“Whatever satisfies the soul is truth.”
– Walt Whitman
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The Wisdom Newsletter as a Quarterly Journal seeks to be an expression of  the many disciples serving the Aquarian Age. As an eclectic group of seekers, researchers, Life Scientist we see that our spirituality requires further exploration and understanding. With this in mind we passionately pursue the subtle yet practical side of Human evolution and it’s focus on Life, Love and Service.
 We seek to serve the Divine Plan for Humanity.
We stand on the edge of a new world and on the cusp of a New Age.
These times have been referred to as Age of the Forerunner and in it we see a promise of further enlightenment, harmony and freedom.
Our writers explore this in ways, sometimes direct and obvious, at other times in ways which are deeply esoteric.
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This Journal is meant to be a hands-on expression and interpretation of what moves in the world today as a living spiritual force to bring and birth the new ideas of Synthesis and Brotherhood. It is sourced in the vision and inspiration of both its contributors and readers. We hope it inspires and guides us into wise and service-oriented action, assisting in some way the spiritual vitality of our culture so that the world can be remade according to that inherent design of the Creator’s Divine Plan. May it empower the Incarnation of Humanity’s Soul.
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 “Our Planetary Logos holds a unique place in the cosmic scheme of things, for He it is Who provides the training ground for those lives who are out of harmony with the cosmic order. Those who are willful and deliberate, take an oppositional path; those who are laggards in any particular evolution, and those who through serious misinterpretation are responsible for major failures find their way to this planet. These make up our humanity. We are each and every one of us here to reconstruct our own inner natures into a harmonious relationship with and within the One Life. Even those who come from outside this system to serve within it at great sacrifice,
In cooperation with Saturn and Sirius our Planetary Logos balances a certain aspect of cosmic karma.
Thus, we glimpse something of Planetary Purpose and our relationship to it. We also come to understand more clearly the meaning underlying the experiences of pain and loss that are so characteristic here, for all life on the planet is actually a disciplinary training.”
LESSON 39 Creative Thinking p. 493 (Lucille Cedercrans)
The Reappearance of the Christ – Alice Bailey
”A truth hard for the orthodox thinker of any faith to accept is the fact that Christ cannot return because He has always been here upon our Earth, watching over the spiritual destiny of humanity; He has never left us but, in physical body and securely concealed (though not hidden). He has guided the affairs of the Spiritual Hierarchy, of His disciples and workers Who are unitedly pledged with Him to Earth service. He can only re-appear.”

Poetry and Free Verse;
“Poetry is the language of intensity. Because we are going to die, an expression of intensity is justified.” – C.D. Wright
My Mother is Eighty
by  Bruce Lyon
The only word I find acceptable in this sentence is the third one
IS just IS
‘My’ is way too possessive
Rose stopped being ‘mine’ at 14
She is her own being
fiercely, unapologetically herself
which is one of the characteristics
I love about her the most
‘Mother’ is a role
a really important and often undervalued one
but a role nevertheless
like ‘son’ or ‘undertaker’
it boxes a relationship
and we long ago broke out of that box
into the fresh air of friendship
our conversations roam
into spaces far more wild
and infinite than
the familial
‘Eighty’ – the greeks
had two words for time
Chronos marked the
chronological tick of
tock time
the seasons that have come and gone
across her face leaving
blue pearls glowing
in a dry riverbed after rain
Kairos was the opening
in each moment of linear time
to the numinous, the eternal world
curled up in the centre
of all separate things.
Like all journeys
true creative power lies
in the way we shape ourselves
and the territory we pass through
with our love and the living
truth of experience
the way I have reshaped this poem
around it’s essence
kept what was worth keeping
and with a breath of kindness
( thank you George )
blown the rest away.
Rose IS timeless.
The Amber-Blue Dust of Infinity
if it is awe you want
she said
don’t just stand in the doorway
learn to look at two worlds simultaneously
the art of feeling awe is something you do with the eyes
like dreaming and sleeping
one morning she brushed my hair before dawn
to travel light
we pack only what we can carry
we may never return
breathe in deeply all the wonder of this wild world-
let your lungs inflate with the onrush of scenery
– air, mountains, trees, people
green groves and glittering rivers
we will sleep under the stars
rise each day with the mighty sun
work the land and feel the dirt underneath our fingers and toes
it is so dangerous living without boundaries
the unknown
surrounded by silence
never able to explain things again
all the stories in our bodies have stopped
certain things we cannot help she said
this thunder inside
will come out
soon this roar arises in your heart
the roar of freedom
but with a kind heart
you will breathe easy
we will sleep under stars
surrounded by silence
and the unknown
…we whisper
A. DeFranco
A View From Afar
Rising into bliss
The mountain snow glistens,
A view from afar
© Michael Miles 2008

In Lucille’s Leadership Training chapter 15, she makes the same comment as you – that any limiting imprisoning form we try to make for the Wisdom will not be fruitful, and each of us needs to be independent contractors (free agents) of the Divine Plan.
This will have challenges and advantages:
“The active dissemination of these teachings to existing second phase groups where there is demand. This means getting very clear just what the differentiation is between the two approaches and where the third phase can be most helpful especially where the existing thought forms are limiting the growth of a new generation of inquirers. The teachings themselves indicate they are essentially a transmission of the energy of freedom and no conflict is to be fostered between these and earlier approaches. Where demand is made and they are welcomed they should be given. Where resistance or any battle is met we touch and withdraw and move on to other openings.”
“…Wisdom will be the result of the
widespread dissemination of the
academic truths of the
esoteric teaching and its
correct interpretation by the
trained minds of the Occident.”
Esoteric Psychology II, p 511
via Lucinda DeFranco
 In the “Old Commentary”
                                                 by Duane Carpenter
The highest teachings of Raja Yoga according to DK are given in the “Old Commentary” excerpts that can be found scattered throughout his many books. Here we find a curious blend of poetic-prose-symbolic renderings. Very much like the word-pictures given to us in the Agni Yoga teachings by Master M. This can also be said of the new third phase teachings that will summarize all past lower mind teachings into one crucible of intuitive fiery perception. Here is an excerpt I posted at the Shamballa school site that summarizes and explains why symbols are so important.
“Symbols are the universal language and will cut across all sectarian lines and cultures and form the bases of a new Aquarian science. Symbols are also the universal language of initiates and how they communicate on the inner planes amongst themselves, this is particularly true when individuals or a group approach the 3rd initiation. All of the numerous details, cosmological outlines and teachings of the lower mind can be compressed into an abstract intuitive language of symbols. Just as each individual is recognized by a certain geometric figure seen clairvoyantly with certain sounds and colors manifesting this can also be said of groups who fall under a similar classification. At the center of all animated lives lies the black hole or laya point from out of the throat of which pours an infinite variety of dancing and geometric forms that make up all of the rays and planes, the bodies and centers be they microcosmic or macrocosmic.”
The Soul is not a container like the Human Body. What the “Soul ” is, is a pulse of Enlightenment which illuminates the sphere of Consciousness… ~ BwellBTR

THE HEART by Mechel Gallaway
When I create, whether it is in building a home, designing a space, writing a poem, or creating a mandala, I allow the energy of my soul to pour through me. In my inner vision I get glimpses of that which is there to serve the need presented. I never really know exactly how it is going to manifest in the end for I do not attach to the outcome. This is something I and many others in the world do. We just let it flow through us in many different forms of expression. All of us are serving in some way to realize the overall plan and purpose that serves the greatness of Life expressing itself. Even when we think we are not serving and maybe even more so then, we are, for we, the human race is a little miracle of life. We synthesize and relate all outward expression of life as it exists on this tiny little blue dot in the universe called Earth.
I recently created a mandala representing the heart chakra. I created it from the intuition and through the direct knowledge of my being that has always been readily accessible in my life. Something I have probably taken for granted on more than one occasion. A gift that has taken a long time for me to accept and utilize in a way that is beneficial to myself, my family, those I work with and most importantly the planet as a whole.
After posting a photo of this labor of Love that I finished creating at 3 AM in the morning, I was quickly reminded of the physical make up of the heart chakra from a dearest beloved friend of mine Anna Sclar. To my amazement the 96 pedals at the center of my mandala are a perfect representation of the Ajna center. The center of creativity in the human form that links the heart to the Chalice, the seat of the Soul & gift of our Solar Angel. The color I used was a blending of the two colors of the Ajna and the heart chakra.
The Stars represented by the Star of David or Merkaba are the representation of the building of the light house, house of the soul with the virtues I wrote within them a representation of the path to heart centered soulful expression of consciousness as I prefer to call it. Each star related to other stars in the mandala and I will do my best here to reiterate the message to you my reader from my soul.
At the top is Knowledge related to the concrete mind gained from study, meditation and contemplation, directly across from it at the bottom of the mandala is Wisdom. Wisdom is gained through the application of our knowledge through our life experiences, hence the downward motion into form expression. Next is Beauty at the upper right side (facing it) of the mandala that is revealed through these amazing revelations gifted through us in our life expression. Then we come to harmony directly opposite the top of the mandala that is produced by the impact we have on the human race as we integrate and express this Wisdom and Beauty developed within us. Then we come to understand the meaning of the human life (left side of the mandala facing it) leading to Love directly across from that which we have come to understand. This process of Life is what opens our heart and enables us to express our soul nature through our heart, with arms stretched out we become a servant of Love, Light and Power.
All this transpires with the Ajna center, the center of our Active intelligent processing between the Chalice, the Heart and the Temple.
Mechel Gallaway is a teacher, coworker & philanthropist of the Ageless Wisdom Teachings as imparted & impressed by Christ known as Maitreya in the Far East, Master Morya, Koot Hoomi & Djwhal Kuhl. She earned her Masters in Mental Spiritual Counseling from the Ageless Wisdom Seminary University (founded by Ribhi Kalla & Torkom Saraydarian).
(C) 2016 Mechel Gallaway All Right Reserved

