The Shining Ones, the Radioactive Ones, are us and we have covered ourselves in earth/flesh – to resurrect the Dead into Life. Do not be afraid then to BURN! (Jenn MacCormack)
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September, 2015 – Vol  7, Issue 4

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The Wisdom Newsletter as a Quarterly Journal seeks to be an expression of those many disciples serving the Aquarian Age. As Seekers, researchers, Life Scientist we see that our spirituality requires further exploration and understanding. With this in mind we passionately pursue the subtle yet practical side of Human evolution and it’s focus on Life, Love and service. We seek to serve the Divine Plan for Humanity. We stand on the edge of a new world and on the cusp of a New Age. These times have been referred to as Age of the Forerunner and in it we see a promise of further enlightenment, harmony and freedom.
Our writers explore this in ways, sometimes direct and obvious, at other times in ways which are deeply esoteric.
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This Journal is meant to be a hands-on expression and interpretation of what moves in the world today as a living spiritual force to bring and birth the new ideas of Synthesis and Brotherhood. It is sourced in the vision and inspiration of both its contributors and readers. We hope it inspires and guides us into wise and service-oriented action, assisting in some way the spiritual vitality of our culture so that the world can be remade according to that inherent design of the Creator’s Divine Plan. May it empower the Incarnation of Humanity’s Soul.
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Master R via Lucille Cedercrans: “…the entire field of the occult, of the esoteric, of that which we call the Wisdom, must be cleaned up. It must be purified to permit the precipitation of that clarification without either a continued or a further distortion or misleading of it.”
“One of the greatest areas of danger, to the work as a whole, to the Wisdom, as it is brought down into applied relationship to all departments of human living within the body of humanity, is this area or concept having to do with the Hierarchy, Masters and branching out from this particular concept the related subjects of clairvoyance, clairaudience, magical powers, the occult, etc.
Already the effort to externalize the wisdom as such within the world of affairs has been frustrated and thwarted by the glamour built up around this concept and those subjects which branch from it, in the minds of teachers and students alike. This is a most difficult area, for the fact of Hierarchy, of Mastery of Life, both below and beyond that of the human, is a part of the Wisdom. The difficulty has been in the interpretation, particularly of that life above that level of human being, for the human beings attempting to interpret such life and affairs have, without realization, colored their interpretation according to their own life and affairs. The state of consciousness defined as a Master, for instance, has been misinterpreted to such a degree that clarification on this subject at this time is almost impossible. Do not forget or fail to realize that such a state of consciousness transcends that of the human being and cannot then be correctly defined or depicted if it is done so in the image and likeness of the human.
This is why all effort thus far in the world that is, in the world of human mind of human comprehension, has failed to define or to understand that life which you call God. Because the attempt is to make God in the image and likeness of man rather than to realize that man finds his life within the image and likeness of that which he defines as God.
Before (via this Thoughtform Presentation) clarification on this subject can be projected, the entire field of discipleship in the new age, the entire field of the occult, of the esoteric, of that which we call the Wisdom, must be cleaned up. It must be purified to permit the precipitation of that clarification without either a continued or a further distortion or misleading of it.
Therefore to all teachers who move out into the field in an endeavor to bring the New Thoughtform Presentation of the Wisdom, this request is being made. Realize first that you know so little yourselves in regard to that life and affairs which you call the Hierarchy or to any one of the focal points within that life and affairs, that you could not honestly enter into any real attempt at this time to clarify it to another human consciousness. What you can do is attempt to clean, to purify, the subject itself upon astral levels to pierce through the glamour which has been created, eliminating it as much as is possible so that such clarification can be projected to you by way of This Thoughtform Presentation. In other words, when the teachers in the field have purified the astral consciousness of those within the field who both receive and work with these concepts, it will then be possible to project into a comprehensive form the clarification necessary to humanity regarding that life and affairs which we call the Hierarchy. Such projection will not be attempted until this purification has been established, for it would only serve to further complicate and englamour the issue.
Refuse to enter into to perpetuate to add to that which is already existent. Realize that you know nothing about this concept. That for you to attempt to explain the life and affairs of any state of consciousness which transcends the human kingdom, would be utter fallacy. This then is one area in which you do not pretend to know anything. Neither are you (until such time as it is seen that clarification can be precipitated) to attempt to seek knowledge regarding the life and affairs of the Hierarchy, of a Master for such knowledge is actually not attainable to you nor is it any of your business at this time. This may seem somewhat harsh but is one of the most vital necessities of the work during this period. You are unfortunately entering into a field which is so englamoured that to make of it an acceptable, recognized factor in the life and affairs of humanity itself is almost an impossibility.
Realize that you have come in and taken your place of service during a time when cleansing and purification of the astral consciousness of all of those related to this activity can take place. If you dedicate yourself to the service of humanity to the service of the Plan to the service of the Christ then dedicate yourself to the effort being made now to cleanse and to purify this area of the Wisdom.
For if this is not done soon the Wisdom will become lost in a maze of glamour so complete that it will not again find its way into life for some time to come. Do not be afraid to answer a question to say that you do not know. Do not be afraid further to clean up by refusing to give power to that glamour, those mis statements, which are existent within this body of thought. Do not add to any of the glamour which has risen around the concept. You yourself have no knowledge. You have only that which has been given to you to teach insofar as this subject is concerned. Take every one of these references and go over that which has been projected. Stick with it and if you will understand it it will clarify particularly in the purification of the consciousness in regard to glamour.
Surprisingly enough, the greatest glamour in regard to this particular subject lies in the area the branches of clairaudience and clairvoyance the idea of Masters appearing and of talking to disciples. If a Master appears and talks to you he will do so in a physical body in company with others. He will not appear in some astral form. Neither will He ever speak to you in words in astral or mental levels. You have no way of ascertaining who the owner of such a voice or appearance might be. It is a rather simple matter for the mind itself to conjure up such a vision, for it to deliver to the consciousness such words. It is also a rather simple matter in certain cases of advanced sensitivity beyond the expansion of consciousness, for one to come into contact with an impostor on astral levels. You have no way of knowing the difference between a Master or a member of the Black Lodge if he were to appear before you or to speak with you in such a way, or some discarnate entity or even a misdirected deva.
By realizing and transmitting such realization that no Master will take this means of communication, you will aid in cleaning up this particular area of the danger. “

Each soul enters with a mission. We all have a mission to perform. Keep the pineal gland operating .”
– Edgar Cayce


                    Source Sleeps
            Substance and Spirit at One
            In the Void of Cosmic Night
                      Source Stirs
  Spirit and Substance stretching into polarity
           The Cosmic Dance Begins
 Dark Matter and Dark Energy emerging
         Two in one and one in two
           Stasis and Chaos are born
          Essence awaits Expression
                 Substance embraces Spirit
Static potential of dark matter changing and evolving
                 Materializing Spirit into Life
              Spirit embraces Substance
The chaos of dark energy exploding into Light
Expanding and cohering into the forms of a new universe
                     Source wakes
             To a new Cosmic Day
Gay Witherington

By We serve the Lords of Vibration

Who move as a Synthesis
Of the Cosmic, Soular & Lunar Fires
Who move through
All consciousness
And vibrating substance
Who move through’
The Fire of the Atom
With these Great Lords –
We serve
We work
We remain
Mario DeLa Garza

Article The Inner Teacher
 ” I see the Master as a being with prevision, he foresees the results of his undertaking, he knows my reactions and how they will change in times. All the words he says, have the meaning of such a power that they work as a catalysts. All His actions are impersonal, but at the same time are motivated by the deep love, compassion and faith.
The master is quick in action and perception, his purity – makes his body almost radiant.
The master create ways for us – to long for understanding and demands obedience to his directions – which is the seeding of the positive thoughts and reaction – as to initiate the soul contact.
The master seems does not allow any secrets, in a way He steps inside of us and teach us, what we have to do by ourselves. He trains our consciousness to the inner awareness and communication.
The attitude of the Master is humble – He does not attract any attention to his personality or his needs – only to our sensitivity towards other people. The masters thoughts do not enter the brain but the blood – they are instantly known, but not instantly explained. He wants us to understand our true mature.”
Anna Sclar
“If you read the
spaces between
a man’s words,
you will see his mind.If you follow the thought
between the words
to their source
you will meet his soul”.

Rae Lake
Standing near the Christ
The Call, 24. Beseech Christ.
Search for the joy of turning to the Creator.
Learn, and unlock the Gates of Knowledge,
And affirm yourselves in understanding the Divine Plan.

 Poetry 1
 We can learn to see the world as energy and force 
 to sense the aura of the earth and luminosity 
 and see colors and vortexes around people and plants

layer upon layer human auras show light and fire
we see souls 
 speaking in tongues of telepathy 
 the ashrams hovering in the Bloomfield of the planet
we erupt with discourse of fire within the ashram 
 things we know in the causal body 
 and the wisdom of the higher world
nothing stands still 
 so with every chance you get engage your telepathy 
 discover how to refine and fine tune your intuition 
 imagine a 360 degree view 
 a clairvoyant hologram of space 
 you see thru buildings and people 
 trees are strong citizens in the etheric with moving devas
the 5th level of superluminal consciousness 
 are those Souls within the hierarchical field 
 they are etheric light vibration
either way make your own discoveries  
 there are new discoveries in the ashrams all the time  
 dialogues and telepathic exchanges are all at the genius level 
 none of it comes together until we trust the intuition 
 and this my friend is harder than you think 
 due to its simplicity

Pearls from the Serpent of Awakening
Power does not belong to you.
You can create with it in direct proportion to how much you are prepared to be changed by it.

The only external power you have, is what others give you and the purpose is to empower them.
It is a call for humility if you take it as yours.
To be Empowered is to do your work,
step back from the results,
assimilate and move on.
Trust is not something you need to have before you surrender.
It is what comes when you do.
Compassion is the heart re-born where the head dropping down and the tail rising up meet in the middle.
Transformation is the artist.
You are the art.

