Dawn. Gordon served as the Executive Director of the Social Investment Forum and The Center for Environmentally Responsible Economies, and he is a Fellow of the World Business Academy and the Findhorn Foundation. He consults with many organizations, and offers personal coaching for leader.
Some Thoughts on Christ
by Adam DeFranco
"Yes, I believe so. It is a planetary crisis at the least."
/ Niklas N.
                                                                        Artwork: William Moore
In considering the esoteric astrologer we have one who is growing in his or her intuitive capacity to apprehend the world of meaning. They must start their work from the contemporary astronomical map which indicates to them factually who's who in this great field of galactic players.
But this map is very wide. In it we see individualized expressions of cosmic and systemic forces;loci of supermundane beings, super- Incarnate bodies of fiery flesh for the Solar and Cosmic Lords, all this must be weighed in the balance of heightened perception. Yet all parts of the puzzle have been laid out for our cognitive involvement and many keys are shown via and by the Astrologer.
One might imagine how the Hierarch would work. I can just picture these hyper-dimensional holographic charts DK might lean over,every thought of his a fiery cue. And how all this points to this Ever present Now Eternal moment Living expression of the One Life which surrounds and inter-penetrates every facet of our existence and our life on all planes.
But one might see how the intuitive astrologer encroaches on an ever widening perceptual field. How she is a builder of perceptual bridges.
Astronomy gives us a fairly accurate mundane map while its energetic construct which is alive and moving and purposeful is discernable more so by the inner eye. But all in all in the midst of deep astrological perception is a rich field of purposeful activity. That it can be discerned for the Soul under the right circumstances is very valuable in guiding the aspirant and disciple. Under a further expanded view a Monadic interpretation could be given.
Under the watchful eye of Hierarchy and their ever permeable collective consciousness they see further and deeper. Their discernment of this energetic ocean must prepare them and us in the great consummate Hierarchial meditations we all participate in with our higher aspects.
Quite possibly the Christ designs each meditative format as a guiding superimposition of this greater field into our subtle sheaths.
Imagine the electrifying dynamics as he convenes the Hierarch's meditative alignment.
Picture as we stand in group formation
this blinding light
this concert of fire.
    "While the appearance will not come in a physical sense as it is coming on mental levels now, you can aid in that by bringing it to the attention of those with whom you come in contact, by turning their attention mentally toward the Christ so that all on a mental level can partake of His presence, can be receptive to Divine Guidance. This is something that you can do both subjectively and objectively. Do not be afraid to speak in terms of the Christ. Do not be afraid to speak in terms of the reappearance. Do not try to hide this event behind veiling terminology. Do not fear how you will be considered by those who know you. If you would be disciples, then prove yourselves as such for this is the word which goes forth to all disciples in the field today."
                                                Master M/lucille cedercrans:
"The knowledge that He is ready and anxious publicly to appear to His loved Humanity only adds to the sense of general frustration, and another very vital question arises: For what period of time must we endure, struggle and fight? The reply comes with clarity: He will
come unfailingly when a measure of peace has been restored, when the principle of sharing is at least in process of controlling economic affairs, and when churches and political groups have begun to clean house. Then He can and will come; then the Kingdom of God will be
publicly recognised and will no longer be a thing of dreams and of wishful thinking and orthodox hope."                                    DK/Alice Bailey
                                                   The Reappearance of the Christ, p. 160
As to the exact date of the Reappearance maybe only He, the Christ, knows for sure.
I had thought that somewhere in the book 'Reappearance of the Christ' by D.K. there may have been some more significant info on the returning date of Maitreya. 

Be that as it may, there is a rising significance in the crown heart center as to the living link all of the 1st and 2nd degree have with the Head of Hierarch.
All those of the 1st and 2nd degree have a 'personal' connection and link with Maitreya.
We have stood before this Great Initiator as an actual event- as an experience in the supermundane or as an actual experience in past incarnations
For us there is a personal infusion of light we have with him which supercedes time/space - a living, ineffable, superconscious link.
We are all still men, as He and all Masters.
We are cut from the same cloth.
But recognitions of Initiations and or personal contact with Christ and the Masters may supercede the paradigmic structures of logic and memory. Yet something is ever-presently alive and fresh in the Now time of the Soular consciousness.
Within ourselves there lives this subtle connection to Hierarchial membership, the Brotherhood of a thousand times a thousand, we can align to. We have within our energetic structures a 'knowing' of the Christ vibrational signature.

We are linked in luminous stellar matter, the spiritual Augoeides.
The Christ omni-present has never died and the link He has imbedded in us as disciples outshines the temporary lethargy of  our memories or the fabricated distance of the egos  space/time.
for this ineffable contact with His Fiery monad we are grateful.
and so we stand.
Adam DeFranco is student of the Wisdom teachings of Lucille Cedercrans having studied and taken Teacher Training with Pam Nissen. Living in N. California he seeks to bridge and integrate these teachings with various other co-workers of the Ashram of Synthesis to assist in the unfolding Divine Plan for Planetary evolution.
Connecting a Few Dots in the Ashramic Plan for the Evolution of Consciousness - Part 3 
by: Richard Randall
Keynote address at Wisdom Gathering 2008
Lucille and Lois were both disciples "on the thread". Lucille's primary alignment was with The Master R, and Lois the Master KH. Their work was complementary with their respective Masters as a collaborative effort of the Ashram.
Lucille's position was to initiate the first phase of externalizing the New Thought Form Presentation of the Wisdom with the threefold ray energies of the New Ashram of Synthesis, as 1, 2, and 7. This was done primarily through lesson material to be taught by trained teachers. The two courses that carried the main purpose for the new relationship of energies was The Nature of the Soul and Corrective Thinking.
However, in the early 1960's, R revealed the change of Ashramic positions with HI taking over the office of the Seventh Ray Ashram. His presence and direct relationship to the Avatar of Synthesis changed everything about this work, which has caused much confusion within the group at the incarnate personality level.
In DK's 1946 letter, He tells us there is; "...the formation of a new Ashram in which the Wisdom aspect would be of particular importance and not the Love aspect; this Ashram would also be related in a peculiar manner to the Buddha...(and) will be specifically under the close supervision of the Christ..." The reason for the emphasis on the Buddha is because His work directly relates the teaching of The Wisdom to Therapy.
"Original Buddhism...was a practical solution to the basic problem of anxiety that underlies all our daily...troubles and tribulations...In speaking of the psychotherapeutic aspect of Buddhism...I would prefer to say that Buddhism is entirely a psychotherapy...the Buddha was called...the "Unsurpassable physician...(and) trainer of persons"...the aim of the Buddha was to produce mentally healthy personalities. This means that Buddhism is...the ultimate psychotherapy." (The Venerable Madawela Punnaji, Buddhism as a Psychotherapy,
"In fundamental Buddhism, the emphasis is on seeing Truth, on knowing it, and on understanding it....Buddhism...requires personal effort, (whereby)'s own efforts can Perfect Wisdom be realized. Each individual is responsible for his or her own emancipation from anguish and suffering." (Fundamental Buddhism).  This is why The Nature of the Soul introduces the Student to the concept of "self-initiated growth and development."
The intent of the Buddha's teaching is to eliminate suffering. Remember, we have been known throughout the local cosmic neighborhood as the "Planet of Sorrows", and the "Dark Star of Suffering". These titles consistently appeared in the early contactee literature, and The Master R also refers to this title in Applied Wisdom.
The Buddha's Noble Eightfold Path teaches Right Thought, Right Speech, Right Action, Right Mindfulness, etc. Doing this is therapy.
Lesson 14 in The Nature of the Soul: "Moving along what (the probationer) considers to be the middle way, he observes the pairs of opposites, endeavoring to balance them from his central point of focus." This is the Middle Way of the Buddha, and The Noble Eightfold Path. This is the Lesson on the Fourth Ray, and it is this Ray that relates the consciousness to the Buddhic Plane, the natural Home of Consciousness on this Planet.
Part of HI's relationship with Lois was to initiate into the etheric network and consciousness of Humanity a new form of therapy called Wisdom Therapy.
The Wisdom Teaching synthesizes Buddhism and Christianity as part of the foundation for the New Civilization. It is the teaching of the Soul of man his Identity. This new Identity is Consciousness, the SOUL. In order for this to become manifest in human form, requires many cycles of Soul Therapy to transmute the "old" forms of civilization into the "new" Soul Identified Civilization.
This Soul Identity coming into manifestation brings a new relationship of consciousness and substance. The factor making all this new is the Magic of Consciousness. Consciousness is being given a new purpose via the new relationship of Seventh Ray.
Remember, the Purpose of our Solar Logos is the Evolution of Consciousness through the Cosmic Second Ray of Divine LoveWisdom. The new Seventh Ray is the subray of the Cosmic Second, which is being focused by the Avatar of Synthesis and the Master HI into the Buddhic Plane of our Planet. This is creating a new consciousness that focuses purpose, not on form, but on the evolution of consciousness. This in turn causes a new motion of substance which harmonizes the pairs of opposites for the new plan,  redeeming the old substance, and liberating the consciousness from suffering.