September 26th, 1920
1. The one fundamental school.
2. Its national subdivisions.
3. The location, personnel, and buildings of the school.
4. The grades and classes.
We take up today another of the series of letters on occult meditation… I shall attempt somewhat to show how the training and development indicated in the other letters will be applied and I shall deal somewhat with prophecy, pointing out what will some day be possible and present, and not what is as yet in any way approachable. Always it is necessary to have high ideals, and ever the human mind leaps forward to some appointed goal. If I here outline what may seem a visionary impossibility it is but that I seek to hold up such an ideal, and to give to the race an objective well worth their highest endeavor.”
from  Letters on Occult Meditation – Alice Bail
~ ~ ~
Some of these future schools DK speaks of may already be making their appearance. The waiting part may be for those qualified students and disciples who need to step forward and take their responsibility of filing their ranks. Yet, these new schools, although built on the gains of the past and earlier experiments along these same lines, may look nothing like schools of the past. Imagine a group of souls who need not classrooms, nor textbooks, nor erudite instructors, but a group of earnest seekers all fused together into one fiery bond of light and love and power. Could this “life more abundantly the Christ speaks of be found on the internet, or in a loosely banded group of light-workers who are assembling right now under a leafy oak or in a grassy meadow, a place that might appear empty to the casual observer but will be teeming and filled with devic and angelic life to those who have been trained and have the “eyes to see”.
The future teachers of the race will be the no-teachers and will have gained their authority by mutual consent and by their radiatory presence and not by any claims made or how eloquent their speaking ability. Those redemptive forces for which we seek have been seeking us from the beginning of time and only require that we look up from our past conditioning and see things as they truly are.
by Duane Carpenter
Speculations on Solar Radiation, the human subtle system, and trans-substantiation
by Donna Mitchell-Moniak, Feb. 2016
Is increased solar electrification producing effects within the human etheric body and/or the unfolding of awakened consciousness? My question arises with the global decrease in the ozone layer that protects the Earth from solar radiation in confluence with the current cycle of solar electrification that are due to the Sun’s cyclic change of orientation within the Orion Arm of the Milky Way galaxy.
This essay considers two things:
  1. 1. that the Sun is receiving electrical currents of an increased and refined caliber which are effecting it in a transformative way;
  1. 2. that solar radiation is effecting the subtle systems of human beings, thus catalyzing a transformation in humanity overall. My focus within the human subtle system will be primarily the solar plexus.
The term trans-substantiation refers to the change of substance from one state to another in an organism. This is a process is recognized in examples such as a flower becoming fruit, an egg becoming baby reptile or bird, wood burning to become ash, or carbon pressurized to become a diamond. Within a person, trans-substantiation demonstrates through the psycho-spiritual processes experienced with the infusion of higher vibrating qualities of Being. These pour into the foundational sense of self producing literally (as with the other examples) a transformation of subtle inner substances. These, in turn, produce biological and psychological changes within the infusing person. Then, due to interconnectedness and interdependence, as enough people experience transformative change, the collective consciousness of humanity is catalyzed similarly.
Systems large and small experience cycles of direct alignment resulting in pervasive infusion as well as cycles of loose-field energetics which might or might not provide opportunity for integration. When cycles of direct alignment are being practiced or experienced (by a person or macrocosmic Being), a vibrational at-one-ing transpires. If sustained adequately, integration bears out, and a new vibrational capacity becomes the ground state. For example, “The Great Ones … are all tuned to a particular vibration,” TEV pg. 1, which states that they share a congruent vibrational ground state.
In addition to cycles of influx/infusion, integration, and demonstration, this essay considers radiating fields and their effects upon lesser fields. One statement that encapsulates this idea is the biblical phrase of, “Him, in whom we live and move and have our being.” On one level, “Him” is a reference to the Solar Logos (the Sun). One might ask what happens to those within the Sun’s field of being when He is experiencing perturbations of a potentially dynamic and refining quality? This is currently happening, and will be for some time. The Sun moving in an upward arc in its undulations through the Orion Arm of the Milky Way galaxy. As a result, the Sun and solar system are receiving increased currents of cosmic rays. The undulations are like a flying fish that, analogous to the upward arc of the Sun, has leapt out of the water into the air. The ocean water would represent the ecliptic of the Orion Arm in which the Sun is and travels. On the upward arc the Sun, like the fish, is moving through more radiant sectors of the Orion Arm, radiant due in part to the emanations from the galactic center. When the Sun reaches zenith, this would be like the flying fish experiencing light unadulterated or refracted by water. Analogously, the Sun would be bathed in unmitigated radiation and cosmic waves from the galactic center and other suns or star clusters, etc. that are also above the ecliptic of the Orion Arm. The downward arc is analogous to the flying fish being immersed in water and unaware of anything other than this existing.
How do we know this undulating movement is so? Imagine a corkscrew. The Sun’s movement within the Orion Arm of the Milky Way galaxy is a spiral cyclic type of movement. The Sun experiences itself as simply moving forward as the point of the corkscrew. Yet, the Sun is always moving in the spiral cyclic way of the corkscrew. Now imagine looking flat on to the corkscrew and bisecting it horizontally. The three-dimensional corkscrew now becomes a two-dimensional sine wave undulating through space.
In this thought experiment, relativity is to be acknowledged, which is to say that in or to space there is no up or down. Direction is experienced only by the something in space, but not by space. Equally so, direction is also relative from the perspective of the Sun in an arm of the galaxy. Up or down to the Sun might be sideways or seemingly static from the point of view of the Orion Arm. This relativity applies to all levels of the fractal factors involved. However, since we live within this relative reality and look to the Sun as moving within the Orion Arm, etc., then the relative observations apply and are real within their scope. An example of this relativity is someone standing on the top of Mt. Washington. He or she is on the top of a mountain regardless of the fact that someone standing on a higher mountain elsewhere in the world would also be standing on the top of a mountain, one that is taller thereby revealing the relative position of the first mountain hiker.
Telepathy and the Etheric Vehicle offers that “… it must be born in mind that the etheric body of every form in nature is an integral part of the substantial form of God Himself” and that “…The etheric or energy body of every human being is an integral part of the etheric body of the planet and of the solar system.” TEV pg. 2. Being integral to both the planet and solar system, the function of the human etheric body is vital to examine.
Increased illumination and radiance of the planets in the solar system has recently been measured by astro-physicists. There is no explanation for this in the standard model. However, an electrical Sun model and a shared heightened cosmic electrical current creating a heightened field would explain the phenomena. The cosmic wattage seems simply to have been turned up. If Planet Earth (like the others in the solar system) is experiencing additional voltage and radiation, then how is the human subtle system responding? I suggest that the human mechanism is responding in the way that it commonly does to increased alignment which brings increased or refined internal voltage: it unfolds, grows more luminous, and more functional in subtle and objective ways.
It is the Science of Impression that is at work for the Sun macrocosmically and for human beings microcosmically, and thus for collective humanity. Master DK defines the Science of Impression as: “reaction to the vibratory activity of some whole, as its radiatory influence effects the unit or aggregate of units.” TEV pg. 41. Is the cycle into which the Sun has moved compelling response from the chakra system in people? I believe so: that it is instigating response from the psycho-spiritual nature as well as spiritual maturation of those human beings. The long-term response will “facilitate the presentation of those ideals which must and will condition the thinking of the New Age and eventually produce the new culture and new civilized expression which lies ahead for humanity.” TEV pg. 48.
In A Treatise on Cosmic Fire, Master DK states, “The mysterious band in the heavens which we call the Milky Way is closely connected with cosmic prana … which vitalizes the solar etheric system.” TCF pg. 99. The shift in the Sun’s alignment and orientation within the Milky Way galaxy (causing etheric response and change within the solar etheric system) is likely the source of the increased illumination measured within the planets as these are It’s major and minor chakras.
The centers in the human etheric and other subtle bodies are “formed entirely of streams of force.” TCF pg.166. They are not physical things per se-static, stable or densified-but are “whirlpools of force … that can be seen by the clairvoyant.” TCF pg. 167. The spleenic center is typically considered the primary pranic center in the human etheric constitution. As such, it is involved in the reception of planetary and solar radiation. However, what is the solar plexus center’s relation to solar radiation?
I suggest that the receptive mechanism in man to solar radiation changes according to the source or vibratory frequency of the radiation. For this essay, the focus is the Sun’s upward and downward arcs as it undulates through the Orion Arm. I think a shift in the mechanism of reception occurs according to the type of solar emanations and currents, and that these are determined by the upward or downward arc. I believe the same is so of the capacity to receive within the human being which leads to the same for collective humanity. My postulation, then, is that on the descending arc the spleen is the primary mechanism, and on the ascending arc the solar plexus comes into prominence.
This corresponds to what I intuitively witness regarding the directness or looseness of a person’s spiritual alignment. In other words, when a person is living life in non-alignment or loosely so regarding spiritual principles (energetically a downward arc), I witness that the spleenic center (in the etheric and astral sheaths) is dominant on the downward arc of a person’s life and the solar plexus comes into prominence on the upward arc. I think this pattern bears out on a macrocosmic scale as well.