Humanity goes through different cycles of expression. In earlier cycles the female was more prominent, in this cycle of the 4th round of the 5th root-race manas and the 5th ray have dominated. This present cycle of the 5th ray which has a long way yet to go before its work is completed is however being slowly influenced by the by the 4th ray of Buddhi which cycled in in 1925 and will reach its zenith of expression around 2025. This 4th ray influence will be a major factor of bringing in a new and higher feminine energy that is considerably more advance then this present 5th ray cycle heralding the way of the future for the incoming 6th root race which we know is far into the future.
It has been easier for male bodies in this cycle to deal with the strain of the kundalini fire that is activated at the 3rd initiation and culminates at the 5th because the atomic structure of their physical-etheric body is different than women’s. This impact or the uprush of Kundalini fire, which owing to its severity, can often destroys the physical vehicle along with the causal body of the candidate for those high initiations.
The feminine physical and etheric form up until recently has been constructed or utilized for reproduction and nurturing owning to their child bearing capacity and have far too sensitive of a etheric response mechanism to deal with the decent of Atmic and fohatic fire.
In the last 100 years and particularly the last 50 there are a number of masculine ray egos as well as masculine personality ray expressions along the 1,3,5 and 7 line that have incarnating into feminine bodies and who have now developed enough atomic substance of the right type in the etheric bodies to withstand the uprush of the powerful Kundalini force. This is occult physics and should not be overly identified as some type of gender discrimination. Neuro-science has proven conclusively in recent studies that men and woman’s brains are constructed differently and because of that fact have both assets and liabilities depending upon how you look at this phenomenon.
The point I am trying to make here is that if a male body has a ray 2, 4 or 6 ray soul or personality ray they by all outer appearances may be considered a man but will display many qualities often associated with the female of the species on other levels. This is also true of any female who has a strong 1, 3, 5 or 7 inner ray polarizations which can also be found in their personality or soul rays but clearly has a female form. Man is slowly becoming more androgynous and the evolution of the form and etheric body is clearly affected by the inner rays of the person. There is a great Hierarchical push by the Masters to train all of their students for the Divine initiatory experience. The etheric bodies of both men and women are changing and slowly becoming more androgynous. The whole human race is becoming more refined on multiple levels which will pose no limitations or restrictions to deal with occult fire in the future if the proper path of purification is clearly followed. Purification we know takes place of multiple levels simultaneously.
Those advanced students who are ready for the third initiation and those expansions of consciousness that can follow may no longer be hindered or prevented from taking these higher initiations if they have a female body as they were in the past. I suspect that there are initiates who became Masters in their physical bodies in the past who were woman but were unrecognized because of cultural or historical conditioning or have developed along other lines other than the strictly Trans- Himalayan line of expression . For every Master that has made their appearance on the physical plane publicly in any way there may be many more who work anonymously behind the scenes, those initiates and masters who have never gained popular recognition, hence as far as occult history is concerned or from man’s limited viewpoint, they were invisible, hence they did not exists.
Phillip Lindsey the renowned scholar on the Hidden History of Humanity, Esoteric Astrologer and Ray and Soul cycles, to name just a few of his areas of expertise had this to say on the subject.
3)” Male bodies at this stage of our evolution are supposedly stronger in withstanding the forces of the Will experienced at initiation. This energy is present in all initiations, but particularly the higher ones, broadly speaking; the male gender is associated with Will, the female gender with love. Apparently only in the last 200 years have the masters begun to experiment with the process of the higher initiations for their disciples or ‘chelas’ in female bodies.
HPB was definitely one of those chelas, and experienced much pain and limitation going through her ‘Arhat’ initiation in that life……………………………………………..
4) Humanity is still emerging from a long era of patriarchy, and it could be that way for a long while.
For all we know there may be Masters in female bodies; some literature claims this and gives them various names. It is best to keep an open mind upon the subject.”
(Phillip Lindsay, extracted from Masters of the Seven Rays pg. 8-9 titled Gender. Apollo Publishing)
Those students who are in tune with the new Aquarian forces pouring onto the planet will intuit the accuracy of many of these statements.
Blessings and Light
B. Oliver by  Mechel Gallaway
B. Oliver was the salt of the earth. He was slight build, dark haired Irishman with a jovial & inviting character. He spoke with great effort and It took a concentrated effort to understand his words. He had lost most of his tongue to the habit of chewing tobacco along with the tremendous pain from the Cobalt treatments his life was simple. He loved doing magic tricks for the great grandchildren & his favorite activity was doing butt flops off the diving board.  If you spent more than an hour in his presence you would have a sore jaw from smiling, salty cheeks from crying & tight abs from laughing. He drew every bit of darkness out of the world & replaced it with an earthy soil of expressive Love. The sort of Love you continue to carry with you when you don’t think you can move another inch. The steadfast love that heroes are made of.
B. and I had several late night talks over a land line that had become my lifeline for I had just had my heart ripped out of my chest & handed to me on a platter & he was the only one that could console my pain. My child, my beautiful, precious child had been ripped from my arms at the sweet beautiful expressive age of 10. She was the future, everything I lived for was custom  designed to meet her needs. I loved her to the end of the universe and I was lost, so lost.
B. and I both knew he was dying, we discussed it openly. Along with all the amazingly odd encounters with my child after she passed. Her doors slamming on their own, her favorite music box playing on its own. After two weeks of poltergeist activity her Dad had a long talk with her spirit in her room. She finally rested in peace. That’s when the unbearable loneliness sunk in.
I had spent every spare moment in studies in order to complete my graduation requirements for my B.S. in Accountancy. At this point I was so saddened that now I had the time to spend with her and only two days after graduation she’s gone. Nothing seemed to matter, life had lost its meaning.
B. helped me so much, he helped me to see that A. was at peace and that heaven needs souls like her to make it Joyful and fun. She was so perfect, she had compassion that amazed all who came in contact with her. Joy radiated in a continuous outpouring to all who contacted her. In the rare moments when she felt sad she shed a few tears and it was over. Life was a constant adventure from sun up to sun down. Every experience was treasured like it was the last thing on Earth.
B. was to be passing over soon. His body was old, painful, and mental sustenance was his daily meal. We made a pact. At the moment of his passing he would come to me to say goodbye.
I will never forget the morning. It was October 31, 1983, Halloween was B.’s favorite holiday for it celebrated the harvest. I was sitting at my desk. It faced out into a large sitting room with a formal dining area at the other end. To my right front was 12 feet of windows with curtains open and white shears closed. I was reflecting on what to write and staring straight ahead. Suddenly the curtains started lifting from the far end as if wind was blowing them and moving and lifting them as it reached my end. Then B. came into my consciousness in a flash, I knew it was him, then the wind went right through me. It was B. It felt as though joy had moved right through my heart. Then I heard him laughing followed with “Weeeeee, I’m flying…this is amazing! I Love You my dear!” A few hours later I got the phone call, that he had passed. B. was free to soar and no longer trapped in a broken body. I felt peace, isolated unity and residual loneliness a longing of sorts to see him and A. again.
This was 32 years ago and I no longer engage in these encounters intentionally as I realized it is better to not do anything to disturb the natural process of death.

t to write and staring straight ahead. Suddenly the curtains started lifting from the far end as if wind was blowing them and moving and lifting them as it reached my end. Then B. came into my consciousness in a flash, I knew it was him, then the wind went right through me. It was B. It felt as though joy had moved right through my heart. Then I heard him laughing followed with “Weeeeee, I’m flying…this is amazing! I Love You my dear!” A few hours later I got the phone call, that he had passed. B. was free to soar and no longer trapped in a broken body. I felt peace, isolated unity and residual loneliness a longing of sorts to see him and A. again.

This was 32 years ago and I no longer engage in these encounters intentionally as I realized it is better to not do anything to disturb the natural process of death.



The Way, the Truth, and the LIFE. (Light)
Ray IV : To come slowly into manifestation 2025 from the “Angle of its Monad, and not from the Angle of its active Ashram.” EXH 582
Period: 2,500 years
Outgoing peak: 1,250 years
Total period: 2025-4525
Outgoing peak: 3275
Sub-rays: 178 years
The intensification in 2025 of the 4th Ray Yellow Monadic energy signals the advent of the end of the bygone era of the age of pain and suffering and the ushering in of the great age of Peace. The qualities of the yellow Ray and the chief aspects of the next great world civilization are universality, inseparableness, tolerance and compassion for all living creatures. 1,260 years from now at its peak augmentation humanity will display a world culture of peace, beauty, architecture and the creative arts never witnessed on Earth.
Under the Yellow Ray cycle of evolution we are entering into a new color motion of substance; a new directional movement of planetary and human consciousness of specially coloured energy, force and substance.
This is producing a movement of Spirit into Matter, or of consciousness into form, or a movement of soul into human. Via the Monadic inspiration a new initiators rhythms being imposed upon the planet, human consciousness and all kingdoms in nature.
Yellow is the color of primordial matter, and describes the first differentiation from the pure White Light if Atma. The Yellow Monadic Ray is essentially spiritual in its function and contains more light than any bigger colour in the spectrum. It corresponds to the principle of discrimination, the sixth sense the Buddhic principle and the pineal gland. The path of yellow light leads from the lower mind into cosmic consciousness. Through the yellow door Humanity contacts the universal consciousness and gains illumination.
In our embodied response to the newly imposed 4th Ray keynote and rhythm move a fresh impulse into all various centres on the planet and in all kingdoms in nature. The use of the yellow Ray allows the lower mind the discriminatory power to shine much light on World problems before it and to bring the consciousness of the lower mind in rapport with Buddhic consciousness, the 6th universal sense.
In the new life-cycle the old impression that has been made upon substance by the other rays will be changed. We now require a completely different point of view and perspective characterized by harmonization, balance, and equilibrium of individual and collective consciousness. In its positive no basic expression is being released the Mercurial charged magnetic force that will produce the planetary-wide restoration if consciousness and a dynamic new system of balance in the three worlds of human endeavor. It will tune and harmonize the many and diverse patterns of thought, feeling a and actions into the frequency if the world soul.
The student of the Wisdom who would gain Universal or cosmic consciousness must identify themselves with the yellow Ray or light within their own mind, thus resolving the pairs of opposites both correctly resolved and wielded.

During the great 4th Ray cycle of Monadic energy, in order to become causal the World disciple will learn to enter into the three worlds of phenomenal appearance or effect as the primary cause. Implicit in this process is the realization that all outer effects in the three worlds are actually the appearance of the lowest polar opposites. These can only be truly resolved when that which is the true cause, the Monad is moved into the effect. This brings u s back to the new directional movement if the Yellow Ray cycle we have entered; that of moving down, to speak in symbols, rather than trying to escape up and or out.