The Nature of the Soul and Corrective Thinking are Buddhism wrapped in Christianity, as written form, for the Western Mind. However, their alignments of energy are intended to initiate cycles of Soul Therapy starting at the personality/astral level. This was all part of the initiatory phase of the work beginning with Lucille.
Remember that the USA is the Group Soul carried over from Atlantis, and Atlantis was destroyed by "water", which is the symbol of the Astral Plane. This is where Soul Therapy begins, and what makes our ashramic group-persona run for the hills. "The most perfect therapy one can the spiritual therapy exercised by the Soul..." (The Nature of the Soul, Lesson 8)
The next phase of the work came through HI and Lois as The Wisdom Fellowship and Wisdom Therapy beginning in 1980. The original Wisdom Teachers trained under Lucille carried, in potential, the specific higher alignments for teaching the lessons to purposely initiate Soul Therapy with the Student Body. This was primarily under the ray configuration of 1 - 2 - 7.
However, HI and Lois expanded the therapy approach calling it Wisdom Therapy. This was necessary because of the difficulty the Student Body was having with internalization and embodiment of the new energies, and most importantly, the Identification as the Soul. The main area of difficulty causing this was, and is, the Astral Body. The Astral Plane on this Planet poses one of the most unusual planes of opposition to incarnating Souls then any other in our Cosmic Group. Here is another reason why we have been watched and helped like no other.
"It would be of very great advantage to every student who is attracted to these lessons to realize that herein lies the cause of his difficulty on the path. The whole effort during this stage of growth is to lift the consciousness...out of the area where the emotion is in control, into that area of mind where Truth formulated into thought is the controlling factor in the life and affairs. Via this technique of Soul therapy, the consciousness makes its shift from the astral/emotional body into the mental body." (The Nature of the Soul,  Lesson 8)
The Wisdom Therapy has been initiated twice into the group life by Lois in the early 1980s, and again by Billie Roberts, under HI, in 1987. Richard Schaible starting telling us in 1987 that the Fourth Ray Ashram was being included into the Synthesis.
HI's position is "the point of precipitation" for all the new Ashramic energies of the 1-2-7 configuration. With Lois's work and HI came the inclusion of the Fourth Ray. So the new ray relationship is 1-2-4-7. This has been active since around 1980.
The energy of the Fourth Ray, the attribute of the Second as sound, transmutes and balances all the psychological extremes in human experience, and centers the Identity in consciousness as it liberates that consciousness from the conflict of the opposing forces in the human form and primarily the astral body. (See The Nature of the Soul, Lesson 14 and Corrective Thinking, Lesson 36.)
However, the 1-2-4-7 are not the usual rays Students are familiar with. The 1-2-4-7 are all working in Synthesis coming into our Planetary Life through Shamballa which is where the Buddha is stationed. This is what has caused so much confusion for those Students coming over from the Second Ray Ashram teachings of Bailey/DK.
The old familiar rays are no more. The 1-2-4-7 are actually the SubRays of the Cosmic Second, The Soul Ray of our Solar System through the Avatar of Synthesis. He is then directing these to Shamballa for distribution into the Ashram of Synthesis via the Buddha and the Christ.
The sequential transference of energy is from the Cosmic Christ, to The Avatar of Synthesis, the Buddha in Shamballa, The Christ in the Hierarchy, the Ashram of Synthesis of M, KH-DK, R, and then to HI as the point of precipitation into the lowest levels of human consciousness and suffering.
This Fourth Ray is the new sound of the energies being synthesized. It is the sounding note of synthesis of the new consciousness for the New Civilization, and with raising the frequency of the etheric body, will change the face of the Planet.
Consider Lesson 36 in Corrective Thinking, and the seed-thought that begins the lesson of the Fourth Ray as the Fourth Law: "The radiation of Love in the three planes of human endeavor transmutes darkness into light, ignorance into wisdom, and discord into harmony."  And; "...the student views the concept of the conversion of the baser nature of man into the Nature of the Soul." Here again is the Magic of Consciousness. This is Therapy. The entire purpose behind Corrective Thinking is Soul Therapy through Transmutation. "In a very real sense we are, in this series of instruction, dealing with the transmutation process".
Again, Corrective Thinking is Buddhism wrapped in Christianity. The word origin for "correct" means to "make right", and Buddhism teaches Right
Thinking, Right Speech, Right Action, etc., which is why Buddhism is psychotherapy, i.e. to make right thinking, or "correct" thinking, because our Planet is kind of a Cosmic "correctional institution."
We can understand a little more why the emphasis is on the Wisdom Aspect, and in this "peculiar manner" The Wisdom is related to the Buddha, because His energies relate specifically to psychotherapy.
Now this Wisdom Aspect is of the Cosmic Ray of LoveWisdom. The Planetary Buddha in Shamballa is the focus for "Cosmic" Wisdom, with the Planetary Christ, in the Hierarchy, as the focus for "Cosmic" Love, because the Cosmic Second Ray carries the Purpose for the Evolution of all Consciousness.

Corrective Thinking calls the subrays of the Cosmic Second as Laws, because it is dealing not with the Planetary Rays, it is dealing with the Solar Laws or Energies of the Cosmic Ray of Divine Love or Pure Reason and Wisdom. "Within our Solar System there Divine Laws and Energies of Cosmic Love... In this series we shall consider them from a somewhat different path of approach..." (Lesson 32)
The Second Law seed thought is: "The energy of Love in the Mind produces right understanding or Wisdom."  This "Love in the Mind" is the Right Mindfulness of the Buddha. It is the Second Law of Cosmic Love and Its Fourth Law that transmutes ignorance into the Wisdom Aspect, and the reason why the Christ is in "close supervision" over the New Ashram in cooperation with the Buddha.

The work of HI and Lois goes even deeper with Wisdom Therapy. The Student, in full waking consciousness and purpose, identified as the SOUL, begins to work through revealed personality/emotional patterns of the Astral Body, by self imposed therapy, with Love in the Mind producing Harmony, as a service to Humanity.
Again the Fourth Ray is being used as the sounding note of synthesis for creating the consciousness that is transitioning from the Astral Plane to the Mental Plane for the New Civilization. It is the Astral Body and the emotions that must be "cleansed and purified" prior to mental polarization and Soul infusion of the personality.
These are just a few dots in the larger picture, as part of those "...other aspects of the plan..." R mentioned, for the evolution of consciousness.
In the keeping with our ashramic purpose to build the New Civilization, and the work we have before us as Wisdom Teachers, the following comment is a very interesting observation on what we are working with down here. This is quite a unique communication from a Disciple, of human form, from one of the civilizations, in a higher frequency of Life, in our Solar System. It was received electronically by the Solar Cross Foundation in 1959 in Southern California.