I also witness that when a person is working with the soul (regardless of the manner or terms by which the person calls that), the solar plexus is positive charged (emittive in the life) while negative charged thus receptive to the Soul or higher nature. This creates a vibrant life expression which can demonstrate in any walk of life. This is analogous to an upward arc of the Sun energetically. And, though a temporary increase of pride or dogmatic attitude might accompany this cycle of alignment (because the plexus is the seat of the personal identity), the overall solar plexus focus is a beneficial and significant catalyzing aspect of the soul-infusing process.
The solar plexus holds many mysteries, not least of which is its name and its namesake. All things solar, including solar angel, are hidden within the occultism of what is collecting (plexus) together energetically at this center. Examples include:
  • ⦁ The solar plexus as the seat of the “I”, which is the commonly experienced sense of personal identity. The mystery is the aggregation of sensations, relations, and projections that have blended to create this figment of our imagination which we call self. A baby is not born with the identity of name or gender, or what it will be praised for or denigrated about. Yet, upon first glance, others will begin to foist upon the baby all manner of identifiable qualities and preferences. Yes, the baby has brought karmic imprints and energetic tendencies into the incarnation, these being the consciousness’s set of aggregates. However, the “clearing house” of the solar plexus will clear or retain that which reinforces a sense of self identity all the way up the scale of inclusion, unto isolated unity, and eventual non-dual Awareness-Being.
  • ⦁ The solar plexus will also perform its “clearing house function” pertinent to chakras below and above the plexus. The solar plexus is involved in the refining processes of all the activities in life related to the sacral and root centers. The solar plexus assists in the energetic clearing of karmic or energetic patterns of the lower centers when the person is engaged self-awareness and its processes.
  • ⦁ The sense of self is also a by-product of the sacrifice of the solar angel and of the monad in assistance to planetary Logoic evolution.
  • ⦁ There is a particular relation between the solar plexus and the heart center. It holds octaves of the same dynamic interaction on a variety of scales.
  • ⦁ a. The relation of sensation and response to the formulation of the personal identity. That was mentioned above.
  • ⦁ b. The infusing process as the personality engages the soul and higher qualities.
  • ⦁ c. As soul-ar qualities infuse into the person, a transmuting of the lower solar plexus fires occurs, such that the plexus literally turns to face the sun of the heart center. (This is a wondrous thing to witness in the human constitution and, for me, signals that the person is somewhere past 1st degree. The solar plexus is normally and for a very long time “turned downward” engaged in personality creation and integration. But, the touch of the Christ’s rod with the 1st degree is like the Spring thaw to a seed in the ground: it looks for and stretches toward the Sun, which is the Soul or divine inspiration. As the livingness of the Christ’s touch in established, the solar plexus literally re-orients towards the radiance of the awakening heart center.)
  • ⦁ d. Aspects of the process of the soul-infused transfigured initiate dissolving the causal sheath through triadal infusion, until the solar plexus is truly solar in radiance, capacity, and nature.
  • ⦁ e. At this point in maturation, the solar plexus is vibrating as-one with the heart center and the heart in the head center. With this, solar angel qualities are directly realized as self-same as the Triad, and the Triad as factually expressing the monadic tri-une nature. The primary result of this cascade of sameness is that the causal body is destroyed through synchronous vibration (solar plexus, heart center, heart in the head, the head center as the heart of the egoic lotus, the Triad as a unity, and the monadic originating tone). As a result, the triadal person (initiate of 4th degree) lives as a plexus of solar radiance and activity in the three worlds of form.
With these many considerations in mind, we note the thinning of the planetary ozone layer and, thereby, increased solar radiation permeating the globe. Sun screen is no shield to overall increased solar radiation, and, from a spiritual point of view, one would invite the “emanations of the stars.” (Agni Yoga, reference lost)
I started to notice striations in people’s fields from the late 1990’s. There was nothing to intuit from it because it was infrequent. But as the new millennium has progressed, year upon year, striations have stabilized in some people that I know or see frequently, such that they are no longer striations of vibration within the congruence of their normal field functioning, but are distinct factors producing effect within the field, and often within the solar plexus.
Another “newness” is that at the post office or grocery store, the solar plexus in some strangers is tinged a particular aqua blue vibration, which is not typical for the plexus. (The use of color references is for ease of description. I am aware of vibration through direct cognition, rather than only clairvoyance.) That aqua blue vibration is a refined frequency within the 6th Ray, which the plexus is for most people until further along the Path. When perceived in the system, it usually indicates selflessness, a decrease of personal control and the contractions of emotion and thought that go with trying to control as well as a movement toward simple wisdom, simple emptying.
Another effect is more light in the etheric field in general. Manifestations of this include increased light in the head making sleep difficult, increased common forms of telepathy or shared psychic knowings, heightened sensitivity to environment, to the energetics of other people, and/or to the currents of human consciousness overall. Most of these are not consciously registered by the people that I interact with. Possible solar causes are not linked to this variety of heightened solar plexus activity. All of these manifestations however, except the increased light in the head, are due to the plexus radiating more and, in an ambient way, creating a magnetic resonance with the heart center. It is “turning its face toward the sun.” Agni Yoga, verse 83. The light in the head is due to the relation of the solar plexus (the seat of the personality) to the ajna center (the higher seat of the infusing person or initiated identity).
In conclusion, then, I witness that the Sun’s orientation and increased radiation is producing effect in some people. Inter-connectedness ensures that these effects will spread due to relating in all ways. Kindness, selflessness, acceptance, and altruism quickly spread through the fields of human interaction, and these are expressions of the 6th Ray in its higher vibration.
Imagine humanity living from solar plexus radiance! This would propel the trans-substantiation of all human processes through infusion-sourced changes to the personality nature. From the inside, the subtle anatomy and the psycho-spiritual processes of soul-infusion would more rapidly make each person ready for initiation and more expanded forms of identification. This seems to be happening and doing so with overall less personal energetic and psychological disruption. Light is simply begetting more light.
Already, human beings are experiencing what the Sun with its planets is experiencing: an alchemy of substance. Refined vibrational radiation is transforming some of the existent matter within our fields while substituting other substance. The latter process (viewed clairvoyantly) seems to have processes: a seeding – witnessed as the striations, a familiarizing of internal energetics resulting in the creation of resonance, then progressive growth of the new vibration which elicits and manifests as transformation of the personal emotions, mental states, or personality overall. Then, this stabilizes and becomes invocative of the Soul or higher nature which further infuses the vehicles and personality. More transformation ensues. All the while, the radiations of the Sun and the Galaxy continue to catalyze the subtle system, which in turn alchemizes the psycho-spiritual nature. At some point, POOF-the old substance of the incarnated self or nature is changed, beneficially, forever. This collaborates with the person’s altruistic motivation or inspiration lived in any way of human endeavor.
This bodes well for humanity. Harmony and illumination are being experienced within the planets and within people that I have the honor to know. Ease with transformation and integration rather than struggle or battle harkens that humanity will, with time, abandon the ways of aggression and violence predicated upon “me,” “mine,” and “my way” and will integrate the higher plexus vibrations that are in sync with the heart’s vibrations into human life. This is analogous to the Sun in vibrational synchronization with its greater source, the galactic center.
2 Poems by Rae Lake
I reach out my hand
and clutch
a passing thought
with grasping fingers-
but soon it slips away-
leaping and cavorting like a wild pony,
out of control-
and in its twisting frolics
reminds me
there is much to learn
and far to grow
before I can tame mind
with fingers of the soul.
The Celestial Toybox (of my Mind)
Led by intuition
through a dark terrain
lit only by occasional
bursts of insight,
that glow and fade,
revealing wonders too small
to talk about,
which speak in voiceless whispers
of glories still to come,
too grand yet
for me to
The Celestial Toybox (of my Mind)
© 2015 Leah Rae Lake. All rights reserved
A Brief History of the Shamballa Energy and Look into the Future
2025 will mark the first direct impact on Earth and Humanity from the oldest star system in the
galaxy called Sirius (Sopdet by the Egyptians; Sophet by the Greeks, Yoonir by the Serer). Sirius
consists of three (“thrice”) stars, called Sirius A, Sirius B and Sirius C. The hypothetical discovery
of the “blue star” Sirius C by astronomers is very recent and remains to be scientifically proven.
According to the books by Alice A Bailey the First Shamballa impact helped establish the
evolution of consciousness in the Human Race. The Second Shamballa impact much later in
history caused the Great Flood and resulting destruction of the ancient race of Atlantis. The Third
Shamballa impact brought on the rapid development of the past 200 years and culminated with
World Wars I & II, a karmic recapitulation of the Atlantean conflict. The Fourth Shamballa impact
in 1975, direct to humanity for the first time, accelerated the rapid expansion of the computer and
technology revolutions, removing also many dictators from their tyrannical rule. The Fifth
Shamballa impact direct to Humanity, for the second time in the year 2000, particularly focused
at the Taurus full moon, known as the Wesak festival in the East has stimulated the world knower
and brought about further lessons for humanity in the right use of the energy of the Divine Will.
Until the sixth Shamballa in 2025, the world knowers – the new group of world servers especially
must strengthen their group at- onement and subjective unity.
The 2000 Shamballa impact had something to do with Freedom for the Soul of humanity to come
in deeper into incarnation. Between 2000 and 2025, Humanity will have the opportunity to take
advantage of the energy of Freedom and Justice. The years between 2000 and 2025 will indeed