The World Disciples task is the rebuilding of the world of outer appearances by moving out of them into reality. In the previous period of evolution it was necessary to and the purpose of the disciple was to move out of all sense if duality or again, our of the pairs of opposites. The primary task now is to bring the already fused dual Mercurial polarity into the Temple of human living.
So, in truth, the newly instituted Yellow Ray motion or movement is more than entering into this or that. It is more a movement of the higher human consciousness into the form permeating it with that which has already been fused together and attained in the previous great cycle of incarnation.
The planting of the Yellow seed in the soil of Earth will result in restoration, health, and rehabilitation of human consciousness within rather than stringing out of the form. This enhanced understanding and recognition of the pairs if opposites in all affairs will produce the collective realization and appreciation of the Truth that the so-called goo and bad are simply “essence” and “Form,” and where the so-called bad is transmitted into good so as to produce the “Whole” 4th Ray TONE

                                                                                                                        (Karl H 
 icle 5
Esoteric Christianity
 By Zachary F. Lansdowne
Readers of the Wisdom Journal may be interested in the following article: “St. Paul’s Second Epistle to the Thessalonians: An Esoteric Commentary,” which has the following summary:
St. Paul’s Second Epistle to the Thessalonians, often written 2 Thessalonians, is a canonical book of the New Testament. This article focusses on only twelve verses, 2 Thessalonians 2:1-12, whose meaning has puzzled scholars for centuries. Paul said that he knew divine wisdom but was reluctant to share it with people who were not ready to receive it, so perhaps these puzzling verses have a significance that was intended to be hidden from those who were not spiritually mature. This article provides an argument in support of the following claim: when the characters and events in these twelve verses are interpreted in an allegorical way, they yield an esoteric, or inner wisdom, teaching concerned with the unfoldment of consciousness. Moreover, the inferred teaching is included in Alice Bailey’s modern theosophical writings, which supports Helena Blavatsky’s claim that the ancient esoteric doctrine can be found in modern Theosophy.
The key result from this article is given next. 2 Thessalonians 2:1-12, according to the New American Standard Bible, is as follows:
     1. Now we request you, brethren, with regard to the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ and our gathering together to Him,
     2. that you not be quickly shaken from your composure or be disturbed either by a spirit or a message or a letter as if from us, to the effect that the day of the Lord has come.
     3. Let no one in any way deceive you, for it will not come unless the apostasy comes first, and the man of lawlessness is revealed, the son of destruction,
     4. who opposes and exalts himself above every so-called god or object of worship, so that he takes his seat in the temple of God, displaying himself as being God.
     5. Do you not remember that while I was still with you, I was telling you these things?
     6. And you know what restrains him now, so that in his time he will be revealed.
     7. For the mystery of lawlessness is already at work; only he who now restrains will do so until he is taken out of the way.
     8. Then that lawless one will be revealed whom the Lord will slay with the breath of His mouth and bring to an end by the appearance of His coming;
     9. that is, the one whose coming is in accord with the activity of Satan, with all power and signs and false wonders,
     10.     and with all the deception of wickedness for those who perish, because they did not receive the love of the truth so as to be saved.
     11.     For this reason God will send upon them a deluding influence so that they will believe what is false,
     12.     in order that they all may be judged who did not believe the truth, but took pleasure in wickedness.
If an esoteric teaching lies hidden in 2 Thessalonians 2:1-12, it may be possible to unveil that teaching by applying three key principles: the verses are symbolic in nature, and every symbol represents an inner experience; students have the experiences depicted by the symbols as they become ready for them; and the stages outlined in the verses refer to steps of inner transformation. The hidden teaching inferred with these principles is summarized as follows:
  1. Now we request you, brethren, with regard to the Master strengthening your effort to build the antahkarana, which involves projecting the focus of your sensitivity upward into the intuitional plane to meet the downward projection of the monadic will,
  2. that you develop your understanding and realize that each of you attains this experience through becoming inwardly ready, with the effect of activating your spiritual perception.
  3. Let no one entice you into employing physical disciplines, because spiritual perception will not come unless you undergo inner transformation that has these initial steps: recognize your maya, or irrational impulses; next recognize your glamour, or outward-turned desire, that brings about maya; and then recognize the destructiveness of your glamour.
  4. Next observe in yourselves the three mental characteristics that breed glamour: separativeness, criticism, and pride.
  5. Remember to practice repeatedly these instructions on taking the position of the Observer, making it a habit of your life.
  6. Restrain glamour by progressively putting virtues into the causal body and then applying those virtues, so that you will eventually contact the Spiritual Triad.
  7. Realize that the mystery of glamour is at work during your restraint of glamour, because your effort treats glamour as though it were a real force that must be restrained; nevertheless restrain glamour by transmitting the wisdom of the Spiritual Triad through the causal body, until you are ready to supersede that body by building the antahkarana.
  8. Then recognize the unreality of glamour, which the Monad destroys through your spiritual perception and brings to an end through your triadal consciousness.
  9. That is, realize that the appearance of glamour is in accord with the activity of illusion, even though it comes with the power to control your personality, the authority to judge the worth of whatever you see in the physical world, and a false feeling of redemption.
  10. Next observe that you still have periods of glamour that bear the self-deception of false pride at the cost of continual suffering, because you did not manifest, or receive in your personality, the fixed determination to express the Spiritual Triad’s attitude so as to stabilize the antahkarana.
  11. For the purpose of completing your inner transformation, the Master focalizes your remaining illusion, glamour, and maya by imposing a test, which you initially believe to be an unfortunate difficulty even though it induces a beneficial outcome,
  12. in order that you may discriminate between your lower personal self, which takes pleasure in false pride, and the Spiritual Triad.
The complete article appears in the current issue (Summer 2015) of the Esoteric Quarterly and can be downloaded free of charge from:

Madrones breathe in summer
Brown, green, brown green
Sloughing off last year’s apparel
Around about
Fluttering to the ground
their leaves herald fall’s rain
A small alligator lizard
scurries across the temple of the grey stone Buddha
Lucinda D
the Primal ParadoxMy I (eye) cannot see itself.
Only in the after image,
written in deeds,
does my I (eye) become
visible to itself,
In the deed the I (eye) is not.
And certainly the scar,
the trail,
written in life,
is just an illusion.
A mere shadow of
the true I.

Where then is God?
Not in the deed –
the Creation –
the trail.

Thus the mystery …
The I that is not, when the deed is,
is fully kin to the I that is not
that I am.

So the poetry in the Letter’s of Saul/Paul
“Not I, but Christ in me”

“Kundalini”, the awesome power, that brings liberation to Yogis but bondage to fools.

”The Mysteries are revealed, not primarily by the reception of information anent them and their processes, but by the action of certain processes, carried out within the etheric body of the disciple; these enable him to know that which is hidden; they put him in possession of a mechanism of revelation and make him aware of certain radiatory and magnetic powers or energies within himself which constitute channels of activity and modes whereby he may acquire that which it is the privilege of the initiate to own and to use.”

