Merry Christmas and Greetings from the San Juan Ridge, Nevada City, CA.
We are planning on opening our Wisdom Retreat Center this summer, 2018 with 3 cabins/cottages to be completed to assist with those coming to stay for workshops and/or visits.
Each cabin will be able to house/sleep 4-5 respectfully, and while rustically simple offer a refined atmosphere conducive to peace, reflection and meditation.
We have designs in the works for 3 smaller cabins to be potentially built the summer/fall of 2018 if all moves forward as we hope and plan.
The value of retreat space cannot be underestimated or misled. It is one of treatment, rest and recalibration.
This 200 acres occupies ‘sacred space’ being what some have perceived as having shamanic overlays and felt to be consciously blessed by indigenous seers. Every day we see and feel into the extraordinary potentials and possibilities this land has to offer.
I hope one day you come to consider doing a weekend or weeklong intensive here.
Till then, Namaste.