be tumultuous as all of Humanity social, economic and religious systems undergo changes in
order to be more in harmony with incoming Fourth dimensional energy of Unconditional Love to
help transition into Fifth dimensional energies of Light, Consciousness, Energy and Vibration.
Freedom and Justice will be the main areas which the 2000 Shamballa impact will affect
Humanity. We can see this out picturing in the unrest through out the world.
It is being theorized that the next impact in 2025 will include the energy from Sirius.
4th Shamballa Impact: 1975 = 22/4 1st direct to Humanity from Shamballa
5th Shamballa Impact: 2000= 2 2nd direct to Humanity from Shamballa
6th Shamballa Impact: 2025 = 9 1st direct to Humanity from Sirius?
7th Shamballa Impact: 2050 = 7 2nd direct to Humanity from Sirius?
8th Shamballa Impact: 2075 = 5 3rd direct to Humanity from Sirius?
9th Shamballa Impact: 2100 = 3 4th direct to Humanity from Sirius or 1st
direct another source, maybe the Avatar of
The 6th Shamballa impact (technically speaking) to occur in 2025 coincides with the activation of
the Fourth ray. This makes sense as you look at the number 6 and 4 being along the Feminine
ray line or even number line. The year 3000 puts Humanity approximately into the middle of the
Aquarian age.
The effects of the 2025 impact will bring chaos at first and nearing 2050 true Harmony will begin
to reign. The Aquarian age of Brotherhood will really begin after the disruptive side of the 2025
Sirius and 4th Ray of Harmony Through Conflict impact has subsided and done its work on
Humanity. By 2050, the 2nd direct impact from Sirius, The Fourth ray of Harmony Through Chaos
will already have begun to manifest as Harmony and Order. The 8th and 9th impacts will catapult
Humanity into a higher turn of the spiral and possibly beginning around 2050 and lasting until
2100 allow for the Restoration of the Mysteries, The New world Religion and The Templar in its
third phase to begin manifesting.
Simon Bialobroda
20016 Spring Equinox
Moving from Ego based relationships into Transpersonal Soul Monad Union.
When we balance our inner God and Goddess, our divine masculine with our divine feminine and complete the alchemical union between the two, we embody our twin soul within. We no longer need anyone to complete us, but can freely choose to form a sacred union with one who equally embodies his/her twin essence and this need not be our one and only true twin, but any one, who is embodying unity consciousness and unconditional love. All the romantic ideas of a one true half, that is to complete us, is far away from the truth of matter. Our foremost purpose individually and collectively is to become ONE within with ALL-that-IS and “return” to our original monadic source essence and complete the planetary ascension as physical human embodiments of divine ecstatic beings of love.
As we move into self love and complete the inner union and embrace the “Beloved” within as “whole ones”, we start to experience deep soul encounters and can no longer act out of the old paradigm. In the light of transparancy there is no seducer nor is their anyone to seduce. There are no conditions only freedom. Even the notion of seducing simply becomes ridiculous, as we communicate telepathically from soul to soul in full transparancy. In its place an ecstatic clarity opens all our channels and we connect from Soul to Soul thru our high heart chakra, which automatically activates our kundalini. We start to align our chakras one by one and melt into presence with each other even when separated by physical distance. (Personally I have experienced this on dream state first and later met the individual in the physical realm on a later point and the intensity of the two experiences were the same).
In the presence of our soul monad we cannot pretend or even deceive ourselves to be anything other than authentic and integrity with our true self. The feeling of oneness, the feeling of belonging to is indisputable and of such overwhelming intensity, that we are “forced” to surrender. We see our Self in the other and the other in Self. We experience ourself as ONE. There is no mind involved, it is a heartfelt empiric experience, that cannot be rationalized. And if we do, we are catapulted out of our hearts space and disconnec with the other.
Inevitably there is a tendency of ego to try to figure out what is going on, because it is disempowered and feel completely “lost”, as it has no compatible references to grap back at. Things such as age, gender, life style or physical appearance and preferance loose importance. It is all about vibration, soul coherence and tantric union. And so it is crucial to stay heart centered, when we are blessed with such soul encounters, which is far more than just a romantic relationship, but serving a higher purpose related to the particular soul monad.
The longing for any outside missing part of self is a residue of thousands of years of duality and separation from God within and based on the misconcept, that we are depending on others to feel loved and that we are separated from each other. Letting go of this illusion is a premise to embrace the wholeness within and become true embodiments of unity consciousness and unconditional love. And as we do so, we will start to encounter members of our Soul monad and unite into one – one by one. With each of these members we form a unique energetical purpose, that serves the rest of the soul monad, which doesn´t necesarily mean forming a partnership. In some cases we will meet in the physical only to serve from the higher realms or even to prepare us energetically for special tasks related to our planetary mission and life purpose. And in some cases we are meant to form tantric relationships of deep union grounding and living the ecstacy, that is our true essence as part of our planetary mission.
It is important to understand and embrace the blessings, that each encounter offer without wanting to force it in a certain direction, but to be in FULL alignment with our heart… doing so our inner knowing feeling will tell us which kind of purpose each encounter call for. What does your heart say in this NOW… being and flowing with its guidance is the premise to understanding the depth of each encounter…. only heart knows the deeper purpose and calling from our soul untainted by ego. Fear however is the most treasured tool of ego and many feel tempted to “take the run” and withdraw their love, as they can no longer hide behide masks and shields of ego. We can no longer “play around the bush”, but only be authentic and real in all that we do. when faced with deep soul encounters, as they are profoundly life and self transforming, because we literally loose our Self to love. But what ecstatic experience awaits thou that surrenders and let him/herself dissolve into the sea of love beyond I-dentity, beyond condition, beyond restriction,
a playground of infinite possibilties and immense joy and passion and higher purpose. ~ Linda Grace – http://www.graceelohim.com
Everything begins as a “Seed”. A thought is a seed. A plant is first a seed. We are a seed within our mother’s womb. We seed the world with our thoughts, actions, and manipulations. We have heard the metaphor of the “Bad Seed” The warped seed that does not ripen in purity but degrades the mind and emotions of the body wherein it belongs. These are metaphors for the Soul.
There exists a Kingdom of Souls found in a higher realm beyond our physical understanding. Those who have studied the Soul as a living breathing entity within themselves know of this kingdom, but few are not yet fully integrated within it. There is a bridge which must be built to cross over into its realm.
After a rain cloud has dropped life giving water upon the earth a marvelous rainbow of many colors appears as an arch across the sky. A bridge we wish we could walk over to another world. Like Dorothy in the Wizard of OZ.
But there are terrible manipulation’s in that world. A Wicked Witch that holds power over her flying monkeys and seeks to destroy the Emerald City. Today in our world we see and have the same thing. Political Power, Greed of the One Percent over the 99% of humanity the world over and still these men are not satisfied. Millions are dying in wars that never seem to end because one is a different religion then the other one. While rich countries want their resources for their own uses. And children work for pennies. Corruption is rampant.
Dorothy falls asleep just in sight of her goal of reaching the Emerald City and getting help from the Great and Terrible Wizard of OZ. When a field of poppies (which are poisonous) overwhelms her. Humanity sleeps while the land, animals and nature itself is destroyed for oil, hectors of trees cut down in a single day, oceans polluted, and poisonous gas from factories killing and making ill thousands of children and adults in third world countries all for finical gain of large corporations, and their minions.
The Tin Man, the Scarecrow, and the Cowardly Lion pull Dorothy from those deadly flowers while Toto barks pulling on her braid. Now Dorothy is awake again and they all proceed to follow the Yellow Brick Road to the Emerald City. The road Dorothy has been following all along has been the path of her Soul unbeknownst to her until now. While her four companions, (must not forget Toto) continue to accompany her in her quest to return to her real home – her soul.
Unfortunately, the majority of humanity still does not know they are something much more than a personality. They hear the word Soul but cannot reference having a Soul themselves. Yes, they suppose they have one. Everyone tells them they do. But, they don’t know how to reach it. They go to church, temple or mosques and listen to the scriptures being read to them.
However, it is touching on ego mind for most and not penetrating the heart. They live within the mind and emotions of personal needs and wants believing they are good enough to reach the pearling gates in future.
The wizards behind the machinery manipulates the people telling them what they need, why they need it along with how they can trump any election to save the nation by sending Americans off to war yet again. IF! They give into the wizards demands to take care of everything else they promise so folks can continue with their football, TV programs etc. This is not entirely peoples fault as no one has revealed any other options to them. Neither, have they been taught the power of meditation to reach higher levels of awareness and consciousness. The only way out is ‘In’. Inward where the Soul resides in a realm silence and peace.
Dorothy’s friends all have attributes that enlighten her way. The Scarecrow has the intelligence of higher Wisdom through meditation, and the Rain Cloud of Knowing. The Tin Man has a heart that is compassionate for every living thing. The Cowardly Lion finds his courage in the face of fear. Toto is her animal nature saving her from danger.
And Dorothy herself is the feminine aspect silenced into silence for generations. She is the one waking up to Soul awareness as never before. Her three companions are all parts of herself waking up to her Soul guidance.
Since the end of World War 2 millions of people are becoming conscious of the higher invisible realms that are reaching down to ensure we turn the tide of world destruction before it is too late. These are Souls that know they are Souls and are doing the work needed to be done. Soul groups by whatever name are arising walking the paths that lead to enlightenment and freedom. We are the ones we have been waiting for to change the paradigm of humanity. Let it be so!
Author Cassandra Cholaki;