Rays and Initiations, Alice Bailey, p 337

Poetry 2
A Symbol of Our Second Ray Sun: 
A Resonator of Etheric Energies
by Simon Bialobroda
“Two multiplied by nine (2x9), makes the necessary eighteen, which is the key number of our love system.” TCF/574
“For this system the major Rays will always be the dual Rays-the negative-positive Rays, the masculine-feminine Rays” TCF/600
The idea for the second ray sun symbol (shown above) came from the two quotes above. The quotes are from one of the ageless wisdom books by Alice A. Bailey:   A Treatise on Cosmic Fire, which the Tibetan   mentions was written for those in a later time, perhaps the one in which we now live.   The idea also came from   the scientific research by pioneering physicists, electrical engineers and independent researchers in the field of resonance science and etheric energy.
In this article we will explore some of the scientific underpinnings related to and practical application of this particular symbol as well as presenting philosophical reflections on its geometric symbolism from an ageless wisdom perspective referencing Alice A. Bailey and other sources.
This will be done in three parts. Part I will acquaint the reader with some of newer more recent scientific musings on resonance and the etheric body as they relate to this symbol. Part II with delve into some aspects of the numerical and geometric symbolism associated with this symbol. Part III will delve a little deeper into sacred geometry and the etheric body exploring some of their relationships as well as the practical application and potential benefit resonance can have through number and geometry on etheric substance. Following part III is a note on Sacred Geometry.
Part I
“The recent discovery of Einstein’s hidden quantum variables has highlighted the importance of resonance as a fundamental physical phenomenon and a primary energy transformation process. This great leap in the understanding and use of resonance has revealed, in many respects, the single greatest and most important conceptual framework for the sciences.” (J.Mortensen,   The Fall and Rise of Resonance Science)
The dictionary defines resonance as the, “vibrant, amplified effect produced by sound causing sympathetic vibration in surrounding bodies”. For example if a radio receiver is tuned into a particular transmitted frequency it will resonate. This phenomenon makes radio transmission possible. On an etheric level the same phenomenon exists. The elements, out of which our planet and everything on it is composed, all resonate to different etheric frequencies, i.e. they have their own specific eigen frequency (individual intrinsic frequency).
The newly discovered resonant frequency signatures of our sun and planets within our solar system was made possible by extremely sophisticated radio astronomy instruments. These resonant frequencies within our solar system not only have a male/female component of angles and sinusoidal curves but the resonant frequencies of the sun and planets are all based on the fundamental number 18, making this correlation between the ageless wisdom and science quite extraordinary.
Discovering that the resonant frequency of our sun has is dual, that resonant has a definite relationship with the etheric body and has a definite connection to the number 18 was a God-send.
An example of resonant frequency is the Schumann Resonance. “The Schumann resonances are a set of spectrum peaks in the extremely low frequency portion of the Earth’s electromagnetic field spectrum. Schumann resonances are global electromagnetic resonances, excited by lightning discharges in the cavity formed by the Earth’s surface and the ionosphere.” ( Nikola Tesla’s experiments confirmed the existence  of earth’s resonant frequency and the ability to harness and manipulate it in generating electricity. The Schumann   waves are a part of the earth’s etheric body and it has been scientifically demonstrated that the human brain resonates with these atmospheric waves.
The earth’s resonant frequency and etheric body are responsible for receiving and distributing the vital etheric forces that emanate from the sun and are thus intimately connected to physical health and life itself. Djwal Khul mentions in   Telepathy how in the future the new civilization will focus on this unique substance which is called the etheric body. Resonant frequency is the expression of a systems optimal vibratory rate. The Tibetan also states that in a healthy human being the chakras resonate to an broad spectrum of etheric frequencies.
Healthy systems maintain a optimal resonant frequency but are also able to adjust when stimulated by higher frequencies. The second ray sun symbol, is a resonator of etheric energy, capable of supporting life system processes by maintaining and adjusting optimal resonant frequency. It is important to keep our etheric bodies in phase with the earth’s which in turn keeps in phase with the sun’s.
According to Mortensen, resonance, is in its simplest terms, the process of energy transformation that occurs between matching or uniform energies and objects. Mortensen  goes on to say that because we live in a space/time continuum, when energies and objects
match in terms of time they are said to have matching frequencies or resonant frequencies. An example is pushing someone on a swing.
2,500 years ago resonance concepts relating to sound and harmonics were taught as paths to an elevated consciousness. With Roman emperor Constantine resonance science was driven underground into secrecy. In the age of reason with Bruno, Copernicus and Kepler   resonance concepts once again raised its beautiful head. 500 years later in the books of Alice A bailey we are studying the etheric body, that it is composed of etheric substance and that the emission, absorption and transformation of etheric substance is a resonance phenomena.
Many people interested in resonance phenomena including modern day esotericists may be aware of the resonance experiments by Ernst Chladni called cymatics. These remarkable videos are available on YouTube. The solid metal plate at the right is creating a 9 square pattern of sand particles from a tone frequency generator of 4671 hz. This is interesting because nine when reduced using the Pythagorean skein (4+6 +7+1 = 18 = 9) again the number 18 which is the key number of our solar system. These cymatics patterns are directly connected to the geometry of symmetry, balance and order.
Regarding Chladni, from Wikipedia we have: “A plate or membrane vibrating at resonance is divided into regions vibrating in opposite directions, bounded by lines of zero vibration called nodal lines… Chladni’s technique… consisted of drawing a bow over a piece of metal whose surface was lightly covered with sand. The plate was bowed until it reached resonance, when the vibration causes the sand to move and concentrate along the nodal lines where the surface is still, outlining the nodal lines.” It is interesting to note that resonance consists of male and female regions or sand that concentrates at the zero vibration nodal lines and no sand occurring at areas of vibration.
NASA has just released space sounds of the planets within our solar system using an instrument that can record the electro (male) magnetic (female) sounds of planets, however my understanding is the government is reluctant to share exactly what the resonant frequency details are publicly for reasons unknown.
Within each resonant frequency signature are three important components: frequency or cycles per second of the sinusoidal wave (the feminine aspect), what is commonly call in acoustics: pitch, then amplitude or what is commonly in acoustics called the degree of loudness of a sound, the height and depth of the sine wave, and phase or the angle the sine wave starts at, (the masculine aspect) with phase being the hardest to measure.
Determining the phases of Earth’s resonant frequency was provided by the walls of the Great Pyramid when pyramid researchers Bill Shul and Ed Pettit conducted their first scientific experiments with the Great Pyramid in the 1970’s to help them better understand the nature of pyramidal and etheric energy. Schul’s research was later picked up and taken further by subtle energy researcher Brian David Andersen in his experiments with water.
Andersen predicts that when instruments will be made sensitive enough to accurately measure the phase or angular component of resonant frequency signature, scientists will discover: “144 phases in each hemisphere of Earth and Mars, 36 to 72 phases in each hemisphere of Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune, 72 or 96 for Mercury, Venus and Pluto and 9 to   18 phases   in each hemisphere of the   Sun.” (
The interesting observation here is that in the solar system, nature likes to use divisions and multiples of 18, the key number of our solar system! (To the right: Liddington Castle 2010 crop circle formation of eighteen points..possible meanings?) Coincidentally, 2010 was a big year for solar crop circle formation themes in the UK. 2009 was the year in which the sun symbol was conceptualized and in early 2010 completed.
The dimensions of the sun (864), moon (2160) and earth (7920) are all divisible by 18 and more interestingly are the numbers that they reduce to according to the Pythagorean skein: 864÷18=48➝3, 2160÷18=120➝3, and 7920÷18=440➝8. AS many students of Bailey are aware, 3 (The Divine Trinity) and 8 (The Christ) are some of the more significant numbers mentioned by the Tibetan teacher.
Part II
I would like to briefly give a few philosophical reasons that further clarify the dual nature of this symbol and its connection to the numbers of 18, 2, 7 and 9: The Christ is known as The Sun/Son of God, The Christ being an expression and manifestation of the divine nature of the Logos. In this thought we have the following quote: “It should be remembered that Aries is definitely that divine manifestation to which Christ referred when He said “I am Alpha and Omega, the beginning and the end.” (  Esoteric Astrology/152) and in Aries the sun is exalted, (  EA/104) .   Regarding the Biblical statement “I am Alpha and Omega” this is represented geometrically and numerically in the sun star symbol in the following way: when a circle is divided into 18 equidistant points and a line is drawn from a starting point to a point 7 lines away and this multiple or cycle of 7 is continued around the points on the circle, the line drawn from the 18th point will connect with the starting point.
Divisions of 18 and distributions of 7 is nature’s way of using number to construct dome structure of molecules, planets and suns for proper harmonic resonance. If nature followed numerical sequence a weak harmonic structure would result instead of strong  balanced interlocking structures. The same is true for etheric bodies that need to be strong yet flexible enough to allow for energy to circulate freely.
The cycle of 7 as it makes its circuitous way around the 18 point pattern may also represent the weaving line of energy or consciousness that starts at point 1 or unity. As it proceeds it changes vibration until it reunites with itself again in total peace. This corresponds to the Rainbow Snake myth from the wisdom tradition of the Australian Aboriginals (see image at right): the  snake that becomes color, sound and form as it weaves to and fro from its starting point of oneness. (Morgan,   Mutant Message Down Under, p.149.)
Why is it the etheric planetary body is to be transformed into a network of triangles? (  Telepathy and the Etheric Vehicle/163). The Tibetan explains that in a network of triangles greater contact is established between all points making for that “ninefold contact and ninefold flow of energy. This is consistent with the fact that nine is the number of initiation and that 2x9 =18 the number formula of our solar system.
Those familiar with Djwal Khul’s teachings on the rays and the initiations recognize the significant relationship the number seven holds with the rays and the number 9 holds with initiations. Seven, the number of the soul has a natural affinity to the number 18. Seven is the number responsible for relating initiatory energies through cycles of transformation.
This Ray 2 Love system relies on the cyclic manifestation of the 7 Rays to complete the initiatory process, perhaps the reason Djwal Khul states “Two multiplied by nine (2x9), makes the necessary eighteen, which is the key number of our love system.” The Second ray governs our solar system while nine is the number which governs initiation with seven being the number which governs cycles and manifestation.
The Masters of Wisdom that worked with H.P. Blavatsky placed occult importance on geometric proportion: “There is deep esoteric significance hidden in every rule and law of proportion.”…”all these rules of proportion were anciently taught at the initiations” ( The Secret Doctrine, Vol. I, 3rd ed., p.229). The implications of these words are full of wisdom and eternal truth.
Eighteen is the number of our Love system and is rooted in the geometric principles of the Law of Vibration, one of the seven laws of our solar system, a law which governs the atomic sub-planes of the planetary etheric body and of each plane according to the Tibetan.
The sun star star symbol of 18 points induces a resonant energy flow serving as a kind of subtle waveguide for coherent etheric energy. It’s primary benefit is to enhance spaces used for meditation and healing. The sun star pattern on the left of straight lines represents the masculine or yang aspect while the pattern on the right of curved lines (spirals) represents the feminine or yin aspect. Both depictions together complement each other representing harmony with law. These two patterns when properly oriented to each other exerts a balancing and unifying effect on etheric substance and consciousness.
It has secondary benefits as well. It was also designed to restore our receptivity to natural solar and planetary etheric resonance responsible for our conscious evolution and physical well-being. I have found that these natural resonances have difficulty reaching us due to dense man mad EMF frequencies (power grids, cell phones, cell-phone microwave towers, smart meters, etc.) that are especially common to big cities.
The symbol’s multi functionality is due to a quite simple reason: it is tapping into living natural forces of nature using geometric principles based on cosmic law. Another of its secondary benefits is that it supports left brain-right brain hemispheric synchronization from simply gazing at it for a few minutes, especially  when done while listening to a 1.5 hz binaural beat frequency – a frequency I have found available on Youtube.
From The Emerald Tablets we  read “Love is the beginning and end of the path for in Love lies oneness. Thoth gave this to inculcate the teachings of brotherhood and oneness.” (  An Interpretation of the Emerald Tablets by Doreal. The Emerald Tablets is a treatise on Egyptian alchemy, geometry and initiation. The Emerald Tablets also state “. . . perfect balancing of the polarities eliminates sickness and disease.” The picture to the right is The Aten “Sun” disk with its 18 rays (18!) could be representing solar initiation.
Ancient Indian and Buddhist teachings tell us that the central dot of the mandala or Bindu (in sanskrit) represents the dimensionless origin, unity, the primal source of all creative energy and the eternal spark. Another term for this eternal spark is “Jyoti”. Jyoti is a feminine and masculine word derived from the sanskrit,   jyotis, meaning “light”. The dimensionless center of sun star star symbol like mandalas etherically is a transmitter of this static or balanced  light called Jyoti.
Mandalas have always carried with them the gift of light and transformation. The Tibetan’s teachings for the Aquarian Age of Light, that of the Fourteen Rules for group work, (see The Rays and The Initiations by Alice A. Bailey for additional information) can be considered a new dispensation or gift to group work.
These new gifts and dispensations are intended for those working in group formation. This is so because of humanity’s stage in evolution and the efforts of Hierarchy to expand the taking of initiation amongst experimental groups and individuals working within group formation. The sun star symbol is a symbol of balance that can support group work endeavors consecrated in service to humanity and The Christ.
A Master of Wisdom said that when a lighted thought in meditation by a person working in group formation is extended to Them, for instance to M, DK, KH, R or to Maitreya the World Teacher, it creates a channel for the Jyoti of Their Heart to contact and vivify the eternal spark within our heart and nurture it into a living flame.
The light we carry within our heart can be vivified by Jyoti and then radiated out through intentionality in blessing and service to the world as we grow in group consciousness putting as we vision and manifest ashramic love, synthesis and universality to the best of our ability.
Part III
I think the sun star star symbol and similar work by others is just the tip of the iceberg of something new that the Tibetan refers to as those new art forms that will embody “livingness in form,” a term used by the Tibetan uses to describe the new art destined to emerge in the Aquarian dispensation. (  Rays and Initiation/123)
The Solar Logos under the Law of Attraction manifesting as the physical sun issues forth prana, one of the three forces necessary for the energizing and form building activities of the devas. The geometry of this symbol is an expression of those forces as balance, symmetry and creative harmony. To better access the symbol’s livingness it is necessary to orient the male female energy in such a way that makes its etheric energy flow more coherent and influential. This is accomplished by introducing or by taking the flat two dimensionality of the artwork and shifting it the next higher or third dimension.
The Emerald Tablets describes the journey of consciousness as moving through angles and curved dimensions but never through angles alone. For me it seems Thoth is describing the symbolic power of sacred geometry to elevate consciousness: a compass – the geometer’s tool for creating curves, a straight edge – the geometer’s tool for creating angles and the geometer’s hand are the symbolic tools required to explore sacred geometry as a metaphor for universal order. Thoth is explaining that the male angled pattern and the curved female pattern must both be present in harmonic relationship and proportion. The  ancient symbol for this is the well known circle squared where the circumference of the circle is equal to the perimeter of the square.
In this perennial symbol of the circle squared (see drawing below right) we can literally see the geometric wisdom of Thoth perfectly expressed in the cross section of the Great Pyramid of Giza, in the ninety degrees of the four corners of the square (male) moving through the curve of the female circle of equal circumference.
The squaring of the circle is one of the more well known symbols for expressing proportional equality between the circle and the square or symbolically speaking between spirit and matter, un-manifest reality and manifest reality, etc.
The angle of 90°, as noted in   THE EMERALD TABLETS/KEY X, will be seen to play a key role in the way the sun star star symbol enhances a space’s energetic quality.
In many of the books by the Tibetan pointed star patterns and petalled flower  patterns are described as representing mastery and Egoic consciousness. Angles and curves, or male and female geometric forms underly of all cosmological temples and sites of the ancient world in order to anchor them into the celestial pattern of harmony and universal order.
The curves however are not always evident or that easy to spot. An example is the Great Pyramid of Giza. In the drawing to right of it’s cross section observe the sophisticated relationship of the inner curves within the great circle responsible for generating all the major external and internal angular geometry of it’s architectural proportions.
Even more intriguing is the reason why the master builders incorporated the geometry of squaring the circle. From what I understand, the ancient master builders were quite aware of the natural living forces of nature and their relationship with geometry.
Quantum Science research is beginning to substantiate the importance of combining angles and the curves. (See the work of John Worrel Keely, Nikola Tesla and Dan Davidson, all accessible via the internet, for further information.)
Experimentation has shown that combining on one piece of paper as in the sun star symbol a coherent pattern of straight lines and on another a coherent pattern of spirals or curves with the images set at 90° or   right angles to each other show that their energies interact and are amplified, intensifying the etheric energies in the room. (See the book   Shape Power by Dan Davidson). This is the key to the operation of the sunstar symbol.
Cosmic and planetary etheric energy as we know from the work of the Tibetan in the book Telepathy by A. A. B. is continuously converted into subtler forms of energy via the human system of etheric centers (chakras) for use by the endocrine glands, the nervous system (nadis) and the circulatory system. This is a very general explanation of how the etheric body works in transforming subtle etheric forces and energies.
As the Tibetan master and teacher Djwal Khul mentions in T  elepathy and The Etheric Vehicle, Space is an Entity pervaded by etheric fluid substance which I understand to be akasha, a sanskrit word for Space, the most subtle of all the five elements, a word associated with universal mind.
According to the etheric energy research of Keely and Tesla, etheric energy moves in a vortex or spiral like fashion. The symbol shares the same intrinsic vortex or spiral like spin in its geometry. When the etheric matter in our physical astral and mental bodies are resonating to higher levels of consciousness such as that of the soul and the spiritual triad, this is called the resonance of alignment and results in the awakening process or expansions of consciousness experienced by the soul in which the personality through resonance has been  lifted into the soul. DK calls this the process of becoming a soul-infused personality.
Here is a suggestion as to how to use the sun star star symbol as an amplifier and transmitter of higher etheric energy from the atomic sub-planes. Print out a colored version of the the sun star symbol shown below.
The colors blue, orange and green represent our  solar system. Print it out on an 8.5″ x 11″ piece of double weight or cover stock paper, folding it inward (image to image), in half at the two vertical the fold marks. Incidentally, a Teacher indicated that the half size form of the paper happens to contain the vibrational coding of two sacred numbers, 8 (the number of the Christ) and 11, a master number. 8.5″ + 8.5″ adds up to 17 inches which reduces to an eight and 5.5″ + 5.5″ adds up to 11 inches, 11 being a master number is not reduced.
Bend the fold until the two images are at   90° to one another, the key   factor, at which   point   the cosmic physical plane etheric energies of the male and female patterns will interact, intensify and amplify. The relating of the male and female patterns in this way does something etherically to produce a new harmonic or vibration that has a positive and constructive impact on space.
The ninety degrees folded paper can be taped or pinned onto the wall or if laminated in clear plastic is rigid enough to stand upright on its own.  It is best placed in the corner of a room preferably the corner closest to the north-east direction, found by using a magnetic compass or knowing where north and east are in relation to the corners of the room.
The north-east, as some Bailey students may remember from reading the description of the Wesak Valley in Tibet, is a very sacred direction, a cosmic gateway. However, any corner will work with spaces used for meditation and healing especially benefitting.
The sun star star symbol has no copyright inscriptions that might distract from the purity of the design. This last sentence is not needed. If one is inwardly moved to coloring the white background version of the symbols that appears at the top of this article, it might actually be an interesting experiment. Another tip is placing a glass of spring water a few inches from it for about 20 minutes and then drinking it.
This symbol possesses many interesting attributes such as its connection to our sun and solar system, earth’s magnetic field, ancient teachings on initiation, mandalas, livingness and to Space which is an etheric Entity. It is given in a spirit of oneness and universality.
A Note: The Future of Sacred Geometry
Although Ray 2 in essence, Sacred Geometry has since the Renaissance period been expressing primarily through Ray 5 of Concrete Knowledge and has recently experienced a revitalization philosophically and esoterically. As we move into Aquarius, other rays will help to develop the needed “sense of synthesis” and the “sense of livingness” associated with sacred geometry. Sacred geometry as a cosmic and occult science will be an important subject in our future schools, universities and temples.
If you subscribe to the theory of the living universe or hylozoism, then life is viewed as a pervasive patterning that extends to what is normally considered non-living things, notably buildings and this is where the art and science of sacred geometry will be most influential as it moves into the practical realm of architecture.
The coming new education for humanity will usher in an entirely new level of creativity which will get a boost when in 2025 Ray 4, the Ray of Harmony becomes active. Then we may begin to see rays  4, 2 and 7 expressing  synthesis in a more loving and creative humanity as “livingness in form”. It is the “sense of synthesis” associated with “spiritual livingness” which will ultimately transform the world along with the “sense of vision” which we are told by the Tibetan, will be the outcome of new sciences, among them: The Science of the Antahkarana, The Science of Contact, The Science of Service and The Science of the Soul.  In this scenario, I am confident Sacred Geometry will take its rightful place. I am also confident that Resonance Science will emerge as one of the new sciences in which Space, Etheric substance and Universal Mind play an important role in the group thought, love and synthesis of humanity. These new sciences and developing sensitivities will help lift humanity into more expansive realms of creativity, consciousness and spiritual livingness.
Simon Bialobroda (Capricorn Full Moon, 2015)