"My purpose in speaking concerns the value of our many contact groups upon the planet earth...Never in all my missions I have served upon, have I witnessed a planet that contains so much truly unique and original beauty...It was my privilege to have walked...through the streets of one of their great cities. I might mention, I have never experienced a more disconcerting experience in my life. The barriers of thought, the feeling present in their great metropolises is almost beyond conception, and is most staggering. It took a great deal of mental control upon our parts to walk their streets, for I have never sensed in my life such feeling emanating from the individual inhabitants. It is like walking into a solid object. The force of concussion is great...It is indeed an experience many of us could not withstand. It is truly one of the most fantastic examples of polarized thought I have ever encountered...The greatest problem we have with these ones of planet earth, is that of undoing the mental and emotional conditioning exercised on them over the past one hundred of their years...and yet, it was with the greatest of joy in our hearts, that within the field of darkness enclosing human thought, we did see the results of our agents. They are like little circles of light lost in an ocean of darkness...and yet the number of force centers for distributing the "Light" of understanding is growing. There are three times as many on this occasion...than there were on our last mission. My brothers...with all that we have mastered, the planet earth is the biggest single challenge that we face."
So what we are trying to down here is something all together new in our local Cosmic Community. We will build the New Civilization of Conscious Souls through this disciplinary, therapeutic, process imposed here by our Planet. Remember, we are only in the first sixty some years of a new twenty-five hundred year cycle, on this new assignment we volunteered for "long ago in a distant galaxy far, far away." But it really isn't a matter of time, after all; just...all a matter of Consciousness.
Richard Randall is a Student of the Wisdom since 1960 & a Teacher of the New Thought-Form Presentation of the Wisdom since 1973. Student and trained Teacher (1970-92) under Richard Schaible (husband to Lucille); & Billie Roberts (trained under Lucille and Lois Maxwell Harris) for Wisdom Therapy (1987-2001); Met Lucille in 1974; Taught "Corrective Thinking" five times, "The Nature of the Soul" ten times, & all of Lucille's available courses over a twenty two year period.
Sustainability in Practice
 by: Fred McEwan
I serve as Sustainability Director of Wilson Community College, as part of my consultancy to Higher Education on Sustainability. I consider this work an application of our ashramic and group service work in the world of economy/business and education.

Working from higher to lower, let me start with a Wikipedia definition and an image of Sustainability that will serve as a 'map' from which to develop a bit of understanding Sustainability and its parallel to the organization (economy) of the Ashram of Synthesis and our WG mission of precipitating the new civilization and consciousness of the Plan and the NewThought Form Presentation of the Wisdom (NTFPW).

Here's the definition:
Sustainability, in a general sense, is the capacity to maintain a certain process or state indefinitely. In recent years the concept has been applied more specifically to living organisms and systems. As applied to the human community, sustainability has been expressed as meeting the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.[1]here's the link to the Wikipedia definition page.
Here's the link for the image: please copy and paste the following link for an image of Sustainability from which I'll work downward to our Initiatives at Wilson.
Sustainable Development

Sustainability is the theory of the interdependent relationship of human society, the natural world, and the global economic system.  How similar this is to our Wisdom Group course study of last week - Government, Business, and Education.

I've added to the Triad of Sustainability a central point of focus - Education - as the focus of the Triad of Sustainability.  I see this image in a parallel image of our Wisdom Triad, with a central point of focus of Synthesis and Soul Growth and Development.

So we have a triangular form with a central point in both images - involving the right relationship, interdependent relationship of these influences - influences on consciousness and instrumentalies/behavior.

Sustainability, as is our Wisdom, is at this stage of development that focuses on bringing an awareness of the interdependent relationships that are already in existence to conscious awareness - though in most humanity, these relationships are below our level of consciousness.

Once awareness is achieved there is the need for an understanding of the right relationship among these influences - a balance and equilibrium - a formula of right relationship.  This point of development is in fact an initiation of consciousness into a new state of consciousness that includes these 'other' aspects of life in our consideration of our own well-being.  This recognition evolves into an understanding that one's own well being is interdependent on the well being of the 'other' aspects of life.

As this conscious recognition takes place, it impresses and influences our expressions of this new and expanded, more inclusive consciousness into formulas - forms - in our life and affairs in all of these relationships. 

Whether we are referring to our life within the Wisdom Group/Ashram of Synthesis membership, or humanity in Sustaining and evolving itself, these new expressions are Initiatives - Wisdom Initiatives and Sustainability Initiatives respectively.

Thus do I see our Wilson Community College Sustainable Initiatives as, from the Wisdom perspective, Wisdom Initiatives coming into being and birthed as forms and formulas of interaction leading to the precipitation and externalization of the Plan and the Wisdom.

So, in terms of Higher Education and Wilson CC specifically, there is an organizational structure that is spherical for the Sustainable Initiatives to be imaged and tracked.  If you use this link to go to our Wilson CC 'Growing Green' website,
you will see a  graphic of
'7 Dimensions' of Higher Education':

That this is a graphic that reflects the chakra system in color and a spherical presentation which points to a central point, from which these initiatives radiate is not coincidental - we purposefully created this graphic to represent the interaction, interdependent relationships of both Sustainability and Spirituality, without using the language and lexicon of spirituality.

In each of these areas, we have tangible efforts / initiatives that are operating on right relationship principles placing the well-being of the Sustainable Triad - society, economy, and the natural world - to create formulas/forms of relationship that support the overall life of the Triad.

The most tangible of initiatives are in Operations - at the base, most grounded end of the spectrum - green building (healthy and higher energy performance) facilities and buildings (60% energy use reductions, healthier indoor air quality, natural lighting, orientation to sunlight, waterless urinals, limited disturbance of local ecology, geothermal renewable source of heating and air conditioning, ergonomic traffic patterns, functionality of building users and institutional functions, etc), renewable energy sources (geothermal, solar, wind power) - as demonstrations of renewable energy technologies, electric vehicles in use, recycling programs for campus and community.

As part of global warming initiatives, we are Charter Members of the Presidents Climate Commitment (Presidents of Higher Education Institutions) to reduce pollutant and global warming emissions to Zero within 5 years).  Over 500 Presidents have subscribed and committed so far.

As part of a CC mission is workforce development and training.  We are 2 years into a public/private partnership with non- profit and for profit enterprises on workforce training - online distance learning and seat-based for the Construction industry to build green, healthy and high performance - reducing fossil fuel dependencies, reducing energy use, reducing negative impact and emissions to the environment effecting global warming.

We are expanding these workforce trainings to include training for installation, maintenance, repair, and optimization of renewable energy technologies - biodiesel for vehicles, wind power, solar power, geothermal power, hydrogen, fuel cell, etc.

Beyond these initiatives, we are initiating curriculum, courses and degrees to produce 'sustainably literate' students and citizens - citizens who recognize and realize the necessity and opportunities of the interdependencies and relationships of society, economy, ecology, and education that infuse every part of human life and affairs.

In bringing these to awareness, we have begun to include in our student orientation program and faculty development program, the calculation of individual impacts on the environment and the environment's impact on individuals - known as one's carbon footprint.  In the process of calculating this footprint, one is observing and measuring one's use of energy, impact on environment, etc. based on their individual behaviors in their life and affairs.  So, one's use of energy (fossil fuels, electricity, etc. - for travel, commuting, housing), water use, toxic materials vs organic (cleaning products, etc.), and many other aspects of human life in its interaction with the natural world are made visible.  In that visibility, the calculation process alerts one to the costs and opportunities for saving of money in relation to the use of energies, the emissions, and our behavior as individual human beings.  The process alerts to the opportunities to make different and better choices that enhance our well being in terms of health, finances, relationships with other human beings.

This and other curriculum enhancements to include a sustainability perspective are now being brainstormed.

So, we are involved with consciously evolving the consciousness and thought processes within the educational institution and community.

In the process, we have identified Sustainable processes and principles for implementing Sustainability and right relationship - new process, techniques of right relationship for innovating, creating the specific forms of right relationship among the Triad of Sustainability.

From a Wisdom perspective, I see these Sustainable process and principles are unfolding to reveal the human world equivalent and expressions of the Law of Economy (the law of right relationship), the Law of Attraction and the Law of Synthesis as outlined in our Wisdom work.

I've attempted to weave together several threads to create a fabric of understanding for Sustainability in Higher Education that we're a part of at Wilson. There is a vastness to Sustainability as it is unfolding that I consider is a reflection of the vastness of the Wisdom.  As such, we have established some anchors of the New Age in Sustainability at Wilson, and the new civilization as the Wisdom Group.