Teachers Training One & Two with Pam Nissen, PhD in Metaphysics, MA in Counseling Psychology, Sacred Pipe Carrier awarded by Luciano Perez of the Lakota Sioux Nation
Lets turn these souls to flesh

Above the mountains every thing turns to light
But here both feet on earth
Every wild thing loose in us
rivers rushing trees bending. …
life surging
blood rushing
singing, dying
no second hand information
only what you taste
only what you know
only what you feel in every pore
like an outlaw abandoning all roads
Let’s put flesh to soul
every storm
every whisper
into the absolute container of the universe
unconstrained. immutable never moving
you are wind
the great mystery
the thunder of completeness
fully alive
never ending
you simply exist

Creating a New Astrology of the Spirit
The revelation of the Opposite sign as the source of the Will of the Monad, the Rising sign as the source of Love of the Soul and the Sun sign as the source of Activity of the Personality, their true significance and importance in the individual horoscope, is needed in the field of astrology now as ever before. Endorsed by the Heavens and corroborated by the activity of the stars, the time for the knowledge of the three underlying constellations in the individual horoscope that prepare the individual to “stand in spiritual Being” and take initiation is now. It is necessary to remember that the three Ray energies that impinge upon and prepare the individual for initiation are transmitted by the three constellations. The mystery of the three potencies is that they bring about the major changes in the individual life focus, the seven centres and corresponding changes in the Monad, soul and personality. Brightening the “web of light,” the major contribution of Triple Sun Horoscope and Zodiacal Meditation, is that they dynamically accelerate, provided in the process astrologers rest not content with theory and study but parallel understanding by a strenuous effort with world service and meditation, both process and progress upon the Path of Initiation. With the goal of fusing and blending more adequately the triple energies and potencies of the inner and outer Man, we are witnessing the birth of the new multi-dimensional chart form and White Lodge procedure of horoscope construction and interpretation.
Evoking a greatly intensified response, with new radio-active measure and tempo, directional sound, vibration, light, and peculiar notes, acting as stimulating forces in his body of reception the zodiacal, systemic and planetary forces – dynamic and magnetic – streaming though the threefold lens of his Triple Sun, the initiate (conscious of his Monadic vibration) is stimulated to greater world service. This is the case because the initiate has developed the capacity to attract, respond, absorb and transmute the triple streams of forces because of his advanced point evolution attained and his understanding of divine psychology. Having achieved the goal of identification which is to become consciously and livingly aware of the nature of the triple zodiacal, systemic and planetary energies, he knows them and how to use them; moreover, the major response evoked is from his Monad with the high character of the vibration of the influences evoking the emergence of his Will aspect.
The White Lodge Triple Sun Horoscope formula is given to the disciple when he is ready in order to bring about certain fusions, needed psychological crisis, and the esoteric event of initiation. With a constantly cultivated attitude of mind, of continuous thinking and a steady comprehension, for the initiate, at his highest point of subjective alignment and orientation, while employing his Triple Sun Horoscope “formula of evocation,” evokes his Monadic will-to-be. When this takes place his Opposite Sign and Rising Sign vibrate and resonate within the same magnetic field. The magnetic quality of his Rising Sign (supplemented by the dynamic potency of his Opposite Sign) is then focused by his evoked will and oriented toward his Sun Sign. Standing in spiritual being, upon the physical plane functioning through his dedicated personality, he proceeds to appropriate, consciously and with full deliberation, the descending energy of his Monad and thus blends within himself the triple stream of energies of his Opposing, Rising and Sun Sign. He succeeds in the ability to detach from limitation and perforates the ring-pass-not of his blended Soul and Personality thus releasing his Monad into the universal life. With an unswerving focused intention based on will and the synthesis of his attitudes (the union of the results of his understanding, organized purpose, potent intent and poised consciousness), he then precipitates his highest Monadic energy invoked and guides it to one or other of the seven designated receptive centers in his etheric body determined by his Ray, need and capacity.
The innermost secret of your Triple sun Horoscope, “the essence of the intangible life of your Spirit”, is connected with the “sacred triangle,” the “three Suns that are One Sun” which is constructed by your “three intimate” constellations, the energies of your life-quality-appearance. To the initiate, the analogy (not the correspondence) is that these three constellations are to him the three aspects of monad-soul-body. Successfully offsetting the lower planetary influences, with his Monad dominating, the initiate has awakened and responds to the infinitely higher vibrations of his three major constellations being a focal point and transmitter of the higher energies to the planet. All that I can say is that the undefinable dynamic out-going effect of the Initiate’s Monadic Will, behind all his qualities, the motivation of both the qualities of his consciousness and the qualities of his life-appearance, makes its presence felt, in its plan-making form-building nature, and the result of its expression emphasized through his three constellations.

Francis of Assisi

Anna Sclar
In order to describe, the moral nature contained in the personality of Francis of Assisi, let us consider the matter as it appears to the spiritual investigator or occultist.
We know that Francis of Assisi was the son of the Italian merchant Bernardone, and his wife. We also know that the father of Francis of Assisi was a man who set great store on outer appearances. His mother was more spiritual – a woman possessing the virtue of piety, having fine qualities of heart.
Before the birth of Francis of Assisi quite a number of persons knew through revelation that an important personality was about to be born.
All this becomes especially interesting when in addition we consider something else.
The mother had the peculiar impression that the child ought to be called “John” and he was therefore given this name. However, when the father returned from France where he had done good business, he changed it and gave his son the name of Francis, as he wished to commemorate his successful journey. But originally the child was called John.
What sort of a person was Francis of Assisi as a youth? He was one who conducted himself like a descendant of the old Germanic knights: brave, warlike, filled with the ideal of winning honour and fame with the weapons of war; it was this which existed as a heritage, as a racial characteristic in the personality of Francis of Assisi.
There appeared in him more externally, the qualities which existed more as an inward quality of soul . He not only bore his captivity patiently ( when it took place), and in a knightly way, but he encouraged all the others to do the same until a year later they were able to return home.
Afterwards, when in the service of chivalry, a necessary expedition was going to be undertaken against Naples, he had a vision in a dream. He saw a great palace and everywhere weapons and shields. On the way there ( as He assumed that he was called to the battle), He heard something like a voice which said “Go no further, you have wrongly interpreted the dream picture which is very important to you. Go back to Assisi and you shall there hear the right interpretation!”
He obeyed these words, went back to Assisi, and behold, he had something like an inner dialogue with a being who spoke to him spiritually and said, “Not in external service have you to seek your knighthood. You are destined to transform all the forces at your disposal into powers of the soul, into weapons forged for your use.
The young knight who in his boldest dreams had only longed to become a great warrior was transformed into a man who now most earnestly sought all the impulses of mercy, compassion and love.
All the forces he had thought of using in the service of the physical world were transformed into moral impulses of the inner life.
Here we see how a moral impulse evolves in a single personality. It is important that we should study a great moral impulse, and we only learn of them where we sees them most radically expressed and acting with the greatest forcefulness.
It is precisely by turning our attention to the greatest and most characteristic manifestations of moral impulses, and then by considering the lesser ones in their light that we can attain to a correct view of moral impulses active in our life.
Francis of Assisi turned to the altruistic actions. He made a pilgrimage to Rome and laid a large sum of money on the graves of the Apostles Peter and Paul. These concentrated all the moral impulses of Francis of Assisi had then transformed his bravery into soul-forces, they had developed in such a manner that in his meditations they produced a special conception, and appeared to him as the Cross and upon it the Saviour.
Under these conditions he felt an inner personal relationship to the Cross and the Christ, and from this there came to him the forces through which he could immeasurably increase the moral impulses which now flowed through him.
He found a remarkable use for that which now developed in him. At that time the horrors of leprosy had invaded many parts of Europe.
These moral impulses led Francis of Assisi to search out lepers everywhere, and not to be afraid of going about among them.
And actually the leprosy which none of the remedial agents at that time could cure, which made it necessary that these people should be thrust out of human society, this leprosy was healed in numberless cases by Francis of Assisi, because he went to these people with the power which he possessed through moral impulses, which made him fear nothing.
These moral impulses, rather gave him courage not only carefully to cleanse their wounds, but to live with the lepers, to nurse them conscientiously, yea, to kiss them and permeate them with his love.
His moral forces thereby became so strong that they could take away the harmful spiritual substances which had produced the disease.
In a human being, in Francis of Assisi, there was a tremendous store of psychic life, in the shape of something which we have found in the ancient peoples of Europe as bravery and valour, and which he had develop further and transformed them into soul and spirit forces that afterwards acted psychically and spiritually.
He was overflowing with moral force, and this actually passed over to those to whom he turned his love.
Now try to realise that this moral force is a reality, just as much a reality as the air we breathe and without which we cannot live.
It is a reality which flooded the whole being of Francis of Assisi, and streamed from him into all hearts to which he dedicated himself.
These facts show that it is not the words which give rise to morality, but realities working in the soul.
It was through this alone that the power was produced to bring to a higher development, described as the after-effect of the old Atlantean element, to purify Europe from the miasmic substances and sweep them away from the earth.
Morality is a divine gift which was given to man in the beginning, it was part of the original content in human nature, just as spiritual power was in human nature before man’s deepest descent.
Fundamentally, a great part of what is unmoral came into humanity by the betrayal of the higher Mysteries in the ancient Atlantian epoch as a practice of the black magic.
Thus morality is something about which we cannot say that it has only developed gradually in humanity, it is something which lies at the bottom of the human soul, something which has been submerged by the later civilizations.
That which distinguished Francis of Assisi most was his sublime faith in the goodness lying in each human being, even in one who was being punished.
This made it possible for the contrary power to appear in his soul, and this is the power of love which gives and helps morally, and indeed even heals.
Therefore not only must the mistakes be made good but their results as well, for where evil has such mighty after-effects that demons of disease have been produced, super-moral forces such as were in Francis of Assisi must be also active.
It is primarily these two fundamental impulses which are able to found a truly moral life. First, the belief in the divine at the bottom of every human soul, and secondly, the boundless love of man which springs from this belief.