The Nature of Subtle Activism by David E. Hopper
The Tibetan, Djwhal Khul defined service as the spontaneous effect of Soul contact. The personalities’ motivation to serve comes via inspiration, or stimulation from the Soul. This gives the personality an energy to aspire towards and carry out higher spiritual activities. He tells us that service is not an activity, nor something which people must do. Service is a demonstration of the life, or livingness of the Soul through the human personality on the physical plane. As the soul is naturally group conscious it impresses the personality with the urge to serve and the personality responds with the inner urge to cooperate by implementing higher purpose with a group focus.
How effective the esotericist will be in his service work is determined by the amount of integration of his lower three vehicles with his Soul.Ifthepersonalityis well integrated, then the Soul’s light and love will pour more easily through the vehicles of the personality.. If the personality is dominant and selfish, then the very matter of the lower vehicles (i.e. lower mental, emotional and physical) will render the higher energies muted.
Due to the urgency of so many global problems, activism has traditionally meant physically engaging the world by literally putting one’s body on the line in the form of protests and demonstration while confronting the police or military, regardless of country or nationality. There is no criticism for this type of protest.
This article on subtle or spiritual activism emphasizes the aspect of Soul livingness, but with a focused intentionality using the Will to effectively cause changes in the world through meditation. This type of engagement is done through a completely subjective focus.
For this discussion, your consciousness is the “field of action.” Here we hold that the “field of action” originates in the mind of the activist with the Soul present. This is a place where all activity “ideally”, including thought, emotion, and action are motivated from a higher place.
When the meditator makes the inner connection with his Soul, he radiates and projects a non-localized field that connects with all people, i.e. a group. This field therefore has the effect of being registered and “influencing” individuals and groups “subjectively” at a distance through the Soul’s radiance.
We note that the Teachings tell us that having sensitivity to the power of ideas is directly experienced within the field of consciousness or “field of action”. When considering the “real” and the “unreal,” this field still allows you to register the differences between the concrete and real, be it objective or subjective realities. Over time, you as the meditator will learn to know and experience the difference. This type of meditation will ultimately offer a valuable opportunity in being a facilitator of higher group activity in the service of Humanity.
Can the Personality Interfere?
As an activist, an important question to ask oneself is: “What are the source of my own thoughts?….Are they from the personality or Soul-inspired?” In considering whether the personality can interfere using subtle activism, the following illustration is an example of potential interference, or of facilitating resolution. We will assume that most people have some knowledge of problems in the Middle East. The problem of the Middle East as we know just on the surface is a battle waged between religions, between cultures, those fighting for resources, and much more.
This place has been a crucible of unrest for literally thousands of years. We know it as a place where millions of people hold mental and emotional energies of such intensity even the greatest of diplomats and their efforts have only met with marginal success. Consider energetically what’s present:
  • There are levels of hatred, bigotry, fear, intolerance, lack of trust, selfishness, bitterness, lack of forgiveness and thoughts of annihilation
  • There is also hope, love, forgiveness, trust, understanding, cooperation, goodwill, tolerance and acceptance. All these energies are present and more.
  • There are levels of hatred, bigotry, fear, intolerance, lack of trust, selfishness, bitterness, lack of forgiveness and thoughts of annihilation
  • There is also hope, love, forgiveness, trust, understanding, cooperation, goodwill, tolerance and acceptance. All these energies are present and more.
Now you enter this great mixture with your own biases and understanding. Know the entire situation is all mentally and emotionally charged thoughtform energy. Initially, the goal it would seem, would be to completely divorce yourself from any feelings or thoughts on “what you think is happening, or how you think it should be resolved”. Instead, tune in from a Soul level, or even from the Buddhic Plane where there is no thought, only pure understanding, pure reason, intuition and pure love. Know that the very slightest thoughtform on your part, as a personality, could be a form of adding to the mixture which may adversely interfere. Finally, know that all these Souls in the Middle East, regardless of how they are represented in the world of appearances and form, are part of a vast plan of evolution. With the final resolution of this great crisis sometime in the future, humanity will then take a major step forward in knowing brotherhood and sisterhood, through unity consciousness where all parties can mutually coexist.
After connecting with the Soul, esotericists know how to hold the outward expression of love, intelligence, and will with focused intentionality as a type of focused inner “tension”. This very same spiritual force will now be applied in silent meditation. This is love-wisdom in action and is a service known as “subtle or awakened activism”, which is also called the “Yoga of Action”. In this way, you are subjectively influencing your world and helping to shape events, and ultimately mold public opinion.
Preparing for Subtle Activism
The esotericist discovers he will need to improve his existing mental, emotional (astral), and physical bodies so that they become more sensitive instruments to meet the subjective demands of the Soul. This will enable his mind to have a certain alertness for dealing with potentially destabilizing and disruptive thoughtforms.
He knows that establishing an inner rapport with the Soul is about the quality of his inner alignment and integration. What is he aligning? Besides his own consciousness, his mental, emotional, and physical (etheric) bodies must be in rapport with the Soul. The etheric body is made up of subtle matter capable of transmitting prana and stimulation from the Soul. For the lower vehicles to optimally function as a coherent whole, there must be a well integrated astral-etheric alignment in place.
When a server’s “bodies” are in rapport with the Soul, they will function in the following ways:
Etheric centers
The individual’s chakras are aligned and well-integrated with the Soul. This creates an optimal situation for radiating transmitters of energy to the centers of the other group members.
Astral body
When Soul stimulation occurs, the lower three centers of astral body, i.e. the solar plexus are brought into alignment. As a result, a positive impact on the personality creates balance and evokes a response from the Soul.
Mental Plane
The individual develops the mental levels by:
  • Developing a measure of telepathic rapport with other individuals (i.e. disciples) and groups. The mind must be free from all criticism, and practicing loving understanding in which the individuals ask nothing for him or herself.
  • Telepathy develops naturally for the individual when enhanced by building the Antahkarana between the Personality, theSoul, and theSpiritualTriad. This will be facilitated by regular meditation.
Physical / Etheric Preparation
Physical / etheric preparation is about preparingthegross-densematterofthephysicalbodyforconnectionwiththehigherplanes. Think of it as an “upgrade”. If aperson’sbodyisjustcomposedof “unprepared” lower and dense matter, it isnotpossibleforhimalonetocontactthehigherplanes,orthehighervibrationoftheSoul to permeate the etheric body.This may involve regular exercise, and eating healthy food.
Emotional Preparation
The Soul’s natural state is calm, clear, and of pure awareness. The esotericists intention is to create a stable, quiet astral vehicle for the Soul to flow through.
  • Know who you are, your limitations, what you can contribute to the work, and not be held back by fears.
  • Learn to contain personality tendencies, e.g. compulsive behavior, reactivity, selfishness, and anger. Practice dispassion and harmlessness so the astral body can become a pure reflector of the Soul.
Mental Preparation
Monkey-mind chatter must be eliminated, or strongly negated, and the mind must become stable and calm. Learn to be in a listening and observing mode. This entails:
  • Being alert for impressions, imagery from higher abstract mind, and telepathic contact.
  • Employing methods for strengthening and building the Antahkarana, by doing the following:
    • Meditate regularly. This allows the aspirant to comprehend and gain deeper wisdom.
    • Make frequent efforts to draw forth the intuition by willing the Soul-integrated personality to connect with the Spiritual Triad.
    • Learn to create a new intentionality by making all of life experiences and activity connected to the Soul’s purpose. Re-pattern those thoughtforms that do not work, or produce negative results.
    • Learn to connect with the Soul, and recognize that connection as a point of tension, and attempt to hold that awareness in the conscious waking life.
    • From the higher connection, channels for impression and intuition open up. This allows the him to convert and emulate impressions (or intuition) from the Soul when he is wanting to manifest higher values, such as:
      • Love of Truth
      • Spirit of Cooperation – negate selfishness and separativeness
      • Sense of Justice – express tolerance and compassion
      • Sense of personal responsibility
      • Serving the common good, and not selfish ends
Engaging the Field of Action
Subtle activism is holding a soulful focus with fixed intention in consciousness that evokes change and a “working out” mindset of a problem. This helps to diffuse regional tensions and stop violence wherever it is. The following are examples of radiating the higher point of tension outwardly expressed through various individuals, relief agencies, or outer plane activity such as:
  • A group of 4,000 participants in Transcendental Meditation (TM) moved into a Washington DC suburb in June-July 1993. Through their meditations violent crimes, to include homicides, rapes, and assaults decreased significantly over a relatively short period of time.
  • The Global Coherence Initiative is a science-based, co-creative project to unite people in heart-focused care, intention, and cooperation.  (
  • The United Nations UNICEF and Refugee Relief. – Here you are subjectively supporting the resolution of the thoughtform of poverty and to help resolve the refugee issue, wherever there are conflicts.
  • Subjective support for people caring for the Animal Kingdom and the Environment.
  • HoldingthelatestroundsofMid-Eastpeacetalksincircleoflove, light and cooperation, and that all parties are in alignment with higher purpose.
  • The mindset that equal rights /education for women and children exists in all cultures, around the world.
  • The Lucis Trust encourages people to use the Great Invocation in “Triangles” as a form of subtle activism. It expresses the 3 major aspects of divinity: Love, Will and Intelligence.
In conclusion, when connecting with the Soul on the inner planes as subtle activists, we awaken to the whole “field of action” within our consciousness. As consciously aware Souls, we engage with a relative moral sensibility to help heal the deep problems in which humanity is currently dealing with. As we look out on our world, we have a responsibility to heal all cleavages both within us, and in our outer world. Through this type of inner activity, we must learn to work and honor the many paths, and beliefs, while recognizing that there is service work to be done.

