Mission Statement Of The Wisdom Retreat  Center


The Wisdom Retreat Center is a group attempt for the physical expression of the newer schools for training in psycho-spiritual evolution.

We launch our Wisdom center with the hope to anchor new seeds of archetypal fire and assist in engineering a new renaissance of authentic spiritual living.

Its curriculum will be highly synthetic, drawing on the Wisdom Teachings of many teachers including Alice Bailey, Lucille Cedercrans, Helena Roerich and various others.

Our Mission

To serve Humanity by creative group meditation, offering guiding spiritual principles to help individuals lead more soul centered lives. Group participation is an active process, which will be balanced with individual integration, and may include personal retreat space.

We offer this center to become a potential outpost for the externalizing Hierarchical Ashrams. Contemporary teachings, which inspire and prepare for the great opportunities of the 21st century will be researched and taught.


The Center’s Values and Guiding Principles

The WRC seeks to promote a newer form of spiritual living embodiment to assist in incarnating the human soul.

We shall offer our facilities to visiting speakers and celebrate these new teachings of Conscious Soul embodiment.

In time as we develop such a community and its attending school, we hope to link with those other schools worldwide who also offer the new teachings.

“The energy of Synthesis is a new energy, a new force, and a new substance. Its Purpose is the building of a new civilization which will carry the Evolutionary Plan for humanity into manifestation.”
– Lucille Cedercrans


Methods and Objectives

The WRC will offer classes and study groups, workshops and conferences. Meditational group meetings will assist in the embodiment of the Ageless Wisdom.

We will invite and encourage other co-workers from the international community to visit and present their unique contributions.

Our objective here is to assist the implementation of the new culture and renaissance of Aquarian spirituality.

“…Thought and consciousness bring forth all cosmic principles and creativeness… Each one who dedicates himself to Service saturates everything with his fire. When a thought is straining forth with an inner fire, the centers are aflame.”
– Infinity II, Community Life, Helena Roerich

The Wisdom Retreat Center will reach out to the community via group meditations and other auspicious events.