Glad to go further as your interest might lead. In service to All Our Relations


Fred      Three Gongs of Initiation - mental astral etheric
Fred McEwan serves as Sustainability Director for a NC community college, and CEO, founder of The Asonar Group, a consultancy for Sustainability in Higher Education.  His focus is on the embodiment, infusion and synthesis of right relationship among human leadership, business/economy, education, and the natural world. He has been a student of The Ageless Wisdom and The Wisdom since 1995.
 by: Cassandra Cholaki
There is a nursery rhyme I'd often say to clients that had a "can't say no and a need to please complex". It went like this:

Old Mother Hubbard went to the cupboard
to fetch her poor dog a bone - but
When she got there the cupboard was bare
So the poor dog had none.

What I'd been saying all these years, while apparently not aware enough of it myself, was before one can give one must have a full cupboard themselves - talking energy, magnetic and electric energies, here. Growing up in a culture where to serve others is one of the highest forms of human and godly values is not lightly given up. The saying it is better to give then to receive never quite made sense to me at some points in my life, but like many I was hooked into the ideology that it was and is.

Yet, the thought that kept coming through meditation this week was - It is better to Receive then Give. This is the highest level of service you can give. It is your true spiritual purpose.

I paused that thought and said to myself, "This must be an Ayn Rand moment". Realizing I'd broken the flow, I beat my persona up a little with a few unkind words, and remade the alignment hoping to get into the space again, but It was gone.

Several days passed and the stream of consciousness began to flow again. Your highest purpose on Earth is to Receive. You are first and foremost a vessel and you need to make that vessel into a sacred cup. For you are one of many cups that the One Life - pours its Light into making the One into many. In order to give to others you must be willing first to listen and receive the Light. You must also be willing to be Silent in the Listening and Receiving.  Higher Purpose means focus. This Purpose/Focus ultimately means a choice to focus the light you receive.

Receiving is magnetic while Focus grounds the Light into your instrument which IS meant to be  a  temple on earth of the One Life - The Christ Light. Your purpose is to focus that Light which is Love out into the world Now! Give this Light & Love away over and over again as it is infinite - always flowing - always there - always seeking vessels able to pour Light and Love into. That is real Power! The Power to radiate into the 3 worlds via this service the return of the Christ Consciousness into mankind.  Remembering Humanity Is the Christ.

(This I realized was the urgency I have been feeling over the last few months as the shift into 7th Ray begins to show up in the economy and news everyday now. It is going to get worse before it gets better and all the Light and Love we can radiate into the world is needed Now!)

Empty yourself out in this giving then be refilled only to empty Love and Light out again in a never ending circle  & cycle connecting all life with Light, Love, and the Power of the Divine Plan & Christ  Consciousness. This Light of the Creator that would fill you is purity personified. It is transcendent to the ego. It is the greatest gift given from the Creator. It is your responsibility to tend this Light and keep your vessel as sound as possible. You do that by keeping good thoughts, actions, and healthy foods and exercise each one affecting one of your lower bodies more then the others. You can make the correlation of thoughts (mental) actions (astral) and food as medicine (physical) yourself.

When your heart is overflowing with Love & Light it is easy to pass that on to those around you. When you have money to spare and no worries about it; then it is easier to share with the less fortunate. It is easy to Give when there is abundance. The abundance of Light filling your vessel (mind, heart, & body/etheric) from the One Life is never depleted so receive and give it all away over and over. It isn't yours! But it does belong to you too. Freely with your love give it away and be replenished everyday in meditation - deep in the silence your cup will be refilled. Don't try to do this.  Just Allow yourself to receive with gratitude the Light & Love you can pass on. Radiate where ever you are.

Notice what happens when your cup is not full, your heart feels closed and empty. You have over given. It is then the temptation comes to look outside yourself for appreciation, approval, and acceptance... the three A's that are not the highest grades in this earth class room.  That kind of giving becomes conditional and resentful. It often harms those closest to you, or a stranger on the street or a driver of a car that just happens to be in the path of that resentment and under lying anger.

Receiving does not mean only to receive the Creators Light, but to receive other people. Receive what and who they are without conditions. Allow the Light you have been given, tend it as it is precious allowing it to flow freely to all.  Receive what IS! Receive everything - the birds, trees, the clouds; every living thing.  Receive and then empty out your overflowing cup through Love and Gratitude for what you have received. Then again in meditation deep in the silence Receive once again.

As a group you as individual cups combine becoming like a mini Holy Grail. One of many Grails: receiving and focusing the Light & Love into all aspects of Humanity and the three worlds of human endeavor; forming the Triangle of Power from your grail out to Humanity and up to the Christ. Consciousness at the lower frequencies changes as it receives that Light and Love each group has radiated Outward and Upward - Om. In meditation deep Receive more....

Light & Love - Om

 Wisdom - Outward & Upward - Om 
Cassandra is in the current TT2 class, and is also part of the HQ group. She lives near the border near San Diego, CA 
Artwork by Thomas Karlstroem
        Three Gongs of Initiation - mental astral etheric
 Book Review - Opening to Meditation: A Gentle Guided Approach
by: Lucinda Tyrrell-DeFranco

Opening to Meditation: A Gentle, Guided Approach
- Book & CD Set, by Diana Lang
"Meditation is a journey that unifies the mind and the heart." P19
This lovely book, lovely to look at, to hold, and to read is shared in two main sections. The first section looks at demystifying the practice of meditation and the second section, chapters 7-13, looks at the actual practice.
Chapter 14 is filled with common questions asked about meditating, such as "How can I tell if what I'm experiencing is just my imagination?", "What if I'm not doing it right?", "What if I don't understand my meditation experience?" and "What should I expect when I meditate?" This last question is answered as follows:
"When you meditate, most of what you experience will be the ordinary - as ordinary as the night sky filled with a billion stars, as ordinary as a lone hawk's cry, as ordinary as language, as ordinary as a sunrise, as ordinary as the wail of a newborn's first breath."
"Everything is ordinary. It's one ordinary thing after another. That's the magic of the ordinary moment."
The ordinary is sacred."

This book is certain to be of great value to many a beginner and well-established practitioner alike, and especially to those who will be addressing beginners (and who amongst us doesn't need this).
The jewel at the end of the book contains a meditation exercise, and the accompanying CD - introduction plus two meditation exercises - is narrated in soft and smooth tones.
I would recommend this as something worth having to share around or as a gift to anyone who you know will benefit from beginning the practice of meditation.
Diana Lang is a "teacher's teacher" of meditation and yoga, with nearly twenty-five years of teaching experience. She is a spiritual counselor and radio personality, and she lives in Los Angeles, the city of angels. You can contact Diana Lang via
Unopened waterlilies  
 The Universe as Music
by: Kathy McMillanThree Gongs of Initiation - mental astral etheric

I just recently started re-reading the book 'The Symphony of Life'  by chemistry professor Donald Hatch Andrews. In one section he is discussing man, in time and in eternity, and the seeming contradictions of this. Then, on p. 385 he states:
"I suggest that these contradictions begin to dissolve if we can accept both ourselves and the universe not as matter but as music. In music there is a dynamism which is more than movement in time. In the dynamic form of music, which can be transformed invariant into so many embodiments, both obviously moving and superficially static, we have the underlying dynamic form which in its dynamism transcends time."
There is a lovely section in Applied Wisdom V.III about the music of the universe:
" Every man, every human being is a sound--a harmonic note within the Word of God--a being.  Each sounding out to the other, each in its harmonic communicative relationship; sound--sounds that Name, which is the Name of the One Life within which it functions and within which it speaks. When each note of that total Word sounds its intrinsic harmonic, the Great Being Whose Name It Is, finds His center--His own tone--His own intrinsic harmonic note within that Greater Being of Whom He is a communication."
This section discusses harmonics, music, sounding our note, as the heart of creation,  our creation being our communication with and within the universe. Very interesting.
" Communication is creation--creation is communication. There is naught else. God is speaking. Universes are the movement of that communication, every unit of life being an intrinsic note within the whole.. . . "
As the Self learns to harmonically sound its intrinsic note, . . ." it will join itself to the other sounds which together make up the word of which it is a part. And it then will place itself before the Great Musician to add to the beauty of the whole"    (1420-21)
Art by Thomas Karlstroem 
Seed Thoughts
For those following the yearly Nature of the Soul Meditation Cycle
 Bruce Manaka1st Quarter

Dec/Jan: "The Divine Plan for Humanity Manifests Through the Divinity of Every Individual Unit."