         MYSTERY AND LANGUAGE OF COLOR, by Kurt Abraham
Kurt’s latest book begins with postulates regarding color found in the esoteric literature (Bailey, Blavatsky, Leadbeater, and Steiner). These postulates include such statements as:
“Every thought is indicated in the aura by a corresponding color.”
“Growth of the color sense indicates a thinning of the veil between the tangible and the subjective worlds.”
“Color veils the spirit aspect as dense form veils the soul.”
 “Each life demonstrates a different color.”
      The book includes 42 color illustrates, most of which are images seen in the “diamond consciousness.”  These short moments of awareness occur between sleep and awakening, when one is “conscious of the Mundane World and the Subtle World at the same time.”  The images seen are similar to, but not the same as, clairvoyant vision. The symbolic images occur in response to a clear question.  Color, as well as symbolic form, plays an important part in understanding the meaning of the image and the answer to the question.
    The Antahkarana is also discussed in terms of color, which relates to the Second Solar System and to the importance of the Second Ray of Love-Wisdom.  Green is the foundation (form-activity of System I) and indigo is the goal (System II).  Kama-manas (desire and lower mind) indicates the present problem (red-green), while buddhi-manas (intuitive mind) is the important next step ahead leading to the Sixth Root Race.
    In addition the last chapter in the book briefly discusses each Sign of the Zodiac in terms of color and image as seen in the diamond consciousness.
   The Beacon finds the book “unusual, interesting, and thought-provoking.”
See website:


The Movement of Evolution by Rebecca Field

The Last Chess Piece – The Movement of Evolution

”  Honor the highest truth in the universe; it is the power on which all things depend: it is the light by which the whole of life is guided. Honor the Highest within yourself: For it too is the power on which all things depend and the light by which the whole of life is guided.”
-Marcus Aurelius, from “Meditations”
The best answer to the hatred, chaos, wars, climate change, economic uncertainty, the faltering of democracy and the ugliness and cruelty of   mass incarceration, lies in the human ability to understand, see, grasp and apply two fundamental ideas:
– >one that humans have evolved spiritually to the point that we can consciously aid, implement and direct, at least to some extent, the movement of our evolution and that of other creatures on this planet and the planet itself through purpose, compassion and activities that are intended to solve a problem like mass incarceration.
– >the other is that we also have the responsibility to make the earth a place where all people have the possibility and universally recognized right to be happy-even joyful.
Imagine! It has taken humanity over a quarter of a million years to arrive at this point in consciousness.
What a stunning achievement!
‘Eyes of fire’
The Self/soul see’s our existence in a flash of light
This life a moment,
 a firefly in a hurricane of blazing fire
See’s all lifetimes Living Now Simultaneously………
It’s existence from the auspices of eternity….
 the totality of It’s entire existence in meditation deep
Ours —
fleeting, transitory
plagued with the 7 sins of deception and deceit
death and disease
 yet as sublime and extraordinary and as holy as everything else in the universe
It will take more than the most advanced scientist on this planet of our to truly comprehend the depth of the esoteric paradigm where the great bodies we call suns and stars are living embodiments of great fields of energetic superconsciousness.
””There is a sphere or line of energy connecting the sun and all planets of the solar system, as sound or light waves may connect two electrical centres… of communication, and through this means of communication a conscious elemental force may reach and affect any planet of this system… The magnetic fluids which constitute the substance of the magnetic pole of any planet, are subject to Will and Mind when directed by the Planetary Spirits or Gods of a solar system. These poles correspond to the Ida, Pingala and Sushumna of the human spinal cord, and the magnetic fluid or energy is carried from centre to centre, planet to planet, man to man, by conscious elementals which alternately clothe and unclothe themselves, as it were, garments of magnetic energy…”Hilarion, Teachings of the Temple I