i dreamed my body the size of colorado
mountains ranges and free open spaces
thirsty arroyos and slippery canyon walls
my lungs the wild breezes over the plains
reincarnation nothing more than fresh flowers this spring
and death the blaze of falling leaves
yes i will live here a thousand years
barefoot and hungry
wild and free
roaming a wild country in my buffalo self
in a pathless land
somethings will not change and remain fact always
we are ashes of stellar death
particles of infinity
flowers on the range
Spiritual Warriors
Years ago sitting under the Oaks in Ojai California I heard Krishnamurti speak. I came to hear a wise older gentlemen speak of spirituality and the Masters. In stead I came upon a warrior.
He was close to 80 years but sharp as a knife and acted like he had just been stung by a hornet.
Calm and composed were not words I would use.
I felt like he had just come back from a great war and the fiery apocalypse;
That he had spent the morning not in meditation but sharpening some sword of iron and titanium with flint and stone.
His eyes glared and his nostrils flared and for all practical purposes I was glad I was not sitting up too close up front but back 100 feet.
Here was a being who was a self contained conflagration. Yet I trusted him like a brother.
I thought mediation and spirituality was supposed to be a calm and gentle affair. He strongly indicated otherwise.
He had not indication of bringing peace or sweetness to my day.
By the end of his talk – by the end of his stampeding revelations –
a strong thousand of us stood up ready to march off to war.
”One of the people wanted to know what the sorcerers’ view on war was.
Carlos looked annoyed, and responded, “What do you want me to say? That sorcerers are pacifists? Well, they are not; although our destiny as ordinary men does not concern sorcerers at all.
You should understand this once and for all. Warriors are continually at war, and while they are at war they are comfortable.”
Carlos took his time as he explained that unlike the petty wars which we as average humans constantly involve ourselves in because of social, religious, or economic reasons, a sorcerer’s war is not directed against other people. The war is directed against his or her own weaknesses.
By the same token, sorcerers’ peace is not the submissive condition to which modern man has been reduced. Sorcerers’ peace is an imperturbable state of internal silence and discipline carried in battle.
Carlos said, “Passivity is a violation of our nature, because, in essence, we are all formidable combatants. Every human being is, by right, a soldier who has achieved his place in the world in a battle of life and death.
“Look at it this way. At least once, as sperms, each one of us fought a battle for life- a unique struggle against millions of other competitors- and we won! And now as we are trapped by the forces of this world, the battle continues. One part of us is fighting to disintegrate and die, while another part of us tries to maintain life and awareness at any cost. There is no peace!
“Sorcerers realize this, and use it to their advantage. Their goal continues to be that which inspired the spark of life that created us. Sorcerers seek access to a new level of awareness.”
Carlos said that as human beings become socialized from birth, we are tamed by the power of stimuli and punishments just like an animal is domesticated.
He said, “We have been trained to live and die meekly following unnatural codes of behavior which soften us and make us lose our initial impulse; until our spirit is hardly noticeable. ”
Encounters With The Nagual: Part 1 – A Romance With Knowledge.
by Armando Torres

“Kundalini”, the awesome power, that brings liberation to Yogis but bondage to fools.
”The Mysteries are revealed, not primarily by the reception of information anent them and their processes, but by the action of certain processes, carried out within the etheric body of the disciple; these enable him to know that which is hidden; they put him in possession of a mechanism of revelation and make him aware of certain radiatory and magnetic powers or energies within himself which constitute channels of activity and modes whereby he may acquire that which it is the privilege of the initiate to own and to use.”
Rays and Initiations, Alice Bailey, p 337

Spiritual Eating Habits
by Duane Carpenter
“… I have come to the conclusion that it is better to eat steaks and speak kindly on people than to be strict vegetarian and from a more elevated point looking down on the world.”
The point Alice Bailey is making here is not to become a fanatic around ones eating habits. A good point made to aspirants. Advanced disciples know it is not appropriate to eat meat at a certain stage of the spiritual path and this law becomes automatic and unconscious.
DK and AAB make a number of statements around vegetarianism and it is relative to where the student is situated on the Path that makes this subject so paradoxical and apparently inconsistent. The most definitive statements on vegetarianism made on the subject by DK can be found in A Treatise on Cosmic Fire which is for those preparing for initiation, here in this treatise he states.
“A great factor and one that it is hard to explain so that the average thinker can understand it is the cyclic coming in of egos who are at a point in evolution where they are ready for their first radioactive life. In one great department of hierarchical endeavor all egos are divided into two groups, according to their cycle and according to their type of energy. These grades are in turn subdivided according to the quality and the vibratory effect to be induced upon any one kingdom of nature by their united, or single, incarnation. This might be illustrated by pointing out that by the gradual coming in of human beings who are vegetarians by natural inclination and by the appearance of egos who are interested specifically in the welfare and nurture of the animals (as is the case so noticeably now) we have the cyclic appearance of a whole group of human units who have a definite karmic relation to the third kingdom. This relation is of a kind differing in specific detail from the meat-eating, and oft inhuman, groups of the past five hundred years.” (Treatise on Cosmic Fire, AAB, 1081)
“The true disciple does not need vegetarianism or any of the physical disciplines, for the reason that none of the fleshly appetites have any control over him. His problem lies elsewhere, and it is a waste of his time and energy to keep his eye focussed on “doing the right things physically,” because he does them automatically and his spiritual habits offset all the lower physical tendencies; automatically these developed habits enable him to surmount the appeal of those desires which work out in the fulfillment of lower desire. No one is accepted into the circle of the Ashram (which is the technical name given to the status of those who are on the eve of initiation or who are being prepared for initiation) whose physical appetites are in any danger of controlling him. This is a statement of fact. This applies particularly and specifically to those preparing for the first initiation. Those preparing for the second initiation have to demonstrate their freedom from the slavery of ideas, from a fanatical reaction to any truth or spiritual leader, and from the control of their aspiration which-through the intensity of its application-would sacrifice time, people and life itself to the call of the Initiator-or rather, to be correct, to what they believe to be His call.”
(127-8 Rays & Initiations, Alice Baliey)

Opening the Third Eye
Opening the third eye is something that happens over a period of lifetimes yet it can also be opened through regular, intense meditation. The opening of this eye is likened to an oyster shell being pried open. During meditation when the eyes are closed the inner lids will open as you place your awareness on a focus within your ‘mind’. As meditation progresses the third eye opens and your two eyes will begin to merge into one great one. If you meditate consistently and with great determination (focus) your pituitary and pineal area will hurt beyond belief. This is because the energy seldom traverses backwards at this stage. During meditation, as energy moves into the head with force generated by your focus, it will move back up to the pituitary (the female essence which feeds the body through the glandular system) in the opposite direction. If the force is strong enough then ‘she’ will release it to the pituitary area. Here, if the force is strong enough, it will push the door of the pineal gland open in the opposite direction and you will connect to the light.
As you continue in advanced meditation the pain does not lessen but becomes like the dull ache of an old wound being opened. Then one day, after months of continued, regular intense meditation, this eye may suddenly be ripped open, your mind shattered into a thousand pieces, while your body floods with bright light and your three eyes merge into one.
However, the eye does not stay open if it is not regularly exercised with meditation. It, like an oyster, begins to close again over time. The reason for wanting to keep the eye open is so that energy can flow faster through the head, pituitary and pineal to connect to source energy which results in rejuvenation, happiness and communion with higher intelligence as the flow of energy connects back creating a cycle.
When the third eye is opened and you connect to the light the cord emanating from you to the light can be anywhere from 4 to 6 inches in diameter. This cord is pure strength coming from your center to another center somewhere in the cosmos where your vibration meets their vibration. This is the father principle yet within his center and yours exists the mother principle and her deep compassionate vibration is so strong it cannot be seen – the vibrations are too fast and therefore too small yet this is what exists in the core of everything and it has a great weight beyond our miniscule ideas of weight.
As you re-enter meditation, and after many illuminations – whether it is the kundalini, ladder of light or any other fantastic light experiences, you will re-enter into a new zone. In this new arena you are presented with veils of your psyche that are fearful. You are to understand that confronting these areas are nothing but confronting a mirage and that you are to pass through them in order to garner strength. You must be brave enough to “die” by fully surrendering to your fear by merging with it. For example, if you have a fear of ants then you must fall into a vast pit of crawling ants but as you do the pit will disappear and you will find yourself suddenly alone. Your source always knows your greatest fear and usually will work you up to that point. As you merge with your fear it will dissolve and then you move on to the next veil or stage of your evolution. Usually one must be brave enough to die in order to pass through these veils of fear and generally there are no exceptions to this rule.
The earthly world we live in is a mirage, born to us through light to stabilizes us as we grow. It is a compilation of dust that consciousness is born into and emerges from the void and grows through stages of being until it reaches humanhood then one learns to control the mind. Through our life we learn and confront fears and as we do our life improves and our bodies become strong. So too is it this way in the cosmos but more. In the cosmos life is brilliant, and beautiful and it is pure consciousness waiting for you to merge with it in your own time.
Kel Rae
Author of Love, Healing and the Zodiac Code