Jan/Feb:  "The Power of Truth is God."
Feb/Mar: "The Love of Truth is Wisdom."
Mar/Apr: "The Light of Truth is 'Every man a Christ'."
A Wisdom Group Website?
 By Don Turner 
A Wisdom Group website?
Without being critical of Yahoo mail groups, I think the Wisdom group would be better served by creating a dedicated password protected website that could incorporate many of the features of the Yahoo groups forum, but have additional refinements that would facilitate communication and growth.  
A central advantage as I envisage it would be the possibility of easily creating multiple specific blogs that would hopefully invoke more participation, integration and realization. As I imagine it there could be a list of blogs on the home page, any of which, when selected would open on to its own page, in a simple elegant format. Some ideas for blogs (a sequential listing of all participants' interactive communications) might be:
Morning meditation blog: To share images, inspirations, ideas and intentions that arise from our meditations. If we are opening to the same space and consciousness then by sharing these impressions, we may enhance our spiritual consciousness.

General meditation blog: Ideas for specific meditations, techniques, issues or concerns.
Full moon meditation blog: Likewise, the time of each full moon is qualified with different energies, sharing what we receive in mediation can further the refinement of group consciousness

Wisdom conference blog: Ideas and communications related to upcoming Wisdom conferences could be incorporated here.

Ray specific issue blogs: First ray, politics/leadership, Second Ray consciousness/education, Third Ray economic/intellectual, etc.  Individuals oriented to specific Ray energies would each have a place to focus on the implications for their domain.

Service project blogs: Individuals seeking support or wanting to share ideas, questions, or concerns related to a particular service project would have a specific place to do that.
Esoteric issues blogs: To further explore various aspects of Wisdom Teaching, i.e. Synthesis, White Magic, Astrology, channeling, Lord Maitreya, sixth sub-race, Seventh Ray civilization, etc.

Wisdom course blogs:  Teaching wisdom courses could be incorporated in specific dedicated blogs.

General announcements blog: Postings for the entire community.

Webmaster blogs: Requests for new blogs or technical issues related to the website
One further aspect of this vision just occurred to me which I will share.  We have been told that the Hierarchy will and wants to respond to group invocation that seeks to express and manifest the Plan. I believe that through part of the blog structure proposed in the website, formal avenues could be set up to do this.
Some blogs might generate a lot of activity and precipitate new and further differentiated blogs. Others won't and could be moved to a dormant blog area after a period of inactivity. Having a greater assortment and range of interactive sharings would further both more inward as well as more practical aspects of group work. 
The website would also need a gatekeeper/moderator to supervise admission to the group and to educate or bounce anyone found inappropriate. It would need a webmaster to add features or make technical changes. It would have a member's personal information section, where individuals could feel more secure in sharing photos, biographical and interest information. The website could post the Wisdom newsletter and have a links pages, and other relevant informative postings. In short, such a website would be an attractive focal point to integrate and facilitate expansion for the Wisdom group. Although I have not created such websites myself, I understand that it is not so difficult or expensive. I believe this would enhance the work of the Wisdom group as an intermediary group to further the Hierarchy's efforts in the world.
The proposal is not about creating a central dominating organization any more than the current Yahoo group forum is, as the proposed website would function in very much the same way. However it is about creating a more aesthetic and effective communication and organizational tool. I think an analogy might be of a startup group that is meeting in someone else's premises. At a certain developmental point the budding concern will create its own facility that is more suitable to its needs and purpose. This must, of course be developed democratically and consensually.
The concept of setting up various differentiated blogs/forums on the website - where anyone in the group could participate (except perhaps for course blogs which might be restricted to the particular course participants), would, I think, encourage increased and more effective communication. An analogy might be of trying to carry on various specific discussions in a room with 120+ people. It's naturally easier to do this if the individuals interested in a certain topic pursue such a conversation in their own space. Of course in virtual space, we can interact in separate blogs but participate in them all at the same time if we were so inclined. Personally, I also find the Yahoo forum format rather cumbersome. Differentiated blogs could be formatted as a simple sequential list of postings that would be easier to read and print.
Regardless of whether having multiple blogs would really enhance communication, as I think it will, just having a website for the Wisdom group would be valuable. I believe that an internet site created expressly for the Wisdom group would have more of a sense of place and be an attractive focal point to integrate the Wisdom community and facilitate its expansion.  
With civilization in crisis and transition, transformational changes need to be made in many departments of living. New archetypes need to be grounded based on Seventh Ray Aquarian energies. Wisdom is of more value if it can offer help to real problems. I believe that more people will turn to the Wisdom not only for esoteric understanding, but hopefully as a guide to principles that must inform such areas as politics, education, economics and religion, etc. Ray related group blogs could work on articulating principles, programs, policies and needed reforms in various areas of society. Service group blogs could help make effective specific new efforts along this line. Teaching blogs might ramp up offerings to broader mainstream audiences. Ideally a sense of a new coherent community, values and life attitudes could be articulated and even demonstrated.
With regard to next steps in exploring and implementing the Wisdom website idea, how about these sequential stages and timeline: 
1. If anyone is interested in this idea and has specific input regarding what is wanted or not wanted- processes, features, blogs, layout, graphics, domain name, etc., please post your input on the Yahoo Wisdom forum re "a Wisdom Group website". 
2. If there is an enthusiastic response, three weeks to collect the input via the Wisdom forum. (If the proposed website was already functioning, a new blog would be assigned for this service project.)
3. If it seems there is substantial support for the project, a week to integrate all the information and present a final detailed Wisdom group website proposal that incorporates the input.
4. A week for further feedback on the revised detailed proposal.
5. Three to four weeks to create the beta version website and upload it.  I would suggest that standard web design software be used so that the website could be more easily appropriated for use later by non-technical personal.
6. Three weeks to test out and use the website by the Wisdom group while soliciting further feedback and ideas for improvements.
7. Two weeks to incorporate the changes and upload the polished fully functioning website.
I'm not sure how realistic such a timeline is - processes involving groups can be protracted, and I've undoubtedly left out some things - but if all goes well the Wisdom group could have a lovely operational internet presence in the spring. 
In terms of who will take responsibility, individuals may contribute and volunteer as they are interested in the process. I think individuals from the core subgroup now doing the newsletter, gathering and group forum should maintain a connection to this project to maintain continuity. The final website will need someone (a webmaster) with enough computer knowledge so that continual changes can be implemented on an ongoing basis. Other individuals will need to oversee daily operations and developmental growth. It would be nice if someone within the Wisdom group had the expertise and time to create the actual site, and put a good vibrational stamp on it, but it could also be hired out. I don't think it would be too expensive either to build or have a website hosted and contributions could be solicited for these at the appropriate time. There would need to be a project manager(s) to see the thing through.

Seattle psychotherapist and student of recent Hierarchical teachings.  Founder of, an internet resource for psycho-spiritual integration. Has led groups and workshops on the development of consciousness and co-creativity. Has lived abroad exploring various spiritual paths. Writes poetry. Married with two children.  Main concern:  facilitating soul identification and a transformation of society to attitudes based on this.
Don Turner
New Centers of Consciousness
From the Group Soul Journal
Three Gongs of Initiation - mental astral etheric
This article contains a summary of the main ideas shared through the inner communions that took place in the year 2005 between a physical-plane group of individuals and those realms of consciousness wherein their souls are an integral part of a group of souls in service to the Divine Plan for this Earth. In this journal this group of souls is called "the Inner Group".
The summary is organized thematically and offered both as an introduction and as a synthesis of the entire journal for this year.
This communion is a weekly group discipline undertaken by the physical-plane group in answer to the urge of their spiritual intuition. The contact made with the Inner Group is a soul rapport on the abstract levels of mind - where no personal issues, aspirations or intentions enter, only a deeply committed surrendering of one's consciousness in service to the Divine Plan. The results have been an increase in the outer group's understanding of its nature and path and a greater effectiveness in its service.
The language and symbolism used in this journal reflect the particular spiritual training of the individuals conforming the outer group. Those readers familiar with the language and ideas of the books dictated by the Tibetan Master Djwhal Khul, through Alice A. Bailey, will more easily tune in to the thread of this journal. This is just incidental and, hopefully, it will not obscure the universal message which can be derived by any group committed to work in self-sacrifice for the pursuit of an expansion of consciousness in humanity.
Nature of the Inner Group:
It is a focal point, on the mental plane, of a multidimensional project of the Ashram of Synthesis.
It is an expression of the right relation between the Human Creative Hierarchy and the Hierarchy of Solar Angels.
The Inner Group is the Living Light Itself. It was created by the Living Light as It sent the call to satisfy Its own need for a medium of descent into the furthermost spheres of Creation - the worlds of human living.
Purpose of the Inner Group:

The Purpose is...
The creation of a structure of relationships (vertical, horizontal and spherical) for the expression of the life and consciousness of "the Heart of the Sun": Heart of the Sun - Heart of the Logos - Heart Center.
The creation of a structure of relationships that brings together the states of consciousness and the energies of the twelve Creative Hierarchies of Beings.
The creation of a new state of consciousness, and the corresponding structure of Light that makes possible the expression of this new state of consciousness.
The ideation of the new state of consciousness.
Key Statements:
The Inner Group is in the process of becoming an outpost of the One State of Consciousness of the Logos, while the externalizing Disciples are becoming an outpost of the state of consciousness of the Inner Group.
Excerpted with permission from 'The Synthesist' Website.

Love Defies Logic
 by Wendy Glaubitz-Fugere

"Love, as any other abstraction, defies logic."

Herein lies the mystery of the whole process of becoming the Soul in everyday life. I can say that I love this or that, but what am I really saying? In truth, I can love and not know at all what it means. Even with all the effort expended in study and in meditation, the energy of Love and Wisdom is beyond description. And in my most human state, I don't even know if my loving is really love. 
If at this point I was to say much about love, I would tend to go with the concept of Pure Reason, Wisdom.  I would have to leave behind all the sentimentality of love and the neediness that often governs personal attraction. It would be the manifestation of inner alignment to Truth that would be love...impersonal, but intrinsically loving because we are beyond separation and all is One. 
Rare instances of beauty can put me in a place of love, I think...beyond the words, just the experience that transcends.
I find myself slightly in a state of despair realizing that I have let my mind enjoy the images, the words, the music of the mental and astral worlds thinking that I was truly in touch with the higher planes. To be beyond form of course makes no sense to the mental being. Living in the mental and emotional realms in my daily life, I wonder what it would be like to be the embodied Soul at play in the three worlds of human endeavor. What would it look like? What would it feel like? What a great challenge we have-to go beyond form when all we know is form. 
Perhaps a key to love is purpose. When there is some almost unconscious movement that guides me onward toward what seems almost like an inner cosmic magnet, maybe that is what love is.  Maybe when a mysterious sense of compassion for another holds me steady in knowing what is the right way to be with that other ---maybe that is love. Maybe hunger to be in nature is love. Maybe, maybe, maybe...

Mind, be at it at all possible?

Defense Against the Dark Side
by: Pamela Jaye Smith
In the last issue we shared an excerpt from this book and failed to include the actual book cover. For further information on this subject please see Pamela's web site in the dedicated links above, MYTHWORKS:
 Three Gongs of Initiation - mental astral etheric
Poetry Section

Spirits Invincible
 Does a blaze of light fear the dark?
 At dawn can there be aught but exultation?
 Nay, there is nothing that can oppose
 Spirits invincible are we born
 And on great wings cast our shout
 Of overcoming!
                            Don Turner

Let's just make everything conscious now.
Sitting here in silence,
without any compulsion to talk,
          glad to be at peace together,
to meet together, always for the first time,
wishing it to be so.
Grateful now to accept
what is given to us to share,
and what is there to be expressed
and made conscious.
Allowing this space to extend itself,
to reveal itself,
newly each moment.
                                        Don Turner
Emerald Messenger
                                              Artist: William Moore
The Last Incarnation

Attire this one in clear light 
a throne, a monastery, or a cobbler's nook no longer matter. 
He is ready to depart at any given moment 
without regrets, fatigue, or remorse 
his cup is full 
his combination complete 
the matter settled.
He wears a kind of white garment 
the rapture of matter 
with flames of swirl behind 
this is how he prepares for his last incarnation.
He walks where nature would lead him 
he is a dweller of forest and mountain 
is accustomed to voices and fires 
he carries a stone from Himalaya 
the foundation of a temple
He is a simple man
an open channel
burnt with ecstasy
they come in the faint blue light
to kiss his hands
"Why do you rush into my cell
I have nothing but books
I cannot work miracles
What do you find in me?"
They place my hands upon their heads
as if ti would cure them
but I myself feel nothing
It cannot be that this light comes from my fingers...
As far as I can remember
nothing remarkable happens
I am pulled out of myself like quicksilver
I see dark blue sparks near them
I am about to go somewhere besides this
then with a silent breath
from a shape deep inside the eye I caress their souls...
Sometimes they confess their sins
a flash reaches out
the spirit rushes in
I touch them as if they were my people
I am a simple man
a pilgrim on the road
without blanket, money or home
The clouds shall be my tent
the sound of rain my symphony
the forest gate my temple
the flowers never smelt so strong
Soon I will break the roof beam
the flood of stars will enter
soon I will light the last fire
I will cook the last meal
suddenly a peel of flame over my head
it has begun...
Adam DeFranco    
 Artwork by Thomas Karlstroem


                                                                                                         Three Gongs of Initiation - mental astral etheric    


PURE JOY     Three Gongs of Initiation - mental astral etheric
I consider myself being an esoteric student when I started as a young man to study HPB's "The Secret Doctrine".
In 1994 I found the Danish teacher Niels Bronsted and his esoteric school. Here I got acquainted with DK/Bailey and later Lucille Cedercrans. I also became familiar with words like The Wisdom, The Soul, Discipleship, Group Consciousness, The Plan, Service, The Devic world, Ashram, Hierarchy, Synthesis and so forth.
In time I met people like Tom and Mary Carney, Gordon Davidson and Corinne McLaughlin, Helen Frankland and many, many other brothers and sisters. I had found what I was searching for and I became a group member in a beautiful, esoteric center (which no longer exists), in the south of Sweden!
When I celebrated my 50:ies birthday, a friend gave me a digital camera. The photo program gave me the possibility to make magical, joyful pictures and it was just wonderful.
Little by little, my pictures went more and more...spiritual, more influenced by my esoteric life, thoughts and emotions, as my three bodies and my consciousness began to change in vibration.
In 2004 (I think) I was at Findhorn on a WSI-conclave and there was this darling woman, Pamela Nissen! We became " internet friends " and two years later, she invited me to take Teacher Training. By that time my digital pictures started to be yet even more influenced by my  esoteric endeavors.
Most of my pictures, as I work in the "land of fantasy", are created from an astral level, but from time to time I realize, when looking at what I have created, after hours in front of the computer, that I must have been crossing the border to the higher mental and maybe once or twice, touched levels even above that.