even the stars have desires
and for eyes
raging fires
that see
into infinity

The Soul of the Ashram
From: The Ashram of Synthesis, by Glen Knape, pp. 41 – 42
Recognizing the Soul
As mentioned earlier, when we identify as the Spiritual Soul Incarnate, we gain the capacity to recognize the Spiritual Soul Incarnate. Thus, when we meet someone who has awakened that quality of conscious awareness of self, we recognize our self in them. This has nothing to do with sharing common forms, or with feeling a personal affinity (such as liking or disliking them). It is simply a matter of sharing and recognizing a common relationship as soul with Divine Purpose and Substance.
When we first sense and aspire to the Overshadowing Spiritual Soul, we do so as separate individuals. We may be focused in the heart center (the seat of the human soul) or the ajna center (the seat of the integrated persona), but in either case, because we are aspiring to the Soul as individuals, we will perceive and experience it as “our” soul.
As we move into the cave and become the Spiritual Soul Incarnate, we begin to experience Soul as Soul. It is no longer something we have as individuals, but instead is who we are within the One Life. At this point, as Soul we become aware that who we are is much, much greater than anything our differentiated persona was capable of grasping.
As Spiritual Soul, we experience our self as a single identity that includes many “I”dentities. While each of these “I”dentities are the same “I”, they were differentiated by substance into the semblance of many “I’s.”
An individualized human being perceives the many “I’s” of their persona as a single “I.” Eventually, the many “I’s of the persona are synthesized into one persona identity.
A Spiritual Soul perceives the “I’s” of their many personae as a single “I,” and synthesizes them into one. Simultaneously, it perceives the many “I’s” of the Spiritual Souls within its ashramic group as a single I, toward which it is aspiring and which it is helping to manifest. Thus:
As persona we aspire to and identify with the Overshadowing Spiritual Soul. We relate with Divine Purpose and Substance as individuals, and our goal is our own growth and development.
As the Spiritual Soul Incarnate we aspire to and identify with the group soul. We relate with Divine Purpose and Substance as the Group, and our goal is to project the ashramic Group purpose into appearance.
As the Group Soul we aspire to and identify with the Ashramic Soul. We relate with Divine Purpose and Substance as the ashramic group life, and our goal is to project the ashramic group life into appearance.
As the Ashramic Soul we aspire to and identify with the Planetary Soul. We relate with the Divine Purpose and Substance as the Ashram, and our goal is to help the entire planetary achieve initiation, taking up its function within the Solar life.
Who we perceive ourselves to be is a product of our ability to relate as soul. We are the soul, relating:
Divine Purpose with Divine Substance (producing Divine Activity),
Divine Activity back up with Divine Purpose (producing Divine Plan),
Divine Plan with Energy, Force, and Substance (producing appearance), and
Appearance back up with the Divine Plan.
In the process, the One Soul is differentiated by Substance into the myriad souls of the One Life. The myriads, trapped within the tiniest forms, slowly combine and unite into larger forms. These combine and unite in turn, with each part slowly learning to relate with a larger whole, producing larger forms and more aware souls. Eventually, (through the process of synthesis) myriads unite to become self-aware individual souls.
Again, through the repeated incarnation in many forms and the process of synthesis, the individualized souls are raised and united with the animal and Spiritual souls to become the Spiritual Soul Incarnate.
This, then, becomes the identity of the Soul. The individual identity of the Spiritual Soul is the group identity of the persona.
Common Misunderstandings in the work of Master R/via Lucille Cedercrans by Glen Knape
Where the Four Subrays Come From
As mentioned in the earlier posting, one of the areas where the works of DK/Bailey and R/Cedercrans appear to differ is that of the subrays, or four rays of attribute.
It has been my experience that if you ask a DK/Bailey student which of the three primary rays the four rays of attribute are derived from, you will be told that they are all derived from Third Ray.
However, if you ask an R/Cedercrans student the same question, you will be told that fourth and sixth rays are derived from Second Ray, Fifth is derived from Third, and Seventh is derived from First.
This difference in understanding has in the past been interpreted by some Bailey students as a fundamental error in The Nature of The Soul and the related works. However, it is actually merely one of the apparent differences that result from the predominant rays of these two Wisdom teachings.
Master D.K. is of course the head of a subsidiary Second Ray ashram, while (as I recall) A.A.B. was a disciple of Master K.H., the head to the primary Second Ray Ashram. As a result, the works of DK/Bailey are predominantly Second Ray, and appear to emphasize the Wisdom aspect of that Ray.
Master R., was of course the head of the primary Seventh Ray ashram, while Lucille was one of his disciples. As a result, the written works of R/Cedercrans are predominantly Seventh Ray, and appear to emphasize the Ceremonial Magic aspect of that Ray.
As a result, these two lines of Wisdom teachings is fundamentally different in their approaches.
Basically, D.K./Bailey is much more attractive to students who aspire to Know the Truth. Their works include an extraordinary amount of disciplic information, and seem designed to help students understand.
R/Cedercrans, however, is much more attractive to students who aspire to manifest the Truth. The foundational works, Creative Thinking, The Soul and Its Instrument, The Nature of The Soul, and Teacher / Practitioner Training, are a progressive series of instructional textbooks on the Ceremonial Magic of consciousness, and are designed to help students manifest the next step in humanity’s spiritual evolution.
This difference is seen in the emphasis in the DK/Bailey works on the organizational structure of the Spiritual Hierarchy. For instance, in A Treatise on Cosmic Fire, Chart XIII on page 1239 clearly shows the ashrams of the four subrays as being under the Third Ray Ashram. This organizational relationship of the four subray ashrams is described elsewhere in the Bailey books as well.
However, despite having spent days searching through all the Bailey books (paper and disc) on five occasions, I have not been able to find a single case in the Bailey books where the relationships of the actual ray energies is described.
When I’ve asked more knowledgeable Bailey students, I’ve been directed to the information on the organizational structure, particularly Chart XIII.
Now, on the other hand, the R/Cedercrans materials clearly indicate that the four subrays are derived from the three major rays as described above, but have very little to say about the organizational structure of the Spiritual Hierarchy.
For instance, on page 149 of The Nature of The Soul we find:
“We come now to the attributes of the Soul, which are four types of energy made available to the incarnating consciousness as minor tones of the major three: Will, Love, and Intelligence. In other words, these four attributes are derived from the basic triangle of causative energies, and are then differentiated expressions of them. They are defined as:
1. The Fourth Ray of Harmony through Conflict, which is derived from, and is a differentiated expression of, the Second Ray of Love-Wisdom.
2. The Fifth Ray of Concrete Science and Knowledge, which is derived from and is a differentiated expression of the Third Ray of Intelligent Activity.
3. The Sixth Ray of Devotion, which is derived from and is a differentiated expression of Love-Wisdom.
4. The Seventh Ray of Ceremonial Magic or Divine Law and Order, which is derived from, and is a differentiated expression of, the First Ray of Will and Power.”
This suggests that the idea that the four rays of attribute are derived from Third Ray may in fact be a misunderstanding resulting from both a lack of more specific information, and insufficient practice in actually using the rays in the Ceremonial Magic of consciousness.
Now I suspect that this gap in the DK/Bailey materials (if that is what it is), is not an accident, but likely intentional on D.K.’s part.
The Location of The Overshadowing Spiritual Soul
Like our previous discussion on the Rays, this topic also involves graphics-in this case several charts that appear in the works of D.K./A.A.B.