Temple of 10,000 Saints
This is the Hierarchal Life;
Imagine if you might, a place where all the creative geniuses, artist, scientist – every hero and heroine, every saint and yogic sage have gathered.
Place them in a great temple of extraordinary light and beauty.
Their IQ’s are off the charts, the frequency is enlightenment, a sublime intensity.
A timeless zone, free from politics, bureaucracy, a vibrational matrix every human touches at least once in their sweet life in a flash of light where for some moment enlightened genius shines thru them.
A frequency of knowing – a vibrational atmosphere or vibrational climate – where all that is good in us exist perpetually.
Here there is No greed, no negativity, no distortion.
A state of complete wonder.
Pure Being.
In this ‘place’ of illumination, of perfected goodwill, there is a frictionless economy of energy and force.
The 10,000 dialects of earth meet in a new form of streamlined telepathy.
Everyone has x-ray vision, all is transparent.
In potential this ‘heaven’ is not only a process of accomplishment but also of recognition.
Inside every human being is placed a golden key, locked in our ‘God DNA’.
In higher aspect all humans have this frequency of knowing, all of us are spiritual residents, all of us Gods and Goddesses in the making.
Life here in this world is an actualization ~ an evolution of all our inherent God given talents
Scientists Discover People Who Are Awake Can Influence Dreams Of Sleeping People Using Telepathy
by George Freeman
Dream telepathy suggests that human beings have the ability to communicate telepathically with another person while they are dreaming. This isn’t a new concept, scientific interest in telepathy dates back to the fathers of the psychoanalytic movement. Freud, for example, looked at the implications of telepathy on psychoanalytic thought. He also considered dream telepathy, or the telepathic influence of thought on dreaming, on multiple occasions. Carl Jung believed in the telepathic hypothesis without question, and even developed a theoretical system to explain “paranormal” events of this nature.
It seems that all great minds encourage the study of various types of non-physical phenomena.
“The day science begins to study non-physical phenomena, it will make more progress in one decade than in all the previous centuries of its existence.” – Nikola Tesla
According to Stanley Krippner, Ph.D. and professor of psychology at Saybrook University in California:
A wealth of anecdotal and clinical material exist which supports the possibility of telepathic effects occurring in dreams (Krippner, 1974). However, an experimental approach to the topic did not become possible until psycho physiological laboratory technology became available. It was discovered that sleeping research participants awakened from periods of rapid eye movement (REM) activity were frequently able to recall dream episodes. As a result, it was possible to request a “telepathic receiver” to attempt dreaming about a target stimulus that was being focused on in a distant location from a “telepathic sender.”
Experiments and Results
In the mid 1960’s, Montague Ullman, MD, began a number of experiments at Maimonides Medical Center in Brooklyn, New York to test the hypothesis that people could be primed to dream about randomly selected material. In other words, they could choose what they wanted to dream about before going to sleep, and this could include anything, from artwork to movies to photographs and more. Shortly after these experiments began, Ullman was joined by Stanley Krippner (quoted above), who has a very impressive background in the scientific study of dreams, psychology, and parapsychology.
The experiments they conducted lasted a span of more than 10 years, and”yielded statistically significant results.”
During the experiments, there was usually a “telepathic sender” and a “telepathic receiver.” They met in the laboratory for a short period of time before being placed in completely separate rooms just before going to sleep. The telepathic sender had an envelope waiting for them in the room in which they’d sleep. It would contain something like a picture or a drawing. The receivers were then purposely awakened shortly after Rapid Eye Movement sleep (REM) began so the researchers could take a dream report.
A Very Significant Session
One very memorable and significant session of dream telepathy experimentation took place where the selected art print was “School of Dance” by Edgar Degas, which depicts a several young women in a dance class. According to Krippner, the receivers’ dream reports included such phrases as “I was in a class made up of maybe half a dozen people, it felt like a school,” and “There was one little girl that was trying to dance with me.” These results are fascinating, and the idea that one can influence another’s dream opens up a lot of doors. Although we might not understand the process behind the transfer of information, and we can’t see this transfer take place from mind to mind, we have proof of it occurring. This is quite common when we examine scientific studies that have evaluated parapsychological phenomena – we know what is happening, but not how.
Another significant session conducted by Krippner and Ullman took place on March 15th, 1970. In this session, a large group of people at a Holy Modal Rounders rock concert was selected to send something telepathically. A local media artist by the name of Jean Millay took responsibility to ready the telepathic senders for “target preparation.” She did this with help from the Lidd Light Company, a group of artists who were responsible for the light show at the concert. Millay gave the audience a brief verbal set of directions before the image was flashed on the large screen that the telepathic senders were looking at. Six slide projectors were used to project a colour film about eagles and their nesting habits, as well as information about various birds from around the world (including birds from mythology, like the phoenix). This all happened at the same time Holy Modal Rounders were playing their song, “If you want to be a bird.”
There were five volunteer telepathic receivers for this experiment, and they were all located within a one hundred mile radius from the telepathic senders. All of the receivers were aware of the concert location and were told to record their images at midnight, because that was when the material would be sent to them.
According to Krippner:
One “telepathic receiver,” Helen Andrews, had the impression of “something mythological, like a griffin or a phoenix.” The second, third and fourth research participants reported images of “a snake,” “grapes,” and “an embryo in flames.” The fifth participant was Richie Havens, the celebrated American singer and recording artist, who reported closing his eyes at midnight and visualizing “a number of seagulls flying over water.” Both Mr. Havens’ and Ms. Andrews’ reports represented direct correspondences with the target material.
More remarkable results were seen when the rock group “Grateful Dead” also volunteered to participate in a dream telepathy session over a span of six nights.
These are usually the instructions given to subjects who participate in these experiments:

  1. 1. You are about to participate in an ESP experiment.
  2. 2. In a few seconds you will see a picture.
  3. 3. Try using your ESP to “send” this picture to the receiver.
  4. 4. The receiver will try to dream about this picture. Try to “send” it to them.
  5. 5. Then, receivers will be made aware of the sender’s location.

Possible Explanations?
Quantum physics has shed light on the vast interconnectedness of everything in the universe. One possible explanation is quantum entanglement. For example, consider two electrons that are created together. If you send one to the other side of the universe, the other will respond instantly, regardless of their distance from each other. This is one way of interpreting how everything is really connected in some way. Einstein called it “spooky actions at a distance.”
The truth of the matter is that we have no way to explain how this works. The researchers involved were only able to observe and record what was taking place, which again, is very common for parapsychological phenomenon.
At the same time, these experiments involve dreams, a completely different and altered state of “reality” that we really don’t know much about. It’s a world separate (or at least we think is separate) from the world in which we are “awake” (although, of course, the world we perceive when we are awake could very well be just a dream). But that is a subject for another article.
Parasychological Phenomena Have Been Proven and Documented All Over The World
Parapsychological (PSI) phenomena have been studied, documented, observed, and proven (over and over again) by a number of renowned scientists in laboratories all over the world. The Department of Defense has had a huge interest in this subject (and has studied it) for a number of years, yet the scientific study of it is concealed from the public and left out of universities and mainstream science, which is not fair, and not right. It isn’t as though this information is inaccessible to us, some of this documentation and these publications are available in the public domain.

         MYSTERY AND LANGUAGE OF COLOR, by Kurt Abraham
Kurt’s latest book begins with postulates regarding color found in the esoteric literature (Bailey, Blavatsky, Leadbeater, and Steiner). These postulates include such statements as:
“Every thought is indicated in the aura by a corresponding color.”
“Growth of the color sense indicates a thinning of the veil between the tangible and the subjective worlds.”
“Color veils the spirit aspect as dense form veils the soul.”
 “Each life demonstrates a different color.”
      The book includes 42 color illustrates, most of which are images seen in the “diamond consciousness.”  These short moments of awareness occur between sleep and awakening, when one is “conscious of the Mundane World and the Subtle World at the same time.”  The images seen are similar to, but not the same as, clairvoyant vision. The symbolic images occur in response to a clear question.  Color, as well as symbolic form, plays an important part in understanding the meaning of the image and the answer to the question.
    The Antahkarana is also discussed in terms of color, which relates to the Second Solar System and to the importance of the Second Ray of Love-Wisdom.  Green is the foundation (form-activity of System I) and indigo is the goal (System II).  Kama-manas (desire and lower mind) indicates the present problem (red-green), while buddhi-manas (intuitive mind) is the important next step ahead leading to the Sixth Root Race.
    In addition the last chapter in the book briefly discusses each Sign of the Zodiac in terms of color and image as seen in the diamond consciousness.
   The Beacon finds the book “unusual, interesting, and thought-provoking.”
See website: www.seven-rays.org
Infinity : “Reaching toward Infinity is the most beautiful striving” – Helena Roerich
Leaves of Morya’s Garden – Book 1 – The Call (1924) – 129
Like passengers on a short journey are you in your earthly life, facing Infinity.
Supermundane I, 1938 – 235
Of the billions of heavenly bodies, only thousands can be located, and even the most powerful telescope will be as naught when confronted with Infinity

The Location of The Overshadowing Spiritual Soul
Like our previous discussion on the Rays, this topic also involves graphics-in this case several charts that appear in the works of D.K./A.A.B.

Those charts clearly indicate the locations, within the seven planes, of the monadic triad, spiritual triad, and persona instrument (I would cite the pages but my Bailey books are still in storage, with the majority of my library).
In essence, in past discussions with Bailey students, I have sometimes heard the R/Cedercrans materials criticized because they place the Overshadowing Spiritual Soul on the Buddhic Plane, while the Bailey charts place…
The Atmic Permanent Atom on the first sub-plane of the Atmic Plane.
The Buddhic Permanent Atom on the first sub-plane of the Buddhic Plane.
The Manasic Permanent Atom on the first sub-plane of the Manasic Plane.
Now, although I have read all of the Bailey books, that was well over thirty years ago and I was never what one could call an expert on their contents. However, in discussions with Bailey students, when the location of the Spiritual Soul came up, those charts were used to indicate where each of the three aspects of the Soul was located.
From that perspective, the R/C statement that the overshadowing Spiritual Soul was located on the Buddhic Plane was seen as not only inadequate but mostly wrong.
Now, the problem with this dismissal is that it is based on a misunderstanding of the R/Cedercrans statement.
As we’ve discussed before, while the DK/AAB materials are primarily Second Ray, the R/C materials are primarily Seventh Ray, and therefore take a primarily Ceremonial Magic approach to The Wisdom. More specifically, the R/C materials are manuals on the practice of the Magic of Consciousness.
Thus, when the R/C materials discuss the location of the Spiritual Soul, they are referring to the location of the Consciousness, not of its form or permanent atoms. More specifically, the Buddhic Plane is the location of the overshadowing Spiritual Soul within the Ashram of Synthesis (which is presumed to be the Ashram of the students of the R/C works).
Thus, from the R/C perspective, the location of the Spiritual Soul is the Ashram (where it lives and performs its creative work), and the locations of the permanent atoms are not direct indicators of the location of the Spiritual Soul.
Now I realize that the above leaves a great deal out of the DK/AAB perspective, but I hope that it includes the essence of the two viewpoints, without suggesting that either one of them is somehow better or more correct than the other.