I'm a great admirer of the old master of esoteric art, Nicholas Roerich and at least one picture, I would like to dedicate to him and maybe you can see or guess which one it is.
Maybe as a disappointment to some, I work mostly from pure intuition.
I don't think I've been "overshadowed" or anything like that, (except by The Soul) not more than I was by the Synthetic Ashram and several deep esoteric thought forms, during the lessons in my TT-studies, but I've truly been deeply inspired by the entire spiritual world, which I have been presented for.
I am very interested and inspired by the devic world and sometimes I try to put into form, what I sense within me, in meditations, at work (as a therapist), in my daily life as a server of the Plan, as a group-consciousness and obviously, I also create from the many experiences in consciousness, which we develop in the group life, even if I know that forms and symbols, mostly hides the real Truth.
Yet I believe that the beauty in those forms, can mediate that "sense of wonder" which I experience, over to others; and my pictures can be looked upon, like a harmless piece of wood or a funny, beautiful black stone on the sea shore.
                                         Three Gongs of Initiation - mental astral etheric
Upcoming Classes
 Three Gongs of Initiation - mental astral etheric
Headquarters Class - 60 lessons - date to be finalized, probably April or May. Notice will be sent when a new Headquarters Class will start. This course is based on the classes/transmissions Lucille gave in 1961-62 to her group, which had moved to Colarado with her to set up the Head center.
Advanced Teacher Training - in progress
Full Moon Newsletter with communications from R/Lucille so if anyone is not receiving this, please contact Pam
Attending - Headquarters group retreat in Estes Park in June to activate the Head Center and the overall group Wisdom Gathering at Capistrano in September 2009. 
I am looking forward to meeting all of you in person and having more time to get acquainted than last year.  We'll be working with the power of the overall group to help solve humanity's problems. Love and Light, Pam

The Nature of the Soul - 40 lessons
Study group at the Ojai Wisdom Center, class resumes Nov. 10th at lesson 6. The class is facilitated by Lyn Hebenstreit and Tara Blasco. The cost is free.
Monday meetings from 7:30 to 9:30 PM.
Address: 945 Oso Rd. Ojai, Ca 93023
For more information, please contact us at:   or
Soul and Its Instrument: Feb 2009
Nature of the Soul: August 2009.
Contact: Janne Randall
Currently running - Online - fortnightly cycle of SI & weekly cycle PI level 2


January 16 (Friday)
Path of Initiation, 1 & 2 - 18 lessons
January 17 (Saturday)
Soul & Its Instrument - 18 lessons
January 22 (Thursday)
Corrective Thinking - 40 lessons
January 31 (Saturday)
Nature of the Soul - 40 lessons

Contact Lucinda:

The Disciple and Economy, by Lucille Cedercrans - 33 lessons
This series explains the relationship between the servant of the One Life and the economy of that Life.
"Every disciple who stands upon the threshold of world service, regardless of how small may be the part he will play in that activity, is faced with the necessity to know, to understand, and to wield the Economy of the One Life. He must grasp it as a Divine Plan in itself. He must see its real tionships within the affairs of humanity, and come to understand its laws so well as to be enabled always to apply it to the furtherance of the evolu tionary plan of the Soul."
The Disciple and Economy, by Lucille Cedercrans, p. 1
Our focus will be on grasping that plan, seeing it in relationship with humanity, and making the new economy available to humanity.
Online - audio projections, text, and discussion.
Prerequisite: Nature of the Soul, Creative Thinking, or the equivalent.
Begins January 25, 2009, ends September, 2009
Creating the New World Civilization - 40 lessons
This series will focus on the work immediately ahead of us during this crisis of opportunity, the work which is the specific task of our ashramic group life.
"The purpose of our Ashram is literally to create a new civilization. We have to build the forms which will carry the higher state of consciousness, the Fifth Kingdom in nature, right into the body of humanity."
From: Applied Wisdom - Teacher Training, by Lucille Cedercrans
The crisis of opportunity is here, the need is now, it is time to take up the work of discipleship and make the new character and quality of Leadership, Education and Healing, Business and Economy, Art, Engineering and Science, Religion, and Creative Magic available to humanity.
The course will consist primarily of excerpts from the works of Lucille Cedercrans (on the topics listed above) with audio commentary.
Online - audio projections, text, and discussion.
Prerequisite: Nature of the Soul, Creative Thinking, or the equivalent.
Begins in 2009, according to demand and world need.
In progress:
The Wisdom Group
 - 41 lessons
A series on the nature, purpose, and function of the Wisdom Group, compiled from the works of Lucille Cedercrans. Online - audio projections, text, and discussion.
Prerequisite: Nature of the Soul or Creative Thinking
Began August 17, 2008, ends in June, 2009

Contact: Glen Knape 
Teacher of The Wisdom                                                 
NATURE OF THE SOUL- Live, Sunday 7:00PM
(Pre-requisite: Nature of the Soul, background in Bailey material)
This class focusses on the esoteric aspects of this nation and does weekly service meditation to invoke the National Soul.
SANCTUM REGNUM- Live, Tuesday 7:00PM
(Pre-requsite: It is helpful to have a Bailey background, Nature of the Soul, and/or Teacher Training.) This class covers many diverse aspects of the Wisdom. The text is from work by Mattie Miller in the early part of the 1900's.
- Thursdays-Arcana Workshops in Culver City CA.
(Pre-requsite: Nature of the Soul)

UP-COMING Classes:

This class will focus upon the etheric mechanics of the connections and functioning of the SMB Alignment.
Covered will be a lot of anatomy on the brain, its functioning in relation to the Soul, and how
consciousness works through its form.
This class is a "hands on" experience in creating the esoteric within painting, poetry, music, and dance.

For information on these and other classes, contact:
Georgia Lambert:

Teacher Training, Parts I and II
Began October 2008 with Theresa de Riggs*
*Note: Theresa is the contact for the Australian Wisdom newsletter.

Workshop Jan 10-11, 2009 
Greg Tzinbeg, who studied both Buddhism and "Nature of the Soul" with Lucille Cedercrans, is coming back to lecture in Los Angeles. Will be held in Simone's home.
Contact for flyer: Simone Maudhui
Greg Tzinberg

Conscious Dying* - 10-12 weeks
In progress; Begins again in 2009, according to demand & world need
A focus on Master DK's teachigns, via AAB, on reincarnation, death and conscious dying, especially her view that the inner planes into which we are released at the moment of death can become known and understood during life.
Contact: Suzanne Vallez, 
*Also offering classes on Healing - 10 lessons

The Path of Initiation - Both 1 & 2, separate classes (10 & 8 weeks)
Gay Vickers -    
Ocean Grove, Geelong area - Australia  

For more information on the courses of Lucille Cedercrans and the publication of the lesson material, please visit Wisdom Impressions online.
The Wisdom Impressions website is a most valuable resource. Besides many articles on the Wisdom Teachings of Lucille Cedercrans it also has numerous free downloads. These include two eBooks, a screensaver, and various meditations. You are also given the opportunity to read sections of the many books and pamphlets offered and place an on-line order.
You can visit their site at: 


Morya Federation School of Meditation

An international, Internet-based esoteric school is opening its virtual doors - December 21, 2008

The main course of study of the Wisdom within the comprehensive curriculum, follows the guidelines offered by DK in 'Letters on Occult Meditation'. Michael Robbins and a group of deep and long time students and teachers of the Wisdom will be facilitating this online school. 
For further information and/or an Application, contact:
Vicktorya Stone,
Michael Robbins,
Wisdom Dictionary
Three Gongs of Initiation - mental astral etheric by William Moore
Status of Wisdom Dictionary
Dear Co-Workers,

Currently, The Wisdom Dictionary service project is continuing to move forward.  We have a final deadline date for when all of the material has to be in. That date is February 25, 2009. Christine Karlsen and I are working on the formatting and waiting for the arrival of the additional definitions that are to go into the dictionary. After that, the pre-proofing will begin, and followed by a final proofing by the folks at Wisdom Impressions.  I am also currently writing the introduction for the dictionary, but full credit for the finished product will go to Lucille Cedercrans. There is, as you can imagine, a tremendous amount of effort connected with The Wisdom Dictionary, but Pam Nissen, Michael Miles, and others feel strongly that it is one our most important group service projects. We're looking to have it finished in time for the next Wisdom Gathering in September. It is my sincere belief that it will eventually benefit thousands of teachers, students, and new seekers around the world. Thanks to all who have contributed thus far, and keep those definitions coming!

In Peace,

Wisdom Gathering 2008  September 2009

Rancho Capistrano in San Juan Capistrano, CA: Friday, Sept. 4 afternoon thru Monday, Sept. 7 for the 2009 Wisdom Gathering.  Greg Tzinberg will lead a pre-conference retreat: Wednesday, Sept. 2 thru Friday morning, Sept. 4.(see below)*

The mission statement for the 2009 gathering is:

"We invoke Synthesis in Action in preparation for the coming World Teacher.  Aligned with the Hierarchy, we sound the note of Synthesis within and through all areas of human endeavor. In particular, we seek to aid and vitalize all service efforts affiliated with the new Thought-Form Presentation of the Wisdom."

This Gathering is open to all participants interested in the Wisdom.

More information to come! Please save the dates.