Those charts clearly indicate the locations, within the seven planes, of the monadic triad, spiritual triad, and persona instrument (I would cite the pages but my Bailey books are still in storage, with the majority of my library).
In essence, in past discussions with Bailey students, I have sometimes heard the R/Cedercrans materials criticized because they place the Overshadowing Spiritual Soul on the Buddhic Plane, while the Bailey charts place…
The Atmic Permanent Atom on the first sub-plane of the Atmic Plane.
The Buddhic Permanent Atom on the first sub-plane of the Buddhic Plane.
The Manasic Permanent Atom on the first sub-plane of the Manasic Plane.
Now, although I have read all of the Bailey books, that was well over thirty years ago and I was never what one could call an expert on their contents. However, in discussions with Bailey students, when the location of the Spiritual Soul came up, those charts were used to indicate where each of the three aspects of the Soul was located.
From that perspective, the R/C statement that the overshadowing Spiritual Soul was located on the Buddhic Plane was seen as not only inadequate but mostly wrong.
Now, the problem with this dismissal is that it is based on a misunderstanding of the R/Cedercrans statement.
As we’ve discussed before, while the DK/AAB materials are primarily Second Ray, the R/C materials are primarily Seventh Ray, and therefore take a primarily Ceremonial Magic approach to The Wisdom. More specifically, the R/C materials are manuals on the practice of the Magic of Consciousness.
Thus, when the R/C materials discuss the location of the Spiritual Soul, they are referring to the location of the Consciousness, not of its form or permanent atoms. More specifically, the Buddhic Plane is the location of the overshadowing Spiritual Soul within the Ashram of Synthesis (which is presumed to be the Ashram of the students of the R/C works).
Thus, from the R/C perspective, the location of the Spiritual Soul is the Ashram (where it lives and performs its creative work), and the locations of the permanent atoms are not direct indicators of the location of the Spiritual Soul.
Now I realize that the above leaves a great deal out of the DK/AAB perspective, but I hope that it includes the essence of the two viewpoints, without suggesting that either one of them is somehow better or more correct than the other.
Iterations of Akasha and effects on the DNA Helix by Donna Mitchell-moniak
While I watched the first hour of Dan Winter’s video on DNA and sound
[1], I wondered if he new the esoteric principles that underlie the work he was bringing forward. As he described the helix of the DNA spiral, he illustrated spirillae. His research revealed the importance of the heart’s vibration and sound in the space between the combinations of the amino acids as they form the DNA helix. Further, his research showed the heart’s sound and vibration as required for human progressive evolution (functionally and spiritually). He explained the necessity of the sounds of the heart (specifically of bliss, love, and of rapture) to permeate the spaces within the helix in order to call the DNA helix to a new state of maturing, one of benefit, refinement, and which produces light. In fact, he called this specific aspect of the process “illumination.” His research pointed to the confluence (in space and time) where the spirals or the spirillae combine and condense producing a great amount of light “faster than the speed of light.” Undoubtedly, Winter knew that he was scientifically describing the Path: it’s illuminations and insights, it’s fiery nature, and it’s ongoing blissful results of Awakening.
Many connections could be made to the esoteric paradigms and principles contained within the video presentation of his work. I felt called by principle of Akasha echoing and revealing itself. Akasha means space. It is a cosmic principle, a template, a medium, and a mechanism. Akasha is also a fundamental quality of Awareness-as-It-Is. Winter’s statement that “space is necessary within the DNA helix” as the mechanism that provides for DNA’s ongoing maturation and right division was a truly occult statement. It elicited this cascade of referents and relations.
First, it will be necessary to liberate the term Akasha from the colloquial reference as akashic records. Akasha is a Sanskrit term, spelled akaṡa; and Sanskrit is a metaphysical language. Any one term within it has layers of meaning, each extending from the conditioning root-meaning in an emanating manner. In this way, the ideas or truths conveyed express the quality of the both the dimension that the iteration is moving through as well as the root.
Causally, akasha means space. This first layer of meaning comes from the Logoic or Adi plane. The qualities pointed at are: limitlessness, utter non-conditionality, no-thing-ness, a profoundly unencumbered nature, while at peace as Itself. In other words, empty, void, infinite absolute. Akasha, as space, begins here and then it represents all lesser or more common presentations of space. For example, the space of the sky is unencumbered. The space of space is limitless. The space between two people or two things has nothing in it. That phenomena is itself a condition of no-thing-ness. When we give ourselves space we feel peace, at ease, more free, we feel momentarily non-conditioned.
On the monadic plane, akasha takes on the meaning “It is written.” One might question what the “it” is and how can something to be “written” upon the monadic plane? These words direct us back to the definition of metaphysical: beyond physical, and Sanskrit as a metaphysical language. In other words, we are not to be literal with “it”, or “written”. “It” refers to the qualities of Adi. “Written “is best understood as reflection: the reflection of a mirror. As such, then, the monadic plane is a mirror-like reflection of Adi. “It is written” intimates tangibility, as if signaling the beginning of conditionality. The monadic plane is not Adi, but is the first fractal iteration of ADI. As such, it mirrors Adi’s nature. A metaphor for this is as one writes, the words reflect the nature of the thought intended. Adi’s intention IS the cosmic vibration that the masters call monadic. The monadic plane is the dimensional presentation of Adi’s nature.
“It is written” is also a statement of vibration. Vibration designates movement, a cosmic wiggle within the non-perturbation of primordial non-conditionality. Esoterically, vibration always signifies creation. The monadic dimension is the first – the primordial – fluctuation of intention (the nature of a fluctuation being itself a distinction within the non-distinct). As such, the monadic plane is an instance of a Naught (0) witnessing a NAUGHT (0) and is, at the same time, a first made ONE from NON.
How do we experience this in our common day? To quote, “All that appears, all that exists … has one ground, two paths, and two results. It is the display of awareness and ignorance.”[2] We experience this monadic mirror-like nature through the non-substantiality of phenomenal existence. This is not to infer illusion – anymore than the reflection in a mirror is an illusion. No, the mirror reflection is a phenomenal occurrence that has cause or source; ie. something is being reflected. The monadic plane is this reflective relation to Adi. The entire schema of the Comic Physical Plane is a para-conceptual iteration of that which monad mirrors of ADI. In other words, “all that appears and exists has” this one “ground”: the monadic plane – monadic akasha, ie. “IT is written”. And “all that appears or exists” is, then, a further fractal mirror-emanation of the monadic plane.
Within various esoteric presentations, one can read that all existence is ultimately the expression of this monadic source, yet it becomes apparent in esoteric Buddhist texts that Existence itself is mirror-like. To take “all that appears and exists” as the real substance of existence is to take the reflection in the mirror for the real thing the mirror is reflecting. Therefore, if in ignorance one routinely misappropriates that which is perceived as real but is not, one effects the samsaric wheel. In other words, one is snared in that misperception. However, as one increasingly realizes that all that appears and exists is the profound representation of the inconceivable Adi template, then this is the awakening of Awareness. The former (ignorance) produces the experience of samsara because it is a fundamental wrong identification which, according to the principle of fractal iteration, creates ongoing mis-identifications and misappropriations. The latter (awareness) produces nirvana, or Awareness-as-It-Is, through increasing correct perception.
On the Atmic plane, akasha is called the Sea of Fire. Atma is also a Sanskrit term. The definition has been colloquialized as to mean “self”. However, as Sanskrit is an occult language, the true meaning cannot be that reductive. To quote, “the implication is … the perception of self or supreme self (paramatman) … And implies … the realization of universal non-substantiality. …. (and thus as) having attained the highest exaltation of the self: the supreme self, the pure self.[3] The Sea of Fire, then, is the vibratory condition of ceaseless freed Awareness demonstrating the state of universal non-substantiality. Why non-substantiality? Because this exalted state of supreme self has realized the self-sameness – therefore universal – nature of mirror. The diamond-like mirror reflection of Existence (cosmic physical plane) has been realized as co-emergent and conjoined with, therefore inseparable from, Awareness as the only true nature.
The Sea of Fire is a metaphoric endless and bottomless sea because of the eradication of the limits or bounds which a misidentifying sense of self automatically creates. Having eradicated these, the supreme self constantly exudes the realization of universal non-substantiality which frees the radical fires of illumination and Awareness from the fodder of perception just as fire frees heat and light from wood. The Sea of Fire, then, is a dimension of dynamic combustion, radiant beyond radiance. It has been occultly represented by the image of celestial Thrones, cosmic Wheels of Fire with myriad eyes. The eyes represent the ongoing stark, raw, and dynamic nature of Awareness as continuous realization. The wheel represents the perpetual and self-perpetuating nature of non-encumbered Awareness. The fire represents akasha which cannot be reduced any further than itself.
In Buddhi, akasha expresses the Knowable. The reflective mirror nature of phenomenal existence[4] is recognized for what it is on the buddhic plane: a reflection, a mirage. Equally so, perception is experienced as a decoding of phenomena to the principles behind the expressions. That which is beyond Buddhi (above so to speak) can be known and understood by fractal inference. That which is expressing more densely than Buddhi (below) is recognized as a display of fundamental principles. Understanding is experienced as the unencumbered freedom of resolution. Understanding has the nature of clarity, is bright, and uncomplicated. Understanding is spacious, and has room for more awareness, but is at peace within its own state. Akasha again. This spontaneous free-flowing connectivity is both dynamic and harmonious, with the adjunct realization that Dynamism and Harmony are inseparable.
Buddhi also reinstates the mirror-like reflective nature of Monad. As a dimension or plane, its vibrations reflect that which play upon its vibrations as waves beget more waves. That which is “above” reflect back to Adi as pure and expressive of the raw and ineffable, destroying concepts and formulations. That which is “below” Buddhi reflect back as the image in the mirror. However, doing so, Buddhi demonstrates as the realm of display for formulations and Ideas. These are to be understood as energies and principles. They are not to be confused with color, shape, form, sound, sensation, perception, and ideations that demonstrate in the lower vibrational planes. The Buddhic experience demonstrates in the common human experiences of Understanding, Harmony, and Relation.
Each fractal iteration of primordial akasha (Adi) embeds, disenfranchising from the non-conditioned original state. Each set of new identifications of Adi-akasha IS (as well as seemingly creates) the next plane of vibrational expression. The plane (dimension) is, at the same time, the next expressing manifestation of Adi: Awareness as Existence. But, always keep in mind that the mirror, which is the ensuing Cosmic Physical Plane, is a mirror-like expression of Adi. Nor are principles or fundamental qualities degraded or lost in the process of fractal iteration. This is how the Ancients and the Enlightened Ones can state over and over that Awareness is this very moment – there is no other moment for awareness or enlightenment, nor any other expression.
The realizations of
*   Buddhic Harmony and understanding,
*   of Atmic universal non-substantiality,
*   and of the undulating sameness of wave upon wave of existence as the reflections of pure Adi-akasha
are in this every moment that you and I breathe. THIS is the only now.
The source of Manas (Mind) is the same source as Buddhi, Atma, and Monad. Manas, and its further derivations of Astral, lesser Etheric, and dense physical, are also the displays of primordial akasha-Adi. To quote again, “All that appears, all that exists, all of Samsara and Nirvana have one ground, two paths, and two results.[5] The distinction with Manas and the perceived realms of form has to do with mirror and space. Awareness has temporarily inverted itself, and then turned itself inside out, making of itself a Möbius strip, with seemingly nowhere to go and no way out. And this is true because there is no where to go, Awareness is Existence. Realization is to experience the Now as it fundamentally is.
Space is the way to free oneself of perceived inversion. This is lived when Awareness is let be, neutral to appropriation of and identification with perceptions related to forms. Instead, all form is understood as a reflection, while sensation and perception are experienced as the mechanism of Awareness.
Awareness, then, is the daily capacity to hold oneself in this neutral space of Being: the knowing that form-existence is expressing the principles of the higher planes and dimensions, which all express the qualities of Adi. In the case of the Möbius strip experience – limitations of self and samsara – the reflection-expression has been taken to be the fundamental ground, the source; and that is incorrect.
All perceptions of form have the intention of revelation: the revelation of the one source: Adi. Therefore, when space remains unencumbered from projections, ideations, and conceptions, awareness can flame forth. This is one reason why Manas is called a plane of fire (in addition to fiery references for Atma) or the plane of the divine sparks.
The vibrations of the heart that Winters states as necessary to the evolution of the DNA helix are these vibrations of Awareness. It’s as if the mirror like quality (a reflective surface) is also a gong. When all that appears to exist is recognized as reflections of the primordial nature of Adi, the vibration of Adi sings through the smile of the heart causing internal sparks of light within the DNA helix. Undoubtedly, this is co-measured with the degree of insight and revelation that is also pouring through the heart. In this way, the Path as “a series of graded revelations” spoken of by the Tibetan master is equally demonstrating within the mirror of the form.
1 Golden Mean, Fractals, and DNA:
2 The Aspiration of Samantabhadra, first verse. Translated by the Ponlop Rinpoche.
3 The Buddha Nature by Brian Edward Brown pg. 87.
4 any layer, vibration, or aspect “under” Adi of the Cosmic Physical Plane
5 The Aspiration of Samantabhadra, the first verse. Translated by the Ponlop Rinpoche.
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Besides the main House, there are two cabins in stages of completion, however, despite our best efforts and intentions, especially due to shortfalls in funds, we have sadly had to turn away those requesting accommodation.
A camping area has been cleared which can cater for about 10 tents, and 4 RV’s. Due to our ‘off-grid’ location alternative methods of utilities are required. Further buildings/structures, and the large fruit and vegetable garden area, will be manifested as funds, and need, emerge.
A huge thank you to Duane, Rose, and Damon for working on By-Laws and pushing forward the Non Profit status of this group. WRTC is now officially so within California, and after recent meeting to elect first Board, will seek non-profit status at Federal level. Thanks also to Halina Bak-Hughes, Sheldon Hughes, Joanne Goluch, Heidi Smith, Sharon Lyon, and Olivia Hanson. Now WRTC is further along a bank account will soon be available for supportive donations. A special thank you also to the Wisdom Group who subjectively hold this endeavor within the Ashramic Group Life
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Article Guidelines for the Wisdom Journal
1.  A  variety of topics is appreciated and requested – articles, poetry, photography, paintings, etc.,  that contribute in some form to the emerging ‘Wisdom’ of this New Age. The healing of the planet, psychology, science, economy or any department of human living is appreciated. This gives our writers great leeway for creative exploration and expression. Kindly send your article in the body of an email without attachments, if possible.
Read an older Wisdom Newsletter to get some basic familiarity of the content we seek which is wide, varied and extensive.
2.   Distribution is currently quarterly at the equinoxes and solstices. Submissions generally close three, sometimes, two weeks prior to each particular issue.
3.   We prefer articles in Verdana – 11. Best size for articles is 2-3 pages. Supply websites and links if available.
Attachments can be helpful. It is also desirable to have the text of the article submission within the body of the email if possible, if not, at least some intro which explains what we are opening, and gives us some basic idea of your submission.
4.   All material submitted is to expose and express our own unique contributions to the spread of intelligent goodwill and Esoteric Knowledge. We offer no monetary reward for your inspired submissions. This is between you and the laws of universal abundance.
We do applaud however.
 5. We also ask for a short bio of your life and service work, 2-3 sentences and include contact info such as your email, etc. If possible send a small picture of yourself so that together they can be placed at the end of your article or art piece in acknowledgement. Pictures, including art are to be jpg.
 6. Book reviews: your own book or another’s. We try to get one or more per issue. See examples in previous issues.
8. All material sent is considered by all members of our team; Articles to be submitted to at least two of our co-editor team – see above.
We cannot guarantee everything will be inserted into the Newsletter, although we will strive to place them into a subsequent issue. Space constraints may also mean we save your article or creative project (unless time specific) for a future issue.
Our Journal is a response to requests from humanity. Please keep your articles, poetry, prose, book reviews, and art coming in.  This is a group project.


Adam DeFranco & team
Wisdom Journal