The commonness of Emptiness
by Donna Mitchell-Moniak, Feb. 2016
In letting go of emptiness being a thing, then the expression and experience of emptiness can be in any moment, through all things and situations. One way that this is presented is through the imagery in Tibetan Buddhism.
The Book of Supernal Wisdom, the Prajnaparamita, has many pages. One will never know if anything is on those pages, however its many pages represent the infinite ways through which the experience of voidness and unadorned potential is possible. The Book is garlanded with a ribbon. The ribbon is of the same cloth (silk) as a meditation belt and as a bodhisattva’s flowing robes. This indicates that the Wisdom of perceiving through an appearance leads to the essential Nature that the appearance is veiling. That Nature is, like silk, born from that which seem incongruent to the manifestation: a worm thus voidness. But also like the silken thread that issues from the silk worm, the experience of voidness is limitless and arises from that which is common. The Book rests on an unfolding lotus representing, like the silk that issued from the silk worm, that emptiness simply and naturally is the undoing of temporary bindings that, at first protect and then, bind.
Generosity is an emptiness – an expression of in-the-moment infinite potential. A need is met because it arose into prominence, and is met from that which is within the capacity of the person who is living the generosity. Again, like silk from the silk worm, the generosity is a natural response and issues from the capacity of the individual to meet a need. All the Taras in the mudra of generosity are displaying this. Their long extended arm signals the capacity to stretch oneself in order to reach the needs of any opportunity. But, Tara’s arm is part of her being, part of her body. Thus, generosity is not other than Tara, or you, or I. It is an emptiness, an infinite potential of Tara, of you, and I. Being limitless in potential, generosity is perfect whenever it arises, is expressed, or is demonstrated and, in that moment, is a perfect expression of Emptiness as Generosity.
Diligence and dedication are expressions of emptiness. Tireless effort is an expression of dedication or motivation. These can be lived for basketball, to train for and perform art, to teach children or heal the sick. Diligence can also express as the desire to effect the well-being of all beings or the transformation of one’s troublesome patterns. Each is a manifestation of one’s potential and the commitment to bring it forth.
Diligence stems from the abundance of Being and that it is limitless. Aspects of it will always remain untapped yet available and ready to be discovered. Vajrapani represents this, as does Buddha Maitreya. Vajrapani dances, stomping out an internal cadence that draws one into practice and steadfastness. Buddha Maitreya sits regal and composed – not waiting – but in Presence. Presence is an expression of right timing and right action. As such, Buddha Maitreya’s composure signifies unwavering commitment. How are these emptiness? Both steadfastness and commitment must always be fresh, always brand new. When routinized, diligence degrades to a should or a punishment, and follow-through is wrought with pride or shame. But when these are fresh, empty to the moment and its arising call for dedicated effort, then the potency of one’s commitment also arises.
Patience is empty. It is obviously emptied of ego, of me and mine, and of personal agenda or self-importance. But, patience is, by its nature, void of any quality other than its fullness. Its spectrum of dynamic holism is equanimous, is timeless, is bright, present, and clear. Patience delights and delight is infinite. One expression of Patience in Tibetan imagery is Avolokiteshvara. All needs are patiently addressed, met with the abundant capacity of equanimity. The purity of patience is represented through the white form of Lokeshvara, empty of any contrivance or ego-clinging. It is also represented by his many arms. Avolokiteshvara displays with 4, 6, 8, or a thousand arms meeting all needs equally.
The perfect flow of energy is empty. Virya (Sanskrit) speaks of the free-flowing, unconstrained quality of energy as it is, and the boundless joy or delight that one can experience when flow is expressing. Energy and joy are empty. Energy has no quality unto itself, but is easily qualified by any distributor for any reason. Distributing energy always has the experience of joy, even if not recognized. Thrill, excitement, titillation, and a compelling quality are some experiences that are common to the conveyance of energy. Its dynamism is empty while also being unmistakable. Medicine Buddha is a representation of Virya, of flow, joy, and their infinite potential.
Through the iconography the unrestrained flow of energy and joy is represented by the herbs around him or growing out of his medicine bowl. In other words, all blockages or constraints on one’s energy or energy systems can be addressed. Doing so requires the observation of flow, contraction, or looseness. Like the plant growing from his bowl, a combination of conditions is necessary in order for that to happen. If something is lacking, something too abundant or unruly, or something is in disproportion, a state of vibrant flowing energy is impossible, and happiness or joy will also not arise. Energy is empty, flow is empty, but that which hampers these is self-derived and self-imposed, therefore can be changed.
Meditation is empty. Learning to meditate, however, is full: full of instruction, full of ruckus in the mind, full of emotions and thoughts. But meditation itself is empty. In the arriving to a moment of inner quiescence and equilibrium, one experiences the same pure potential as in any of the previous conditions, but now it is in the direct experience of inner quietude, inner peace, and inner tranquility as a ground of one’s Being. Samantabhadra or Vajrayogini can represent this emptiness.
Samantabhadra is with Samantabhadri. She represents that which lures the practitioner from mindfulness as well as the purity of the experience anytime it arises. We melt into the experience, like into the embrace of a lover. She is that. And Vajrayogini is a female buddha of supreme passion and the natural sensate nature of our existence. Her practice is to establish equilibrium within one while living in the world of the senses – not through abstinence or negation but through a higher bliss, the bliss of Presence. When Presence meets each moment, one is living meditation and no longer practicing it. Now, we also are expressing the union of Samantabhadra and Samantabhadri.
Wisdom is empty and Emptiness is wisdom. Through living the potency of the other perfect expressions of Voidness and Potential, one has realized that all existence is pure raw potential, is always birthing a need and the capacity to perfectly meet it. One, then, lives from the womb of possibilities that every moment, circumstance, arising, craving, attachment, or expression of pride is. Mother of Buddhas is a fitting symbol of this. She represents that all experience is the experience of pure potential, infinite in variety, and equally infinite in possible resolutions. And that’s the wisdom: a re-solving, or rather an undoing of the patterned responses that hold us in habituated mindlessness. Mother of Buddhas signals the creative truth of each experience, moment, and interaction. Meet it with pattern, and moment will birth its twin: more of the same. However, with eyes perceiving through the veils of form and karmic threads and patterned responses, each moment is brand new – never existed before – like every baby or seed or hatchling has never existed before. As we live this newness, the moment is rendered naked, no longer clothed by our thoughts and desires. The moment is empty. It is pure energy, it is pure peace, it is purely timeless, it is fresh, and all of these qualities are amazingly and simply abundant. Wisdom recognizes moment and person and situation as each is, adding nothing, subtracting nothing. Wisdom is empty.
At the center of the Universe is a great Eye. This is the Eye of God. It sees everything from beginning to end. It knows when a sparrow falls and it knows when a star will die. It has no end and no beginning. Worlds on end come and go and billions of lives pass. Suns flare up evanescent as a bubble and burn to extinction. Galaxies spanning trillions of miles, existing for billions of years transpire or are consumed by a Black Hole. Trillions of worlds and Super systems of Galaxic expanses gone in a twinkling as the great eye of God blinks once.
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2015 Wisdom Gathering
Sounding the Note of Synthesis Through the Sacred Geometry of Washington DC
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Wednesday, September 23
Opening of the PreGathering (Starshine Nolan): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iwhanfRlNHQ
Thursday, September 24
Morning Meditation (Gay Vickers): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aMi_ajNG7jo
Opening of the Gathering (Christine Karlsen, Henry Guy): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ER-rsDdzIgQ
Friday, September 25
Meditation and Dialogue on the 1940 Great Invocation (Henry Guy): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HN6R8xUnWrk
Saturday, September 26
Meditation (Tara Blasco), Astrological Update (Jan Detrich), Reading (Michael Sauvante), Exploring Cooperative Leadership (Starshine Nolan): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E7HjI9dcnwI
Let Cooperative Leadership Begin with Me (Suchitra Davenport):  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2MII5PZcGcU
Astrology of the United States of America (Jan Detrich): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cpvq6Pk79Ag
Sunday, September 27
Morning Meditation (Gretchen Groth):  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t597UKsQqFo
Sacred Symbology of Washington DC (Kevin Townley): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4mcmSchKg08
The Soul of a Nation (Kathy Newburn): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KpoApLW6N7E
Ceremony of the Nations (Suchitra Davenport): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lPLPzeOO4K4
Full Moon Meditation (Georgia Lambert): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GPLkwn2SG1k
Monday, September 28
Will and the Reappearance of the Christ (Greg Tzinberg): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wH7-Y_GVwFY
Next Year (Henry Guy), Closing (Greg Tzinberg): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DvRpxMMSRpY
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