Planning Comittee Contacts:
Suzanne Vallez
Greg Tzinberg
Wisdom Directory in the Making
Kurmano by Hazel

We regret to inform you that due to lack of action by the majority of associates this project is being withdrawn for the time being.
A special thank you to those who submitted bio's etc.

More details to come in a future issue

We are in the process of reorganizing our pyramids in the Pyramids of Power yahoogroup that was started by Glenys Lowery in Feb. of 2003.  I would like to tell you a bit about the pyramid work, in case any of you are interested in participating. Perhaps some of you are familiar with the Triangles work sponsored by Lucis Trust at, or the Triangles of Light work found at, sponsored by LaUna Huffines, or the Triangles of Prayer work at  It involves people joining together in groups of three, creating a triangular network of Light, Love and Goodwill enfolding the earth. It is a simple yet powerful form of service that also utilizes The Great Invocation. 
Torkom Saraydarian, in his book The Triangles of Fire, extends the concept of the Triangles work to include working together in groups of five, forming a pyramidal service group. He discusses this on pp. 44-45 of his book.  If anyone is interested in this work or has further questions, you can contact me at you can also contact Starling Hunter at  
Kathy  McMillan

Headquarters Work-to-be-Done
Annual Christ Festival of Humanity
Mary and Lee Jones ( and Marilyn Mueller ( will hold a Group focus for an annual Christ Festival of Humanity at the time of the Gemini Full Moon to be held in form in Estes Park, Colorado, and subjectively worldwide.
WHEN: Seven days (six nights) at the time of the Gemini (June) Full Moon
WHERE: YMCA of the Rockies, Estes Park Center beginning 2010 (Amberwood in Estes Park in 2009)
WHY:  Maintain a steady alignment with the Christ consciousness within every frequency of the manifest One Life during the five days of the Christ Festival for Humanity in service to the Divine Plan for humanity.
WHAT: Times will be designated for group meditations. No other scheduled activities. Participants will use this time together as we each choose in our endeavor to hold our alignment 24/7.
Announcement of our first annual Christ Festival to be held June 4-8 at Amberwood in Estes Park, CO has already been issued. We are currently welcoming any of you who can make the physical trip, and of course we will all participate subjectively.
To focus the continuance of this endeavor in the years to come, Mary, Lee and Marilyn will annually (beginning in 2010) finance a 4-bedroom cabin that sleeps 10 at the YMCA of the Rockies as well as simple meals. Any Wisdom Group participant is welcome to put their name on the list for one of these beds up to three years in advance.
YMCA of the Rockies - a year-round conference & family center - can accommodate groups up to 2,500 on the edge of Rocky Mountain National Park. Hence, expanding on-site group participation beyond the 10 is easily accomplished and a wide variety of types of accommodations are available. Make your own reservations or let us gladly assist with coordinating other group accommodations.
Mark your calendar, send us an e-mail stating your intention, and let the work be done in Divine Law and Order. Please share this announcement with anyone you consider to be a participant in this Group Work.


 Dear Friends,

It is our great privilege to at long last announce the completion of the
translation of Lucille Cedercrans' work The Nature of the Soul for French-
speaking people. 

The full text for The Nature of the Soul, arduously but thoughtfully 
translated, is now available to students, teachers and all those who care 
to study this important esoteric work.

The 234-page electronic book is available for purchase at our website: or

We invite you to visit the site to have a better understanding of Lucille
Cedercrans' teachings, and to download the French translation.

A free English-language version of The Nature of the Soul is also available 
on the English version of the website.

We also ask that you pass this announcement along to your friends who 
may find it to be of interest.

Thank you for your interest.
Bernadette Rosenstiel and Evelyn Klein

Mary and Lee Jones, in their home, and Marilyn Mueller, in her home, each have a bedroom available any time for one or two visitors. Anyone wanting a few days of quiet retreat in Estes Park is most welcome to send an e-mail request and come visit and make use of one of these rooms any time of the year.

Warm welcome,
Mary and Lee
Peace Initiative
StarlingDavidHunterby: Dot Maver
From the desk of Dot Maver President and CEO, Peace Partnership International
September 9, 2008 writes:

Dear Friend,

Kosta Makreas has encouraged me to update you on our historic initiative to found a National Peace Academy in the United States of America. It is a group effort and we are part of a consortium made up of Case Western Reserve University, Biosophical Institute, and Peace Partnership International.

The unique design process we are undertaking is one of the main reasons we are excited about the National Peace Academy. It is not about simply starting another educational institution. It is about infusing and reflecting the principles and practices of peace throughout the process itself and through the emerging institution. You can find out more about the National Peace Academy at

Founding a National Peace Academy initiative is one of three major initiatives we are engaged in at Peace Partnership International. We are also working closely with the Global Alliance for Ministries and Departments of Peace, and through our initiative, Building Bridges of Peace, we are forging partnerships with and among government, business and civil society to help create a culture of peace.

The Global Alliance for Ministries and Departments of Peace, which Peace Partnership International co-founded in 2005, is a community of individuals and organizations in 36 countries on six continents working to encourage the institutional support for and expression of a culture of peace in governments around the world. Solomon Islands and Nepal already have such government ministries, and Costa Rica is poised to become the third. Learn more at

Making the shift to a culture of peace requires everyone, in all walks of life, working together to discover - from their own personal and professional perspective - what that shift means for them, why it is important, and how to do it. Our third major initiative, Building Bridges of Peace, is bridging socioeconomic and intergenerational divides to catalyze partnerships for peace. Learn more at http://www.peacepartintl. org/content/blogcategory/108/132/.

Please take a moment and visit our website at Once you have familiarized yourself with our work, we invite you to spread the word via our easy-to-use Refer-a-Friend system at www.peacepartintl. org/tellfriends.

Thank you for your tireless efforts as we all work together to create a better world. Your support and encouragement is deeply appreciated. Please let me know if you have any questions or desire further information.

In the spirit of peace,

Dot Maver, President & CEO
Peace Partnership International
www.peacepartintl. org


Global Alliance for Ministries and Departments of Peace

Invest in a culture of peace

If you would like to receive periodic updates from Peace Partnership International, please sign up for our newsletter at Your email address will be kept private, and you may unsubscribe at any time.
This email was sent by Peace Partnership, International, a 501c3 nonprofit organization. Donations to Peace Partnership International are tax-deductible to the extent allowed by law.
Contact information:
Peace Partnership International
935 South B Street
San Mateo CA 94401, USA
Phone/Fax: 1-650-525-1297
General correspondence:
Article Guidelines
1.  A  variety of topics is appreciated and requested - articles, poetry, photography, paintings, etc.,  that contribute in some form to the 'Wisdom' , the healing of the planet, psychology, science, economy or any department of human living. This gives our writers great leeway for creative exploration and expression.
Read an older Wisdom Newsletter to get some basic familiarity of the content we seek which is wide, varied and extensive.
2.   Distribution is currently quarterly at the equinoxes and solstices. Submissions generally close three, sometimes, two weeks prior to each particular issue.
3.   We prefer articles in Verdana - 10.
Attachments can be helpful. It is also desirable to have the text of the article submission within the body of the email if possible, if not, at least some intro which explains what we are opening, and gives us some basic idea of your submission.
4.   All material submitted is to expose and express our own unique contributions to the spread of intelligent goodwill and Wisdom. We offer no monetary reward for your inspired submissions. This is between you and the laws of universal abundance. 
We do applaud however.
   5. We also ask for a short bio of your life and service work. If possible send a small picture of yourself so that together they can be placed at the end of your article or art piece in acknowledgement. 

Pictures, including art are to be jpg, jpeg, .png, or .tif files.
   6. Information on Classes and workshops should be descriptive and informative: BRIEF, YET ESSENCEFUL.
Title of class, when, where, 'in person' or 'online', prerequisites if any, class fees if any, contact details, name, email address, phone.

   7. Notice board section: for events, projects, conferences, new links, brief info items etc
8. Book reviews: your own book or another's. We try to get one or more per issue. See examples in previous issues.
9. All material sent is considered by all members of our team; Articles to be submitted to at least two of our co-editor team - see below.
We cannot guarantee everything will be inserted into the Newsletter, although we will strive to place them into a subsequent issue. Space constraints may also mean we save your article or creative project (unless time specific) for a future issue. 
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